I'm Sorry

byblack saphire©


I'm sorry we fought last night. I've been thinking about what you said the whole morning and I know you are right. I wish you weren't always right. I know I can be a prude sometimes and that I don't want sex as often as you do. Its not that I don't like it -- you know I do. I love having my pussy licked and then being pounded by your hard cock. It's just that I've never really been a sexual creature. And I suppose that's why I don't instigate sex as often as you'd like.

It's unfair of you to say that I never initiate sex. I admit I don't do it often enough but you always do anyway so I guess I just wait for you to bring it up. That's not so wrong of me is it?

I'll admit thought that there have been times that I've been so horny that my pussy is practically dripping. My panties will be soaked and I yearn for your tongue to lap at me and for your cock to slide in and out of me. And yet I've said nothing. Its just that I don't want to make you want to fuck me. I want to know that you want me and not just because I'm horny you feel that you have to fuck me. Does that make sense? I'm slowly learning that it doesn't. I'm learning that you like to fuck me anytime and all I need to do is tell you I want to be fucked. Am I correct? Is that what you were trying to explain to this stupid bimbo last night?

I suppose I could blame it on my upbringing but we've been married long enough for me to have overcome that -- so I'm NOT going to blame it on anything other than myself. I'm just not as forward as I could be and I'm trying to change. I have changed too. You remember I would never swallow when we were first married? Now I do and although I hate to admit it, I do actually love the taste and texture of your hot cum. I don't swallow as often coz I just don't want to seem to be a slut. But I'm realizing that you actually like me to be a slut.

Is that also why you want me to talk dirty? You like me to describe my vagina as a cunt and pussy don't you? And you want me to ask you to Fuck me rather than asking you to make love to me. I'm learning baby, I really am.

I wasn't totally honest with you last night. I said I didn't have any fantasies and that I only fantasise about you. That was a lie. I do have fantasies darling and my fantasies are so sick and wanton. My own fantasies scare me. That's why I lied. I don't want you thinking that I'm some kind of depraved slut. Yet, deep down, I know I am a slut. A slut and a dirty filthy whore.

Is your cock getting hard as you read this e-mail? Do you want to know what some of my dirty fantasies are? I have so many baby, I just don't know where to start. But maybe I should start with this one.

I sometimes think of being dominated. I fantasise that I've been instructed to shave every strand of hair from my pussy. I need to wear sexy lingerie and full makeup. Then I'm told to kneel facing away from the door and wait. I hear someone coming in and although I'm tempted to turn and see who it is, I've been told not to. I hear the rustle of clothes and then feel someone's hot breath on my upthrust ass. My pussy is already dripping as I feel his hot tongue sliding slowly up my thighs and then lick my swollen sex. A piece of fabric wraps around my eyes and I am completely blinded now.

With my sense of sight gone, my other senses seem heightened and all my feelings seem concentrated on the hot tongue lapping at my pussy. Just as I am about to explode in orgasm, the tongue disappears and I groan in frustration. Suddenly I feel a hot, hard piece of flesh pressing against my sex and then thrusting in. My orgasm starts to build again and I come hard as the cock saws in and out of me.

The thrusting into my pussy gets harder and faster and I feel like I am nothing but a sex machine. I am just there to be fucked and used. My pussy explodes in climax again and I can see colours through my covered eyes. The cock in my pussy stiffens and erupts and as the hot lava flows into me, I cum again. I collapse to the floor and I feel our combined cum trickle out and down my thighs. I hear a zip being pulled up and then footsteps receding.

Groggy but satiated, I pull the blindfold from my eyes and there is no one there. My wonderful fuck has left, having filled me with his seed and satisfied me. All that's left is a single rose stalk to remind me of this wonderful, faceless fuck.

Does this make me a slut? Having thoughts like this? Maybe I should tell you another one of my fantasies, so you really know how much of a slut I am.

I fantasise about being banged hard. Not just by one man but maybe two or three. Yes, at the same time. Sometimes I just want to be fucked one after the other. To feel my pussy reamed and bruised one after the other. Other times I think of sucking a cock while I'm being fucked and sometimes, please don't hate me, sometimes I think of taking all three men at the same time -- one in my pussy, one in my mouth and one in my ass.

I know I've never let you have my ass. It doesn't mean I haven't thought about it. You see, in fantasy land, its all painless. I just can't imagine how painful it will be if I ever let you fuck my ass. I'm just to scared I guess.

I've even fantasised about being tied up and used by you. I've also fantasised about fucking someone else -- a stranger -- while you watch. And yes, I've even fantasised about you peeing on me. God, I feel like such a whore telling you all this.

I've never had the guts before but our quarrel last night has showed me that its probably normal having all these thoughts and that you really actually know that I'm a slut. I'm YOUR slut. And from today, I'm going to act on it. I'm going to be the slut that you want me to be. I wont worry about you thinking that I'm a slut because I know its okay. Just as long as I'm your slut alone.

I'm sitting here typing this wearing the black teddy you bought me for Valentines day. The one with a cutout for my boobs. I never wore it and chided you for buying it for me, saying that all you ever think of is sex. Well, I'm sorry for that, I really am. Anyway, I'm wearing it now and I have to admit I love how I look. I've let my hair down and at the risk of sounding conceited, I look absolutely wonderful! My nipples are hard and stiff and my breasts are so beautifully framed by the lace around them.

Oh! I just got your text message saying you're sorry. You're such a sweety saying sorry when you know that everything you said was really true. I'm the one that should be sorry and if you haven't guessed it by now, this email is saying sorry.

But I so want to do more than say I'm sorry and that's why I'm typing this while wearing my lingerie. Did I also tell you I shaved my cunt? Its completely hairless now except for a small strip running down my mound -- like an arrow pointing to my steamy cunt.

I'm waiting for you baby. Waiting for you to take me like the slut that I am. My panties are so wet and I'm planning on leaving them on the banister for you to find as you come up the stairs to me.

I am yours to do with as you please. You can text me when you get this and I'll play along with whatever you have in mind. I know I've often ignored your raunchy text message suggestions but from now on I won't. You can either text me and have me follow your instructions or you can come home to find my wet stinky panties on the banister and then have your way with me. Either way we both win!

I love you baby and I'm going to show it to you better now -- especially sexually. I'm not going to complain or grumble about anything sexually anymore. You know my fantasies and you know that I'm really a slut at heart. I'm out of the closet now and exist only to be your own slut.

Come and get your slutty pussy baby. Come and fuck me hard and make me scream and moan. I'm waiting for you......

Your loving wife (slut)

P.S. Oh, and incidentally, I bought some lubricant at the store this morning. So if you want my ass, its yours.

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