tagSci-Fi & FantasyI'll Bet Ye Fer It!

I'll Bet Ye Fer It!

byMountain Rider©

I'll Bet Ye Fer It! by Mountain Rider

A "Heartlands" tale, with a nod to "Heartlands" creator and Literotica author Trisha Monks for her inspiration and indulgence.


Crizella shifted her weight from one foot to the other. She bounced her pitifully light pouch of coins dejectedly in her hand as she stared covetously at the cleverly cut gems in the glass display case. How they caught the light and filled with fire!

She certainly couldn't afford even the smallest of them, but it was beginning to seem increasingly reasonable to smash the glass, snatch one, and run like mad through the marketplace before the dwarf who owned this particular stall could catch her. Unfortunately said dwarf was standing a few feet behind her watching her conscience wrestle with her greed. She had just taken a step toward the display case when the gritty voice stopped her momentum like a stone wall.

"I wouldn't do it if I were ye, lass. I knows what yer thinkin', and it's nothin' but trouble ye'll find."

Crizella whirled around to face the owner of the voice, a crusty old gemcutter by the name of Hergerson if the marquee on the stall was correct. He fit the dwarvish stereotype she had in her mind -- short, stocky, bearded, dirty, and coarse. Nevermind that his particular dirtiness sparkled in the late afternoon sunlight, as it was the dust of precious stones that lay upon him. He was still a dwarf, and therefore non-human and non-noble.

All that is to say is that Crizella both literally and figuratively looked down at Master Hergerson and had the nerve to act offended when she retorted, "I have no idea what you mean, you filthy little beggar."

"I'm thinkin' ye do lass," Hergerson said grinning. "If not, then no harm done an' no offense to be takin' from this old dwarf now is there?"

Crizella's face reddened in embarrassment and anger as the earthy merchant continued.

"As for bein' a beggar, well now, I think I got more wealth dustin' me beard and eyebrows than ye have in that moneybag of yers. I'll refer ye to the fine print at the bottom of me sign, and leave ye be," he said and turned to go. "If ye need help readin' it, then ye tell me."

That was enough to incite Crizella to make a very unladylike sound and to stamp her foot in irritation. Nevertheless she did turn to read the fine print on the sign: No Credit! Only Hard Currency Accepted. Full Payment in Advance or You Pay With Your Arse!

Crizella watched as Master Hergerson disappeared around the corner of his stall and bit her lip in anger and indecision. She knew she shouldn't, but now it was almost a matter of principle. That grubby dwarf had offended her, she rationalized. So what if he'd been right?

The dwarf for his own part was slowly counting backward from fifty as he dug a length of strong rope and a pair of manacles out of a locker in the interior of his little workroom. He then slowly walked back around the far side of his market stall and heard the display case glass break just as he passed "two" in his countdown. Sighing, he stepped around the corner of the stall and almost nonchalantly caught Crizella in full flight by simply holding out one of his powerful arms.

The sudden stop knocked the wind out of Crizella as surely as it knocked the glittering gem out of her hand. As if rehearsed a thousand times, Master Hergerson snapped one manacle onto one of Crizella's wrists, caught the flying gemstone, and spun the girl around to capture the other wrist in the mating manacle behind her back. He pocketed the stone, and quickly inventoried the rest of the broken display case while he looped the rope around Crizella's waist to pass through the ring connected the manacles behind her back. In a matter of seconds, Crizella found her hands securely locked behind her back and her body leashed as well.

"Who's yer guardian ye daft girl?" the dwarf asked wearily.

Crizella snarled, spit at his face, and kicked at him instead of answering like a civilized person. Sighing again, Hergerson gave a sharp tug on the rope which planted her seat-down in the dirt.

"That weren't the first nor will it be the last time I been spat at lass," the gemcutter said, wiping his face. "Now I'm more of a gentledwarf than to give ye the slap ye deserve fer that. However, we are a goin' to see the market foreman, and we will be findin' yer parents."

He quickly locked down the rest of the merchandise, then hoisted Crizella back to her feet, and marched her ahead of him toward the market center. There was nothing for her do to but trudge ahead of the angry dwarf.

The wheelwright in the next stall remarked as they passed, "Oh no! not another thief Thorn!"

"Afraid so, lad. They can't seem to leave me shiny stones alone!" Master Hergerson grumbled.

"You going to take it out of her arse?" asked the wheelwright, and grinned lasciviously.

"We'll see, lad. We'll see," the dwarf said and grinned himself as he saw Crizella's eyes widen in fear.


