tagLesbian SexI'm Not the Girl You Used to Love Ch. 01

I'm Not the Girl You Used to Love Ch. 01

byCaptain Midnight©

A lesbian couple's new life may be threatened by the return of one woman's ex-husband.

This is a sequel to the "The New Softballers" series. It's my first story with entirely new characters, although I might have a couple of characters from patricia51's "To Serve and Protect" series make cameo appearances. As with all my stories, these are plot-driven to the max and you may want to look elsewhere for lots of sex scenes.

* * * * *

"Hi honey, I'm home!"

Sarah Yearwood let herself into the small house with several bags of groceries, staggering a bit under their weight. She sighed as Beth Garner wasn't in the front room to help her with some of the bags. But Beth had had a lot of trouble with her knee in the cold, damp Western Washington winter, their first together. Beth some days could only walk with a cane.

The two women shared a house on the west side of Puget Sound in a rather laid-back community. Thank goodness, because you don't see gay lovers in every household. They had taken the jobs of head coach (Sarah) and pitching coach (Beth) for the women's softball team just now beginning at Western Washington State University in Olympia a few months back. They had elected to move up the coast to less-populated areas in order to keep down the rent on the house. Beth was studying for an education degree and considering teaching in high schools in order to boost the paycheck.

As Sarah struggled into the kitchen, exaggerating her load for effect, she saw why Beth hadn't come to help out. The other young woman was having an animated telephone conversation. Sarah's eyes widened as she realized who was on the other end of the phone.

"Are you sure? Wow, Katherine! I've never met him. Uh-huh. Uh-huh?"

Beth looked up and mouthed the name, that of a booster-club president at a college in Georgia where she and Sarah had met. Sarah mouthed a question. Beth quickly turned back to the phone.

"Katherine, Sarah just walked in the door. If I can get this damn speaker attachment to work, I'm sure she wants to talk to you too."

The speaker did work. Beth made her way over to Sarah and took the grocery sacks from her, moving toward the pantry.

"Hi, Katherine!" Sarah said cheerfully. "You know, I can't get used to calling you by your first name after all this time."

"Hey, Sarah, remember, it was only about 10 years ago that I was an ordinary homemaker. I got called Miz Wheeler so much that I was ready to scream. Now people only call me Miz Wheeler when they want to kiss my ass."

"I'll bet at least one person will do it and still call you Katherine, won't she?"

"So long as I kiss hers and lick her … God, I can't believe I'd say all this to anybody," the centi-millionaire replied. "But enough about me. Are you two settling in okay?"

"God, it gets so dark so early around here in the winter!" Sarah replied. "And rain, cold, damp rain. If you saw the Seattle weather stations telling how the rain's going to dump on the Olympic Peninsula, you'd think you'd died and gone to Hell. Thank God they have places where you can go and sit with special lamps for three-four hours a day. And really toasty blankets."

"Well, let me tell you what I just told Beth. Did you know Jonathan graduated early? Just before Christmas. And the U of Washington accepted him to grad school in the theater program!"

"My God, Katherine, that's wonderful! All of your kids were smart, but I think he was your favorite."

"You should have seen him when he was young. The baby of the family and the hell-raiser. But incredibly loyal to Mom and Dad. And especially to Mom. But now it's time to cut the apron strings, at least sort of. He's moving clear across country and going into graduate theater, and I was wondering …"

"Wondering what?" Beth asked, having come back across the kitchen and leaning on the table.

"If you two could take him in while he looks for a place of his own in Seattle. He has a job lined up and he could pay one-third of the rent. I've told him about your relationship and he's said no problem, but I really want him to find out how to live with women and not interfere with their private lives."

There was a long pause between Beth and Sarah as they digested the information. Finally Beth spoke.

"You know that I'd do anything for you and Tawny, but it'll take some getting used to having a man around the house. It's pretty small; we'd have to clear our office stuff out of the spare bedroom. And you know, we'd have to really think about privacy issues. We don't think anything about closing the bathroom doors or the bedroom doors unless that cat's around. The cat's still pretty skittish and she doesn't even have a name yet."

"All noted," Katherine replied. "Jonathan's really been supportive about his mom being gay, but he's never seen me with Tawny since we became lovers. And you know he's been missing a male influence in his life ever since …. If you know anybody around town who seems nice enough to go out with, maybe you could set things up."

