tagNovels and NovellasImagine There's Still Love Ch. 06

Imagine There's Still Love Ch. 06


The women appeared to be in heaven as Jon finished up the last of the foot rubs. With Carol's direction, he had moved far beyond the feet too. He had discovered some tender spots on each of the women, and had balanced his massage with some erotic touches to relax them and also keep them on edge. He learned about the back of the knee, the inside of the thigh up near the pussy without touching the pussy, the nap of the neck, the forehead at the brow line, and the inside of the bicep. Carol seemed bent on teaching him to serve each of the women's physical and emotional needs rather than allow them to just have their way with him. He had not dreamed that he had so much to learn about what women wanted, and he had no idea that was what the week-end was really going to be about. She was not there every minute, but would occasionally hover nearby, telling him what to do and explaining how to do it. He was not sure what she was doing all of the time, but he was so busy with the women that he did not really care.

It was almost five when Carol asked him to join her and Lucy in the Master bedroom. He rose and followed her nervously.

"Hi baby," Lucy said as he stepped into the bedroom. "I am so, so proud of you for getting Carol to come for this. "

She was sitting in one of the bedroom lounge chairs, looking radiant. The sound of her voice and the gleam in her eyes were captivating, and his heart melted so much that he wanted to throw his arms around her and shower her with kisses.

"'I would prefer to moderate this conversation," Carol interrupted as she eased into the other chair.

Lucy nodded to her, obviously embarrassed by the rebuff. She frowned slightly, but remained quiet as she glanced from Jon to Carol and then back again.

"Kneel here in front of us," Carol commanded, staring hard at Jon.

He quickly did as he was instructed and scrambled to his knees in front of them.

"Good boy," she said quietly to him, then turned her attention to Lucy. "I'll come right to the point. What are your expectations of him this week-end?"

"I don't understand. I thought it was obvious."

"Perhaps it's obvious to you, but it is not at all clear to me. We talked in general terms about what you expected, but did you intend for those women to just have their way with him?"

Jon felt small and insignificant as he knelt there in front of them while they talked about him like he was a pet. He was also amazed to realize that his cock was straining in his plastic sleeve. Was he really that excited by all of this?

"He is my husband," Lucy replied indignantly. "That's why I put the device on him...to protect him. I also gave him instructions that his penis, orgasm, and ass belonged to me and nobody else."

"And why did you do that?"

"I told you...he's my husband...I love him...with all of my being. I don't want anything bad to ever happen to him. I want him to have the kind of sexual experience that he craves...the kind of thing I can't bring myself to do for him, but I won't risk his manhood. I think it is only fair that that is mine alone."

Carol seemed to consider this for a moment, looking hard into Jon's eyes as though she was evaluating what she would say next.

"Understandable," she finally said. "So you would prefer that he not be fucked in the ass?"

Lucy appeared as though she could not contain the giggle that escaped.

"Not with anything very big anyway," she answered.

Carol reached into a black canvas bag that was by feet next to her chair. She pulled out a rubber dildo that looked to be about the same size as he guessed his own erection was.

"How about this?" Carol asked. "If we go slow and use lots of lubricant, I promise he will feel no ill effects afterward."

Lucy took the dildo in her hand and gripped it several times. She glanced at Jon with a faint smile then handed it back to Carol. Surely she was not going to agree to that? Should he speak up? He cleared his throat, but Carol looked hard at him and gave her head a quick but firm shake. Jon was frozen in place by the spectacular emotion that surged through him as he realized that he had no say in the matter.

"Be gentle," Lucy whispered, then giggled softly again.

Jon thought he was going to faint. He breathed deeply a few times and was able to get control of his emotions.

"Now about the cock?" Carol continued.

"I think his cock should remain mine," Lucy answered.

"And his orgasm as well? He might cum from being fucked in the ass...some men do."

"Really? I did not think of that." Lucy was deep in thought for a moment, and then seemed to come to a mental conclusion. "Try not to make him cum if you can help it."

"How about using him as a human dildo?" Carol went on.

"I don't understand."

