He put his arm around my waist, pulled me close, and started to kiss me on the neck.

"Roberto," my voice grew louder. "We're just here to talk."

"I'm not here to talk. I've said all that I have to say." Ah, the dynamics of being a teenager. He started to kiss my ear.

"Roberto," I insisted. "This is not going to happen!"

"So tell me to stop," he dared me, and then he kissed me on the lips.

I pushed him away. "Roberto!" I protested, but then he kissed me again.

Now another unfortunate thing for me was that I had elected to wear this pretty new wrap dress to work that morning. It was conservative enough, but if you undid the wrap, I would be totally exposed. And now, Roberto was going for the bow on the side of my dress.

A few seconds later, the bow was undone, the dress was unwrapped, and he was pulling down my bra cups to expose my breasts.

"Roberto!" I protested again, but I never did tell him to stop. I tried to grab his hand, but he was too big and too strong. It was no use. I couldn't or wouldn't stop him.

I felt a sense of déjà vu. I was in a car with a teenage boy, and I was trying to stop him from doing what we both wanted him to do in the first place.

I was totally conflicted. I knew what we were doing was wrong, but he was so good looking and sexy, and it felt so good to kiss him as he felt up my tits. I wanted to stop but I couldn't.

He nuzzled my breasts as he un-wrapped the rest of my dress. I was now naked to the world except for my string panties. I opened my eyes and looked out of the car, but there was no one in sight and no new cars in the parking lot.

His hand slowly moved down my torso and headed right for my panties. Again, I tried to stop him, and again it was no use.

He was so strong, and the fabric of my panties was so delicate, I thought he would rip them right off my body.

Instead he slipped the material to one side and slid his finger right inside me. My mouth opened wide, I arched my back, and let out a low moan as he entered the lips of my labia. I must have been pretty wet, because he just slid his finger right into me as far as it would go and I felt nothing but pure pleasure.

I ground my hips back and forth so that he was finger fucking me. It felt so good. He started to kiss me again, but this time I stuck my tongue in his mouth.

Any semblance of self-control I had was gone.

At the same time I shifted my attention to getting his cock out of his pants. With a little help from Roberto, I unsnapped and unzipped his jeans, and then we had his pants down to his ankles. His hand returned to my pussy, but this time he concentrated on fingering my clit.

I stroked his cock as he drew little circles around my love button with one hand. He stoked my nipple with the thumb of his other hand, and had his tongue down my throat as I sucked on it greedily.

Roberto was quite good at foreplay for someone so young. His finger first drew little circles around my clit and then he changed to a more up and down movement. Each change of movement sent new shivers up my spine, and got me closer to Nirvana.

I tried to keep up with stroking his cock, but I was too wrapped up with the way he was touching me. He switched back and forth, from circling my clit to rubbing it up and down, and then he stuck his finger deep inside me again.

I rocked my hips back and forth again so that his finger was fucking me again. I guess he really liked that.

"That's so hot. I guess you really want me inside of you." He started to slide me down in the seat so that he could fuck me, but I stopped him.

"Roberto," I pleaded. "Me first. I want to come and I'm so close."

"What do you want me to do?"

"Just what you've been doing. You are really good at it."

His hand moved down to my panties again, and I rocked my hips up to meet it. I wanted him to touch me again so bad, but he pulled his hand back as I arched my back to reach for it.

"You want me to touch you, don't you?" he teased.

"Roberto, please," I pleaded. Five minutes ago I was telling him to stop. Now I was telling him not to stop. How had I become such a slut in my old age?

His hand moved down to my panties again and traced the line of my slit through the material until he touched my clit, and then he pulled away again. My pelvis strained to reach his finger, but it was gone.

"Stop teasing me!" I begged. He moved his hand up my thigh, but then stopped.

"Do you want it?" He tormented me.

"Yes!" I begged again.

"What do you want?" He asked as he moved his hand farther up my thigh until he was a breath away from touching my labia.

"I want you to touch me."

"Where do you want me to touch you?"

"My vagina!" As soon as I said it, I knew it was wrong. He pulled his hand away. I was crushed.

"Oh, where?" He sounded amused.

"On the cunt," I corrected myself. "I want you to touch my clit. Finger fuck me! I want you to kiss me hard and finger my pussy. Is that what you want me to say?"

