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I'm a Believer


"Please, enter and be welcome. My name is Nina, and I am to be your guide today." It didn't sound threatening, especially coming from the lips of a slim blonde girl wearing a serene smile and not much else, but thoughts of Jonestown kept running through Malcolm's head as he stepped into the church and closed the door. He'd have preferred to get the head of this weird...cult, church, tax dodge, whatever the 'Way of the Living Divinity' turned out to really be...down to the office for this interview; but she'd insisted that for the sake of transparency, any auditor really needed to see the inner workings of the faith. His boss had agreed, but Malcolm wished it didn't have to be his head in the noose.

His boss hadn't been particularly sympathetic, though. "For fucksake, Mal, it's not going to be Jonestown," he'd said when Malcolm had brought it up. "It's not even the goddamn Moonies. This is just another weird little California cult of hippies. Nobody's brought kidnapping complaints against them, they're not stockpiling guns--we think their tax-exemption is BS, that's all. Hell, you don't even have to tell them that. Just do your evaluation, take some notes, and tell them you'll get back to them."

That was easy for his boss to say. He was in a nice, big, IRS building with security at every door, not inside a windowless "church" with who knew how many followers of the Way of the Living Divinity getting ready to do who knew what to him.

Still, at least he knew Nina didn't have any concealed weapons. In fact, a casual glance at her diaphanous robes told him that she didn't have any concealed underwear, either. The gauzy fabric clung to her body like it was damp, clearly outlining her in a way that made her look almost more naked than if she'd been naked. He wondered if this was some sort of bribe, or maybe an attempt to discredit him. His report wouldn't mean a whole lot if someone from the church said afterwards, "Oh, by the way, did we mention he tried to paw one of our members?"

She didn't exactly act like a sinister schemer, though. She looked at him with a genuine smile that went all the way up to her sparkling blue eyes and said, "I'm afraid Her Divinity is just the tiniest bit busy at the moment; She's administering the Second Sacrament to one of our members. But I'm sure it won't take long, so if you just want to follow me, I'll escort you to Her chambers and you can wait for Her there."

"Um, sure." Malcolm tried very hard to keep eye contact with her the whole time, but it wasn't easy. She was a foot shorter than him, and she was leaning slightly forward and...and, well, he was only human. Those robes gathered her cleavage together in a way that made him very glad he had a briefcase to hold in front of his crotch. "Do you, um...do you mind if I talk to you while we wait?" This could actually work to his advantage, he thought. Whatever the Glorious Leader might tell him at the interview, five minutes alone with one of the rank-and-file would give him a pretty clear idea of what philosophy they followed here...if any.

"Of course not," she said beatifically as she started down the hall, beckoning him to follow. "The Goddess has commanded me to assist you in every way possible until your audience with Her. Whatever the Divine Will commands, I must carry out to the best of my abilities."

"Um...okay." Yeah, that was a big old check in the box marked 'cult'. A lot of small religions had charismatic leaders, of course; any new faith had to have someone pretty convincing up in the pulpit to get people to go along with it. But if the philosophy of the Way of the Living Divinity was really, "Whatever the Living Divinity says, do it her way"? That sounded like someone setting up a church for herself so that she could live the good life without property taxes, in Malcolm's book.

And the good life looked to be pretty good, here. The grounds were impressive enough, but this place looked like they'd spent a fortune on it. Nina led Malcolm through a maze of corridors with marble-fronted walls and alcoves everywhere filled with expensive-looking works of art. The carpeting alone looked to be worth about as much as he'd paid for his whole house. Maybe the cultists paid for that themselves, though. His guide was barefoot, and she wasn't the only one. Everyone he passed wore the same gauzy robes--talk about the good life, he thought. It was like a wet t-shirt contest every day. He'd passed some male cultists as well as female, and they all looked like they'd sprouted permanent boners. Everyone was in good shape, too. Malcolm went to the gym and played handball regularly, but these people looked like they had nothing better to do but keep fit.

They turned another corner, and Malcolm mentally added an "almost" to the "nothing", while finding himself grateful that his skin was too dark to show a blush. There was a dark-haired girl in one of the alcoves, leaning over a marble bench with her robe bunched up around her hips while a male cultist fucked her from behind. They were both facing Malcolm and Nina, but neither one of them seemed even remotely embarrassed at being interrupted.

