If The Price Is Right


Hoping she couldn't feel my hands shake, I did my best to gracefully pull the tiny metal tab all the way down.

Turning to face me, Liz offered, "I think it would be nice if we helped each other undress." When she leaned a bit forward while lifting her arms towards me, at last I got the hint. Grabbing the material at each shoulder, I slid the dress down her arms until it cleared them, then I helped her step out of it. Liz took the dress from me, walked to my chair, folded the dress, then carefully draped it. As she did, my knees grew weak from the impact of her gracefully moving about in a matching lacy bra and panties.

Returning to me, I muttered, "Wow" as Liz unbuttoned my shirt; she smiled, then slid it off me. My undershirt followed.

"Well, you're bare above the waist, so I guess you get a turn." Liz turned away, inviting me to unclasp her bra.

Using two hands and looking right at it, it still took me two tries; now I was pretty concerned about someday having to try it with one hand, behind a back, under sweater, in the dark.

From behind, I ran my palms from her lower back up to her shoulders where I tipped the straps forward, then down her arms. Liz slowly faced me; her breasts were even more beautiful than when I saw them months earlier. After a short delay, which allowed me to drink in her beautiful bosom, Liz walked the several steps required for her bra to join her dress. The tick tock sway of her tight buns, then the jiggle of her gravity defying breasts as she returned, left me excited as hell, and wondering if that short trip was calculated to have precisely just that effect on me.

Reaching my side, Liz led me by the hand to my bed. Lightly touching my shoulders, she turned me, then guided me down until I sat on my bed. Kneeling, Liz removed my shoes and socks. That done, my belt was soon loose, my pants unhooked, my zipper lowered, and my slacks sliding off. Liz took my shoes and clothes over to join her things, then kicked off her loafers, leaving them next to my shoes.

By the time she turned around, I was already on my knees waiting for her. The moment she reached me, I took Liz's panties off. With the raised mound of her pussy practically in my face, my brain sent out a hundred different 'do this', no 'do that' type messages. There being so many things I wanted to try, I found myself frozen, unable to do anything.

"Stand up, I have a turn left." Thus prodded into action, I stood. My gaze shifted to her breasts. Sliding her fingers down the back of my arms, Liz ended up finding both of my hands. As she lifted my palms to her lips, she kissed each one before holding it against her cheek.

"In all this time, we've never touched each other little brother. I think this is the time to start." Liz still had each of her hands covering the back of mine. With a torturous lack of speed, she pressed my hands tightly against her warm skin as she guided them down until I felt a firm nipple pressing into each palm. Before releasing me, her fingers taught mine a basic fondling move.

"If I'm going to be able to take your briefs off, I'm going to have to touch you now, judging by the bulge I see."

Despite my aroused state, Liz made me chuckle a bit as I realized what she meant. I never stopped playing with Liz's soft, spongy breasts, but I did hiss extra air into my lungs when I felt her fingers slide under my waistband, then onto the top of my buns.

Moving her hands to my hips, indeed she wasn't able to lower my underwear very far because the elastic in front immediately snagged on my steely erection. Her right hand slid to down my outer leg, then across the front of it until she found my balls. Liz cupped and rolled them several times. Once I winced when she used too much pressure, instantly Liz played more gently. Soon her palm slid up my shaft, cupping around it, stroking me several times.

With her wrist now preventing the earlier hang up, she worked my shorts down until they fell around my ankles. Her palm wrapped around my shaft once again. This time she fondled the swelling red glans in addition to stroking me. Naturally, my breathing had changed to deep inhalations. I'd been groaning steadily since her hand first touched my genitals.

Into my ear she whispered, "Maybe we should get on the bed now." Releasing my throbbing penis, Liz stepped past me, climbed onto my mattress, then stretched out on her back.

My excitement was so high, that I was past thinking clearly. Immediately, I tried to climb on top of her, my hips tried to poke my erection into her groin. Using an almost maternal voice, Liz guided my actions, "It's too soon, I'm not ready for you yet. Lie beside me. I need you to touch me... between my legs... until I'm all slippery inside."