"Don't know yet," Sarah said. "We did find a lesbian bar where the ladies are pretty nice. We might ask them to let him in as our guest one night and let him get used to women all around. A lot of them have gay and straight guy friends who might want to take him places. As long as he keeps his hands to himself, he ought not to mind."

"Well, I'm not asking you to be his sisters," Katherine replied. "Just tell him he has to live within the rules and respect you, and I think he'll be fine."

Then Katherine paused. The two women on the other end of the line heard talking from Katherine's end, presumably with their former coach. Katherine came back online, somewhat breathless.

"Anything wrong?" Beth asked with some concern.

"I'll leave it to you to decide," Katherine replied. "Tawny just passed me a note. At Major League Baseball's winter meetings, they just announced a series of trades with the Devil Rays. The Mariners sent one of their big hitters there for three minor leaguers." Pause.

"One of them is Joey Wilson."

* * * * *

That night …

"Are you sure you want this?" Sarah asked, frowning, as she held the phallic device in her hands. "I never have liked imitating Joey."

Beth smiled warmly. "You are just being you. It's me that likes having a cock in me sometimes. And you use that thing as well as most guys use their cocks, I am quite sure, probably better than a lot of them."

"From what you've told me, Joey used his cock better than ANY other guy," Sarah fretted. "In case you haven't noticed, I'm NOT a guy. I always want to make love to you like a woman does. This 'thing' gets hard but it doesn't transmit the pleasure to my brain, and I want to feel it."

Beth caressed Sarah's cheek with one hand. With two fingers of the other, she caressed the wrist of the hand holding the dildo.

"I want to make love to you like a woman too," Beth said softly. "You don't know how much you've taught me about my body, and I think you've taught yourself some too. Like how much you like the Vulcan caress …"

"You just had to marry a Trekker, didn't you," Sarah scoffed. But she felt a tingle in her cheeks; a little extra blood flow there. It was the precursor to blood flow to other parts.

"You're a fan too, you know full well a woman wrote that episode," Beth said with a smile. "When I saw that scene for the first time, my mouth hung open and my eyebrows went up like Spock's. I tried that out on Roger when I was dating him and I swear the poor guy thought he was going to shoot in his pants."

"Icky spermy stuff," Sarah chimed. Her blush was growing more discernible now. "You know the real problem? Here I am thinking about fucking you with that thing and then maybe having Jonathan walk in on us. Suppose he catches us someday?"

"His mama didn't raise no fools," Beth replied saucily. "He knows the rules of guesthood. I suspect he'll even put down the toilet seat each time."

Beth kissed Sarah on the cheek. Then she made puppy-dog eyes at her.

"If I promise to be good and do nice things to you while you fuck me with that, will you? Pretty please with sugar on top?"

Sarah laughed. Beth, a star athlete who had played basketball and cheered as well as being a softball star, had passed the little-girl stage long ago, although she still had a stuffed-animal collection. Sarah kissed Beth back.

"If you will play with yourself and tell me just how you want me … me and not him," she said, pointing at the dildo. Then she smiled. "Oh, all right, you can want him as long as you remember I'm on his other end. A lady wants to be respected, you know."

"How about I play with you while you fuck me with him, and then you pretend to shoot off and I go down on you and make you cum?" Beth said mischievously.

"Damn, woman, you mean you'll go down on him first?" Sarah said. "I've gotta admit, watching you work out your mouth on a cock gets me extra horny, thinking what that's going to do for me. But I get to eat your pussy too."

"Deal," Beth said.

But it wasn't playtime just yet. The stray cat they had found huddled in the athletic department and who had made kitten eyes at them until Beth, somewhat reluctantly, had taken her in, sneaked into the bedroom and hid out. Beth cursed the cat, chased the cat, tried to pry it off a shelf in the closet (amazing how strong a felis domesticus can be when it wants to stay where it is), and finally threatened the cat with a water-spray bottle. By then, it was time for supper.

The two women alternated cooking chores. Since Sarah had bought the groceries, Beth cooked fried chicken and homemade biscuits. Sarah fed the cat under the table, much to Beth's disdain. Sarah made kitten eyes at Beth.

Then they retired to the bedroom.

Sarah had had a meeting that day, so she had on a long wool skirt and blouse with high boots. Beth wore a sweater, jeans and sneakers with socks. First the two of them hugged and kissed one another, rubbing their backs with both hands.

Eventually, Sarah guided Beth down to sit on the bed. "Look at me," Sarah said softly. "Look at me as a woman."