"We treat the head of his penis with Orajel...put a condom on him...put a wad of cotton in the end of a second condom to decrease the sensation even more. Then we roll a third condom, maybe a French tickler on top of that condom. The girls can ride him like a stud horse and he will not feel very much, and there is very little chance of him having an orgasm."

Jon was transfixed as he listened to what this woman was planning for him.

"What keeps him hard," Lucy asked.

"Viagra...and nipple stimulation...and of course fingering his ass."

"You're very good," Lucy said quietly. "I'll have to talk those ideas over with Bill."

Jon's heart went to his throat. He was not expecting the swell of jealousy that took hold of him just then. He cleared his throat loudly as he leaned forward and started to stand up on his knees. Carol glared at him, causing him to sit back down, then her eyes softened a bit and she reached out and petted his cheek.

"Sssh," she said, "I'll take care of it."

"That is the next question," Carol stated as she eased back in her chair.

"What?" Lucy asked.

"Jon is quite anxious about your date tonight. I want his full attention on the tasks at hand for the rest of the week-end, so you can understand that I want to put his mind at ease as much as possible."

"What do you want to know?" Lucy asked, staring into Jon's eyes.

"Please just tell Jon why you are going on this date," Carol coached.

"Is it really any of his business?" Lucy asked, her indignance rising again. "In his journal he wrote about his cuckold fantasies, just like he wrote about all of the rest of it. I'm just trying to give him what he wants."

"Lucy," Carol replied gently, "I know this is none of my business. If you want to cheat on your husband then that is perfectly within your right under the circumstances. If you want to torture your husband by going out and fucking other men, you can do that. I think Jon is afraid of losing you, and I think he wants to share more with you, not less."

Lucy eased back in her chair. She glanced at Jon, then turned to Carol.

"He threatened to leave me if I didn't give him what he wants. I'm giving him this week-end and next week-end with all of you. I'm not planning to go out and fuck other men. That's really not that big a deal to me. And of course that's part of the problem here. Sex isn't as important to me as it is to him."

"Just reassure Jon that everything will be okay. Make sure he knows that he will be there with you if you ever decide to make his cuckold fantasies come true."

Lucy sat forward and looked Jon in the eyes.

"I love you. I have no plans to ever leave you. I have always been faithful to you, and I will make every effort to remain so. I will also try you include you in anything that might involve cuckolding in any way. Bill and I are going to dinner and dancing tonight. It has been a very long time since he has had a date. I have no plans to have any sexual relations with Bill or any other man tonight. Never ask me again. I will tell you everything you need to know."

Carol reached out and petted Jon again, then nodded and gestured toward Lucy.

"Thank You Goddess," Jon whispered.

"May I have the key now?" Carol asked.

Lucy took the gold chain from around her neck and handed to her friend.

"I'm trusting you," Lucy said to her.

"He will only be allowed out when we need to use him," Carol promised.

He spent the next hour getting her ready for another man. He bathed her and shaved her legs, and then struggled gloriously as he carefully shaved her pussy as well.

Why would he need to shave her there if no man was going to see it? He hated to doubt her like that, but he had to admit that the tension his doubts created were wonderfully painful.

He helped her put on the most sexy lace thong that he had ever seen, then helped her put on a perfect matching lace push up bra. He had never seen her wear anything so sexy and alluring before. The long shimmering dress she wore was unlike anything he had ever remembered her wearing. The slit up the side went almost all the way to her waste, and the plunging neckline stopped just at her bra. The five inch heels she wore were spectacular. His heart ached with jealousy to learn that the entire outfit had been picked out and paid for by Bill. She would not tell him when and where the outfit had been purchased, but she did admit that they had gone together and Bill had chosen each item himself.

Had she really promised that nothing would happen tonight? She told him she had no plans, but was that the same thing as a promise? And what were Bill's plans? He was not sure whether he was tortured more or less now than before.

He was allowed to put his panties back on before he answered the door when Lucy's date arrived to pick her up. The smile on Bill's face was classic as he stepped inside to wait, and was sparkling when Lucy appeared in the hallway.

"I would like for you to escort me Jonsey," she said.

He hated the name Jonsey with a passion, and she knew that better than anyone. His older sister had always teased him with the name when he was young. He gritted his teeth and walked to where she was waiting.