"Thorn you old curmudgeon! Another thief? If I didn't know how much this annoyed you I'd swear you were deliberately baiting them," exclaimed Foreman Blacksage. The foreman looked like a big, fat, retired merchant himself -- most likely because he was a big, fat, retired merchant. This made him ideal to judge matters of theft and grift in the marketplace because he not only knew what was good for merchants, but what was good for business.

"I think we knows how this goes," began the dwarf. "I, Master Thorn Hergerson, a gem miner, cutter, and seller of this market, do accuse this foolish lass of smashing me display case and attempting to depart with me merchandise unpaid for. I knows not who her guardians may be, but I have recovered me merchandise and only seek retribution for a new piece of glass for me stall and for lost time dealing with this hatful of nonsense. I promises on me honor that I've not been abusive to her though she be rude and violent herself."

"And who are you girl?" asked the foreman turning to Crizella.

Crizella lifted her chin and spat, "Crizellavillissant Armagondro, and this little beast is a liar."

"Armagondro? Well that settles that then," said Blacksage.

"Ye know her family?" asked Master Hergerson.

"Aye," said the foreman. "They're a rich family with a big estate out from Bremin. Her father owned several ships in the river delta east of here, but recently sold them for a vineyard estate and moved in from the coast. Otherwise were the girl a local, she would know that her calling you a liar only damns herself."

Crizella's face fell. She had been on the verge of believing herself to be released on the reputation of her family alone. Now confusion and fear returned, and she glanced from foreman to gemcutter and back.

Blacksage leaned in and said, "Girl do you have any idea how long Master Hergerson has been plying his trade in this very market?"

Crizella shook her head and looked to Thorn who was counting on his fingers. She lifted her lip scornfully, jumping to the conclusion that he didn't count well, until the old dwarf grumbled, "This summer makes it 238 years, a little more'n half me life."

"And your brother Morik the smith and weapons master?" Blacksage prodded.

"Aye, nearer a hundred ninety years in the trade fer him, but he's a wee bit younger than meself."

"So you see girl," Blacksage said turning back to Crizella, "He's been recognized as a fair craftsman and merchant here ten times as long as you've been alive. His family's credibility and integrity are above reproach. If he says you stole from him, then you stole from him. The only reason you are here is so we can determine who you belong to.

"Now that I know you are Crizellavillissant Armagondro, that answer is obvious," Blacksage paused for effect and pointed to Master Hergerson. "You belong to him."

"What?!" shrieked Crizella.

"Lord Armagondro has no daughters younger than marriageable age, and you are not married if you still have the Armagondro name. Thus, you stand for your own crime as an adult. It is up to Master Hergerson to determine your punishment."

"Thankee Foreman. I'll see ye around," Thorn said, turning and dragging the shrieking Crizella back toward his shop.

"All the best Master Hergerson," waved Blacksage. "Exact your due from her. Oh and girl -- whatever you do, don't try to bargain your way out of it. You'll get it in the end if you do."

The foreman's laughter followed the dwarf and his criminal captive down the market lane, but it and his advice were lost in the noise of Crizella's protests.


By the time they got back to Thorn's little workroom, Crizella had tired of struggling and screaming -- notably so had everyone else in that end of the market. The gruff old dwarf steered her gently but irresistibly inside and pointed her at a stool before turning to light a lantern. The sun was beginning to set and the area inside the workroom was growing dark.

As soon as Crizella saw the gemcutter turn his back, she whirled and bolted for the door -- only to be jerked back because Thorn had his foot on the other end of the rope. Consequently she landed on the stool that Thorn had pointed her toward.

"Lass," the dwarf chuckled without turning around, "Yer a pretty little thing, but ye ain't too bright. I'm over four hundred years old, and I've caught me a thousand thieves in that time. I seen all the tricks at least once before, and nobody fools a dwarf twice. Don't go a lookin' fer nothin' heavy nor sharp to come at me with neither. All the tools are put away, and yer hands are locked secure.

"I don't mean to hurt ye," he said turning back and setting a piece of paper in her lap. "I just want another piece of glass for me display case, a little compensation for the time I wasted on ye having to go before the foreman, and assurance from ye that ye learned yer lesson and won't turn to thievery again. Yer old enough to know better, and I'm sure yer parents taught ye better.

"Now, writ on that slip of paper is the cost of the replacement glass and one hour of me time charged at me custom work rate. It's fair, and ye should pay it and go."

Crizella glared silently at the unflappable dwarf before looking downward at the figure on the paper. Her eyes widened in shock and she stammered, "But… but I don't have this much."