Nina didn't seem embarrassed, either. She gave them a little wave and said, "Devon! Callie! This is Malcolm Seward, he's a visitor to Her Divinity. Malcolm, this is Devon and Callie."

"Hi," Devon said, giving his hips a little extra pump for emphasis.

"Hi!" Callie squeaked out, obviously having a little difficulty finding her voice at the moment.

Malcolm gave them a frozen smile and waved. He didn't say anything. What was there to say?

"It's wonderful to meet you, Malcolm," Devon said, grinding against Callie's ass. "Would you like to join us?"

Nina saved Malcolm from further embarrassment by cutting in smoothly with, "I'm afraid he can't. I've been commanded to escort him to the Goddess' chambers, and, well..."

"True pleasure is service to the Goddess," all three chorused at once. Callie's voice was a little shaky, but she joined in right along with them. Malcolm made a mental note to see if he could find out Nina's real name at some point. Even if nobody had accused the Way of kidnapping anyone, he couldn't believe that people felt this spontaneously devoted to anybody, Goddess or not.

"We understand," Devon said. He reached around and tugged at Callie's nipples through the sheer fabric, working them like he was milking her. Callie's eyes rolled back in her head. "Perhaps after his audience with Her Holiness." Malcolm tried not to watch, but again, he was only human.

"If the Goddess wills it," Nina said. It took Malcolm a moment to realize she'd started walking again, and he hurried to catch up. After taking another (mercifully coitus-free) corner, he found himself outside an ornate door. "The audience chambers of the Living Divinity," Nina said with a trace of awe in her voice as she opened the door.

Inside, the room was furnished with low tables and comfortable piles of pillows to sit on instead of chairs. Gauzy curtains managed to create an atmosphere of intimacy despite the vast size of the chamber; Malcolm didn't know how many members the Way of the Living Divinity had, but he'd be willing to bet that they could all fit in here at once. A faint scent of some unknown incense filled the air.

"Please, take a seat anywhere you like," Nina said. Malcolm tentatively crossed his legs and sat down on a pile of pillows, holding his briefcase in his lap. "Feel free to set that on the table," Nina commented as she plopped down across from him, sitting in a way that made him more than a little wary of moving the briefcase just yet. He started calculating value-added taxation rates in his head in an effort to calm his bulging erection.

"So, when you said you wanted to talk," Nina said, "did you mean you actually wanted to have sex? Because there's no need to be ashamed if you do. I'd be happy to." Malcolm bit his lip and tried to remember every class of charitable deduction he could think of.

After a moment, he realized that Nina was still waiting for his answer. "No," he said, trying to keep his voice even, "I just wanted to talk a bit about your faith. How did you become involved with the Way?"

Nina's smile went vague and dreamy as her eyes became slightly unfocused. "I met the Goddess," she sighed out. "I'd moved out to LA a few months earlier, trying to get a job in modeling--it was kind of tough going, but I'd started to get a few gigs here and there. One of the other girls was a member of the Way, and she invited me to her apartment to talk about the faith. The Goddess was there when I got there, and..." Nina took a deep, shuddering breath. "The moment I saw Her, I just knew. She administered the Sacraments to me that very night."

Malcolm frowned, his erection subsiding a little as compassion replaced arousal. He wondered if Nina was even capable of remembering events as they really happened, or if she'd totally replaced being held against her will and brainwashed with memories of instant devotion. "And your friends? Your family?"

Nina's smile didn't vanish--it looked like it was a permanent part of her face--but it did dim a little. "I never got along with my mom," she said. "We hadn't spoken in months even before I moved out here, and I think we were both pretty happy with that arrangement. As for my friends, well...I introduced them all to the Goddess and the Way. They all understand now."

"Understand...what, exactly?" Malcolm asked. "What is the Way of the Living Divinity? Help me out, here."

"The Way is love and pleasure," Nina said, her eyes now completely blank as she recited words from deep within her mind. "Love and pleasure both flow from the Goddess, and flow back to Her in return." Her nipples hardened as she spoke, and the gauzy fabric of her robe couldn't even begin to conceal her obvious arousal. "We experience true pleasure by serving the Goddess, and Her pleasure with our service becomes our deeper pleasure in return."

Malcolm added several more mental checks to the box marked 'Cult'. Nina had almost forgotten he was there, she was so lost inside her own head. It was actually pretty impressive, if he could take her statement of being in the cult for 'a few months' at face value. Whoever this Goddess really was, she knew exactly how to get inside people's heads. Malcolm reminded himself again that his boss knew where he was and when he was supposed to be back.

