tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersI'm Finally a Girl for a Man

I'm Finally a Girl for a Man


I'm really glad I had the good fortune to be working when you came into the library. I was pleasantly surprised that I was sexually attracted to you. You were at least six feet tall and trim, and breathtakingly handsome. I couldn't help but think you were a younger twin of George Clooney, and hot! Up until now I usually didn't think of men as being "hot", but at my five feet three inches you made me feel really small and vulnerable - and strangely available.

You made eye contact with me and came over to my section where I was working and began browsing around apparently unable to find what you were looking for.

"Excuse me miss, do you have Madam Butterfly? He asked.

I looked at him and replied sweetly, "Yes, I've got it in the 'Go Backs' sir."

"I'm sorry, I thought you were a young lady. You looked very feminine at first glance. I apologize." He said.

"That's quite alright. It happens. I really don't mind." I quipped with a nervous smile, glowing inside that he referred to me as "Miss".

"Have you ever read it?" He asked?

"Yes, of course. It's one of my favorites. I was even in the play a long time ago." I replied quietly so no one else would hear.

"Were you Madame Butterfly?" He asked quietly with a smile.

"I wanted to be but I wasn't pretty enough." I replied jokingly.

"I don't know about that, you are pretty cute." He replied, joking back.

We carried on with some small talk for awhile as I relaxed and warmed to his attention. I have large sensitive nipples and pronounced breasts for a young man, and I've always been conscious of them betraying my feelings. As we talked, I could feel the tell tale signs of my chest beginning to tighten.

He was so handsome and his gaze was so enchanting, I found myself irresistibly attracted to him. As I began to get lost in my thoughts of what it might be like if I wound up with my lips around his cock, my nipples began pushing out my thin shirt in embarrassing betrayal.

You looked down at my chest and smiled, and then moved up very close to me and whispered in my ear, "Would you like to be my Madam Butterfly? You are very pretty. Can I see you again?" he said as he lifted my hand to his lips for a gentle kiss.

I was red with shock and embarrassment at having my feelings read so completely by this handsome stranger.

"Please?" He reiterated.

"I'd like that." I replied breathlessly as my heart beat rapidly.

I was completely captivated by this gorgeous stranger who was creating feelings in me like one ever had before. I have never felt such a strong sexual attraction to a man until now. As I looked into his eyes, it seemed that nothing else in the world existed at this moment but him.

"Can I come over to your place tonight?" He asked.

"Sure." I replied sweetly as I took a slip of paper and wrote down my address and phone number.

My new acquaintance really had me thinking about how nice it would be if I could make him my first sexual experience, but my reaction to him left me little doubt that I craved the possibility of being much more.

When he finally called and asked if coming over around six o'clock was ok, my heart started racing again and I began to ache for attention from my new boyfriend.

I decided I had better take a quick shower and change before he came over. I stepped into the sensuous spray, and washed myself gently all over with scented soap as I closed my eyes and pretended the hands cleansing my body were his. Finally, I shampooed my hair and let the lilac scented conditioner soak in so it's fragrance would remain.

When I got out and dried off, I looked in the mirror and for the first time in my life began to truly appreciate the femininity in my body. I had a narrow feminine chest with nice petite breasts, probably a "A+" or a small "B", almost able to hold a pencil under them. I admired my rich pink half dollar sized areolas and my large perky nipples standing out at attention to their full 3/4 inch as I gave them a little tweak. My flawless skin was nearly devoid of hair, pale and smooth enough to make any oriental girl jealous. I was blessed with a cute fleshy Brittany Spears type bubble butt that fit nicely with my girly hips and slender waist. My slightly curly reddish hair was thick and went down between my shoulders and complimented my green eyes. I smiled seductively at myself as I sensuously ran my hands along the graceful curves of my body.

After I dried off I put on a pair of my pale yellow, low cut hip hugger undies and then stepped into a pair of thin yellow short shorts. I decided that wearing my snug baby blue knit top with no tee shirt would look nice. Instead of shoes or sandals, I decided going barefoot was more sexy. I always spent a lot of timegrooming my feet, so I was proud to let him see them. I couldn't help but treat myself to a dash of Liz Taylor's Passion perfume rumored to be fool proof "boy bait".

An hour later the doorbell rang.

