byAlex De Kok©

We were stopped at a red light. After catching 'World's Wildest Police Videos' a few times on TV, I'd decided that stopping at red lights was a Good Idea. Not so much because of the cops, as the loony in the other vehicle.

So, there we were, stopped. Windows down, as it was a warm, sunny summer day. Someone leaned in through the open window and pushed a leaflet into Carol's hand. She opened up the crumpled leaflet and I heard her gasp.

"What is it?" I said, moving off as the light turned to green.

She laughed. "Listen. 'Nude Beach Special at Dover Point. Celebrate National Nude Day on July 14. Free admission that day for couples and family groups'." I looked across at Carol, grinning, but she had her thoughtful face on. "That's today," she said.

"What is?"

"July 14."

"So? Oh, no. not me. You're not getting me on a nude beach!"

"Why not?"

"I'm chicken, that's why!"

"Balls, you're chicken! Why not?"

I took her question seriously and thought about it. Why not? Self-doubt, I guessed. "I don't know, I guess I don't have the nerve."

"Uh-huh, Jack. You're the guy that was commended for tackling a gun-toting hophead with bare hands. Don't tell me you don't have nerve!"

"He was threatening my Mom."

She reached over and squeezed my hand. "I know. She told me all about it."

"Well, then. You know that was different."

"I guess so."

I looked across at her, this girl I'd been dating for a couple of months. We weren't lovers, not yet, but I think we both knew that it was only a matter of time, as we each had a powerful attraction to the other. I hadn't said so, not yet, but I found myself thinking of marriage, wondering if she felt the same as me. I was almost ready to find out, I reckoned. "Do you want to go?" I asked her.

I drove a couple of blocks in silence, then she turned to me. "Pull over, please, Jack." When I'd stopped she took my hand and waited until I faced her.

"Yes, Jack, I do," she said. "I want to know if I have the confidence to be naked in front of strangers. Maybe if I can, then maybe it's time I let you see me naked. This combines both."

I felt my breath catch. "You told me that I'd know when you were ready to make love, as you'd be naked," I reminded her.

She smiled, but said nothing, holding my eye. I squeezed her fingers.

"Okay, dammit. Yes, I'll go with you."

"We were going to the beach anyway," she said, "and I think the beach at Dover Point might be quieter."

"I wonder why?" I said, grinning at her. "Come on, before I lose my nerve."

It was about a fifteen minute drive, and when we got there, the parking lot was about half full. Maybe because it was a Friday. I suspected there'd be more if it was a weekend. We grabbed our bags and headed for reception. The girl behind the desk was bright and cheerful, modest in bikini top and shorts. A concession to the interface between the two worlds, I guessed.

"Hi, folks. Come for the free admission for couples today?" she said with a welcoming smile.

I took a breath. "Yep."

"First time?" I nodded. "Don't worry. After ten minutes it will all seem natural. Unless you meet someone you know, of course." She grinned. "Surprised me when I saw my old high school teacher, I can tell you!"

"I'll bet," I said, laughing. "Do we sign in or anything?"

"We'd rather you signed out, with a comment about what you thought, if you don't mind. And, in case you want to come back, here's a couple of application forms, and a brochure. Gentlemen that way, ladies that. Enjoy yourselves."

Carol and I looked at each other. I think we were both a little nervous that we'd be naked together for the first time in a few moments. And naked in public, too. "See you just outside," I said. She nodded, and we went our separate ways.

The men's changing room was deserted, and it took me only a moment to discard my clothes and put them in my carryall, along with our picnic lunch and my towel. I took a deep breath and opened the door to the beach. I stepped out and looked around. No sign of Carol, so I moved to the edge of the little terrace and looked around. Most people seemed to be down closer to the water, or using the clumps of pine and birch as shelter. There was a noise behind me and I turned.

