tagSci-Fi & FantasyImnir Ark Vol. 01 Ch. 09

Imnir Ark Vol. 01 Ch. 09


Half an hour later, they had met Melissa in front of the airport. She was as good-looking as he remembered, her long blonde hair picking up the stiff breeze nicely. She was clutching a little golfer's cap to her head, one of her weird styles, and had on a thin fall jacket with a long black skirt. Her round button-nosed face wasn't on its happiest day, he could tell, but he knew Nall would be at work soon. Isaac's penis was already most of the way toward recovery from coming inside Nall's ass, and he tried to hold back his massive arousal at the sight of his sister -- knowing he'd almost certainly have her naked soon, and making her grow big with eggs.

Isaac introduced Nall as his new girlfriend; they'd been dating for only two weeks now, but they'd really hit it off, he said. Melissa was stunned at what had happened to Isaac in the four months they hadn't seen one another -- she would have sworn he had gotten taller, but he told her he'd had back surgery to fix a bad disc he hadn't even known he was suffering for years, and it got rid of a slouch he'd had for a long time without realizing. Nall fogged up her mind a little to make her buy it. His new beefy physique was the product of a good diet and exercise, of course. The last physical change they figured they could just tell her the truth about, once they got to that point.

Isaac hefted her luggage, walking the two girls back to his car. Nall tried to keep up the appearance of small talk, but her inexperience with acting like a local human was becoming increasingly obvious. He quickly interrupted when Nall replied to Melissa's comment that she lived in "the capital; oh, I mean DC..." by asking which state Washington DC was the capital of.

"Don't mind Nall, M, her English is good but she learned most of it from American teachers overseas, so she's a bit clueless about the US itself."

"Oh... I was going to say!" Even Nall's mind control couldn't have kept her ignorance hidden forever. "Where did you learn all that?"

Isaac knew their original plan was shot, and before Nall could say anything he jumped in. "Her parents escaped with her from North Korea when she was nineteen, actually. Really wild story. She's the one who seduced me, really." They had a laugh, and Isaac spun a wild tale off the top of his head, impressing himself with his own ingenuity. Nall seemed to be the most interested in the story, a detail he hoped Melissa wouldn't notice.

By the time they'd pulled up to his spot on the parking deck to his condo, Nall was an orphan and engineering PhD raised in Switzerland and Dubai, and had no memories from before she was nineteen. Her parents had been CIA assets who risked their lives to warn the US about an impending nuclear missile test, but the thing had exploded on the pad anyway. Her parents were found out, and they escaped on a Zodiac boat with a SEAL team and boarded a US submarine, Nall suffering a head injury in the escape. He intentionally made it sound absurd, knowing Melissa would focus more on figuring out what was wrong with the story rather than what was wrong with Nall.

"We're here." Isaac opened the door to his flat, lugging her bag inside. He set it by the door to his bedroom, quickly closing it when he saw the nude Clara resting on the bed. He'd forgotten to share the details of he and Nall's plan with them. Fortunately, Melissa never saw within. He wondered idly where Jessica had gotten off to. Nall sat next to Melissa, probably closer than the other woman would be comfortable with normally, but Melissa seemed okay with it. He fixed them all something to drink while he heard them talking quietly on the couch, unable to make out individual words. The two suddenly laughed, then returned to talking.

He brought three glasses of iced tea over, setting them on the coffee table, and sat down in the love seat. He rested squarely on the spot where he knew he'd fucked Nall's ass not too long ago. Isaac checked the clock. They had less than five minutes until Nall changed back. Nall seemed to notice too, and went back to talking to Melissa.

Isaac leapt in with a basic question. "M, how have you been doing?"

"Oh, um, so-so I guess."

"I meant... you know. Nall actually has some experience with something like what you do," he lied, getting an instantaneous glare from Nall, "and I occasionally sound off on her for advice on what to say to you."

"Um -- wow. I mean, okay. I don't really try to hide it, but I don't go around announcing it either. You two must get along so well, you've only been together two weeks!" She smiled. "But -- uh, well, you talked to me the other day. I'm getting worse. I hate it. I know it's happening and I can't do anything about it. On my days off work I just lie in bed sometimes, all day."

"What about that last medication you were talking about in Seattle?" They'd seen each other there last for a cousin's wedding.

"No good. It reacted badly with one of the others that does work. One in twelve with that combination, they say." Melissa seemed glow for a moment, looking at Nall. "But I've been feeling pretty good since I met up with you. You two have so much energy, it's kind of infectious."

