Ignorance is Bliss Ch. 04


"Now tell me three places you would like me to kiss again, besides your breasts."

"Only three. Umm, my ears, my fingers, and my," she blushed a little, "armpits."

"Good." I kissed all three places on both sides, she purred happily as I did. Then I went back to her belly button.

"Again, tell me what you like."

I began to kiss again, I moved down her left hip. I could feel her tense up as I passed her mons, but I didn't touch it. I didn't need too. It was dripping with her juices and the smell was intoxicating.

She relaxed again as I went down her left leg, kissing her knee, her shin, her foot. I spent a little time on her foot, kissing and sucking on each toe, moving around to the sole, softly kneading with my thumbs.

"Roll over."

Sylvia rolled on to her front and I began kissing up the back of her leg, her calf, the soft flesh behind her knee and up her thigh. I kissed across her buttocks, which flinched with the touch, and then down her right leg. I rolled her over again. I spent time with her foot and then worked back up to her belly button.

"Ok, best three places..."

"My foot... sucking my toes... behind my knee..."

As she talked I kissed the areas. When I was done, I went back to her belly button.

"Now you are ready," I said, "would you like to cum?"

"Oh, yes, please!"

I grabbed one breast with my hand, the other with my mouth and used the remaining hand to gently slap her mons. Then I drew my middle finger along her slit until I hit her clit.

She came.

She came off the bed, her back arched, her toes digging into the sheets. She moaned and screamed and flopped like a landed fish. I watched until she lay still. The occasional after shock causing a shudder through the entire length of her body.

"And we have only just begun," I smiled at her. She groaned in response.

I began to kiss her again, a little faster this time, starting from her belly button, up around her head and back down to her belly button. Then I kissed down one leg to her foot. I kissed it and sucked on the toes. I rolled her over. Back up and over to the other side, down to her other foot. Rolled her over, back up to her belly button. This time I slid in between her legs, forcing her to spread wide.

I kissed down her belly to her little heart of pubic hair.

"Oh, don't, it's... dirty."

"No problem, I will clean it as I go."

"But... Ray never..."

"Sh, he doesn't know what he's missing. Lie still."

I could feel the tension in Sylvia's thighs. She was trying hard to close them tight. I began to kiss again and lick gently with my tongue. First the outer lips, up one side, down the other, back up and down again. Then I kissed all around the heart of her pubic hair. Next I slid my tongue in to separate the inner lips from the outer. Around the outer edges I went, once, twice, three times. The tension was rapidly leaving Sylvia's thighs. She moaned. I licked the bottom of her slit from bottom to top. She gasped. I stuck my tongue in her cunt as far as it would go. She moaned. I began to slide my tongue up and down her slit, from the depths of her juicy vaginal opening to just below her clit, back and forth, in and out. Sylvia panted.

I could feel Sylvia's orgasmic tension building so I pulled my face away from her cunt. Her reaction was instantaneous, she reached with both hands and grabbed my head to drag it back to her pussy. She didn't need to. I was already diving into her clit, my tongue rapidly flicking the little button that I had been carefully avoiding.

"Oh, fuuuck!" she howled as she came harder than last time. I didn't slow down. I kept on flicking my tongue on her clit. She screamed as a second orgasm crushed her with it's intensity. I still didn't slow down. She screamed, a long wordless high pitched sound that echoed around the room. I slowed then.

I waited until she took three breaths between the ripples of her stomach muscles, then I started again, licking her slit but not touching her clit. In a few minutes her breathing was beginning to get faster again. I inserted a finger into her vagina and began pumping. I inserted another finger, and another. She was babbling incoherently.

"Oh god stop no don't stop no I can't take anymore stop no don't stop oh god oh god..."

I slipped one finger out of her sopping wet cunt and in one smooth motion my tongue hit her clit, two fingers slammed up her cunt, and one finger entered her asshole.

Suddenly there was silence.

It took me a minute to pry Sylvia's thighs off my ears. She was still thrashing on the bed. Her eyes were closed, her mouth was open and a string of spittle was sliding down her cheek. Her nipples were standing up and inch or more looking like miniature volcanoes. The muscles of her stomach were trembling with strain. Her pubic heart was matted with orgasmic juices. Her hands were pressed between her thighs as she rolled into a foetal position and softly moaned.

I went to the bathroom to wash up. Then I drew two glasses of white wine from the bar.

When I returned, Sylvia was still in the foetal position and still moaning softly. I moved on to the bed behind her and hugged her to me. We lay like that for some time before she mumbled softly, "I didn't know... I didn't know it could be like that."

"It can be better, far better. Imagine being in love with your partner. Imagine wanting a child with your partner."

"Ummm. Yes."

"Here. Have some wine. It will give you some energy." She had to sit up to sip her drink. It took her a minute to get the strength together to raise herself.

We sat in silence for a few minutes, sipping the cold wine. Then I began, "I hope you have learned something from this. You can see how to find your partner's sexual trigger points and how to use them to give pleasure. Everyone is a little different. For example, you have sensitive feet. Some woman don't. Men are the same way. They have sensitive spots that may not be as easy to locate as breasts or a pussy, but they can be found and used to heighten pleasure. Now, what I want to do is give you a test. I want you to find all my pleasure centres. Think you can?"