Sarah was quite the athlete herself, and injuries hadn't hampered her like they had Beth. She was proud of her body and liked to show it off. She let Beth look at her as she went to the CD player and picked up a collection of love ballads she had purchased from a past girlfriend. Because of the cold and wet weather, she was wearing pantyhose along with the sweater and skirt, not the most sensual outfit in the world but one which still enhanced her charms. When she bent over, the sweater rode up and showed about an inch of her bare back. Beth looked at that little area and contemplated caressing the soft, silky flesh.

That's just what Sarah had in mind. When she walked back over to Beth, she raised her own arms high and let the sweater rise above the hem of the skirt. Beth put out her hands and curled them around her lover, placing the tips of the fingers and the small of Sarah's spine. She inclined her head to rest on Sarah's chest as she gave a narrow-focus but vigorous lower-back massage.

"Remember," Sarah whispered, "I want to see you do it to yourself."

"Show me more when you're ready," Beth replied. She lowered her head and kissed Sarah's stomach.

The sweater had a scoop neck and long sleeves, all held together by large ornamental buttons. Sarah stepped back and very slowly undid the sleeve buttons, exposing the forearms which had been caressed by Beth. Beth shuddered a little at the thought of touching those wrists. She had on a man's shirt and undid the sleeve buttons herself, flashing a winning smile Sarah's way.

Sarah stroked each forearm up and down, enjoying the tactile sensation. Then her hand moved to her throat and undid the top button on the sweater. The neck popped open and a goodly amount of flesh was exposed.

Beth sighed happily and thought of standing up to kiss the neck and collarbone of her lover, but remembered Sarah's injunction and touched herself instead. As her hand crossed to touch her wrist, it brushed against her breast. Beth's eyebrows went up as she realized her nipple had hardened. She drew her hand back, more slowly this time, touching the nipple more deliberately.

Sarah was very pleased. She undid the rest of the buttons on the neck of the sweater, exposing all of her upper chest to the bra line. Then she put her hands on her breasts and gently lifted them, presenting them for display. She turned in one profile and then the other, enjoying her modeling.

Beth crossed her hands, putting each on the opposite breast, and ran her thumbs across the nipples. She had never played guitar but the strumming sensation was pleasurable to her thumbs, not to mention her nipples. Meanwhile, Sarah was caressing her neck and the top of her chest with an "I wish you were here" look on her face.

Eventually, Sarah let her hands slip inside the cups of her bra, feeling the flesh of her breasts for the first time. Beth raised her own sweater up to just below the arms, showing her tummy and most of her chest, and leaned back. Beth's legs were still closed at this point, not ready to surrender, but her legs were long and graceful except for the brace she would always wear on one knee. She curled her toes outward to exaggerate the length of her legs. Sarah liked this very much.

Sarah finally pulled her own sweater over her head. She made a move to undo her skirt, but Beth said please don't. Beth wasn't a skirt wearer except at formal events, but she liked women in skirts and dresses, the way the skirt held so much promise of what lay underneath without openly giving it away. She had known she was bisexual from the time she had seen fellow students in miniskirts showing off their legs. Well, at any rate, she had really admired the female form then at least. She had seen gay couples who seemed to have no physical attraction whatsoever, and she had seen straight women who oohed and ahhed over beautiful women.

Sarah smiled. She liked her lover in anything or nothing. She did, however, feel silly standing there in a skirt and bra. She quickly undid the hooks and tossed the bra over a chair, reveling in the view of her breasts.

Sarah and Beth had long since come to an understanding that each would demonstrate what she wanted the other to do to her. Thus, Sarah placed her hands under her breasts and lifted them. She couldn't get them all the way to her mouth, but she could stick her tongue out and caress a fair amount of flesh, in the right breast's case almost all the way to the nipple. Beth shuddered. She leaned back and undid the snap of her jeans, then let her fingers trail down to the juncture of her thighs. She licked her lips and flicked her tongue in agreement that she would lick and suck Sarah's nipples.

Sarah now sat down onto her ankles. The motion caused the long skirt to completely cover her – but not for long. Slowly, carefully, she eased it until it cleared her knees. She was wearing pantyhose, which neither of the women liked but which were necessities in the winter. The compensation was that the hose were more like ballet tights and had a nice color to them. She revealed her legs inch by inch as Beth raised herself to one elbow, using the fingers of that hand on her breasts while the other hand pressed deeper and deeper into her inseam.

