tagIllustratedImpossible Love Ch. 03

Impossible Love Ch. 03


For those who hope for some serious love, in this Chapter, Decarde amazingly learns to value Troy a bit more LOL. Also, character profile pics. included: all computer generated by moi.

* * * * *

Standing in front of my dorm room door butt naked with the bitch of my nightmares drawing love hearts on my stomach with her talons and dry cum itching up my insides, isn't really my idea of fun.

Lost for words, I tried to recall her name. I had been referring to her as 'the bitch' for so long that I didn't even know what her name started with.

"Uhh…hi…monkey drops," I finally drawled out. She giggled, grabbed my head and stuffed it into her voluptuous cleavage. I really admire her sometimes, there are few people on this Earth who find joy in being likened to the faeces of some hairy little primate.

"Oh baby, I've missed you so much. How about we kick out your roomie and spend the weekend together?" moaned the bitch as she snuggled my face harder into her chest, ignoring the fact that I was suffocating.

Taking a hold of her hands, I forcefully pried them from my hair and leant forward to smooch. The bitch was stronger then those Divas from WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment). Sometimes I wonder if perhaps she had something down there larger than a peanut.

Even though I hated kissing and was internally gagging, I could at least breath and wasn't having holes clawed into my head.

"Well well, I am SORRY to intrude, but visitors are not allowed in the dorms so please return to the school office!" came a thundering voice. I jerked up in shock but the bitch only tightened her hold on me, drawing blood with those goddamn manicured fingers.

"Fuck off asshole, can't you see we are busy?!" She snarled back at Troy. I hardly recognised it as his voice, and I had the sudden urge to turn around and lick his face. I probably would have done just that if the bitch hadn't immediately resumed sticking her tongue down my mouth.

With a roar that was halfway between a lions' and a boar's, Troy grabbed hold of the bitch and hauled her halfway to the right-side stairs.

"Let go of me you asshole! How dare you lay your hands on me?" screeched the bitch, howling like a dying pig as she struggled to get out of Troy's iron grip.

Luckily it was the weekend, so most of the guys were outside and the dorms were practically empty. So the screaming and swearing went relatively unnoticed except by some possible nerds that were still studying. Pulling out my small Pokemon towel from my toiletries bag, I leant against the hall wall, and tied it around my waist while admiring the way Troy's ass cheeks rolled around in his briefs. Yep, his ass looked better than the bitch's.

The two of them had come to a stop at the end of the hall and were hollering at each other. Troy was mostly screaming 'Slut' and the bitch, 'Fucking fag'. I would have stayed to watch but my ass was killing me, and the thought of germs festering on my body was just much too unpleasant.

Turning in the opposite direction I headed for the left-side stairs. Our room was in the middle of the hall so it didn't take me long. I was still pissed at Troy for sulking after raping me but the sound of him raging at the bitch made me happy.

By the time I had finished my shower and returned to my room, the bitch had gone and Troy was sulking even worse. This time he was in his bed, covers pulled up around him so that he looked like a massive cocoon. I couldn't see his face, but I could tell by the way that the covers trembled slightly that he was either sobbing or on the verge of it.

I normally don't give a crap about other people's emotional drama, but something in me melted. Maybe it was because the bastard looked so goddamned pitiful.

"Hey asswipe.............dude…Troy…..comeon man what's up?" I asked, walking to his bed and taking a seat on it. On second thoughts, I jumped up, grabbed my disinfectant and gave his bed a good spray before resuming my position. Never underestimate the power of germs.

A muffled wail was his reply as he burrowed further into his bed. I sighed and rubbed my temples, was he acting like a little girl because he was gay or because he was an idiot? Probably the latter since I'm gay and I don't wail.

"Yo moron, what is it? Does your peewee hurt or something?" I tried again, my voice dripping with frustration and annoyance. His body stiffened and within a second the sheet came flying off to reveal a red faced Troy covered in claw marks. I got to put it down to the bitch, she really knew how to leave a good impression on someone.

"Damn you Decarde! Damn you and your fucking slut to hell!" He screamed in my face, chest heaving as he did his best to spit the words at me. Then he looked up at the ceiling, blinked rapidly a few times and started bawling like a ten year old that just dropped his ice-cream.

I contemplated getting a baseball bat and knocking him out, but then again he looked cute all snotty and teary eyed.

Completely out of my mind, I bent over and pulled him into a hug. I regretted it as soon as I had done it, but Troy had already grabbed my shoulder blades and was in the process of wiping his face on my chest.

Trying hard to keep my thoughts off germs, I rose a shaking hand and patted his heaving back awkwardly. It felt kind of nice and after awhile I found myself rubbing his back with both hands while he purred and nuzzled closer to me. It was so nice…so nice that I was going out of my mind with frustration.

"You love her?" Troy suddenly whispered, breaking into my thoughts on different methods of castrating him.

"Hmmm? Who?" I asked, not really connecting with the real world just yet.

"The blonde chic you had your mouth all over."

"Oh, that, nope."




"Yep, now shut the fuck up."

Having had enough of his groaning and moaning and crying and snot, I got up and pushed him off me. My chest was slick with tears and other unknown watery substances, and my Pokémon towel had ridden dangerously low on my waist. His eyes widened as, in front of him, I whipped off my towel and started to clean my chest and stomach.

Then, leaning forward, I gripped his chin and directed it at my cock.

"Clean it up you bastard. I've got your snot on it," I demanded, voice deadly serious. I couldn't help but grin a little when he swallowed hard, eyes glued to his target.

The heat from his tongue seared through me as he tentatively ran it up the side of my rod, stopping to rub his nose into my pubic hair when he reached the base. Inhaling my scent he looked up at me with those sky blue eyes and gave me a mischievous lopsided smile.

The bastard had guts.

I grabbed his short blonde hair and yanked it back hard. Then I lowered my face to his and said softly, "suck it asswipe."

"Yeh princess, I'll suck it good," he moaned in reply, taking the opportunity to lunge in for a kiss.

But I wasn't interested in kissing at the moment. I was so hard that it hurt. Straightening again I guided his face back to my crotch. This time he ditched the teasing shit and deep throated me in one go. Now by no means am I small, I'm at least 8 inches long and almost 2 across, so I was pleasantly surprised when I felt his nose buried in my pubic hair.

I cried out. Voice lowered to a baritone as my hips smacked against his lips in a rapidly growing pace. His fingers had dug themselves hard into my ass cheeks as his tongue worked its magic on me. Never in my life had I been able to enjoy a blowjob with so much abandonment.

Looking down with glazed eyes, I watched as his saliva drooled down his chin. His eyes were also fogged with passion and his monster cock had already created a wet patch on his tight briefs.

He was moaning, causing his throat to vibrate unbearably tightly along my length. Sweat melding with sweat, body with body and cries with cries, my mind went into overdrive along with my cock.

My abbs rippled as my entire form tensed with a painfully long orgasm.

"Ahhhh, God yes!" I hissed as I slammed Troy's head down my pole one last time, holding it to my navel until my cum had started to leak out from the corners of his mouth.

Finally letting him pull off, I collapsed onto his bed and pulled the covers on top of me. I was suddenly very tired.

"Umm…princess?" came a little voice, tugging at my sleep heavy mind.

"What?" I asked, impatient to get rid of the little voice and go to sweet oblivion.

"What about me?"

I snorted. Cracking open a eye I glared at Troy.

"What are your hands for moron?" and with that I turned away from him and nuzzled into the warmth of the blankets.

"You selfish little..!" echoed in my mind as I promptly shut off started having a wonderful dream about buying disinfectant.

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