"We serve the Goddess with love and pleasure," Nina continued. "The greater the pleasure we give ourselves and others, the better we serve the Goddess." She was openly masturbating now, pressing the heel of her hand against her pussy and rubbing through her robes as she spoke. "Since sexual pleasure is the deepest, the strongest, the most powerful pleasure, sexual pleasure pleases the Goddess best. And her pleasure heightens and deepens our p-p-pleasure...ohhh..."

Malcolm felt ashamed with himself for not stopping this, but Nina's performance was mesmerizing. He'd never in his life seen a woman so totally lost in sexual rapture. She shuddered and moaned, her mantra barely even coherent now as she pressed her fingers into her cunt and worked the sheer fabric into her pussy. "And if, if sexual pleasure serves the Goddess, then ohh, then service to the Goddess is s-s-sexual pleasure...unnh, ohhh, serving the Goddess feels like sex, serving the Goddess is sex, obedience to Her will is the true pleasure, oh, oh, oh Goddess yes!" She clenched her eyes shut and bucked her hips against her hand in one of the most spectacular and uninhibited climaxes Malcolm had ever imagined, let alone seen.

After a long, loud moment, she finally opened her eyes again and slid her dripping fingers out of her pussy. "So I hope that helps explain things just a little," she said, her voice muzzy with bliss. "The Goddess explains it better than I do, though."

"Thank you, Nina," said a voice behind them. Malcolm half-turned to see a woman in loose, flowing black robes standing in the doorway. She was strangely exotic, with long dark hair and bronze skin that made her race almost impossible to place--one moment, she seemed Asian, the next Polynesian, then perhaps a blend of Indian and...no, it was no good. She could be from anywhere. All Malcolm knew for sure was that she was utterly stunning. He'd thought he was aroused watching Nina masturbate, but the mere sight of the newcomer made his cock stiffen like he had an iron bar in his pants.

"That will be all, Nina," she said with an air of benevolent authority in her voice. "You may go." Nina stood up to leave, but swayed as though drunk with joy when the woman added, "You have pleased Me greatly, Nina."

Malcolm watched Nina leave out of the corner of his eye, but he couldn't look away from the exotic beauty in front of him. "Forgive the delay," she said. "My name is Kanani. I am the Living Divinity of the Way. I understand you had some questions for Me?"

Malcolm struggled to remember exactly what it was he was here to ask her about. "I, um, yes, I..." He lost his voice entirely when Kanani undid the clasp around her neck and let her robes fall to the floor. Beneath them, she was completely nude, her skin glistening as if oiled. Her whole body was absolute gleaming perfection, with not a single blemish or fault. If a sculptor had put a lifetime into creating a flawless statue of a woman, he could not have hoped to match Kanani's form.

Kanani smiled. "Relax," she said. "I know it can be a little intimidating at first, meeting a Goddess, but I've been told I'm very easy to get along with, Mister Seward...can I call you Malcolm?" She sat down in the spot vacated by Nina, and Malcolm could tell that she was reveling in the damp warmth the other girl had left behind.

"I, um...yes, that's fine." Malcolm shook his head slightly to clear it. He clutched his briefcase like a talisman, trying to will his eyes up and away from Kanani's perfect pussy and managing only to move them up to her large, perfectly-formed tits. "I'm, um...I'm here to ask you...um..." Kanani giggled, causing her breasts to jiggle just a little and derailing his train of thought once more. "Questions!" he yelped out, clenching his eyes shut. "I'm here to ask you about your...religion. Beliefs, that is. What are the beliefs of your faith?"

Even Kanani's voice was seductive, he realized as she responded. "Oh, whatever I want them to be, I suppose. I am, after all, the Living Divinity. That is the central tenet of the Way; the understanding that I am divine, a Goddess incarnate on this earth, and that I must be worshiped and obeyed. It's very simple, don't you think? So much easier to understand than all those confusing religions where you have doddering old men interpreting the commands of an absentee deity. I am here, I am real, and I am Goddess. In the flesh, as it were."

Malcolm swallowed hard as he remembered the flesh in perfect detail. It was as though Kanani's form was burned onto his retinas; even with his eyes closed, he could still see her. "But I mean...don't you have any kind of guiding principles? Some truth your followers understand even when you're not around to tell them what to do?"