"I... I think so... let's see," she said, making me lie on my back on the bed, "I think you started here..." She kissed my on the mouth. "Then here..." She moved down to my neck. I left my hands off to the side and she moved over my body kissing and licking. Half an hour later, she was playing with my toes when I heard her giggle.

"What?" My voice sounded strained, even to me.

"Look, I can make your thing twitch just by sucking on your toes."

"My what?"

"Your... penis."

"What? My dick? My cock? My fuckstick? My dong? Call it what you like, call it Bill if you want but please, not penis."

She giggled again and trailed her tongue up my calf to my knee. Bill jumped.

Eventually she arrived back at my mouth. We kissed for a minute then I asked, "So, what are the three spots you have found?"

She sat back to consider. "Well, your nipples are a bit sensitive, but not what I would choose. Your feet, your mouth and your stomach are the key areas. Everything I do seems to set Bill to twitching but those are the best."

While she was talking, she reached out a finger, took a little of the pre-cum that was running down my flag pole and licked it off.

I smiled at her, "Ready to continue?"

"What? Oh, yeah, I guess." She leaned across me and tentatively stuck out her tongue. I flexed my hips and hit her in the mouth with the head of my prick. She jumped back.

"It's Ok. You can use your hands if you want to. You can lick it like an ice cream cone or suck it like a giant straw. Stroke it gently and you will get your reward. Make yourself comfortable."

Sylvia snuggled in between my thighs. She looked at the tip of my prick and then took it in her hand. She looked startled when it jumped from the contact. She touched the tip with her other hand and it jumped again. Slowly she stroked it up and down, watching the pre-cum ooze from the slit at the tip. She stuck out her tongue and tentatively tasted the tip, then she kissed it and wiggled the tip around on her lips.

I was breathing hard, trying not to cum yet.

Sylvia took the head in her mouth and sucked gently. I gasped.

"Careful or you will get a mouthful," I cautioned her.

She gave me a funny look and slipped her mouth over my prick again. This time she pushed down as far as she was able and began to nod up and down.

"Oh, Christ, I am going to cum!"

And I did. In her mouth and on her face as she withdrew, then on my stomach, in her hand and on the sheet. She sat up in awe as my semen blasted like a volcano, dripping down over her hand and my balls. Three days of pent up cum flowed forth.

When the flow abated, she moved her hand up and down my still hard cock, spreading the gooey residue around. Sylvia had a drip coming down her cheek so she licked a finger clean and brush it against her cheek. She took the results and sucked her finger into her mouth.

"No bad, sort of salty." She dipped the finger in a puddle of cum on my belly and scooped it into her mouth. "I could learn to like it."

"You should try it with a little wine..."

She reached over to our glasses and poured a little wine on my stomach, then she bent over and licked at the mixture of cum and wine. "Hmm, I think it needs something a little stronger..."

I laughed. "So the lesson here is that this is a good way to slow your partner down. Once he has cum, he will need time to recuperate before he will cum again. So... what do you say to a shower and a clean sheet?"

We cleaned up a little and took the top sheet off the bed and put it on the bottom. That got rid of the wet spots. I rinsed the glasses and put them away. Sylvia went in to start the shower. When I opened the shower door to join her, she seemed surprised. She almost reached down to cover her privates before she realized how ridiculous that was. I climbed in with her and began to soap her back.

We soaped each other carefully, making sure all the various love juices were washed away. Then I turned her to me and kissed her. I played with all those special places I had found before. Sylvia was moaning constantly before long. I slipped a finger in her pussy and tweaked her clit until she was on the edge of another orgasm. Then I put two fingers in her pussy and stroked her g-spot as fast as my finger would move. Sheets of female cum squirted through my fingers as she collapsed in a pile on the floor of the tub.

I gave her a minute to gather her strength, then I helped her up and washed her once again. I helped her out of the tub and wrapped a towel around her. I quickly dried myself before drying Sylvia too. Then I led her back to bed.

"Ready for some sleep yet?" I asked, lying beside her

She looked at me, "No, not until you cum inside me." She blushed.

I smiled. My prick smiled as it rose to the occasion. "Are you sure?" I teased.


I reached over to play with her breasts. "There is no going back..."

"Shut up and fuck me... please."

I slipped one hand down to see if she was ready. Juices were oozing down her slit.

I rose up over her, "Your wish..."

I drove in deep. She groaned. I pushed in and pulled out, over and over. She grunted, "Yes... yes... yes.." on each stroke. I drove faster and faster building to that final climax. I gritted my teeth and pumped faster. Suddenly I could feel her body bucking under mine and her words became a hissing scream. I shot my second load deep in her cunt. It poured from me to her; uncontrolled hot purging liquid rain that scalded us both to the bone.

I collapsed on to her limp form. My last act for the night was to roll us on our sides, clenched tightly in an exhausted embrace.

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