tagIncest/TabooI'll Be Home for Spring Break

I'll Be Home for Spring Break



When Jess turned off the gravel road, rain droplets began pattering the windshield.

The trip's last hour had seen a darkly overcast sky, but the ashy gray clouds saved the water for the final few moments, as if to give the driver an ominous signal. As Cyndi Lauper wrapped up "I Drove All Night" on the satellite radio, Jess sighed.

I'm not ready for this.

The 18-year-old was divided on the issue, cursing herself for two different reasons. On one hand she'd had plenty of time to prepare. She'd opted out of coming home for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's. She'd avoided the protesting phone calls and only listened to a few of the protesting voice mails. Jess had managed to
stay away for seven months.

On the other hand it wasn't enough time. Dread sprouted in her stomach when she left campus. It grew with every mile; now that Jess could make out the old family home not far ahead, the dread spawn was a monster, beckoning her to turn around, that she still needed space.

"Maybe after a solid year you can try again," the dread whispered. "Year and a half?"

"No," Jess said out loud to the nagging voice. "We do this. We do this now."

Thunder clapped in response. A rain bomb exploded. The lane wasn't paved, and the sedan rattled in unison with the relentless weather.

Jess was determined to see this through. It had gnawed at her since the 'incident,' since her tires had screeched as she tore out of the driveway. This whole stupid returning had been Tabitha's idea; Tabitha the freshman psychology major, the one person Jess trusted enough to confide in about what happened.

That was earlier today. Tabitha had walked into the room to find Jess quietly reading a book.

"Jess...everybody on the floor's gone home for Spring Break. You haven't even packed."

"Why should I?" Jess replied absently.

That was when Tabitha folded her arms, kicked the door shut and bluntly stated, "Alright. This has gone too far. You cannot keep this up, girl."

And after half an hour of arguing and conversing, Tabitha closed the debate with, "It's time, Jess. It's time to go home and deal with your mom."


Looking back, Jess couldn't fathom how the 'incident' started. It began without warning and ended as quickly—and over packing bags, of all things! Perhaps that was a big reason for Jess' apprehension. If that moment sprang out of nowhere, so could another.

Jess was zipping up the final suitcase and crossing the last three items off her pack list when Adrian, Jess' 37-year-old mother, appeared in the door frame. Adrian's wavy red hair precisely matched Jess' in color, and mom and daughter both had an abundance of freckles. However, any physical similarities ended there. At 5'7, weighing 125 pounds and carrying an impressive bust, Adrian was a full-grown sight to behold. By contrast, petite Jess was eternally stuck at 5'1 with more modest boobs. She often wondered what kind of genetic conundrum had cursed her this way, to where her mother was a knockout while Jess remained stunted.

"I'm proud of you," Adrian said. "# 2 in your class, an intimidating SAT score; my baby doll sure as hell didn't get my brains."

Jess smiled at the compliment. "It was hard work. Really hard work."

Adrian stepped into the room. "And now you're going off to college. I barely made it when I was your age on account of..."

Adrian cleared her throat. "...well, it was worth it."

Jess turned around; the two stared into each other's eyes.

"You know," Adrian said, tracing her daughter's face, "I'm really gonna miss you. This house is gonna be empty when you're gone. Just me and myself."

"Aw mom, that's not true," Jess responded. "You've got Aunt Brenda and Uncle Harry a mile away. Allison too."

"Right...but I won't have my Jess."

"Oh, mom!"

They hugged. Tears were in Adrian's eyes. Jess was on the verge of crying herself.

"I never knew the day would come so fast," Adrian whispered. "The day I'd cut you loose into the bad world. You take care of yourself, alright?"

"I will, mom. I will," Jess whispered back.

As they continued their hug over Adrian's sobs, one hand wandered to the middle of Jess' back and stopped, fingers resting on the strap underneath her shirt.

Jess withdrew, still smiling. Adrian's hands went to her daughter's shoulders.

There was silence. The two remained locked in unwavering eye contact.

Jess felt a twinge of awkwardness. She wondered if she was stalling.

The room was getting warmer.

"Everything packed?" Adrian finally asked, the embrace unbroken.

Jess swallowed.


"What's wrong?" Adrian asked.

"Uh, um...y-yeah. I double checked my list. It's all there."

Jess trembled. The difference in temperature was notable.

"Chargers for your phone and laptop?"


"Shirts? Socks? Underwear?"

Jess smiled despite something odd, something not quite right, overcoming her. "Of course!"