"Hello there, it's wonderful to see you again." He said as he stepped in and gave me a hug, as I warmly snuggled against his body.

As I stepped back after our hug, he took my hands in his, and replied "I'm really glad you let me come over to see you. I really enjoyed our meeting at the library."

"And so did I. Why don't you have a seat on the couch. Would you like a glass of wine?" I replied thinking you were even more handsome than I had remembered.

"I'd love one." He replied.

I gracefully walked out of the room into the kitchen. I got the wine poured and brought the glasses and the bottle to the coffee table and sat next to him since he was cleverly sitting in the middle of my small couch.

We sat and made small talk for awhile. I felt relieved that he took the time to relax and let us share a couple of glasses of wine together so we could get used to each other. He made me feel comfortable and confident.

I felt him getting closer to me as we drank and giggled, and soon we were touching hip to hip as lovers do. It felt natural to snuggle in to him to as he put his arm around my shoulders and began gently caressing my neck. I let myself lean my head into his gentle caress as he came closer to me and began nuzzling my ear, teasing me with gentle butterfly kisses. I leaned my head back to capture more of his kisses as he softly touched his lips to my neck. I thought I was going to catch on fire when his hand touched my inner thigh and gradually moved up under my shorts to where he was nearly touching my throbbing little penis. I managed to sneak a look down and saw to my shock that he was very hard and very large!

For the first time in my life I wanted a man to kiss me. I decided then and there to let go and give myself to him as he brought his lips to mine in my first kiss.

"You have very soft lips, honey. You are very kissable, did you know that?" He asked, sweetly.

"That was wonderful. I liked that." I replied as the color rose in my cheeks and my heart beat faster.

He drew me close and kissed me again. As I tilted my head up to receive him, I put my arms around him and gently ran my fingers through his hair. As our kissing grew more comfortable, I relaxed my mouth as his tongue entered me in a most intimate embrace as I lost myself in a waterfall of passion as he ran his hand upward along the inside of my thigh where his fingers were touching the skin between my penis and my thigh.

As we stopped to catch our breath, we made more small talk over our glasses of wine. He gently pulled my head down to rest it on his shoulder as he put his hand back on my thigh, his fingers dancing over the sensitive skin. I found myself opening my legs for him ever so slightly. For the first time in my life I felt I was part of someone. It made me feel calm and protected and most of all loved, as I shamelessly put my hand near where I could feel the shaft of his erection brushing my fingers, instinctively knowing he'd like that.

As we talked and teased he managed to coax me into admitting that I had never been with a man. He looked into my eyes and then smiled and said "Do you mean "before?". I smiled and blushed deeply as I nodded my head as if to seal the deal, and acknowledge to myself that my life was never going to be the same after tonight. It wasn't long after that confession that he had me silently begging to please him, as the pathways fully opened for the overwhelming feelings of femininity I was experiencing.

"Would you like to model an outfit for me, honey? I think you'd be beautiful in it. I bought it just for you. Please?" He asked.

"If you'd like me to." I said using my new found feminine voice.

"I'll go out to my car and bring in my bag. How about refilling our glasses? I'm parched." He said, as we gulped down the rest of our wine.

When he returned, he set down a small suitcase and said "Honey, I'm sure we can make you a stunning beauty."

He opened his suitcase and inside was a gift wrapped box with a bow and a ribbon. "I got this just for you, honey. I'd like you to try it on for me." He said.

I carefully opened the box and inside was a pink babydoll night gown. I don't know what came over me, but I didn't even pretend to balk when he told me again how pretty I'd look in it. I blushed even more deeply when I realized I truly wanted to be pretty for him. It was a dream come true, one that I had repressed deeply with much effort through the years.

"It's very pretty. I'll be glad to try it on for you." I replied smiling, as I held it up to me so he could see it.

"Do you shave down there, honey?" He asked.

"Not really." I replied somewhat defensively.

"Why not?" He asked.

"I've thought about it but never had a real reason to, but I will if you want." I replied, wanting to cooperate.

"Would you let me shave you? I'd love to do that." He replied.

I thought it over for a nanosecond, smiled and replied sweetly, "I'd like that."

"Ok, how taking off your clothes and lying back on the couch with your knees up while I get some shaving cream and a razor." He said.