"Now take my arm and escort me to my date for the evening," she whispered.

Jon did as he was told, taking her arm and walking her to where Bill waited.

"Now take my hand and present it to my Prince Charming...ask our bull if he will be so good as to accept your gift to him for the night."

Jon turned to stare at her, his heart pounding in his throat, and Lucinda's eyes stared back at him. Somehow he found his voice and turned to Bill.

"Bull," he stammered, "will you please accept the gift of my wife for the night?"

"Absolutely," Bill replied as he took her hand.

"Now you and your girlfriends have fun," she said as she took Bill's arm and followed him out the door.

He could not be sure that Bill did not smirk ever so slightly over his shoulder as they strolled down the walkway to the waiting limousine. There could be no doubt that Bill had gone all out on this evening. Did he really believe nothing was going to happen except dancing? Carol closed the door and turned him toward the waiting group of women.

He was not sure what all he expected that night, and he was only vaguely certain of what had happened. He had not expected to be paddled repeatedly, but he was. He had not expected to service every woman with his tongue in every way imaginable, but he did. He did not expect to be strapped to the bed and be used by two large women at one time, one on his dildo cock and one on his face, but he was. He had not expected to be sodomized by each and every one of them while they tried to milk his prostate, but there could be no doubt about that. He had not expected that his nipples and scrotum would clamped and pulled and twisted, but they were. They whored him that night until they were all so tired that they fell asleep with him in the middle of them.

What was terrifying was that he found that he loved it. The mental sub-space that his mind escaped to was incredibly satisfying.

There was only one problem.

While the sexual part of his brain was consumed with pleasure and excitement, and overloaded with stimulation, his heart was in a sea agony.

He had listened closely for any sound of Lucy returning home, but as the night wore on it became obvious that she was not coming. As they had their way with his body, his mind was more than tormented by doubts and misgivings about what his wife had been doing all night. Before the other women woke up and he served them breakfast, he checked to see if her bed had been slept in.

The sight of her unwrinkled bed broke his heart.

No message. No word. No wife.

As the day wore on, after each of the women had their fingernails and toenails done and each of them had been bathed and messaged and pampered, it became obvious that he would need to go shopping for more food and wine. He offered to go on his own, but his harem of large women would have none of it. The skin tight outfit Lucy had provided, along with the new purple nails that Carol had insisted on, confirmed to the world what he had become. He could only hope that he did not see anyone he knew. They all climbed into Lucy's Suburban and drove to the store.

The gaggle of women tittered around him as he pushed the cart through the local Safeway, choosing items for the three remaining meals. He was aghast at some of the items they purchased for the sole purpose of being licked off of some part of someone's body. Finally he convinced them they had enough for remainder of their time together, and the bevy of heavy ladies surrounded him at the checkout line.

The checker eyed each of the women in turn, then she carefully inspected Jon's attire before beginning the arduous process of ringing each purchase up, as the ongoing monologue from his 'girlfriends' continued. They left no doubt to the world that he was theirs to do as they wished, and all he could do was smile and swipe his card at the end of it all. At least most whores did not have to pay one hundred and fifty two dollars for the chance to get fucked all week-end.

And as if the outing had not been punishment enough, there, waiting by the Suburban when they came out of the store, was Lucy, Bill, and two other men who looked to be around Bills age. The two men looked vaguely familiar, but he could not exactly place how or why.

Lucy was wearing a yellow spring dress that Jon did not recognize. The flats and the purse matched. The dress showed off her figure nicely, even to the point of extenuating her meager cleavage. It was shorter than she usually wore, and it showed her legs off even better than it showed of her figure. She looked as perfect as a new dime, and it seemed that the men hung close around to her if they had each laid claim to some fabulous and perfect prize.

"Hello Lucy," Jackie bellowed. "I see you've found an entourage of your own."

"A girl can't have too many boyfriends," she replied to the group with a laugh, then turned to meet Jon's gaze with Lucinda's eyes.

Bill and the two other men chuckled conspiratorially, all of them eyeing Jon with expressions of mirth.

"Hello Lucy," he said, struggling to keep from asking her where in the hell she spent the night.