"Good. That's good, baby doll."

The two maintained the same pose. Jess' heart thumped. Her breath had quickened.

She noticed another thing, too.

Her pussy was wet; moisture blanketed her virgin crevice.

What the hell?

"Call me when you get there?"

Jess had lost her voice, could only nod.

Juices soaked her panties with more relentlessness, and that was when her conscience told her it was time to "GO. GO NOW."

Only she didn't. She remained where she was, transfixed. Now Adrian

was rubbing Jess' face again, but it wasn't as innocent-feeling. It sent tingles to pleasure centers.

Her heart thumped overtime. She broke into a sweat. Her pussy throbbed in addition to being drenched. Jess knew she'd cum with only minimal contact.

And Adrian's eyes...they'd changed.

They were hungry.

Jess swallowed. "Mom? M-maybe I-I should—"

Their lips smashed together. The women devolved into a tangle of arms. Jess went lightheaded. Her mind melted into butter. Adrian's tongue penetrated her daughter's mouth and wrestled it.

Adrian's mouth, suddenly on Jess' neck, triggered a short orgasm that ripped through the younger girl, leaving her with goosebumps and wetter underwear as it came and went.

Mom's hand, groping a small tit, rolling the clothed nipple between her fingers.

Jess' own hand, groping mom's smooth ass.

The smell of aroused pussy filling the air.

Juices threatening to escape down Jess' thigh.

Her eyes flew open.

She shoved Adrian away. Jess wasn't athletic or strong, but there was enough force to back Adrian into the dresser. It rattled knickknacks from eighteen years of mother and daughter living together.

Jess' mind raced. "Mom, w-what? No. No, we can't do this!"

Adrian displayed confusion and surprise. "I'm...I'm sorry...Jess."

What had only moments ago been a serene goodbye was now an emotional maelstrom for young Jess. She wasn't sure whether to yell, scream, gather her thoughts or burst into tears.

A fogbank of feminine arousal had set into her bedroom. As she struggled to control her own breathing, her nostrils filled with the scent.

The enticing scent.

"M-mom I...I-I-I- have to go."

Jess snatched her bags and rushed them to the car.

"Jess!" Adrian protested. "Jess, wait!"

Jess didn't. In less than two minutes, her car was loaded and she was gone.


Jess threw the car into park and yanked the keys from the ignition.

She didn't have to look in the overhead mirror to know her cheeks were flushed as red as her hair.

When the engine and radio died, the rain grew louder, a sheet threatening to break the windshield.

Jess was struck with another urge to leave. Though it would be a waste of gas and a disappointment to her mother, Jess almost started the ignition again. But she stopped herself.

"Nope," Jess said out loud again. "Too late to turn back. Gotta do it."

Jess exited the car and was immediately soaked head to toes. As she faced the house, lightning flashed and thunder roared.

Adrian—mom—had inherited the white two-story place from grandpa. His broken heart had given out a few months after grandma passed. Adrian was given the house despite being the younger of two daughters by seven years.

Families usually fought over these things, but Jess had been surprised at how well Aunt Brenda handled it. Adrian was just as gracious. "I know what it says on the paper," she'd told her older sister after the will reading, "but the house belongs to all of us."

It sure seemed that way. Aunt Brenda, Uncle Harry and their daughter Allison lived a mile away, but they were always staying over—well, Brenda and Allison anyway, but not Harry. Since Allison's son was born it was, as of two years ago, either Jess' aunt or cousin spending the night but hardly ever both. Someone tended to the baby while the other crashed here.

Jess often thought that was odd. Everything she heard and saw suggested Brenda and Harry were happy together, and only more content with the new addition plus Allison still living with them at 22.

"My God, Jess! You're soaked!"

Jess returned to reality.

Standing at the top of the steps, protected by the porch covering, was Jess' mother. On this hellish day Adrian was dressed in a white t-shirt with "All You Need to Understand is 'I Said So'" written on it, and jean shorts that exhibited her smoothly shaved, athletic legs.

"I'll help you with your stuff. But let's hurry or you'll be sick all week!"

Jess popped the trunk and grabbed a bag. Adrian took the laptop bag.

As they trudged through the saturated grass, Adrian remarked, "Honestly, Jess. Standing in the rain like that? You ought to know


Jess noticed her mom was being...casual. Very casual. As in, she was carrying on as if nothing had happened.

Thunder. Lightning.

"How was your trip?" Adrian asked as they neared the front door.

Still weirded out, Jess replied with a short "Fine."

