tagIncest/TabooI'll Always Take Care of You Ch. 07

I'll Always Take Care of You Ch. 07


There are a few things that should never go together. Three of these things are a sneeze, a laptop computer and a full cup of coffee.

Now that I have fixed my computer, I'm working on getting my storylines updated.


Suzie was staring into my face when I woke up. When she saw that I was awake she began tracing my abdomen with the balls of her fingers, while she looked down at my chest. I could tell that there was something on her mind, so after a brief wait, I said to her, "Out with it."

Suzie flushed, embarrassed as she continued to rub my stomach. When she finally looked up into my eyes, she reluctantly said, "Davey, last night I saw you look at Bitsy, and I realized that I hadn't warned you about her. Davey, she's a really good friend and I love her to death; but she's a real predator. She goes through men ten at a time. I don't know why she's so good with men, but she is."

I smiled when I saw the concerned look on her face. I knew that her concern was real, but it was a little funny to me. I tried to keep my face neutral as I scrambled in my mind how to answer her concern. I finally hugged her and said, "You didn't give yourself enough credit; I'm much more interested in you."

Suzie had thought because of my physical reaction, I was interested in her friend. I was also sure that Bitsy was only interested in me because, being a very competitive woman, she sensed the interest of other women.

"So, why is she such a predator? What does she do that makes her such a predator?" I asked Suzie.

Suzie blushed bright red and averted her eyes. I finally heard her say quietly, "Davey, have you ever heard of frottage?"

I shook my head, looking puzzled and said, "I'm not sure, I've heard of a type of art where you place a sheet of paper over a relief and rub a piece of charcoal over it: but I have a feeling isn't what you're talking about."

Suzie giggled and said, "No, that's not what I'm talking about. Frottage is derived from the French word that means to rub. It's a sexual thing. Bitsy will go to a club and rub herself against a guy until they both cum. She does it right in the club in front of everyone."

I began laughing when she told me and said, "I think we may have discovered why she's so popular with men."

Suzie began laughing as well. We were so loud that we woke Ellie up. "Good morning," Ellie said, stretching and smiling, "What are we talking about?"

"We were talking about Bitsy and her hobbies." I told Ellie smiling.

Ellie looked puzzled for a moment and then she said, "Davey, she's a real man-eater. She'd chew you up and spit you out in about two minutes."

"I think you are severely underestimating me," I said with a wide smile. "I'm sure that I'd last at least three minutes."

Ellie and Suzie looked at each other and said, "Let's get him."

They jumped on me and began tickling me just as the twins walked in. Jen smiled and said, "Oh goodie, can we help?"

Ellie said, "Yeah, get in here."

I could have almost handled the two of them; but with all four, I had no chance. I'm not ticklish anywhere on my body except, the side of my ribs and the bottom of my feet; one spot for each of the girls. We used to do this all of the time when we were younger. As we grew up, we grew out of it. Doing it now, in the nude with these four fabulous women is as good as life gets. I would have continued as long as possible; however it only took a few moments to realize that I really had to pee urgently.

"Anyone who doesn't let me go is going to be peed on." I gasped out.

Suzie grabbed me by my hard-on and pulled me toward the bathroom as she said, "I'll make sure that he isn't lying."

When we got to the bathroom, I told Suzie, "I really wasn't kidding, I've got to go."

"I know," Suzie giggled, "I just wanted to help."

"It's usually a one man job," I told her with a chuckle.

"I'm having a hard time pointing it down enough to hit the toilet." Suzie said playfully.

"It doesn't help at all that you keep pumping it," I told her in exasperation.

Suzie giggled mercilessly as she said, "I'm sorry Davey, but I really like it."

I finally talked her into letting me do it by myself as she watched. It took a little while for my excitement to go down enough to accomplish my goal. "Men are so lucky," Suzie told me as she watched me pee, "You can almost always get into the bathroom quickly. We women often have to wait so long because we have to sit down. You just have to unzip and whip it out where you stand."

I looked at her as I finished and told her, "Anyone can pee standing up, if you want, I'll teach you."

The incredulous look on her face while she considered what I said was priceless as I struggled to keep my face neutral. She finally asked, "Why don't women pee that way all the time then?"