Carol smiled nervously at me. She'd tied her long hair back in a loose ponytail, and was holding her carryall across her with both hands. Her breasts weren't covered and the sight of them confirmed the promise of my occasional caressing of them, usually when it was too dark to see them. Not large, a handful, high and firm. Her nipples were erect, pencil-eraser sized, in dark pink areolae an inch across. Beautiful, I was about to speak when she took a deep breath and let her bag swing aside in her left hand.

Her belly was slightly rounded, just enough softness to blur the muscle. Her mons slightly pronounced, with a soft mat of red-gold hairs clipped neatly to her bikini line. There was a bright spot of color in each cheek as she faced me, biting her lip at the corner.

"Carol, my pet, you are beautiful," I said.

She smiled. "You're not so bad yourself, Jack." She stepped forward and kissed me, a brief peck on the lips. "Where do we go?"

I shrugged. "Where do you want to go?"

She pointed. "Why don't we go along there, past those pines, see if it's quieter along there?"

"Okay." I took her hand. "Let's go." We set off across the sand, hot under our feet, moving between groups of people, families, couples, no one seemed to be alone. The color was still high in Carol's cheeks but she walked tall and I was proud of her. Of her? Hell, I was proud of me! There were a lot of attractive women on the beach, of all ages from toddlers to grandmothers, and the common factor seemed to be that they were all relaxed. Most had all-over tans, attesting to their regular visits, but there were a few like me and Carol, with paler butts, and breasts on the women.

We were close to the clump of pines when we heard a voice. "Carol! Jack! Hold up a minute, will you?" From a group of women, most tanned, a couple of – what was the nickname? Oh, yes! Cottontails - a couple of cottontails, came an attractive woman with a wide smile on her face.

"Aunt Jen!" said Carol, startled, I think, to see her aunt, who stepped up and hugged her, then did the same to me. I like Carol's Aunt Jen. Fortyish, divorced, slightly plump and tanned all over, I noticed. Good figure. Definitely bedworthy, a wicked corner of my mind decided. Carol and I occasionally used her pool.

"Hi, sweetie," said Jen. "Surprised to see me?"

"I guess so," said Carol.

"I didn't know you were interested, or I'd have said something."

"I wish you had. It's only because someone stuffed a leaflet in my hand that we knew about the offer today. We were going to the beach anyway, and I persuaded Jack to come here. Impulse, I think. We were just going to have a look past the clump of pines."

"It's quieter there, furthest away from the parking lot and the concession, so the lazy folk don't get there. I'd invite you to join us, but you don't want to be saddled with a bunch of middle-aged women. Not when you're together. Go on, enjoy the day, and lose your fears of being naked. Next time you come around for a swim, don't bring your suit!" She gave us a warm smile and returned to her friends, giving us a wave as we turned the corner.

"She looked good," I said to Carol as we paused to look around. Jen was right, it was quiet. A couple of family groups, moms and kids, a couple, younger than Carol and me, maybe late high school or just starting college, that age, the girl tanned all over, the boy showing a paler butt, and three girls, two of them cottontails. But the teenagers seemed to be leaving and in a few minutes there were just us and the two family groups.

We laid our towels out near the pines, and Carol took out the sunblock. She held it out to me. "Will you do my back, please, Jack?"

"My pleasure, of course."

Carol stretched out on her face, and I poured some sunblock into my hand and began the pleasurable task of rubbing it into her shoulders and down her back. I hesitated as I reached her butt, but she turned her head.

"Please, Jack, keep going," she murmured and for a few moments I enjoyed the sensuous pleasure of rubbing sun-block into her firm ass. She moved her legs apart to give me room and, startled, I realized I could see her pussy. There was a gleam of moisture. Sunblock, or was she turned on? I moved my hands onto her thighs and I let my thumb touch her pussy as I slid my hands up, rubbing the sunblock in. She stiffened as my thumb touched her, then relaxed with a sigh. Her head turned, a flush on her face.

"Don't, Jack. Not here. Not yet. Later," she said. Later? Oh, please God, don't let me get an erection, not here, I thought, echoing Carol's words in my mind. Had she just made me a promise? God, I hoped so!