"It just blew up like this out here. Was it raining when you left?"

Jess arched an eyebrow. "Nope."

Adrian ushered her daughter into the house. "Well in any case, let's get you out of those wet clothes."

Jess' eyes bulged.

'Let's' get you out of those...

"Your room's the same, just like you left it," Adrian finished. "I didn't change around a thing. Best go put on something dry, though. You'll be having a coughing fit at the big dinner and we can't have that."

Jess picked up her other bag and then turned. "Big dinner?"

"Oh. Forgot." Adrian chuckled. "Surprise! Aunt Brenda's coming over with Uncle Harry, Allison, Bobby and the baby for your birthday. We debated about whether to make it a surprise party but I opted to just tell you."

Jess was moved in spite of the persistent awkwardness. "R-really?"

"Of course!" Adrian beamed. "I know your birthday's not till Sunday but it's the only time everybody could gather at once.

Jess smiled. "Thanks."

Adrian smiled as well. "Glad to have you home, Jess."

After a short pause, Jess realized her mom expected a hug. Jess quietly declined; she wasn't ready for any physical contact with Adrian. Not like that. Not yet.

"Me too, mom," Jess replied. She entered her bedroom and shut the door behind her.

Everything was exactly the same. No furniture had been moved or changed out. The bed was dressed with the same comforter. The jewelry box and framed pictures remained on the dresser.

But as soon as the door closed, any warmth over the birthday plans reverted to apprehension.

In the space between the queen sized bed and the dresser was where the 'incident' happened seven months ago, the incident that Adrian seemed to pretend didn't exist.

Only Jess wasn't. She shivered, not sure whether it was from her wet clothes or mixed feelings.

She heard her mother's feet pattering on the hardwood floor outside.

How long will she keep up his act?

As far as Jess was concerned, that's exactly what it was: an act, and a fine performance at that. It was impossible to go an entire week without discussing this. Sooner or later one or the other would need to bring it up.

And Jess wasn't sure if she could handle that.

She sighed and grabbed her soaked red t-shirt from the bottom. She looked toward her door. She'd forgotten to lock it and quickly secured the doorknob.

Rain and wind shook the window as Jess removed her shirt. Her bare arms were covered in freckles. The rain had soaked all the way through, and two small bumps were visible through her mauve bra's cotton fabric. Beneath her wet jeans were matching panties; Tabitha had helped her pick out the set.

Jess struggled out of tightened jeans. As she stood in her underwear, she examined the door again. She wondered if her mom was standing on the other side, listening to her daughter's clothes drop.

A memory appeared in Jess' head, something she'd averted her eyes from. Adrian's own nipples had been peeking out of her t-shirt, except in her case they'd been fully visible, red, half-dollar sized areolae.

There was a twinge in Jess' panties. She watched a damp spot form.

It wasn't much—but it was enough. Jess hurriedly changed into dry clothes.


Dinner was a lavish affair, despite there being only six confirmed guests. When Uncle Harry showed up with Aunt Brenda (followed closely behind by Allison and baby Cody in their own car) rain still
blasted down.

Allison acted surprised at seeing Jess there. As soon as she put Cody down she swept her cousin up in her arms.

Allison was thicker than Jess and Adrian, standing 5'4 and weighing 150 pounds. A lot of that was what remained of her baby weight, which she continued struggling to shed after two years.

"Hey, don't hog it all!" Aunt Brenda protested from behind. "I want some hug, too!"

Brenda was the tallest of the women at 5'9, and also the oldest. Being 44 hadn't at all detracted from her figure. She was stunning.

Unlike Adrian and Jess, Brenda and Allison were comparable in many ways. They both had brown hair, hazel eyes and sported impressive D cup breasts, which neither was afraid of hiding. Today Brenda wore a low-cut halter top and Allison was in an equally revealing dress.

"Hi Aunt Brenda," Jess greeted as she embraced the woman. She hugged Uncle Harry as well.

"Little Ghost," he said when they broke away. "That's been my new name for you."

To his wife and daughter he said, "Did you get the gifts out of the car?"

"One thing at a time, Harry!" Brenda chided playfully. "See the firmament flooding the earth out there?"

"I see it," Harry acknowledged.

"I'll grab everything," Allison volunteered.

"I'll help," Jess added as the hugs and greetings continued around her.

The young women walked to Uncle Harry's SUV; the deluge was awful.

"So, Lil J," Allison spoke over the downpour, "it's been a real long time."

Jess tried maintaining a positive front. "I know."