I held my laughter until after I told her, "Because if they did, they'd soak their shoes."

I flushed the toilet while the look on Suzie's face changed from puzzlement to hilarity. Her laughter grew as she dragged me out of the bathroom by my penis, using it gently, like a leash.

The other girls were watching us as we came out of the bathroom. Ellie began laughing immediately as Suzie began to explain why she was laughing, since she'd heard the joke before, but the twins had to wait until Suzie got to the punch line.

"You're such a brat Davey," Jan said to me when she stopped laughing.

Ellie gave her a mock glare until Jan looked at her. Ellie then told her, "You need to be careful what you say to Davey, or I'll have to go out and get a tube of superglue."

Suzie began laughing so hard that I had to hold her upright to keep her from falling. Ellie was smiling widely as well. But the thing that was so amazing was the embarrassment on the faces of the twins. Jen and Jan were seldom embarrassed by even their most outrageous behavior, so this immediately caught my interest.

Jen's blush was scarlet as she said to Ellie, "You promised that you'd never tell Davey."

Ellie looked at her sternly and replied, "Two things are wrong with that statement. First, I told you both that I wouldn't tell Davey as long as you both behaved. You have both been getting more and more out of control for the last week. Davey is too nice to you to make you behave. He needs to know how far out of control you two get if you're not reigned in."

"Second, I have not told him about the superglue incident: but you will now. I think it will be far more embarrassing for you to have to tell him."

My curiosity was nearly overwhelming as the expressions on the girl's faces got even more mortified. I watched the silent argument between the two of them rage until Jan capitulated and finally began to talk. She spoke so quietly that Ellie commanded her to start over and speak up.

Suzie and I had moved over to the bed and snuggled in with Ellie, while the twins moved to be near each other for mutual comfort and support. Ellie cleared her throat to encourage Jan to start again as I settled in to hear the story.

Jan began to talk as Jen's eyes lowered even further. "Jen had been such a brat to me for weeks that we were fighting every night. She was on a winning streak, and made me give up first for more than a week. One morning I woke up early and went to the bathroom. I was angry for having lost to her so many times in a row that I thought I should get even. I saw the tube of superglue that I had on the vanity and came up with my worst plan ever."

Jan paused for a moment in her narrative; until Ellie gave her a look, "You know how if you get a little coat of superglue on your thumb, your finger will stick to it?"

I nodded and Jan continued, "Jen sleeps really hard in the morning sometimes, and it's hard to wake her up. She was sleeping on her stomach, so I pulled her down in the bed a little bit, put two big globs or superglue on the palms of her hands and attached them to my ass."

I was trying to control myself as she continued the story. "I put two more globs right below my ankle bones, grabbed her hair, forced her face into my crotch and then I slapped my ankles into her hips to wake her."

"When she first woke up she didn't know what was going on. Maybe she thought she'd started in on me in her sleep. She decided to keep going and I definitely began to enjoy it. When she tried to move her hands and couldn't she asked what I'd done to her. For some reason she got mad when I told her, and started to try to get away in earnest. Her hands were really stuck. I thought that I'd be able to pull them off; but they were really stuck. Jen couldn't roll away from my crotch, since my heels were glued to her side and my hand held her hair, so she did the only thing she could do, she began making me cum over and over."

Jan's eyes looked at me, pleading for understanding. I tried not to let my expression make her feel too much worse as I listened to the rest of her story. "Jen kept going even when I was cumming. I tried to pull her head away, almost pulling out her hair. The pleasure was so intense that it was nearly pain. Jen kept going, even after I passed out. I'd been cumming hard for over twenty minutes before Jen began to panic. She finally stopped, raised her head and told me that she had to pee. She tried to move her hands but they were really stuck and if anything my ankles were stuck even harder."

Jan hung her head even further as she dropped her voice to continue, "I reached over to grab the tube of superglue. I wanted to see if they had a suggestion about what to do in an emergency. I might have made it if Jen hadn't been stimulating me so much. I managed to pinch a small blob of the glue into the nightstand and then my hand got stuck. Now it was impossible for Jen to even carry me on her face when she went to the bathroom."