I reached her ankles and she sat up, reaching for the sunblock and beginning to rub it into her breasts. She glanced across at where the kids and moms were playing, then smiled at me.

"If they weren't here I'd want you to do this for me, sweetheart," she murmured, with a wink for me. I groaned, and her smile widened into a grin.

"Don't, you're torturing me!" I said, and I could hear the hoarseness in my voice.

"Come on, you're enjoying this!"

"I'm enjoying being here with you, yes; I love seeing you naked, yes – the reality is so much better than I imagined. What I'm not enjoying is the constant fight against an erection, although, I have to say, those two toddlers over there; if I glance over at them it's instant deflation imagining what their moms would do to me."

Carol giggled. "Emasculation, most likely. Come on, turn round, and I'll do your back." She sighed. "You'd better do your own front." She smiled at me. "Half an hour in the sun, a swim, and then take me home.

"You sure?" I said, looking back over my shoulder. She bent forward and kissed my cheek.

"Certain," she said. "Pass the food, please."

We ate, we chatted, we even played ball with the kids and their moms, twenty-somethings, tanned and friendly, and we both of us avoided any mention of what might happen when I took Carol home. The moment came, and we packed our things up and, hand in hand, made our way back to the changing rooms and showers. Carol's Aunt Jen was still there with her friends and waved us over.

"Pool party on Sunday," she said. "Please come, both of you."

"With or without suits?" Carol asked with a grin for her aunt.

"Without. Everyone else is a member here, you two were the only doubts. Now?" Jen shrugged, smiling at us. "Now, I can relax."

Carol looked at me, her brows raised in query, and I nodded. "We'll be there," said Carol.

"Good," said Jen. "Come about two. Bye for now."

In the car, driving back to her apartment, Carol was quiet. She smiled when I caught her eye, but the smiles were brief, as if she was preoccupied, and I began to feel a little concerned. It's not far to Carol's block and there was a vacant parking slot nearby, so it wasn't long before we were entering her apartment. She lives on the shady side of the block and isn't overlooked by neighbors, and other times I'd been there, in the evenings, she left the drapes open and we could see the lights around us. Now, still in broad daylight, she triggered the drapes closing mechanism and the living room was in a cosy duskiness. Once inside, Carol poured us each a tall wine cooler, took a sip of hers, and put it down.

"Excuse me, please, Jack. I think I need to change. I'll just be a moment. Put some music on, something romantic, or maybe something light classical." She kissed my nose, and she was away.

I flicked through her CDs, decided on some Borodin. Like me, Carol was quite fond of some of the Russian composers. In moments the muted strains of the orchestra began to fill the room. I caught movement out of the corner of my eye, and turned. Carol was standing in the doorway. She was wearing a silk kimono I'd given her as a present the previous week to celebrate her birthday. Her twenty-second, as it happens. She'd brushed out her hair so that it hung loose about her shoulders, and she smiled when I caught her eye, moving towards me, the silk moving on her body in a way that told me it was her only garment.

Without hesitation she moved into my arms, raising her lips for my kiss. It started gently, but there was a subtle tension about her and the kiss quickly became heated, so that she was breathing heavily when she broke away. Holding my eyes with hers, she loosened the kimono and let it slide down her arms to the floor.

"Make love to me, Jack," she said, her voice a husky, almost hoarse, parody of her usual tones.

"Sure, baby?"

She nodded. "Absolutely certain."

I held her eyes as I stripped the polo shirt off over my head. She smiled, and I loosened my waistband, kicked off my sneakers and pushed my chinos down and off. There was a growing bulge in my boxers and Carol's tongue swept swiftly across dry lips as I pulled my socks off. It was a relief, a huge relief, not to have to fight an erection and by the time I'd pushed my boxers off my hard cock was pointing somewhere up at the pictures on the wall.