"Your poor mama missed you real bad."

"I know."

They reached the car. Allison opened the back hatch. A gust of wind forced Jess to hug herself.

"Why don't you take your spoils and I'll bring the steaks?"

Jess grabbed a stack of wrapped gifts—there were four—while Allison carried the food.

"Oh by the way, I got you two," Allison said. "The one on the bottom's not for opening till later, alright?"

"What is it?" Jess asked, noticing the package's rectangular shape.

Allison grinned. "You'll just have to wait and see!"

Back inside, Allison told Jess to leave the 'special' present in her room. And from then on day went into night with the same terrible storm. Uncle Harry grilled steaks on the covered back porch. Cody, with his newfound curiosity and wild streak, had to constantly be told "No, don't touch that. Don't pull on that. Don't throw that! Leave that alone, Cody!"

Jess and her mother said hardly a word to each other before dinner was ready.

By then it was dark. Six guests, including Cody in his high chair, sat around a table of steaks, baked potatoes, rolls, sour cream and butter.

"So Jess," Adrian piped in when the conversation dipped, "tell me about this roommate of yours. What was her name, again?"

Jess was baffled by this question. "Tabitha."

Adrian chewed and swallowed a piece of steak. "What's Tabitha majoring in?"

"P-psychology," Jess replied. The attention caused a quiver.

"Psylogy," Cody added in. He was a disaster-mess of food.

Adrian looked at Jess after another bite. "Do you and Tabitha get along okay?"

Get along? What does that mean?

"S-sure," Jess said. "She's my best friend. We do everything together."

"Oh. Everything?"

Adrian and Allison exchanged a look. Jess caught it, knowing exactly what it meant and what her mom had been implying. What was worse was that all eyes were fixed on her now—save Cody, who pretended his roll was a fighter jet.

"B-but we don't see each other as, as often t-this semester. She's dating a guy."

That was a lie. But hopefully it would throw them off this wrong impression.

"Ohh. And what about you, Jess? Are you dating anyone? Not that...I would know."

"N-no," Jess stammered, caught between guilt and anger.

Adrian studied her daughter, perhaps in a 'you're lying' manner.

"Hey, maybe that's why she's waited so long to come home!" Allison said.

Everyone laughed at the remark except Jess. She sank lower in her seat.

"No, I-I'm really not," Jess continued. "I don't have time for a g-guy. The first year's the most important for my average."

"Guy," Cody parroted.

"She's right, you know," Uncle Harry agreed. "Mess up your freshman year and your GPA never recovers. Smart girl. But Jess...why did you stay away so long?"

There was a pause. Jess realized she had no good answer. Allison had asked the same question earlier; Jess couldn't recall the response.

Uncle Harry went on. "I mean, Thanksgiving, Christmas. New Years. You stayed hidden at that school for so long I was wondering if you'd ever even existed."

Adrian appeared nervous. Aunt Brenda stared.

"I-I was...b-busy. Like I said."

"Busy?" Harry scoffed. "Well—"

"—Um, dad?" Allison interrupted. "Could you pass me another baked potato, please?"

Uncle Harry did, dropping the interrogation. Jess caught Adrian and Allison looking at each other again, but with more concern.

Wait a minute. Does...Allison know?

Jess surveyed the scene. "Allison, where's Bobby?"

Frustration blanketed the girl's face.

"He's...working. Late again."

"Bobby stays busy, that's for sure," Aunt Brenda said.

Allison was eager to drop the subject. "You know, I was thinking—"

"—Oh, that's a new one!" Brenda cut in.

Laughter erupted all around.

"I was thinking," she continued, "maybe since we finally have Jess back in the house, we should stick around a bit, mom. Would that be alright, Aunt Adrian?"

"That would be wonderful!" Adrian said. "I'd love to have you!"

Uncle Harry wiped his mouth with a napkin.

"I'm sure it would be..." Adrian glanced at Jess. "...lonely in this house with just me and Jess by ourselves. It's fine with me."

"Yeah, no big deal," Uncle Harry said. "I'm only a mile down the road."

"You sure that's alright, dad?" Allison asked.

Harry sliced a piece of his dwindled steak. "Fine with me. You girls have your fun."

When dinner ended, Adrian cleared the plates and reminded everyone not to scatter. From the kitchen she brought out a birthday cake. It had a '19' number candle in the center and eighteen regular ones, nine per side.

As soon as she set the cake on the table, the entire group broke into the birthday song. Jess smiled and blushed.

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