"Daaahhhh...." Nall let out some air, falling back into the couch. "Done." She looked at Isaac, who stared back, and Nall mouthed silently to him. *She's bi now.* He became a little more aware of the half-erect state of his pole, limp in his pants -- for the time being. He knew the thought of his sister now being permanently altered to be attracted to girls as much as guys would have it pretty hard soon.

"Done what?" Melissa seemed suddenly uncomfortable.

"M, there's no real easy way to segue into this, so Nall and I just figured we'd come out with it."

She looked puzzled for a moment, then brightened. "You're getting married!"

Isaac paused. It wasn't an unreasonable conclusion, though it was completely wrong. "Ah -- no, uhh... it's actually-"

Isaac was interrupted when Nall suddenly turned bright red, from head to toe, within the span of roughly five seconds, and her imnir coloration returned -- her fingers, cheeks, parts of her face and breasts, and other extremities were shaded slightly orange, and there were small yellow and teal spots arranged tastefully -- or so Isaac though -- all over her. Melissa stared at her blankly for a few moments, then suddenly yelped and backed off, hand over her mouth. Melissa seemed to contain herself suddenly, then reached out a hand and touched Nall's cheek, which was about as warm as a person would normally be -- no fever or unusual heat. "Um -- are you okay?"

"I'm perfectly fine." Nall nodded, taking her own hand and putting it on Melissa's cheek. "Sorry, I think Isaac was hoping for a better way to drop this on you. I'm an imnir. Greetings, Earthling." Nall looked away, saying it in a monotone. Isaac grumbled to himself; *does she have to do the take-me-to-your-leader thing with Melissa, of all people?*

"What's an imnir?" Melissa seemed lost in the finer features of Nall's body, her yellow patternings and small turquoise spots.

"Oh. I'm an alien. Alien to Earth, anyway." Melissa's eyes widened.

"Um -- oh my god -- no way-" Melissa sounded alarmed, but she never backed away, continuing to study Nall in detail. "It's not make-up?"

In response, Nall unbuttoned the top of her shirt, showing more and more of her chest to Melissa. His sister watched in fascination as Nall stripped off her top, revealing her whole red torso, covered only by a black bra. "I did a couple things to your brother. You didn't really think he got that big from dieting and working out in four months, did you? Or that he got six inches taller?" He guessed that Nall released Melissa from whatever effect was clouding her judgment in that moment, because his sister suddenly blinked in realization.


"Why are we telling you this or why are we doing it?" Isaac rolled his eyes. Nall asked some weird questions sometimes.

"Why are you here? Are you going to take me away?" Melissa seemed a little scared, but not nearly as much as someone who was potentially about to be stolen away by aliens probably should have. *She probably dreams about it at night, aliens coming to fix her problems...* He grinned. In a way, they were.

"I took Isaac away for a bit. But you, I'm going to stay right here with." Nall moved closer, her hand going to Melissa's waist and wrapping her arm around the other girl. Melissa's eyes were glassing over in a familiar haze of lust and desire; he knew Nall was affecting her arousal.

"But why..." She gasped at Nall's touch. "Why me..."

"Because your brother loves you, and wants you." Melissa's gaze fixed on Isaac, who met it unblinkingly. Nall took Melissa's face in a hand and turned it back toward herself, and stared into her eyes. His sister's eyes seemed to become a little glassy, her mind becoming hazy and pliable under Nall's power. "Now Melissa, Isaac is here in the room with us." Melissa nodded. "Forget about Isaac being in the room." Melissa, now under Nall's control, nodded and stopped glancing at him completely. Satisfied the suggestion had taken hold, Nall continued. "Tell me the truth, Melissa. Do you have feelings for your brother that aren't appropriate for a sister?"

"Um..." Melissa seemed lost in confusion for a while. "Yes... absolutely, I have since high school." Isaac shifted, the revelation setting in. *Nall was right...*

"If you could be with him now, like his wife, without having to worry about the consequences of you being siblings, would you?"

"Yes.... Definitely... I've wanted to since years ago..." Isaac was stunned. *Years ago? * He wondered how far back. "He's the only man in my life who's ever understood me and cared about me. He's cute, he's successful, he's strong. I don't want to burden him, though..."

"Melissa. You aren't a burden to him. If you knew you weren't a burden to him, would you do it?" Nall had stripped Melissa's jacket off, and had her hands under the back of her top.

"Yes. Yes yes yes yes....."

"Would you take care of his needs as both a sister and a lover would?"

