Impregnating my Sister-N-Law


I dumped another load deep inside Yasmine's abused pussy and then it was time to clean up.

"Come on Yasmine, Let's go jump in the shower."

"I'm not taking a shower with you. I'm not your wife or some slut you can just order around. I'm an educated woman."

"OK, educated woman! Get your cum filled fuck hole in the shower before I mount you again and abuse your cunt some more!"

Yasmine reluctantly got up and went to the shower.

"HOLY FUCK! It's running down my legs. This is so gross and disgusting. I hate you for what you did to me today! I HATE YOU!"

We got in the shower and I turned on the hot water. She just stood in the corner covering her tits and pussy.

"Yasmine, I just fucked you pregnant. You don't need to cover up. Now get over here and rinse off."

I pulled her under the water with me and put my arms around her. Our faces were very close to each other.

"Whether you like it or not, I gave you the orgasm of your life today and whether you want to admit it or not, there's a tiny part of you that really enjoyed cumming that hard. You've never had an orgasm that intense. That I know."

"You raped me Mike. Over and over again you raped your wife's sister. Orgasm or not, that doesn't make it ok."

Looking in her eyes I couldn't help myself, I kissed Yasmine and slid my tongue in her mouth. She fought it at first, but then she relaxed and started kissing me back. I was a little shocked, but I went with it. There was no way I was going to stop. We tongued wrestled for about twenty minutes while feeling each other up and down.

"Damn you're a great kisser Yasmine. I love your lips."

"You really are a bastard Mike. You rape me and then you want to be tender and act like you really care about me. What a sick fuck you are!"

"I honestly do care about you Yasmine. I always have, but what you have done to your family is inexcusable. You are a traitor to your own family. That is just sick in the head!"

"I told you why I did it! I don't have a choice! Don't you understand?"

"I do baby and we're going to fix that very soon. I'm going to help you and for that help, you are going to be my very willing slut. Agreed? Just think of all the intense orgasm you're going to have."

"What choice do I have? I'm already pregnant with your baby. OK! I agree!"

"GREAT! Now let me wash your pussy so I can shave it bald."


"I don't want to have to search through a forest every time I eat your pussy."

"OH FUCK NO!!! I'm not letting you go down there and do nasty things to me!

I got some soap and lathered Yasmine whole body up and paid special attention to her pussy. Her pussy lips were very swollen from the fucking I gave her and it wouldn't surprise me if they were turning black and blue from the abuse. All I knew was that I was going to eat her amazing pussy before we got out of the shower and she was going to cum right in my mouth. I couldn't wait to drink her pussy juice.

I continued lathering up Yasmine all up and feeling ever inch of her naked body. I was in heaven and I couldn't wait to bury my face in her bald snatch. As I washed her, I pulled her into me and started kissing her again. She didn't even resist this time. She immediately slid her tongue into my mouth and we began tongue wrestling again. This went on for about another twenty minutes.

I broke if off and sat her on the shower bench. I grabbed my shaving cream and razor and had her lay down on the bench with her legs wide open. She just lay there and watched me shave her cunt bald and when I was done her pussy was as smooth as a babies bottom. Yasmine had gorgeous medium brown pussy lips that were just begging to be licked and sucked. I rinsed her off good and just looked at her.

"You ready?"

"Mike, no one has ever done this to me. If we're going to do this, please make it good."

"I will baby. I promise."

For 15 minutes I feasted on Yasmine bald pussy. My tongue explored every nook and cranny of her pussy, inside and out. Finally I slid my tongue as far into her cunt as I could and then bit down on her clit. That drove her to an orgasm that resulted in her clamping her legs down on my head and spraying pussy juice all over my face and in my mouth. For about three minutes I could barely breath and her cunt just kept shoot out hot pussy juice. Yasmine tasted amazing and even after she came I kept eating her until she begged me to stop because she was getting light headed. I helped her up, turned her around and made her put her hands on the bench and mounted her from behind. It only took about five minutes for me to shoot my last load deep inside her. We were both so turned on and horny I knew I wasn't going to last long.

"Yasmine, you are one amazing piece of ass. AMAZING!!! Let's go get dressed. Your sister will be home in about an hour and I need to clean up the house before she gets here. Especially the bed."

"You better not tell anyone that you impregnated me. You really have ruined my life Mike and I always thought you liked me. What am I going to tell everyone? What will I tell my husband?"

"I have always like you Yasmine and I'll let you in on a little secret. I've wanted to fuck you pregnant since the day we met."

"You fucking bastard! You really are sick in the head."

"That maybe, but you're still the best fuck I've ever had!"

"Let's get one thing straight, the only reason I'm doing what you asked is because you said you're going to help me get Candida."

"And that I will, but know this, you are going to have to have sex with her a couple more times."


"Now listen! I need you to do a couple of things for me while you're in her house. One is to plant a spiked bottle of wine in her kitchen and the other is to plant a knockout gas bomb in her bedroom."

"You really are fucking crazy aren't you."

"Do you want out of this mess?"


"Then just do what I say and you'll be free from her for ever and we will now own her ass and make her do anything we want. And we'll catch it all on tape. Candida is going to be destroyed beyond all imagination and I'm going to enjoy doing it. She is going to regret the day she messed with you!"

"It better fucking work!"

"It will! You need to text me as soon as you know the next time she wants you to come over."

"Where are my panties? I need to go before my sister gets home."

"Your panties belong to me. They are my souvenir of our first fuck. I ripped your bra into pieces. You only get to wear your sweater and pants home."

"Are you crazy. My nipples will be poking out for the entire world to see. Are you just trying to humiliate me? How am I going to explain that to my husband?"

"I'm just reminding you who owns your pussy and tits. You'll be ok. As for your husband, does he actually pay any serious attention to you? Really?"

"No. Way to make me feel like shit."

"Yasmine, I honestly believe you are a very attractive and sexy woman, you just need a man who actually believes that to help you believe that. The sooner you dump that piece of shit British husband, the better off you'll be. Kick his fucking lazy ass out!"

"OH! And make sure you keep that tight pussy of yours hairless. I don't want to see one hair while I'm eating you juicy cunt."

"You are one nasty fucker!"

Yasmine went home angry because she is such a prude and never wants to be caught out in public not properly dressed. I cleaned up the house and aired out the bedroom, which had a strong smell of wet pussy. You couldn't tell anything had ever happened.

Now to plan my next fuck session with my personal slut, Yasmine!

to be continued...

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