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I'm not an Evil Man


This is a BTB story, well sort of. If you don't like those kinds of stories DON'T READ THIS. You won't find it to your liking. There is no sex, there are no wimps, and there aren't any "GREY AREAS" of understanding. That's not the Huedogg style.


What would you do if you came home to scene I just witnessed? My first impulse was to grab my gun and lay waste to them. Lucky for them, I'm not an evil man. I've lived by my own code most of my life. The only time I had to conform was my time in the military. Where there are no places for individuals.

In the Army there is the right way, the wrong way and the Army way. We knew the difference between right and wrong, or at least I hope we did. Everybody may have different versions of right and wrong, but we know the truth

Murder is wrong. "Period". I knew it was wrong but at the time and according to my attorney, I was legally insane. I didn't realize what happened until it was over. At the time it wasn't funny, but it is today. I'm sitting in front of a medical review board. They are trying to figure out if I'm ready to return to society. One of the doctors asked me is robbery was wrong? I told him yes, you shouldn't take what doesn't belong to you.

Then I thought about it some more. Robbery is wrong, but only we you get caught, right? It also matters, who you are, doesn't it? Some of you may disagree but it's the truth.

Leroy jacked a 7-11 convience store while Mr. Roberts embezzled fifteen million dollars from your company's retirement fund. Leroy got fifteen years. Mr. Roberts got only fifteen months. What's the difference? They both are thieves and deserved to be punished. Don't they?

My name is William Price, 37, widowed with two kids. I became a widow about four months ago when I walked in on my wife and my boss. Larry Jefferson's management skills sucked ass, but his "DADDY", owned the company.

They were grunting and fucking so hard, my presence wasn't noticed. I pulled out my trusty Iphone and started recording. They had their eyes closed, and of course I didn't want to disturb the earlier than need be. I reached under the foot of my bed and retrieved my sliding pump Mossberg 500 with pistol grip.

The sound of chambering one of my 20 gauge, 250 grain, Sabot 5 round headed shotgun shells got the attention of my whore soon-to-be-ex-wife and my soon-to-be-ex-boss asshole Larry Jefferson.

For those of you that haven't seen what a shot gun does to the human body, believe me say it isn't pretty.

Karen was the first to look my way. And Larry, let's just say Karen would have needed to clean up the spill on isle three. I don't think I've ever seen that look before in my life. Larry looked as if his whole life was flashing before him, before he finished he was back to being a toddler and crying like a bitch.

Karen on the other hand just looked down the barrel and started begging. "PLEASE DON'T KILL ME BILL! PLEASE PUT THE GUN DOWN".

Well, being the 'loving husband' that I am I aimed the barrel Larry's balls. They were still attached to his cock which was still embedded in Karen.

"Karen, 'sweetheart, ' I'm not going to kill you. That would be too easy. No dear, what I have planned will last for a life time," I told her.

I pointed at my Iphone, "it's recording as we speak."

"Larry, finish fucking Karen."

When he started to pull out, I popped him on the back of his head with the shotgun's stock. Larry started plowing Karen as if his life depended on it. Oh, it did. I saw Karen inching toward her purse. I knew she kept her Lima .380 in it. When the pistol came out, the shot gun went off. It was two inches from Larry balls. The blast was so loud it caused time to stop, just long enough for Karen to look up at me. Larry fell over and reached for his cock and balls. He would only grasp air because they were gone. Karen got the worst of it, but she tried to lift her hand on more time to take aim at me. The next shot parted her scalp. I called 911 and waited on the cops.

The cops charged me with maiming and attempted murder. Bond was denied. They threw in ten more charges, but those were the two big charges. I would do a minimum of fifteen years if convicted. My attorney concocted an insanity defense. It was taken to the state mental hospital for testing.

My trial date was in six months. I was scared shitless. I just hoped the jury would see it the way I did.

The trial lasted three weeks. On the first day they wheeled Karen in. Karen was still hurting and she was going to make sure I did time.

My attorney changed my plea to self defense. He showed the jury how if Karen had not pulled her gun, it would have run its course and wouldn't have turned our bedroom in to the Wild, Wild West. Karen said she would have killed me. I had no right to threaten her life. Karen said "Yea, I cheated. So fucking what? He had no right to hurt me like this."My attorney just kept right on baiting her. Karen ranted about my working to many hours, and how I wasn't home enough. Thus, she needed to find love elsewhere. And besides she said I was stupid anyway -- one of "Daddy's little girls" isn't daddy's girl. The prosecutor objected to the baiting, but it was too late.

I think Karen's rant is what saved me.

The jury looked at Karen like she was dirt. The prosecutor couldn't wait to get her off the stand. My two babies looked at each other; their sad faces broke my heart. Karen told them to come on or get left. They both sat there and didn't move. She was rolled out. Then both sides rested,

The jury was out for forty-five minutes. I was found NOT GUILTY on the big two charges. The jury foreperson said that from the angle on the Iphone, it looked as if I had the gun pointed down. Also Karen's testimony made them believe she intended to kill me. I was given timed served for three lesser charges.

When I was processed out, I had no idea where I was going. The house was gone because Karen couldn't pay for it. The bank accounts were emptied six months ago. I only had the $200.00 that I had in my pocket when I caught her.

When I walked out of the hospital for the last time, I was surprised by a very pretty young lady. She shook my hand and to me to follow her. I figure my lawyer had sent me a driver. It turns out that she was Larry's wife. I didn't even know the asshole was married. I start to get concerned. She told me to relax. I relaxed as much as I could under the circumstances. She drove me to this huge house in the Barnes-Hills subdivision. Pulling up I saw a welcome home banner.


I looked over at the young lady; she smiled and told me to come on. My babies were there. A lot of my friends were there. Even my old high school coach was there. It was truly a festive event.

My lovely driver turned out to be Carolyn Jefferson -- Larry's wife. The company was owned by her dad. Larry was a son-in-law, not the son he had lead everyone to believe. Cal, as she like to be called, went on to explain that Karen and Larry were heading back to the hospital.

Karen and Larry disobeyed their doctor's orders and tried to see if their reconstructed reproductive organs worked. In doing so, something had sprung a leak. They both passed away in the hospital. My two baby girls (I don't why I call them babies their 16 and 17) we're sad but relieved at the same time. They didn't what to hurt their mom but they wanted to stay with me.

And for those of you wondering, no we, Cal and I didn't go off and fuck ourselves into oblivion. Nope, that came later. Cal wanted kids, the clock was ticking. We ended up with three little boys.

One night after a few brews, I ended up at Karen grave site. I was planning to piss on it, but I ended up thanking her. If she hadn't been such a bitch/whore/slut, I wouldn't be living the life I am. Also I was going to piss on the grave to because she lied about my babies. They are mine, and I am a proud poppa of five.

Cal and the girls carry on as if Karen never existed. Sometimes at night though I hear them talking. The girls wish their mom was still alive. They miss the woman she was before becoming a lying, cheating, and vindictive monster. Those are the moments I hate because after all, "I'm not an evil man".


Thanks to my editor for taking the time to go through this, DAMN IT. I know I can spell and I don't want the Grammar mafia to come after me.

Editor's note: I, MarvinS, am part of the Grammar Mafia! I was critical of Huedogg2's spelling, punctuation, word usage, and other language conventions. I challenged him to allow me to fix up the next story. He was reluctant because a previous editor had changed the meaning of a story too much. I promised I would work on the mechanics only. If I missed something I am sure others of the Grammar Mafia will let me know!

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Technically it's an iPhone (just like the operating system is iOS). Since you asked for grammar nazism. :)

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