"Jen was so mad when I told her that she started in on me harder than ever. I passed out again before she ended up peeing the bed. She was so mad that she bit the inside thigh to wake me up. I was supersensitive to her actions and kept cumming over and over. I tried to call out to Ellie or Suzie for help, but they couldn't hear through the insulation. You'd already gone to work for your Saturday half day. If I couldn't get in touch with Ellie or Suzie, I'd be stuck getting eaten by her for at least 5 more hours. By then, I would have been dead, or have peed in her face: maybe both."

It took a couple of minutes before she could continue, "We were stuck like that until someone came in and let us go. I was terrified that it would be you. I knew that you'd come looking for us as soon as you got home. I was pulling on Jen's hair and she was making me cum. I finally managed to reach a charging cell phone with my other hand. I dialed Ellie and screamed help when she answered. Both Ellie and Suzie ran into the room a few seconds later."

"Do you know what they did then? They sat on the other bed and laughed while they watched us. Five minutes, five of the most embarrassing minutes of my life, but it was about to get worse. Ellie finally decided to get up and get us free when Suzie decided we needed to be recorded for posterity. She got her cell phone and my camera and took pictures. Ellie got the video camera and recorded us for another five or ten minutes. Jen was so mad at me that she kept me cumming the whole time we were being filmed."

"Suzie took the cameras with her to download them to the network where we couldn't get at them while Ellie took a bottle of nail polish remover and a box of q-tips and detached us. By the time she was done, Suzie came back with my camera smiling. She said that the pictures came out great and showed them to us. Then she said that the video came out even better."

"Davey, we saw the clip, it looks like we're doing it for fun. They avoided filming my hand that was stuck to the nightstand, and you can't see the superglue at all. When Jen looked up, her face was coated and shiny with my pussy juice from her chin to her forehead and from ear to ear."

I was overwhelmed with laughter by this point, which I could no longer hold back. I laughed so long and hard that I ran out of breath. I had to stop and breathe for a minute until I could no longer stand it and started laughing again. Ellie and Suzie joined me until we could laugh no more.

When I was finally able to talk, I told the twins, "You know that I have a copy of that video. If it's on our home network, I have access to it. I can have it on the web any time, and send links to everyone you know who is at least 18 years old. I'd be sure to enclose a complete explanation of exactly what happened and I may embellish it slightly; only slightly, because I can't think of much to make it any more embarrassing."

I continued, "You could smash every computer in the house into atoms and I'd still be able to recover that video clip. It's backed up off site. You'll never be able to get to it and you'll never crack my encryption to get into the network, or the data files. I guess that this means that you both have to start paying more attention to your behavior, especially in public. No more embarrassing everyone around you."

Ellie began giggling and added, "And if that doesn't work, I'll tell him one of the real embarrassing stories... maybe about the fruit salad."

After seeing their faces before, I didn't think it was possible for them to be any more embarrassed, but the twins got as humble as I've ever seen them.

I didn't want to destroy their spirit, but their lack of self control hurt their opportunities. I resolved to have a quiet talk with them after they had some time to analyze the situation. I was also severely curious about the fruit salad, and thought I'd try to have them tell me about that incident as well.

We talked about the schedule for the rest of the day, and I found out that we had nothing scheduled until that evening. If we wanted to go out, the girls suggested a shopping trip. Suzie wanted a pair of shoes and the twins wanted to see if they could find more flattering formal dresses. I, of course, needed nothing, since I would be wearing my dinner jacket and slacks.

Ellie looked at me and said very quietly, "Everything that I need is right here."

I smiled as I moved over to kiss her.


Ellie and I decided that the twins had to remain naked until we decided to let them dress to go out later. I know that it wasn't a big punishment for them, but I really enjoyed it. We ordered whole bananas with our breakfast at Ellie's insistence. I wondered why she had done that until breakfast was nearly over.

When I finished eating, I looked at Ellie to watch what she had in mind. The twins were chewing slowly, staring at their plates. I saw them occasionally glancing at each other and darting their eyes toward Ellen as well.

When they finally finished eating, they both put down their forks and reluctantly looked up at Ellen. "Peel your bananas and bring them over here," Ellie commanded them.