"That's no matter to me. I'll just walk ye home on the end of me rope, and we'll have yer parents pay fer it."

"I -- I can't! My father would whip me. I would be shamed, and my reputation would be ruined!"

"Ye shoulda though of that before ye tried to steal from honest folk. One way or another, I get me payment. Either I take ye home on the end of me rope, or we find another way to work it out. Remember the fine print on me sign?"

Crizella nodded, "You mean to beat me…"

"Bah! I'll do no such thing. There's no pleasure to be gained in hurtin' ye."

"What then?" Crizella asked.

"It is well know that, old though I am, I am partial to the pleasures of Skinnyleg women. We already know ye are of age, so we just need to arrive on a fair arrangement. What pleasure that ye may give me will offset yer outstanding debt?"

Crizella's jaw dropped in disbelief, and she cried, "You mean to rape me?"

"Bah!" Thorn said again, "Ye ain't listnin'. I said we'd come to an arrangement. I already told ye I don't mean to hurt ye, but the debt must be settled somehow. Whatever ye give to me, ye give in repayment. I'll force nothin' on ye."

"Then I refuse!" Crizella retorted. "I'll not be touched by you!"

"Suit yerself," said Hergerson. He picked up the end of the rope and gave it a slight tug. "Up ye get. We'd best get ye home afore it gets much darker."

"Noooo!" Crizella wailed. "I can't go home like this! Let me go and I'll come back tomorrow with your money."

"Not on yer life lass. I have no guarantees that ye'll come back at all, and I'll not be chasin' after ye when I've got ye right here now. We settle this here, or I take ye home and settle it tonight."

Crizella was absolutely at her wits end. Either she let the gemcutter take her home and suffer humiliation in front of her family, or she let him do gods-knew-what to her body. Maybe she could still talk her way out of it.

Crizella put on her best pitiful voice, looked up at the dwarf through her long eyelashes, and said, "What would you have me do if we settled it here?"

"I figure nothin' harsh and nothin' that will leave a lasting impression on an unmarried girl. I ain't interested in ruinin' yer reputation."

Crizella allowed herself to feel a moment's relief until the dwarf continued.

"So to be blunt, I figure ye get unclothed and suck on my cockstem until I fill yer mouth with me seed. I warn ye though, I won't loose me seed until I'm ready, no matter how good ye are -- 'tis a matter of dwarvish pride! Then ye can go, and I'll even send ye home on a wagon so ye don't have to walk."

The girl's mouth fell open in shock. Suck on his cockstem? A dwarf's cockstem? In her mouth? She shuddered at the though of it, and her stomach turned.

"Pleeeease no… I couldn't. I couldn't. Can't we work something out? Please, I -- I'm begging you -- do me a favor."

Thorn grinned broadly as if waiting for her to say that very thing. He clapped is hands together and said, "A'right, I'll do ye a favor. I'll bet ye fer it!"

"What?" Crizealla asked, not following.

"I'll bet ye fer it. A wager. If ye win, I send ye home right now… But if I win, ye not only suck me cockstem to blowin' up, but I also get to lick yer little Skinnyleg cunt until yerself climaxes."

Crizella blushed hotly. Against the will of her sensibilities, she could feel a slight heat begin growing between her legs at the thought. She still didn't want the filthy dwarf touching her at all, but the idea of someone licking her… licking her down there… was intriguing.

She had touched herself, of course. Once or twice had even allowed a suitor to touch her there if their relationship had progressed to that point, but she had never had a climax from another person. She had certainly never been licked there, but she had seen a kitchen maid have her cunt licked once by her husband when they though no one was watching. The images and fantasies inspired by that memory had carried her through many lonely nights.

Crizella's reverie was broken when Hergerson stuck out his hand and said, "Do we have an agreement?"

Crizella almost clasped his hand, but stopped herself at the last moment when common sense prevailed and she asked, "What is the wager?"

Hergerson grinned even more broadly, sensing that he almost had her before she even thought to ask. "Oh, something ridiculous like say -- I bet ye that I can bite me own left eye?"

Crizella sensed a trick, but surely that was impossible. Perhaps the crusty little gemcutter had tired of frightening her and wanted to be rid of her. She hesitated just a moment longer before clasping his hand and saying, "We have an agreement."

"Done," said Thorn. Then as Crizella squeaked in horror, he deftly popped his left eye out of its socket and placed it between his teeth. Only then could Crizella tell that it was false and cut from polished crystal.