I took off my pants and slipped off my undies. I left my shirt on so he might notice my hard nipples pressing against the fabric, but I was not ready to show my girly chest just yet.

He had me lift up my bottom and then put a towel under me. I felt a real connection as he spread my legs apart, removing any sense of modesty I hoped to retain, but somehow modesty didn't seem very important anymore.

Pffft. As he squirted the shaving cream into his hand he began to massage it gently into my thin pubic hair, taking his time, his hands going everywhere. Each time he grazed my boypussy I relaxed to let his finger slip in a little more deeply.

He stopped for a second to reach in his bag, and retrieved a razor and began to shave me. His touch was electric as I began to visualize each stroke of the razor as my hair fell away and I felt the cool air touching my skin in places it had never been felt before. He carefully shaved me as bald as a baby, complete with little kisses and licks on my little cock to keep me interested, every now and then rubbing his finger on my boy pussy.

"You like that don't you, honey." He remarked as his finger entered me just a little as he massaged my bud in a circular motion.

"Ummm... uh huh. It feels really nice." I replied, smiling.

"I'm glad you like that. Maybe we'll do it more later." He said.

When we were done, he produced a bottle of hair remover and showed it to me.

"Here sweety, one more thing. Take this into the bathroom and rub it all over your body, feet included, and let it set for at least ten minutes and then take a shower. You'll love how it makes you feel. Be sure to get around your butt and underarms for me, ok honey?" He said.

"Ok, I'll make sure I a good job." I replied, smiling.

"Would you mind calling me daddy, princess?" He responded.

"Daddy. I like that. Ok, daddy. I'll make sure I do a good job." I answered with a glowing smile, acknowledging my acceptance of his dominance.

"Oh, honey, one more thing. I want you to douche for me. Here's a douche kit. I want you really clean down there, just in case." He added.

I looked at him with a confused look as I took the contraption from his hands.

"Honey? Would you like me to help you?" He said, his eyes drilling a hole in me.

"No, daddy. I can do it." I replied, as the reality of my submissiveness began to sink in.

"That's better, sweetheart. Thank you. Now go in the bathroom and use the hair remover and then douche at least twice like I told you." He replied, as he gave me a little kiss on the top of my head and then gave my naked butt cheek a little squeeze and a gentle swat as if he were sending a child to take a bath. I could feel his eyes on me as I gave my hips a feminine little wiggle as I walked to let him know I knew my place.

Soon, I didn't have a hair below my eyebrows and after douching three times, my boy pussy was as clean as it would ever get.

For a finishing touch I rubbed some lilac scented moisturizer all over my body and refreshed my perfume, and then came out into the bedroom wearing nothing but a towel wrapped up to my underarms to keep my breasts modestly covered. I felt myself came alive with a new feeling of sexuality as my hairless skin reacted to his gaze as I entered the room.

"You look lovely. How does it feel to get rid off all that nasty hair?" He asked.

"I love it. I never knew my skin could feel so alive! Can I leave my towel on, daddy?" I asked gently.

"Of course, baby. We'll take it off when it is time. Here honey, stand in front of me and I'll help you dress." He replied.

He kneeled down and had me stand in front of him, with my hands on his shoulders so he could help me put on my new outfit. I loved the sexy feelings I was experiencing as he lifted my feet one by one to slip them into the leg holes, and then he slid his hands inside the panties as he gently pushed the pink ruffled bottoms up my legs creating an instant rise of excited girlyboy flesh, as I felt his bare hands on my naked butt.

"You really like those don't you sweetheart? They make you feel sexy, don't they?" he commented as he gave my straining little boy clitte a little kiss though the thin fabric.

"Oh yes. They feel really nice, daddy." I eagerly replied.

"They look really nice on you honey. Let's put on your top now. Here, let me help you remove your towel. I want to see my little princess." He added sweetly.

When he removed my towel, he looked to be in a state of disbelief when he saw my boobies with their 1/2 x 3/4" nipples, sicking out in full appreciation of his manliness!

"Oh my, your breasts are beautiful! You never told me." He said.

"I wanted to surprise you, daddy." I added with my most girlish little voice.

"I'm impressed! You're a lucky girl to have such beautiful breasts. Tell me if you like this, honey." He said as he took first one nipple, and then the other one in his mouth.

