tagNonConsent/ReluctanceI'm the Boss Baby

I'm the Boss Baby


I've been dating Melody for about 6 months. In many ways I think that she's the one that I want to spend my life with. However, she has one major flaw. She can't accept when she's wrong. When we get into an argument and I try to calmly point out the facts she gets more and more extreme, bringing up stuff that we finalised months ago or stuff that is totally irrelevant almost as if she's trying to push me over the edge.

There have been one or two occasions where I've been so angry that I was on the verge of hitting her but instead dragged her to the bedroom and fucked her hard and rough. On each occasion she became the perfect girlfriend for a week or two and then started to argue and pick fights again.

I've come to the conclusion that she likes to know who's the boss and likes rough sex. Well I've got something planned for her that will prove that once and for all and should satisfy her craving for rough sex for a long, long time.

I ask her over to my place and we flirt playfully and suddenly the lights go out. I tell her not to worry, that the fuse has gone.

I kiss her and play with her tits in total darkness. We only have our sense of touch heightened by our blindness. I start to undress her and she helps, horny as ever. Her nipples are hard immediately. They mirror her sexual mood totally so I can tell how into it she is within a couple of minutes. Tonight she's keen but not desperate.

I take my clothes off and fumbling, turn her to bend over the table. She hears a noise in front of her and her hands are grabbed and silk scarves are tied very tightly around her wrists. So tight they hurt.

"What the fuck? Stop it. Barry what's happening? Help me!" She's panicking having no idea what is going on.

I enter her from behind and pull her hair so hard she has to try to arch her back to reduce the pain.

The light comes on and she sees 2 guys naked in front of her. Both are tall and strong and they already have the makings of impressive erections. I'm fucking for all I'm worth. Well you little bitch. This will teach you to push and push me!

She can't believe what's happening. She wants to cover herself but can't move her wrists. The fact I'm pulling her hair means that her tits are exposed. One of the guys reaches over and cups one breast, flicking the nipple with his thumb. "Leave me alone you bastard," she snarls.

"That's no way to treat my friend," I say and slap her really hard on the ass and he slaps her hard on the tits at the time.

I'm still pounding into her like there's no tomorrow. I am so aroused knowing what's coming next... Her pussy is so wet it's making squelchy noises. She's protesting and struggling but I feel her pussy clench my cock as it contracts and I know she's cumming but won't admit it. "Hey Barry, hurry up it's my turn." I stop and move aside. Just as well because 30 seconds later and I would have shot my wad. My old pal Frank moves to take my place. I've known Frank since University and he's always been up for just about anything.

"No I don't want his fucking cock up me." She pleads. This only earns her another hard slap and there are tears in her eyes. "You're hurting me Barry, please stop."

Too late for that. Frank enters her and she gasps as his cock is a bit longer and thicker than mine. Tears of shame and humiliation roll down her cheeks. "Please Barry my wrists really hurt. Please take off the scarves."

"If I take them off do you promise to behave?"

I take off the scarves and she tries to scratch and fights to get away. I slap her hard across the face with the palm of my hand and then the back. There is a little trickle of blood from her lip and she's crying freely now.

Frank shouts that he's cumming and shoots into her. It didn't take him very long but I know that he'll be back for more within minutes. He moves back and I spread her pussy lips to see his cum filling her cunt. I take out a camera and take a couple of quick shots for my collection and maybe to put on the internet. Knowing that all those millions of wankers out there would be cumming over pictures of my woman makes me even harder.

Jeff pulls Melody off the table and over to the coach. He pulls her down on top of him and rams his cock in her cunt again which squirts Frank's cum out down his cock and over his balls. For some reason he's always loved sloppy seconds.

He mauls her tits biting them and leaving marks like an animal. She's panting and trying to push herself off of him but Jeff is far too strong and holds her down straddling his cock and filling her pussy with his 9 inches.

"Do you like that Melody?" I say and kiss her gently on the lips. She tries to bite me but I move too quickly for her, laughing.

I move behind her and take some of Frank's cum and lube her ass. I ram one finger and then two fingers up her ass, widening it ready to take my length. She's out of it but begins to realise what I'm doing. "No not that!" I ignore her and put my cock on her asshole and push as hard as I can. She screams and I kiss her neck and Jeff bites her nipples making the screams even shriller.

I love the feel of Jeff's cock moving in and out of her cunt while I fill her ass. There is such a thin membrane that I can feel him getting bigger preparing to cum. I can also feel Melody' pussy contracting every 20 seconds, she's cumming like there's no tomorrow biting her lips so as not to let out the moans and cries of pleasure that I know she's feeling.

I cup her tits and am excited to feel her nipples harder and longer than ever before. She's responding exactly as I'd hoped.

She finds the energy to shout but by now it's not a shout of protest but more of an animal rutting. She can't contain herself any longer. "Yeh, Barry, fuck my ass. That feels so good. I want to be fucked by all your dirty fucking friends! Fill my cunt and ass with your cream. Now, I want to feel you both shooting into me, now!"

I look at Jeff and he nods. We time it so that we cum at exactly the same time, our white hot cream flooding both her holes. She arches her back and let out a long shout, an exaltation of pleasure.

It takes us a few minutes to come down. As each person moves to get more comfortable it generates an aftershock of electricity. I'm the first to pull out. My cock hangs limply, totally drained.

I can clearly see that Jeff's cock is still semi-hard and her pussy lips are gripping it as if she doesn't want it to get away. Melody turns her head and looks at me over her shoulder with a small smile on her lips. Her hair is sweaty and all over the place. Her bottom lip is a little puffy from where I slapped her but I've never seen her look more beautiful.

She reaches behind and spreads her butt cheeks so I can see a little of my cum leaking out of her asshole. She slides a finger up her ass urging more cum out to drip onto Jeff's balls mixing with his and Frank's into a meringue of man juice. She takes her finger out and licks the cream off onto her tongue and leans down to kiss Jeff hard sharing my cum with the special Melody ass sauce with him. Jeff loves it. He's smiling like it's his birthday.

Melody slowly lifts up exposing Jeff's cum-covered cock inch by inch. More of her juice and his cum are dribbling out of her. It's possibly the dirtiest thing I've ever seen. I'm hard again and looking around I can see Frank frantically stroking his cock with one hand, taking pictures with the other.

Melody eases down onto her knees so her mouth is only a couple of inches from Jeff's cock and the pool of cum. She wraps her hand around the base of his shaft and squeezes sliding up towards the helmet. She catches whatever cum there is and also causes his last drops to spill out the eye of his cock.

Continuing in slow motion Melody' lips get closer and closer until they press against Jeff's cock. The cum covers her lips giving her a cum moustache and then she slurps the cream into her mouth and starts to suck his meat.

It looks like the evening isn't over by a long shot.

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