He bent down and kissed me hard on the lips as he stuck his tongue deep inside my mouth. He then ran his hand up my thigh, pushed my panties aside and stuck his finger all the way up in me, hard.

He pulled it back out again, and ran it along the slit of my pussy and then up to my clit. There he just flicked his finger up and down real fast until I came closer to orgasm.

I was sucking on his tongue and driving my hips into his hand as hard as I could with each stroke of his finger. My breathing was hard and shallow through my nose

"Oh Roberto, don't stop doing that, please! I'm coming!" It was all that I could say; he had stopped kissing me and started to suck on my nipple.

His finger inside me, and the flicking of his tongue on my nipple was excruciating. Together, they sent me right over the edge. All of my actions; my heavy breathing, my hips driving forward and back, my moaning all built to a crescendo.

At that point I would have let him do anything to me, and I would have done anything for him. I wanted him to fuck me right then. I wished that it wasn't his finger but his stiff cock inside me, but somehow I kept silent.

Except, of course, my screams of pleasure.

After witnessing my orgasm, I knew that he was all worked up and he probably wanted to fuck me, but I headed him off. I still had my hand on his cock, and I started to stroke him again.

"Roberto," I said drawing his eyes up to mine, away from my exposed breasts and pussy, which were all poking out of my underwear. I looked at him with the biggest doe eyes I could muster, "What do you want me to do to you?"

"Suck my cock." I got what I wanted.

"Do you want me to? Because I want to," and I did want to. He had been really good to me. He was attentive as hell to my needs, and so muscular and good looking. I really did want to suck his cock; but first a little teasing was in order.

I bent down to his waiting member. It was dark purple with blood and desire. I breathed on it first, and then, pursing my lips, I blew on it. He rocked his hips up trying to get his cock in my mouth, but I pulled away.

You're not the only one who can tease you little shit, I thought. I bent down again towards his cock. But I only kissed the head.

"You fuck," he cried out. "You're trying to get me back."

"Why, Roberto? You don't like being teased?" I licked the tip of his cock.

"Oh my God, Mrs. Teller, put your mouth on it," he pleaded.

Instead I held the shaft of his dick, while I flicked my tongue on the hyper sensitive slit at the bottom of its head. The penis is so sensitive there, it's excruciating.

"Ah...Ah..." was all he could say. Enough teasing. I should have kept going, but I really wanted to suck his cock. I started to stroke him again as I lowered my red lips onto his dick. I rhythmically plunged his engorged penis into my mouth, taking it in greedily.

I couldn't get enough of this hot stud's manhood. The excitement built up in me and the adrenalin and lust let me suck and pump his cock for longer than I normally could.

Robert grabbed the back of my head, and started to ram his cock deep into my mouth. I wanted him to. I wanted him to ram that cock of his right out the back of my neck.

I'd never been aroused by giving head before, but I could feel my heart beat wildly, and my nipples got erect just thinking about him pumping into my face.

He had just given me a great orgasm, but I was getting so turned on by sucking him, and how much he was enjoying it, that I reached into my panties and started to finger myself.

That got me even more excited and I sucked his cock harder than before. He couldn't hold it any longer and I heard him cry.

"Oh, Mrs. Teller, suck my cock! I want to come in your mouth."

He was pulling my head down hard on his cock, but I wanted to come too. So I flicked my clit harder and faster in unison with his stroking.

"Oh, suck my cock. I'm coming!" he said as the first ejaculation exploded into my mouth. He held my head still, and I kept sucking the head of his dick, as I surprisingly came again.

It was only a small orgasm. Not like the gallons of semen Roberto was filling my mouth with. I kept swallowing and sucking and swallowing. But I couldn't hold it all and some still ran out of my mouth and down the shaft of his prick.

His orgasm was over, but I was still on mine. I stopped sucking his dick but kept it in my mouth as I finished fingering myself. I wanted his penis still in me as I finished my orgasm. It also gave me a chance to swallow all of the come in my mouth.

After I was done, I sat up and laid my head on his shoulder. He then did something surprising. He turned his head and kissed me on the lips. I wouldn't think a young boy would want his mouth anywhere near where he had just unloaded all of that semen.

"You are so beautiful," he whispered as he looked at me with puppy dog eyes. Oh Christ, I thought, I'm in trouble.