Rolling off her body, losing the intense warmth of so much naked flesh against mine helped me calm down a tiny bit. After giving me a minute to relax, Liz whispered. "Feel me up now, it's time to play with... my pussy." Lifting my head as my right hand slid across her taut tummy, I saw Liz spread her legs farther apart. My dick jumped.

My fingertips ventured into pubic hair for the first time. My dick jumped. My fingertips felt found the top of her slit, felt the increased warmth and moistness. My dick jumped. My middle fingers burrowed into her slick gash. My dick jumped. The scent of her increasing arousal reached my nostrils. My dick jumped. Everything was new; everywhere I touched was more exciting then where I'd just been.

After leaving me to my own devices for a time, Liz reached for my hand, then showed me a way to massage her. She'd teach me a way she enjoyed being fondled, then release my hand. A minute later, she'd show me another way she liked to be stimulated, then release my hand again.

Just when I was nearly out of mind with desire, I heard the magic words I waited 18 years to hear, "Do you want try now."

Being at an 'animal lust' level, I was climbing back on top of her divine body before she'd said "...now."

The serious tone in her voice cut through my lust induced fog. I did hear Liz say, "You must not come inside me, I could get pregnant."

Grunting a "I'll be careful, promise." I lay atop my sister's sensuous, sexy body. Holding her arms, raising my head, eyes closed, my hips repeatedly pushed my penis into her bush, but unsuccessfully.

"Let me help you. Lift up, pretend you're doing a push up."

Taking Liz's suggestion, I rose up until my elbows locked. When I realized her right hand was reaching between us, my eyes tracked it all the way. I got to see her grip my shaft, then aim me at her opening. When she gently tugged me towards her, my hips followed her lead, pushing gently towards her body. "OH GOD!" escaped me when my tender tip touched her fiery pink entrance.

As passion engulfed me, I found myself unable to think. At best I was able to follow Liz's directions. Following several failed attempts to sink my erection into her, Liz held me stationary after pushing me back. With her free hand, she scooped out some of her fragrant lubricant, added it to mine, then smeared both around my shaft until it was rather slippery.

Gripping me again, Liz guided me back into a short stroking rhythm, this time she lifted her hips slightly. Intensely pleasurable feeling immediately flood my system as we not only connected, but I saw my penis begin to gradually sink deeper and deeper between her hair-lined vaginal lips.

Nearly a third of my length was pushing into her, when I shouted, "Pull me out! I'm going to come."

Like a flash, we pulled apart. Liz pointed me towards her tummy; her free hand grabbed my butt, then pulled us together. She tipped her hips, rubbing her vulva along my shaft at the same time my hips cut loose, thrusting like mad as sperm flooded out of my body onto hers. My chin fell limp over her right shoulder. Her left arm went around my back, holding me close as my body acted out a virgin's first coitus related orgasm.

The innumerable sensations from writhing atop my first female, from achieving a partial penetration, caused my body to jerk, thrust, and spasm for several minutes before exhaustion at last allowed me to lie still.

Chapter 9

Liz coaxed my sluggish body to roll off of her. While I lay panting, she slipped out of the room. It wasn't until I felt a warm washcloth cleaning me from head to toe that I realized she'd even moved.

This time I was at least aware when she left the room. Too tired to lift my head, I at least heard her walk to the bathroom, rinse and wring out the washcloth, then snuggle up beside me again moments later.

The warm rinsing helped revive me. Neither of us spoke for a time, but Liz trailed her fingertips up and down my arms, chest, neck and face for several minutes. Opening my eyes, I smiled up at her pretty face.

"Are you back among the living?" she asked.

I nodded an affirmative, though perhaps a tad more lazily than I'd intended.

"Well, Little Brother, I promised to teach you about sex, but we didn't get far enough to finish the lesson. We have time, care to try again?"

"Liz, you're absolutely wonderful. I hope you know that. May I kiss you?"

Liz launched into a hearty laugh. For a moment I felt hurt and rejected, then she managed to say between giggles, "Well, since I just allowed you to nearly screw me, I guess a kiss would be OK. You are a dear, you know." That said, she lowered her lips to mine for a soft, lengthy kiss.

"What do you call it when your sperm shoots all over the place?"

"Coming like a son-of-a-bitch!" I laughed.

"Well, darling brother, I'd like to come now. If I come, I think you'll be able to get your nice penis inside me a lot easier. Just remember when you do. YOU MUST NOT COME INSIDE ME!"