Kanani giggled musically. "They know how to serve Me even when I am not there," she said. "You saw Nina, you understand. She knew My Will was pleasure. She accepted the truth of My divinity. That was all she needed, and all she will ever need. I have no use for dusty books to write down My faith. My faith is warm and living."

Malcolm felt irritation bubbling up under his arousal. He tried to be tolerant of other faiths, both personally and professionally, but that only went so far when they were taking cheap shots at his. He still wished he could get away for just a few minutes and jack off, let some of this pressure out of his balls and calm his raging erection, but her little digs actually helped to take his mind off of how hot she was. "That's fine for Nina," he said, "but I'm not a member of your 'faith'. I don't believe you're a goddess. How do you--"

"That's because you haven't taken My Sacraments, yet," Kanani said, cutting him off. Her voice sounded close in his ears, and Malcolm's eyes flew open to see her kneeling directly in front of him. He gasped in surprise, and as he did, he inhaled her scent, overwhelming the incense and making him dizzy with lust. "You have not tasted My divinity. Until you experience, how can you understand?"

With those words, she kissed him. For an instant too small to measure, he thought about pushing her away, but then he felt Her tongue slip into his mouth and his hands reached around Her in an embrace, instead. She tasted like nectar in his mouth, and all his strength turned to water except for the strength needed to cling to Her as he sagged slowly backwards onto the pillows. She leaned into him the whole way down, pressing onto his body with undeniable authority.

It felt like forever before She finally broke the kiss. "That was My First Sacrament," She said. "Taste of My Living Word, and know that I speak perfect truth."

Malcolm's head swam. "I...I don't, I can't..." He tried to find some logic that would let him deny Her words; but She gave him another deep, soulful kiss and logic twisted itself around in his head as he tasted Her again, until it tangled up in a snarl of confusion and snapped completely.

"I am a Goddess, Malcolm. Isn't that right?" She looked down at him, Her eyes boring into his soul as he shivered in desire.

"I, I don't know, I..." She couldn't be a Goddess, Goddesses didn't just walk around nude tasting sweet and warm in his mouth and oh fuck, he was so horny and everything She said was perfect truth and She said She was a Goddess and... "I, no, it can't be, You can't--"

She cut off his words with another kiss. He felt Her tongue, sliding against his own, and his doubt crumbled away. It was true. He could taste the truth in his mouth, the Living Word of a living Goddess. In that moment, he believed.

She saw the understanding in his eyes, and smiled a perfect smile as She broke the kiss and reclined back onto the cushions. "Now, Malcolm," She said, beckoning him to approach, "taste of My Second Sacrament." He cast aside his briefcase and struggled onto his hands and knees, whimpering softly as he felt the instinctive perfection of that position locking into his mind. She wrapped Her fingers in his hair and pressed his head to Her breast. "Taste of My Living Gift, and know that I bring you life with My body."

He didn't know how long he suckled at Her breast, letting the warm, sweet milk flow down his throat. Time lost all meaning as he became a vessel for Her Gift. He could feel his thoughts wash away; but they lost importance as they melted into obedience, and he didn't regret their vanishing at all. He knew that the Goddess would replace them with better, truer ones. Her taste filled his mouth, his head, his world. He felt like an infant again, reborn in service to Her.

Finally, after a timeless time, She pulled his head away. He stared at Her in mindless, vacant awe. She was even more beautiful now than when he had first seen Her. Simply looking at Her perfect form felt like sex, now, as though Her gleaming body was caressing him through sight alone. She stood; and from his knees, She seemed to tower over him. He could scarcely bring himself to look up at Her, but so great was Her beauty that he could not resist.

"My Third Sacrament," She said. "My Living Joy. Prove your devotion, Malcolm. Beg Me to allow you to taste My Living Joy."

Malcolm heard the words as if they came from a stranger, a mindless babble of endless need that poured from his lips. "Please, Goddess, please let me taste Your Living Joy, please make me Your follower, Your worshiper, Your devoted servant in all things. I, I'll do anything to be worthy of Your Sacraments, Your pleasure, Your love and joy and gift and oh, please, show me the Way now and forever..." He knew somehow that the final Sacrament would utterly wash away the Malcolm he had been, but he no longer wanted to be that person. The old Malcolm didn't feel the divine pleasure of obedience to the Living Divinity. How could he possibly want that?

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