"Roberto, snap out of it."

"What?" He looked at me puzzled.

"Sweetie, this is not going to be any type of romance. I'm just being a slut for you, and you're just a stud for me."

"I don't see it that way."

"Honey, I don't know how it is that we sexually clicked. For some reason, I just can't say no to you. For you, it's probably that your hormones are in high gear, and a forty-year-old woman is some kid of a novelty for you. But you have to see this for what it is. Basically, just an animal attraction."

He didn't say anything. He just sat there silent. It was starting to get dark and I could just barely see his face.

"Roberto, I'm not even that pretty. When I was seventeen, you wouldn't even have given me the time of day."

More silence.

"Roberto, if you're going to get all goofy on me, then I can't let this continue. I don't know how, for the life of me, I should let it continue."

"Okay," he replied, but I wasn't convinced.

"Pull your pants up," I said as I started to straighten myself up. "I'll drive you home."

On the way home he just sat there all moody.

"Sweetie, in ten years you'll be getting married and thinking about having kids with some pretty little thing. And I will be joining AARP." I smiled at him. Oh come on Roberto, I thought, that was a joke.

I let him out about a block from his house.

"I can't let you out in front of your house. We can't let your parents see us together."

"I know," he replied. He kissed me on the lips and got out.

On the way home I couldn't help but think about what happened. I wanted the old Roberto back; the one that teased me, and flirted with me. I didn't mind being a slut for him. It was exciting!

The rest of the week, Roberto came over with Andrew, but he wasn't the same. He was moody and I was crestfallen. What was going on?

That's it, it's definitely over.

"What's with Roberto?" I asked Andrew one day. I knew the answer.

"Mom, I don't know. He's all dopey over some girl, but he won't say who. I don't get it."

Fuck, I don't need this.

Saturday morning, after I had made Andrew his breakfast and sent him off to practice, I was startled by a knock on the back door. It was Roberto.

"Roberto," I said, surprised to see him. "What are you doing here? Andrew left already for practice."

"I know," he replied. "I'm not going to practice. I told the coach that I had a doctor appointment."

"Well, you can't come in," I said firmly.

"Please, I just want to talk."

"No!" I repeated, and shook my head.

"Mrs. Teller, please don't make me force my way in." He grabbed the doorknob.

"No, Roberto!" He pushed on the door with all of his strength and it was pretty easy for him to fling my whole hundred twenty five pounds across the room. He was inside, and I was in deep shit. I tried to run, but he caught me and put his arms around me.

"Okay, Roberto, let's talk." I tried to diffuse the situation.

"It's too late to talk," he replied. "I don't want to talk now." He tried to kiss me on the lips, but I turned my face. My arms were folded in front of me, and I tried to push him away, but he was too strong. All of the things that attracted me to him were now working against me.

His arms moved from around my back to around my ass as he picked me up, and put me on the kitchen counter. I was still trying to push him away when he grabbed my wrists with his two hands and pinned my arms behind my back.

"Roberto, no!" I yelled at him. "This is not going to happen!"

"You've said that before," he reminded me.

"This time I mean it, and I'm telling you to stop!"

"I don't care." He had a look in his eye.

I had been lazy about getting to the gym, so I was still dressed in my cotton nightshirt. I had no bra on underneath, and my string panties were now visible with the shirt bunched up underneath me.

The nightshirt had five buttons that only buttoned two-thirds of the way down. The first two were undone already. Roberto, even with me fighting him, was strong enough to grip both of my wrists with just his left hand. His right hand was free.

"No, Roberto, stop!" I was totally helpless. He then proceeded to unbutton, or rip off the three remaining buttons on my nightshirt. He then pulled down the material at the shoulders so that both sleeves were at mid arm. My breasts fell out and were totally framed by the shirt.

With my hands pinned behind my back, it made my tits stick out. I'm sure that turned him on even more. His hand and mouth were all over them, and he wasn't kissing them he was biting them.

"Roberto, please stop! Please!

His hand now moved to my panties. He pushed the material to one side and stuck his finger deep inside of me. But making me feel good was not his intention. He was going to fuck me, and I knew he wasn't going to waste any time.

With that, his attention changed to taking off my panties.

"No, don't," I pleaded, but to no avail.