The twins walked over carrying their freshly peeled fruit and sat against the table in front of Ellie. I saw the look on their faces as Ellie told them in her quiet voice of command, "You're both going to put those bananas in your slutty cunts and leave then there until snack time: maybe next time you'll think about how your actions make others feel."

I was watching closely as the girls began trying to accomplish the task that they had been given. At first, they had a lot of difficulty, until they began masturbating and stretching themselves open with their fingers. When the bananas were nearly half way in, I noticed a flash. When I turned around, I saw a smiling Suzie holding the camera.

"We had to record this for posterity," she said as she continued to grin.

Once again, the twins wore their horrified expressions as they looked at each other, then Suzie, Ellie and finally at me. I tried to keep a neutral expression on my face, but was sure that I failed miserably. Ellie and Suzie didn't even attempt to hide their delight as the embarrassed Jan and Jen. Suzie continued to take pictures, every few seconds, until the bananas were no longer visible.

"Come on Davey, let's get these pictures on your computer right away, before I forget, or they get a chance to delete them." Suzie said with a smile directed at the twins.

I had a raging hard-on as I downloaded all the pictures that we had on Jan's camera. I was impressed with the shot I had taken yesterday of Suzie and the twins, nearly as much as the twins were embarrassed by the pictures that Suzie had just taken of them.

They had followed us in to watch what we were going to do with the pictures, careful to keep one hand over their crotches to hold in their bananas. I knew that I would never use it to hurt or embarrass them, but it was important that they didn't know it.

When we were finished down loading the pictures, I let Suzie log into the computer and email Bitsy. The twins, figuring that I wouldn't be too mean, let me load their regular pictures onto their Myspace page while they dictated the appropriate captions, (Neither one felt like typing one handed, the other hand being busy retaining their bananas). When we finished, Ellie, who had been standing in the doorway observing, had us all go back to our bedroom.

While Suzie, Ellie and I disrobed, the twins were told to kneel on the edge of the bed. I was put on my back, with my head between Jan and Jen as they were forced to watch Ellie and Suzie give my rigid pole a very leisurely blow job.

Ellie would taunt the girls verbally, and continually remind them to hold in their 'snack', while Suzie was bobbing her mouth up and down on me slowly for five to ten seconds. Suzie would stop and the two of them would continue the teasing together until I was able to continue a couple of minutes later: and then Suzie and Ellie would switch jobs.

I began to wonder who was being teased the most, me or the twins, when Ellie finally climbed on me and began fucking me. I was so ready at this point I began cumming within two minutes.

Ellie dismounted me with her hand over her crotch, turned to Suzie and said, "Suck him hard, and then you can have a turn."

I had just blasted a whole day's worth into Ellie, so I wasn't optimistic about Suzie's chance of success; however, Ellie's next actions made it an easy job for her.

I was moved out of the way and Ellie stood in front of Jen, grabbing her hair and pulling her face into her crotch. "Clean me out and make me cum," She said as she removed her hand catching the overflow to Jan's face and told her, "and you are to clean off my hand."

Needless to say, Suzie soon was able to mount me as we watched Ellie's excitement quickly build. Within five minutes, to the sound of Ellie's grunts of completion, Suzie bounced to a vocal orgasm as her hand flew on her clit. She slowed to a stop for a few seconds, and then put her hands on the bed by my head, rocking with the perfect rhythm to get me off, while pressing her boobs into my face.

A couple of minutes later, I began grunting as I had another great orgasm. Suzie climbed off quickly, holding my cum in with her hand as Ellie began cumming again. Suzie stepped in front of Jan, grabbing her hair and pressing the twins' face into her filled, wet cunt.

Ellie backed off while Suzie put her hand to Jen's face. I watched as a similar show to the one presented by Ellie and the twins was performed by Suzie and the twins while Ellie snuggled in behind me.

When Suzie's orgasm ended the hot display, Ellie once again began to direct the action. "It's about snack time, don't you think? Oh wait, you both just had a little something to eat, so you need to wait a little while before you eat again."

The twins were whining with frustration as they tried to get Ellie to change her mind without asking with words they knew would be refused. After a couple of minutes, Ellie told Jan, "Lay on your back right here," and to Jen she said, "Jan will push out her banana, and you'll eat it. If you make her cum, I'll make you hold on to your banana until after she digests her lunch."

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