Sarah smiled as she pushed the skirt above her knees. "You have a choice. Boots stay on and pantyhose stay on, or boots and hose come off. You know what I like."

"Please, put the strap-on over the hose and fuck me in your boots. Leave the skirt on if you possibly can. Then I'll peel them off you and kiss you all the way up until you can't stand it."

"You big tease," Sarah replied. "How am I supposed to feel your touch through all of this?"

"We'll think of something," Beth said, taking the zipper on her jeans and running it all the way down. Sarah was surprised to see Victoria's Secret panties underneath the plain outer clothing.

Sarah smiled. "I'll have to play with my pussy while you play with yours, you know that."

"Oh," Beth said as she let her fingers touch herself through the satin, "I don't mind that at all, but please save the big O for my fingers and tongue."

In reply, Sarah scooted over to Beth and pulled off Beth's shoes and socks. Beth got the idea and pushed the jeans off her hips. It was some work getting them off over the semi-permanent knee brace, but at last Beth lay back in only her panties and bra. Sarah, still mostly clothed, got up onto the bed and knelt between Beth's legs.

"You know what would be really cool?" Beth asked. "If you fucked me with that skirt and pantyhose and boots still on. I could still feel your tits and your face and all that, and you'd still look like a woman."

"I'd look like a tent with a broken pole, that's what I'd look like," Sarah replied. But she shrugged. "Guess I could try it. Does it make me more of a woman if I keep him concealed while he fucks you?"

"Just makes me more of a fetish queen," Beth giggled. "Your stockings, my thighs … feels neat. Now you, on the other hand, you're pretty damn straight-arrow and that's neat. Were you always a femme?"

"Femme? I don't know. I always wanted the right girl to treat me like her little porcelain doll sometimes. It really sucked not being a debutante, because of the money and because I didn't look really girlish. Alongside anybody other than you, that is."

"Flattery will get me wet," Beth said as she trailed one hand over her breasts and the other inside her panties. "C'mon, I want to watch you getting wet too."

Sarah saw much promise in what would happen if she got wet. Her cheeks were already rosy. Slowly she took a hand from her breasts and trailed it inside the waistband of her skirt. The other hand pulled the skirt up as high as possible, so Beth could get a translucent view of the hand going down into Sarah's panties.

Beth took both hands and put them on her inner thighs. Her crotch pushed hard against the silky material, enough to discern the lips pulsing out and back. She let the tips of a couple of fingers go inside the legholes and tease up near the clit, then trail down. She pushed one finger deep inside herself at the base, then drew it out and painted the rest of her pussy with her woman-juice.

This mutual masturbation went on for several minutes. Then Beth pushed the panties down as far as her knee brace would allow. Sarah bent forward to work the leg over the brace, and in doing so came eye to eye with Beth's pussy. God, it looked beautiful.

"May I kiss it?" Sarah asked softly. "Please?"

"Yes, you may, but then you have to promise to fuck it good and proper," Beth chimed out. She scooted into the classic surrender position as Sarah pulled the panties off with great care, then placed both hands on Beth's inner thighs.

Closer and closer Sarah came, admiring the wet female flesh that was attracted to her and her alone. The thought enthralled her. She had never had a lover who felt so deeply for her as Beth did. It had taken time, as it always had, as the two got over past relationships and discovered common interests. Beth had admitted jealousy over Sarah's public kissing of a past lover, but had quieted down when Sarah admitted the "girl," a couple of years younger, had been in puppy love with Sarah and hadn't thought about Sarah's real desires – or any other woman's, for that matter. Beth, for all her willingness to be taken, was a very strong woman both physically and mentally, and Sarah had found much aid and comfort over the last few months in particular.

Sarah put her hands on the wet skin just outside the vaginal lips. She used her thumbs in concert to move Beth's pussy up and down and side to side. She stuck out her tongue as far as it would go and held it rigid, bringing the womanhood to her. Beth tried to help by thrusting forward, but Sarah kept her more or less in place. Then Sarah flattened out her tongue and took a long swipe from bottom to top, much like she licked at an ice-cream come. At the top, she tensed the tip of her tongue and feathered Beth's clit and the area just beneath it. She turned her tongue sideways and drew it down, then switched sides and drew it up. Finally, she went to the base and thrust her tongue as far into Beth's channel as she could.

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