He ripped my panties off: down my thighs, over my knees, and past my ankles. He was back between my thighs and was now pulling his own pants down. I saw his cock; dark and swollen with lust and anger. He then started to guide his cock inside of me.

"Robert, no! Stop. Wait. If you do this, it will be rape! You can't do this to me."

"I don't care. They can lock me up and throw away the key. I want you. I have to fuck you," he replied, and then he started to push his cock inside of me.

It was then that I realized how turned on I was. I was telling him to stop, but I didn't want him to stop. I wanted him to force me to have sex with him and I didn't care if he hurt me. He had a hand holding each wrist now and was pulling and pushing to get inside of me as far as he could.

"Oh God, no Roberto, you're raping me! I whispered to him, and I'm sure that turned him on more. It had to; it was turning me on. He was now inside me all of the way, and then he started to pump me. I wrapped my legs around him and helped him fuck me.

I had never had a rape fantasy before, but I was having one now. The idea of him holding me down and fucking me was driving me crazy.

He fucked me. He fucked me hard. This was no soft tender lovemaking. We were both grunting with every stroke of his dick.

"You like me fucking you hard," he said. He was starting to comprehend.

"No, I don't," I whimpered, as I pulled him into me with my legs.

"You like when I hold you down and stick my prick in you."

"No, please stop," I pleaded, but I rocked my pelvis to meet him, every time he entered me.

"I'm going to fuck you until you're sore," he said as I started to orgasm. I never thought something like this could be so erotic.

"Roberto, please stop!" I cried, but if he had stopped, I would have knifed him in the heart.

We were both grunting with the force of our coupling and we were both coming. I could feel his come surging inside of me. I rocked my hips to get every last stroke to brush against my clit.

"Oh god, Mrs. Teller, I love fucking you!" he screamed as he finished his orgasm.

He was done, but I kept rocking my pelvis to finish my orgasm.

He let go of my hands and I put my arms around his chest, exhausted. We were both breathing heavy. His penis was still inside of me, because I still had my legs wrapped around him.

"You really liked that?" he asked.

Ashamed, I hid my head in his shoulder. I lied. "No."

"What, are you kidding me? You were like a wildcat."

"Stop, please. I don't want to talk about it." Great, I thought, not only am I a slut for this guy, but now I'm a slut with a fetish. The forty year old S&M slut. What are next? Whips and leather masks?

"Let me get up." I let go of him and tried to pull my nightshirt back on. He backed up and started to pull up his pants.

"I think you better go," I said sullenly, getting off the counter.

"Are you okay?" He sounded concerned.

"No. No, I'm not okay. First, I let you feel me up as my son is coming through the door. Next I give you a blowjob in my car, and now we're playing rape the housewife. To what level of debauchery are we going to sink to?"


I laughed and my laughing made him laugh. It was just what we needed: a bit of comic relief.

"Why, Roberto, I do believe that was a joke?"

He just smiled.

"Are you okay?" I sensed a change in mood.

"Well, I just had my way with the most beautiful woman. Why wouldn't I be okay?" I smiled again.

Now that's the old Roberto.

"I just don't want you getting too attached to me."

"I'm okay. I'll play it cool," he replied, but I wasn't convinced.

I started pushing him towards the door.

"We are both going to play it cool, because this is never going to happen again," I sounded like I was trying to convince myself.

Roberto just smirked. "Yeah, right!" He was still laughing at me when I closed the door behind him.

Oh great.

I didn't see him the rest of that or the next day. I didn't want to admit it to myself, but I missed him. You're worried about who getting too attached? Finally, by Sunday night I had to call him. I went into my room and pretended to watch TV.

"Roberto?" I asked as I got him on his cell phone.

"Mrs. Teller?"

"Roberto, you can call me Marie, at least on the phone. We have been... intimate."

"Oh, that Marie!"

"Yes, that Marie. Wiseass."

"I'm glad you called. How are you doing?"

"Emotionally or physically?"


"Well, true to your word, I am a little sore, but emotionally I'm fine."

"Sorry about that." He sounded genuinely concerned.

"No, you're not."

"No, I'm not. I enjoyed it."

"I enjoyed it too," I admitted. There was silence on the phone.

"What's our next step?" He asked.

"I...don't know."

"Isn't Andrew going away with his Dad next weekend?"

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