I'd played with them myself a time or two, but when he took my nipple in his mouth I nearly had an orgasm on the spot! I never dreamed anything could feel this good as he gently sucked and massaged the tips with his tongue as he moved from nipple to nipple! I was shivering with goose bumps when I begged him to stop.

"Your nipples are wonderfully sensitive. You'll let me do it more later won't you?" He said.

"I'd love that, daddy." I replied breathlessly.

Then he carefully lowered the top of the baby doll over my head. I was shivering with sexuality as the sensuous fabric slid over my sensitized skin. Every move I made was an adventure in eroticism as the satiny fabric danced over my naked flesh and sensitized nipples with every move I made.

"My my, you are a beautiful girl. Come sit over here so I can do your hair and make up. Would you mind if I put on my bathrobe and I'll paint your toenails?" He asked?

"I'd love that" I replied, really feeling confident.

He modestly turned his back to me as he undressed and put on the robe. I stole a glance and felt my breath quicken as I got a look at his big balls hanging down below his butt. I nervously licked my dry lips as I gazed on his perfect body, oozing with masculinity.

He took a low stool and sat down if front of me and lifted my foot and gave it a gentle kiss, before he put it on his thigh, so very close to his maleness.

"You have very pretty feet, my love. You will love them when I get done. Let's use a nice bright red. That will make them look really sexy." He said.

After he finished the first foot, he blew on it gently to help the polish dry, and then set it down and lifted up my other foot, giving it too a loving kiss as his robe slipped open a little more. I was transfixed when I saw his penis. It was semi hard and looked as big around as my wrist. It was a good 8" long with a large bulbous head oozing a clear liquid. His balls where huge! I quickly turned away not knowing if I should be caught peeking as I thought to myself that compared to him there will never be any question of who wears the panties in this family.

Next he took my left hand and set it on his bare thigh. My pulse began to race as he began to glue artificial fingernails to my hand and begin to paint them. Next he did the right, and I got to sneak another peek at his penis again and noticed that it had gotten even bigger as he caressed my slender fingers as he painted each digit.

"Do you like your new colors, sweety?" He asked.

"Yes, daddy. They are really pretty. They make my fingers look so long and slender!" I replied.

"Ok, let's do your hair now. It's good that you have long hair. I think it's very pretty." He said.

He sat me down and combed my longish hair back. The feeling was so sensual as he gently brushed my hair taking his time sensing that it was really turning me on. My nipples were poking out the thin fabric in the front of my nightgown, and I was sure he noticed that. He combed a part forward and trimmed my hair a little to give me really cute bangs. He stepped behind me and began slowly combing my hair again, finally parting it in the middle and gathering it together as he began to braid pig tails. When each one was finished, he tied the end with a little pink ribbon, allowing the tails to hang down where I could feel them touching my skin. As he attended to my hair, I grew more excited each time his cock brushed across my skin knowing that we both knew that I was soon going to be his mate.

He took a hand held mirror to show me his handiwork, first the front then the sides.

"Your hair came out very nice. Now don't cut your hair again until I tell you to, ok sweety?" He said..

"Ok, daddy. I really like what you've done with it. It makes me look very pretty, daddy." I replied, knowing I would walk over broken glass to please him.

He had me sit on the coffee table and sit in front of him so he could do my make up. He took some tweezers and shaped my eyebrows a little better - I had been experimenting on my own making my eyebrows a little more feminine. He shaped them really nicely and darkened them with a light brown eyebrow pencil. Then he lined my eyes with a dark eyeliner to make my eyes look bigger, and shaded my eyelids a brown eyeshadow to highlight my youthful appearance.

He reached into his bag an retrieved an eyelash curler and curled my eyelashes, and applied mascara to lengthen them. Under my eyelids he used a lighter pale pink, then blended in some face powder to even out my colors. I closed my eyes and basked in the attention as he brushed a little blush on my cheeks. When it came time to pick out a lipstick, he showed me several colors and asked me to pick one. I chose a nice reddish pink which complimented my fingernail polish, and then he carefully applied it to my lips.

"How do you feel, princess? Come look in the mirror." He said as he took my hand and guided me up and took me to the mirror in my dining room.

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