I held my arms out, and Carol moved back into my embrace, her lips hot and urgent on mine. Without breaking the kiss, I eased her towards the couch and we slowly moved down and onto it, Carol at my left, my left hand behind her and my right on her hip. Her arms were twined around my neck, and I took hold of her left hand and moved it down, resting it on my cock. She broke the kiss and stared at me, and I squeezed my hand over hers, letting my fingers trail up her thigh, over her hip, up and out along her arm, and then in, and down, my fingers trailing lightly over her nipple, hot and hard, swollen.

Her breath hissed in on a gasp and her eyes fluttered closed. Her hand was steady on me, and she squeezed, her fingers moving over me, lightly, soft, exploring, her thumb rubbing over the mushroom head even as my own fingers caressed their way over her belly, through the fleece on her mound and down between her legs. Almost unconsciously, her legs separated and I slid my finger the length of her cleft, up to the hood of her clitoris, moving easily in her juices. I slid a finger, two, into her, my thumb gentle on her clit and she moaned softly into my mouth, trembling.

I pulled my head back slightly and her eyes flashed open. I smiled. "Do I need anything?"

"Do you -? Oh! No, just put it in me." She smiled, soft, loving. "Soon, please? Before I pass out from wanting you."

"You want me?"

She took a deep breath. "More than I've ever wanted anything in my life."

I eased her to her back on the couch, and moved over her, looking down into her eyes. She moved her legs apart, holding my eye. "Now," she said, and as I moved to put the head of my cock at her cleft, her cool fingers took me, guiding me into her warmth and wetness, into the scalding cling of her, a soft gasp coming from her as I pressed in, pulling back, spreading her juices and pressing in again, deeper, feeling my balls brush her ass as I filled her. There was a soft moan from her as I hit bottom.

"Ohh. Yes, Jack! Yes, yes, yes! Fuck me, fuck me deep, fuck me hard, my darling." I was startled, as I'd never heard her say so much as a 'damn' before, but this was a time for the raw bluntness of such language, because there was something primitive in us as I began to thrust into her, feeling her getting wetter as I thrust, beginning to hear myself as I moved in her wetness, smelling the potent mixture of her spring flower perfume and the raw sensual juices I was moving in, sweat coming to my brow, to hers, and pooling on her belly where I touched her as our bodies moved together, her breath beginning to hiss in my ear as I moved, her breathing adopting the rhythm of my thrusts.

It wasn't long, excited as we both were, before the moment was getting to me, and I was gritting my teeth, fighting to delay my climax, moving so that my angle of entry was slightly different, a hiss in my ear telling me that Carol was enjoying the moment, too, that the change was good for her, that this moment was ours. Not mine, not hers. Ours.

There was no way such intensity could last, and it didn't. Carol came first, a gasp from her as her pussy clamped down on my cock, her belly rippling, her pussy sucking at my cock, drawing me on, triggering my own climax so that my hips thrust at her in climactic reflex, and Carol gasped in my ear as she felt me driving into her, her hands pulling me tight into her.

As we came down from our high, and our breathing slowly crept back to normal, as we cooled slowly in the summer warmth, we were silent, until Carol suddenly giggled.

"What?" I said.

"I think you'd better pull out, before you fall out." She made a face. "I like having you there."

"I like being there." I kissed her nose, then pulled back, flopping onto my back. She rolled over, half on top of me, her chin on my chest, one leg between mine, gazing into my eyes, gnawing at her top lip.

"Was I good?" she said.

"Better than good. Wonderful."

She half smiled. "Do you want to do that again?"

"You need to ask? Every chance I get, and twice at weekends."

She gnawed her lip again, then took a deep breath. "Jack, I want your child."

I tried to keep my face impassive while I recovered from the shock. "You do, do you?"

She nodded. "I do, so very much," she whispered. "I love you."

"Well, in that case, Carol Elizabeth Trevelyan," I said. "Will you marry me? Because I love you, too."

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you don't share wife to be with everyone else. She wanted the guys to see her, she WILL cheat on you eventually, so get ready to be hurt...

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