Cary was supposed to meet his wife Sally at the lounge at 6 PM. He got off work at 5, there was a shower at the office and a change of clothes folded carefully in his over sized briefcase.

Just nice slacks, a sports shirt, since Sally promised to wear the little red dress she bought weeks before he dispensed with his usual blue jeans. She even modeled it for him in their living room but so far when Cary suggested she wear it outside the house, she chickened out.

It was on the short side but not amazingly so, it had a higher than normal waistline with long pleats. The bust was made of that stretchy stuff and it had no straps so she couldn't wear any of her bras with it.

The problem with that was the material made it completely obvious that she had big black nipples. Cary loved that, one glance at her and he was hard as a rock, but then Sally always did have that effect on him.

Sally was on the shy side about her boobs, while she didn't mind at all being naked in front of Cary, the idea of anyone else getting a peek was just not something she wanted to happen.

At least that appeared to be the case.

Like every woman everywhere, her tits are too soft, too hard, too little, not shaped right, nipples look wrong, one is bigger than the other, on and on and on.

This while surrounded by guys that would stand on their heads in a mud bog for a chance to get a good look at her boobs, even if the woman only had one of them. So she dressed modestly nearly all of the time, except for just once in awhile.

"I'm only wearing this to please you." He heard quite a few times from her when he did manage to convince her to add some provocation to her attire.

That's what she said, anyway, but Cary always suspected the truth might perhaps be different.

This Cary knew for a fact because one time at a party she wore an outfit that appeared to be modest at first glance but was overly loose at the top. There had been no encouragement from him at all that time.

She had come out of the bedroom wearing the soft pink dress, the top was a bit low cut, not outrageous at all, yet mildly large for her. Plus she had put on a shelf type bra and it pushed her boobs up enough that the tops of them showed nicely.

No big deal there except when she bent over for some reason. Then the bra showed clearly, both of her big titties sat there encased enough that her nipples didn't quite show but they came very close to it.

Even sitting down, if anyone walked behind her they could look right down there, her big dark nipples barely out of sight behind the frilly lace upper fringe.

Sally appeared to be totally oblivious to that, but everyone else there that evening sure wasn't.

She also got a little tipsy, not a hard thing for her to do, Sally was a three drinks and then giggling type of gal. She also got careless when she got a tad too much to drink, so that night about everyone there including the women got a nice look at her big soft breasts. A couple of times Cary noticed he could see just the upper edge of her nipple, and the peek a boo show got him horny as hell.

No way in hell could he keep his eyes off of her.

Sally acted like she didn't have a clue that people at the party were wearing a path in the carpet behind the couch she was sitting on.

Finally after she got tipsy and had sent him quite a few smoky glances he couldn't stand it and took her home.

That was one of those scoot across the carpet in the living room nights.

"God you looked hot tonight!" He told her, as they lay there cuddled up snugly.

"Hot? Me? In that old thing?" She answered.

She acted like she didn't know what he was talking about when he mentioned her slightly naughty appearance all evening. That had been a kick, so much fun that Cary was really up and going long before they even got to the house.

Cary spent a lot of time trying to convince Sally her breasts were perfection, hoping she would dress like that even more and he almost succeeded in that.


Once he even connived her into taking off her top at the beach, she instantly planted herself face down on the blanket and you couldn't have pried her loose from it with a crowbar.

For some reason she was shy about being blatant yet often had accidents, it all was odd to him.

He knew he never would understand females.


Sally did that bounce up and down on her tiptoes thing that afternoon while showing him her new naughty red dress she had just bought. It made her jugs do amazing things, Cary was sure she knew full well that he would go nuts.

Which he did. She saw the look on his face as he was getting up and turned and ran for the bedroom, getting the dress tugged over her head just in time to save it.

Then he had her tackled and down on the bed, Sally was giggled and squirming around as Cary poked at her, finally managing to get her tiny little pantie tugged out of the way. In the process they ended up falling off the bed, she landed on top and the carpet was nice and soft so he didn't even slow down.

His ass was sore for a full week after that one from rubbing on the carpet. She just laughed and told him it was his turn when he griped about it.

The idea of being out in public with Sally, while she was wearing that nasty tiny little red dress just yanked Cary's chain. Anyone who looked at her would be able to see her, even though she was covered up. Standing in the doorway like that with the light behind her had outlined her naked body perfectly, that part was something that had probably not registered on Sally.

At least he thought so.

She looked even hotter in it than she did out of it.