"Oh -- um... yes, if he'd have me... I don't think he would though, I'm such a mess and have only ever been with two guys... there's no way he feels the same way back, I'm his sister..."

"Put that out of your mind, Melissa. Isaac wants you, more than anything. Would you want his big cock to slide inside you?"


"Would you want him to fuck you every day?"

"God yes..."

"Good, Melissa. We're going to go deeper now." Nall focused on Melissa more, and then relaxed; Melissa seemed even more out of it, like she was drugged. "Melissa, look inside yourself. Think about what you desire, sexually, in a man."


"Now think of what you desire, sexually, in women."

"I'm not-"

Nall interrupted her. "Yes you are, Melissa. I made you bisexual, permanently, a few minutes ago. Think about other girls for a moment and tell me you don't feel anything."

"Oh wow... you're right... this is neat..." Isaac thought it was a strange response, but then again, it was Melissa -- his kooky sister.

"Now Melissa, would you share Isaac with other girls?"

"I'm not sure..."

"But you have to, Melissa. He can be yours whenever you like, but he and I are a team, and the reason you two can be together is me. I need him to be with other girls. Often."

"I don't know..."

"What if you can be with the other girls whenever you want too, Melissa?" Nall was looking straight into Melissa's eyes, tinkering with her deepest thoughts.

"Ohhh.... Hmmm..." Melissa gave a big smile. "Maybe that would be okay, if he always came back to me."

"Good. Now, Melissa... one last thing. You're beginning to feel love right now, I know. Love for Isaac, yes, but also more love. That's love for me." Isaac gave a sideways look at Nall; he wondered if his companion was going too far. His cock was too hard for him to disagree with the sight of Melissa and Nall in the throes of girl-girl sex either way.

"For you... Nall..."

"Yes. You love me, Nall. And I love you too, because Isaac told me to." Isaac's eyes widened; he hadn't told her to do that. She continued. "Because that's the only way I can make you happy with my power. I have to let our minds blend a little, and that's not something you're supposed to do with mind control, because it's pretty much impossible to undo. We'll always be a little connected now, Melissa. So whether either of us likes it or not, we love each other now. I feel a little bit of everything you feel, and you feel a little bit of everything I feel. I know exactly how hard it is to be you now that we've linked -- but I'm here to help, and Isaac can help you with the rest. I see who you are inside, just a little bit. Can you see me inside too, Melissa?"

"Oh... yes." Melissa's eyes opened clearly for the first time in a while. "Ah-Ahvoo-Avheepo-nyall-" Her mouth twisted around syllables and phonetics not found in any Earthly language.

"Don't bother, M." Nall gave her a lick on the chin. "Call me Nall. I gave that name up, there's nobody on Earth who can say it anyway." She grinned, her connection to Melissa complete. Nall turned her head to Isaac. "It's done." He noticed Nall was sweating; she seemed a little tired, and her face seemed strangely a little more open, a little more readable. *Maybe that's the little bit of Melissa in her showing through?*

"You said it was permanent. You didn't say you would have to do all that to help M." Isaac felt a little angry; if he'd known Nall would go this far just because he asked, he might have had second thoughts. Still, her act of sacrifice moved him.

"I know. I wanted it to be clear to you how dedicated I am to keeping you." She turned back and gave Melissa a kiss, the other girl shocked as she recovered from the trance she'd been put in. Melissa backed up suddenly, sitting on the edge of the couch with her shirt untucked and in a mess.

"What's going on!"

"Relax, Melissa." Nall patted the spot in front of her. "We were about to make love."

"I -- I -- oh my god!" She saw Isaac, and seemed terrified. "Oh my *god* Isaac I said some things and please just forget it all!"

"Absolutely not, M." Isaac leaned back in his chair. "I want you too. Have since middle school."

Melissa's eyes darted back and forth between the two. She focused on Nall. "What did you do to me?"

"Only three things." She ticked off fingers. "First was I made you bisexual. Don't worry, you'll love it soon enough. Second, I linked our minds, like I said. There's a little of my personality in yours from now on, and vice versa. It'll help with your balance. Third, I used a little suggestion on you to open you up and make you say what you really felt." Isaac raised an eyebrow. He thought she'd been inserting thoughts into Melissa's mind; had she really only revealed what was already there? He felt his cock straining in his pants.

"Is that why I'm so clear right now?" Melissa actually did seem a little more lucid, more present than she had on the way back from the airport, after breaking out of the trance.