"I win!" said Thorn around his eye. "Made this meself when I lost me real one to a ruby shard about a hundred years ago."

With that he dropped his eye into his hand and popped back into its socket. It rolled in place for a few seconds then gleamed outward, indistinguishable from its twin.

"Yeah, it's all fun and games until someone loses an eye. Then it's just a game of find the eye!" Hergerson laughed loudly. "Okay, get yer clothes off. It's getting' on late, and me cockstem's gettin' twitchy to be between yer lips."

He began to unbuckle his belt and Crizella could see a hard swelling outlining itself in his breeches. He really means to go through with this, she thought. She shook her head in wordless disagreement, but readied herself to do the deed. At least I get to have his cunning tongue in my cunt. Maybe that will be worth the shame of the other. Her pulse quickened, and she could feel herself growing wet in spite of her petulant revulsion.

"Unless..." paused Hergerson, moments away from lowering his breeches, "yer wantin' to go double or nothing?"

Crizella looked from Thorn's swollen crotch to his bearded face. Unconsciously she licked her lips before she spoke in a small voice, "What is the wager?"

"I can see yer scared, so I'll bet ye that can I also bite me right eye."

"What are the stakes?" "If ye win, I'll still let ye go and send ye home on a wagon untouched. If ye lose, I fuck ye and yer reputation."

Crizella could see no way the dwarf could win. If one eye was false, then the other must be real, and she knew he wasn't blind. She couldn't lose could she?

"I'll up the stakes," she said. "If I win I go free, but I still want you to lick me until I climax."

"Gotcher interest there do I?" Thorn chuckled. "A'right I'll agree to that, but if we add that to yer side then it's only fair to add something to my side. Let's up the stakes again and maybe save yer maidenhead after all."

Crizella nodded.

"If ye win I'll bring ye to three orgasms with me tongue in yer cunt, and I send ye home on the wagon all forgiven. If ye lose ye still suck me cockstem to burstin' in yer mouth and I lick yer cunt to one orgasm and I fuck ye… in the arse! We're both naked the whole time of course."

"And the bet is that you can bite your right eye?"

"Aye," affirmed the dwarf and stuck out his hand. His breeches remained held up purely on the strength of his erection.

I can't lose; I can't lose; I can't lose, Crizella though and clasped the dwarf's hand. "We have an agreement."

"Done. It's binding then," said Hergerson and released her hand. "Right, up with ye so I can get this rope and manacles off ye."

Crizella stood up incredulously and turned around. Sure enough, the manacles and rope were removed. She'd won! Now she was going to have three orgasms and get away free! The heat in her cunt heightened further, and she felt a distinct wetness on her thighs. Turning back to face Thorn, she was surprised to see him grinning again.

The old dwarf covered his mouth with his hand, and pulling it away again, removed his teeth. He then brought the teeth to his right eye and bit it soundly before putting them back in his mouth. After a moment, he was able to speak again.

"I made those too -- ivory on gold. They're heavy as an ogre's balls, but me last real tooth fell out about forty years ago, and a dwarf's gotta eat." He rubbed his smarting right eye, and continued, "Well lass let's get to it. Get outta that dress."

Crizella just stood and blinked down at Thorn as she rubbed her wrists. It was slowly dawning on her that she had lost, and not only would she soon have a dwarf ejaculating in her mouth but also up her backside. She couldn't believe this was happening to her. It couldn't be real. The shock of it sat her back down on the stool in front of him.

"Of course I can still take ye home in manacles if ye prefer."

"No," Crizella said in a quavering voice, "I got myself into this mess; I'll get myself out."

The old dwarf's eyes softened a bit, and he responded, "That's a girl. Takin' responsibility fer yer own actions is a big step in growin' up. Besides, this may be fun for ye. Let's just say, I ain't interested in ye havin' a bad time."

Hergerson stepped out of his boots and dropped his breeches over his stalwart cockstem. The sight of it broke Crizella from her reverie. It was… well, not what she expected.

She had seen a few cockstems in her life, from peeping at servants to the few suitors she'd played with, but she'd never seen a dwarf's cock. She had been expecting something small, but Thorn's manhood was easily a long as any she'd seen. It was also as thick as her wrist and throbbing with life despite the dwarf's great age. What surprised her even more was that the skin of it looked as smooth and soft as a baby's. The steel grey pubic hair above was trimmed and shaped carefully, and the large balls below were smooth, hairless, and heavy looking. Thorn's meticulous dwarven nature obviously extended to the care and grooming of his manhood.

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