"Understood, now teach me how to help you come."

"Let's start by seeing how good a kisser you are. Once we get comfortable with kissing, I'll steer your hands or mouth where I want you. Sound OK?"

I let my lips silently speak for me. Pulling Liz close, I began kissing her. I had French kissed with a few girls, but never to a point where we got crazy from it. Weird as it might sound, it was more awkward for me to make out with Liz than it had been to try pushing my penis into her. Guess it was more natural for me to think about having sex with Liz, than it was to make love to her.

Yet the longer I held her warmth close to my naked flesh, the longer I kissed the sweet girl in my arms, the easier it became to make love to the woman my sister had become.

Her tongue wasn't as shy as mine, Liz soon improved my technique to such an extent that she was groaning into my mouth. Her body had been rubbing against me for several minutes when she guided my lips down her neck, then to hers nipples.

I'd only been kissing her engorged nipple, she whispered that it was time to suck it into my mouth.

In my head I heard, "Ohhhh yeah! That's what they're there for." I went back and forth until Liz was outright panting. During this time, Liz had guided my middle finger into her vagina, showing me the in and out motion she wanted from me.

Novice or not, I knew she was about ready to explode. Liz pulled my finger out of her, then dragged it up her slit. Carefully she steered my fingertip until I felt a teeny pearl-like button. "That's my clit." She hissed. "It's super sensitive. Rub it. Yeah. Yeah. YEAH! Quick, get between my legs."

As I clambered between her inviting thighs, her left hand rubbed her clit like crazy; she was definitely having an orgasm.

I was quick getting on top of her. As I'd done earlier, I held myself up with my arms. Liz was still coming, but her right hand found my renewed erection. Immediately she had me in the vicinity of her opening. Frantically Liz rubbed my crown around her slit, then whipped me to her entrance. Her left hand flew from her clit to my butt; she pulled me hard, simultaneously lifting her hips. I sunk nearly halfway into her.

Releasing my shaft, her right hand grabbed my other butt cheek. She pulled us apart until only my tip remained inside Liz. "Now, push hard!" she barked.

Already feeling like a coiled spring, when I felt her fingers dig into my buns, pulling me down for all she was worth, I drove my entire erection into her pussy. Hearing a gasp that sounded as if it were tinged with pain, I froze, still buried inside her velvety depths.

I tried to wonder about any pain she might be feeling, but the extreme pleasure of feeling her muscles gripping my shaft, combined with the most perfect moist heat I'd ever known, made it so difficult to think straight.

Just as I was about to ask Liz if she was OK, her mouth found mine. When her tongue slithered into MY mouth for the first time, I was so turned on that I almost forgot I was embedded in her glorious body. I was kissing her with a passion I'd never suspected was in me within two seconds flat. It was actually her hands on my hips, prompting them to rise, then to fall, that got me to begin screwing her while we kissed. Allowing her hands to control my tempo, we began slow, but gradually sped up.

When my thrusts became so fast that I couldn't kiss Liz very well, I dropped my head so we were cheek to cheek. When I felt my climax approach, I began to lift up on my arms so I could withdraw quickly when I had to. I warned Liz, "I'm getting close."

Being up on my arms also allowed me to drive my penis harder into her. Our hips were making loud slapping sounds. Funny, short, breathy sounds came out of me. "Almost, almost. I wheezed."

Liz had lifted her head, watching my shaft sliding in and out of her body. She had a hand between us. When I abruptly pulled out of her, her hand flew to my shaft, gripping me, thankfully giving me a sleeve to piston my shaft through. Like a madman, I pumped her fist. Looking between us, I saw strands of white sperm shooting all over her white skin. I groaned steadily from that moment until I finally fell on her like a limp rag.

By pressing her legs together, Liz was able to keep my hips raised far enough that she was able to lovingly milk my cock while we shared post-coital kisses. When her legs got tired, I rolled off of her. It was only then as I surveyed the aftermath of our love making that I realized I'd been oblivious to something.

My wilted penis, and her palm when I looked closely, showed little streaks of red. I had been so focused on losing my virginity that it never occurred to me that I was asking Liz for hers. Just because she was a little older, and so desirable, I'd assumed she was more experienced. I felt dumb as a fence post.