"Yeah. You won't need medication anymore; in fact, that would probably make it harder for the bond to do its job. I'll always feel a little more unbalanced, but I'll live. And I think Isaac will like me a little bit more if I have a bit of your wildness in me." Nall gave Isaac a short smile before returning to Melissa.

Melissa hugged herself. "Why would you... I don't deserve this."

Nall shrugged. "Maybe not. Who really knows what anyone 'deserves'? Isaac thought you did deserve it." She stroked the other girl's blonde hair, running her fingers through it and inspecting the bright, shiny strands, fascinated; it was the first time she'd gotten to see a blonde up close. Nall went on, looking back into Melissa's eyes. "And now that we're bonded, I can see inside you. You're not anywhere near as bad as you think you are."

Melissa put her head in her hands for a moment, then came back up, wiping away a few tears. "Sorry. I've just... never been touched this way before. By any guy, or anyone really."

"Good." Nall shuffled toward her. "Because I'm feeling like doing a lot more touching." Nall grinned.

"You know... I was thinking the same thing." Melissa, now recovered and quite willing, fell into Nall's embrace and her hands quickly went to the waistband of Nall's cutoffs. One hand groped Nall's ass while the other undid her belt. Isaac grinned; his sister and secret desire for years was now a very willing participant in his new, erotic life.

In between kisses and tugs on clothes, Nall explained to Melissa what she was doing. "I'm going to make you come. Then your brother will fuck you. His come will have a pretty special effect on you that I think you'll like."

"It'll fill me up with eggs, right?" Nall paused, staring in abashment at Melissa. "I can see it in your head."

"Shit. I can't see that much detail in yours, just emotions and general state of mind."

"I can see enough in yours. You aren't as bad as you think either, you know." She looked at Isaac. "Stop judging her. You don't know what it was like for her, watching her planet go insane and knowing everyone she had ever loved was about to die. It practically happened yesterday for her, she was asleep for the whole time in between. She's trying to give a whole civilization a second chance and you're hung up on whether or not a few girls signed a waiver before they got the experience of their lives." Melissa gave Nall another kiss. "I can see how good it will be. Do it to me. I want it. I want you, too, Isaac. I already want it every day."

Isaac let out a long sigh, smiling and not responding. Melissa's accusation was a gross oversimplification, but he didn't feel like arguing it -- especially with Nall and Melissa on the brink of heated lesbian sex. He also knew Melissa was speaking from Nall's perspective, of which a part now resided in her mind -- permanently. Nall seemed miffed too, foiled for the second time in one day at her inept control of her own mind powers. Fortunately, Melissa dropped the point quickly as she felt Nall close her lips over a recently revealed nipple, gasping as the other girl gave her the little bites on it that were exactly what she liked.

In turn, Melissa's fingers found their way into Nall's ass-crack, probing her anus for a few moments at a time while her other hand played with the rest of Nall's body -- exactly what she, too, liked. Their lovemaking seemed to flow naturally, as if they'd been practiced lovers for their whole adult lives; ten minutes later both girls' panties finally lay discarded on the floor, and their pussies met in a kiss as their legs crossed behind one another, each's hands supporting their weight behind them as their hips heaved, rubbing their clits together furiously.

Isaac, too, had tossed away his own clothes, giving occasional strokes to his own pole as he watched his sister fuck Nall. Melissa, he already knew, was naturally bald below; some genetic fluke. In a drunken moment, she'd told him their mother had told her it ran in the women of the family. He'd never seen it live and in person, though, and found his pole aching to be inside her tender wetness; it took all he had not to throw Nall off her and begin fucking his willing sister, eggs or not. Suddenly, pale skin was in front of him; he looked up and saw Clara had sneaked in to join them. Her pussy -- in a surprise -- was also bare before him, the skin smoothly shaven and looking delicious. He looked up at her.

"Me and Jess did it to each other while you were away. Do you like it?" He heard wet smacks from behind her as Nall and Melissa continued.


"Good. You liked it on Nall, I saw, so I figured I'd try it too. Looks good on Melissa, too." She glanced behind her, admiring the twisting mess of tanned and bright red skin that was Melissa and Nall. "Will you have enough left for her if I take some?" She nodded toward his pole. Isaac smiled, and took her hip in one hand and aimed himself toward her opening. Clara smiled as she sunk down onto him, sighing with pleasure. After only a few moments, he started bobbing her up and down, forcing the redhead into a fucking motion that he mirrored with his own thrusting hips. Clara spread her legs out and steadied herself on the couch, slowing Isaac down. She bent her head lower, coming up next to his ear.

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