"I like your nails Jonsey," she said with a haunting evil grin. "I thought I would introduce you to a couple more of our neighbors. This is Oliver...he lives two houses over from Bill...his wife has Alzheimer's and he does not get out very much lately."

"Nice to meet you," Jon said, feeling compassion for the man's plight while at the same time battling back his own jealousy for the way the stranger touched his wife.

"A pleasure," Oliver replied.

The tall man reached to shake Jon's hand, making a point of placing his other hand on Lucy's shoulder. Jon took his hand and stared harshly into his eyes. The man just smiled sweetly and patted Lucy's back as he pulled his hand away.

"And this is Harold," Lucy added as she gestured to the man standing next to her other shoulder. "He lives just on the other side of the commons from Bill, and his wife died five years ago from cancer. He is left caring for her older sister who suffers from Parkinson's."

"Harold?" Jon said as he offered his hand.

"Jon?" Harold answered with a thin smile as he offered his hand in return.

"We all went to breakfast and church together this morning," Lucy added with a broad and charming smile. "Now we're all going to spend the afternoon at the museum of Flight and Science. Oliver was a thirty year pilot for United Air lines, you know...and Harold owns an electronics recycling company that created several of the exhibits. They thought this might be fun, and I couldn't resist the chance to research a museum that might be so perfect for a field trip for some of my students. I'll be home sometime after dinner tonight...they're all taking me to the Plantation. "

Jon wanted to put a stop to everything that was happening, but he did have the slightest idea of how to do that. The impetus was too overwhelming, and it did not look like Lucy wanted to stop anyway. He also did not know what to say, so he did not say anything at all. He just nodded as she stared hard into his eyes.

"Oh Lucy, "Rose gushed, breaking the spell and completely changing the subject. "Thank you so much for all of this. It has been such a wonderful week-end so far...I can't begin to thank you for such a gesture."

"Oh yes," Judith chimed in. "We are having such a perfect time with Jon. He has been everything we could ever ask for."

"He even did all of our nails," Carrie offered.

"I did not know he was so talented," Lucy replied. "I suppose I'll have to have him do mine too."

"Oh he's very good at lots of other things too," Jackie exclaimed in her cackling voice.

Lucy's smile seemed to slip just a bit just then, and the realization stunned Jon. Was she angry about this? Her expression hurt him at some deep level, just as he was himself hurt at some deep level. Did they need for this whole thing to stop right now? How was he supposed to do that? His logical mind tarried for a few moments on the problem, but all of the solutions were just too complicated to accomplish easily. Maybe it was better just to go their separate ways and hope to sort this mess all out later.

"I'll see you tonight Honey," he said to her. "I love you."

"I love you too," she lowered her head and whispered to him, then raised her head to smile at all of her friends.

"See you tonight girls," she said with a wave, and then quickly turned her three 'boyfriends' around and marched them away.

Jon watched her leave for a moment, his heart trying to leap to his throat again.

"Let's get you home Slave," Carol said into his ear, shaking him from his confused state of mind.

"Yes Maam," he replied instinctively.

He had always prided himself of his ability to compartmentalized and prioritize conflicting issues, but his mind was now in a deep quandary. There were so many things about what was happening that totally appealed to the submissive part of his brain, but the logical component was very troubled by everything else. What it finally and ultimately came down to was what his Goddess wanted. He thought of those eyes and that determination, and he carried on with what she had told him to do.

He fixed a wonderful grilled chicken salad for his women that evening. The wine flowed, and Jon methodically bathed and messaged and oiled each and every foot and leg and back and arm and neck and ass and breast and pussy there was before him. His oral service seemed to go on forever. He could not count how many orgasms there were, but none for him. It was late, and he was spent, and all of his harem slept, when Lucy finally walked through the front door.

She came home looking so vibrant and alive that Jon could not believe it. He asked if he could be of any service to her, and she declined. He asked if he could sleep with her, but she summarily directed him back to his seraglio until the three day week-end was complete. He wandered back to them, his mind in an ocean of misgiving and despair while his sexual being was consumed with excitement. Eventually he fell asleep among the smells of lust varied passion of those five other women.

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