Unable to think of anything worth saying, I held her close and kissed her with all the love and adoration I was feeling.

Chapter 10

As my passion ebbed, I was in danger of falling asleep. Seeing that, Liz got up, then pulled me to my feet. Holding hands, she led me to the bathroom where we washed each other off. With arms around each other, we went back to my room. Gathering up her clothes, Liz suggested I get into my pajamas, then crawl into bed before I fell asleep.

I knew it was good advice. But before I let her leave, I hugged Liz through her armful of clothing, taking the opportunity to feel up her sexy butt for the first time.

Giving me an affectionate good night kiss, Liz turned to leave. Pausing in the doorway, she turned back to me. Looking slightly concerned, she asked, "Is there anything you feel sorry about tonight?"

This time I didn't have to think, "Only that I couldn't come inside you. Making love to you was a hundred times better than I dreamed it could be. I just wish I could make love to you and not have to pull out. I wish I could keep my penis inside your amazing pussy the entire time my sperm was pumping. I'd give a lot to know how it feels to coat your insides with my hot semen."

Meeting my gaze, yet not missing a beat, Liz simply responded "One hundred fifty dollars." Before my chin finished falling, she'd turned, heading for her bedroom. By the time I reached my door to close it, Liz was already in her bedroom with her door closed.

Crawling into bed, I felt way too good to be depressed. It had taken me all Summer to earn $100, would I still be young enough to have sex by the time I earned $150? Somehow I'd managed, I was feeling highly motivated, also highly pleased with myself, now being a former virgin. So I was soon asleep, with a smile on my face.

Chapter 11

Next morning, I did something I hadn't done in years. I sat on the same side of the table as Liz. I hadn't thought about it until then, but we'd been sitting on opposite sides of the dinner table for years.

Liz smiled broadly when I sat beside her. "What's the occasion?" she grinned, feigning ignorance.

"Maybe I decided you're not such a pain-in-the-ass any more." I whispered so only she could possibly hear me.

Whispering back, she teased, "Before you get any pain-in-the-ass ideas, I'm telling you now... you couldn't afford it."

I nearly coughed the milk I was drinking out my nose.

"Seriously, would you like to go to a movie together next weekend? Dutch treat, I'll even drive so the gas is on me."

"Well, there is something very special I was planning to save up for... [she smiled] but yeah, I think I'd enjoy spending the evening with you."

The still bigger smile I got made my day.

* * * * *

During the coming week, I had had a ton of odd jobs lined up. I made better than average money. Being so busy, the days went quickly, and I slept soundly each night.

Saturday afternoon I arrived home around 4PM. The day before I'd hit the bank to deposit most of the money I earned that week into my savings account. Before I undressed for my shower, I put $11 into a now empty cigar box for my 'Special' fund. Leaving $8 in my wallet for that night.

By 5PM I was showered, groomed, dressed, and seated at the dinner table. By 5:30, Liz and I were in her car, just pulling out of the driveway.

"Before we get too far from the house, are you sure you brought your money? It'd be a long way to come home, and I want to make the 6 o'clock show so we're out early in case we think of something fun to do later."

Taping my pocket, I felt my wallet. So I assured Liz that I was good to go.

"Are you absolutely sure? Because if you're wrong, you know you'll never hear the end of it!" she teased me.

To put an end to Liz's whining, I decided to wave my $8 bucks under her nose. Whipping open my wallet, I froze. My $8 was there, all safe and sound. But I also found two Fives, two Twenties, and a Hundred Dollar bill. All brand new, each had a president with a pair of glasses drawn on him. I recognized my artwork. Liz had saved every bill I'd ever given her.

We never made it to the movies that night. Liz earned herself $150 before we got home.


That's the story. Guess I finished typing it just in time. I want to double-check the house to make sure everything is shipshape.

Liz comes to stay one or two weekends every month, she's due any minute now. I keep a guestroom just for her. When she arrives, on her pillow she'll find two Fives, two Twenties, and a Hundred Dollar bill. They're not so crisp anymore, they've been handled a lot since I first brought them home form the bank, but each bill has a president with a pair of glasses drawn on him.

The End

* * * * *

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