Well. Almost.

The thin pink pantie she had on underneath the red dress didn't hide anything either.

Sally felt her own orgasm flood over her as Cary thrust away at her, those times when he went all out of control like that were something she just loved. He would get so completely hard, and it felt even bigger than normal.

"God you are so fucking hot!" He was grunting, it filled her mind completely with pleasure because she knew he had gone almost out of control at just the sight of her.

Sally loved it when Cary was like that, her own pleasure was so intense that she lost track of everything else.


She decided that she would muster her courage and wear the outfit for him. She had seen herself in the mirror, the dress really was nasty, far more so than anything she had ever worn in public but she felt that she was still covered up well enough, all it appeared to do was offer hints.

She made up her mind for sure when Cary managed the second orgasm without even stopping, she had long since lost count of her own.

Sally decided that she would do anything to please this man, he was the most wonderful man in the whole world.


6 PM was not a problem at all, he would "b there with bells on", he sent her the text from work on his new phone thingie. They had just gotten them, and were still in the process of learning to use them, fiddling around sending short blurbs back and forth even while both of them were at home.

It was almost like shorthand, trying to send a message and make it fit on the tiny little screen was fun.

"u better b", she sent right back. Cary could hardly wait, he got off work at 5 and was going to meet her at the lounge, have some dinner, go listen to the band and dance. He loved to be out with her, show her off. Even dressed in her normal blouse and skirt, or even slacks and a top she was special.

Cary noticed that lots of men, even some of the women took notice of them as he spun her on the dance floor, he was a tall and handsome man in his own right, and there was no hiding his broad shoulders and muscular arms.

Tease each other, have some fun, go home and make wild love the rest of the night. He could just imagine what the night would be like if she actually did wear something like that naughty red dress out in public.

Sally had long since noticed Cary's reactions, simply wearing a pair of tight shorts perked him up, a low cut top got his eyes following her every move. Things like that made her tingle inside in anticipation.

That day at the beach, she had actually taken her bikini top completely off, right out in public. She had wanted desperately to just roll over, show her titties off to the entire world, but she simply could not bring herself to do that.

Instead she had laid there on her tummy, even going so far as to lift the blanket up when she sat up to put her top back on. There had been one older man about 30 feet or so away, she could see he was trying to get a peek at her, it made her face flush. She was reasonably sure the man did get a brief look as she had struggled to hold the blanket and put her top on at the same time.

But that wasn't her fault, she was trying to be modest.

If someone got a peek at her when she was dressed normally, those were just accidental and not her fault. Wearing this dress would be different, it really did show off a lot of her body. This would be no accident, she would have no way to hide that.

The other thing is that since it had been in her mind all day, Sally was incredibly turned on herself at the idea. She had already spoiled the sheer red pair, put on some white ones and messed them up, too.

Her usual white cotton ones looked silly with the outfit, so in a moment of lust she just left them off.

"God!" She thought. "No panties?" That was also totally unlike her. She stood there in front of the mirror, posed, her legs open. The hem of the skirt was only six inches below her pussy!

Glancing down, she realized that the dark carefully trimmed "V" of her pubic hair showed clearly through the cloth!

Everyone would know, she just could not possibly go out of the house like that. Excited but frightened at the prospect, Sally changed her mind at least a dozen times.

Normally if she got herself into a mood like this, Cary would come home, she would tease him a little bit by making him chase her all over the house, he would respond and dinner would get cold.

They would not be able to do that, since she was going to drive her little white Kia to the nightclub. This time instead of making love and then going out, things would have to wait.

Sally scrubbed herself pink, powdered and perfumed, fixed her hair and makeup to perfection. Slipping the skimpy dress over her head, she did a little whirl in front of the mirror, causing the hem of the dress to swing out and up.

She knew she would need to be extremely cautious while dancing, she again saw the flash of her brown bush in the mirror when she did the spin.

That glimpse was enough for her to go check her pantie drawer, she did have the pale pink thong bottoms of her sunning outfit that Cary had bought for her. She had worn them just one time, the time she actually went topless out on the beach. But now her dark curly pubic hair stuck out both sides of the thong, she had trimmed more off that time.

Thinking about that, she quickly undressed again, went into the bathroom and lathered herself up. It only took a few minutes, and she had all of the hair removed. She slid her fingers slowly over herself, feeling the slick softness. Her body shuddered, she wanted desperately to masturbate but she also knew the way it would feel when Cary slid inside her, so she managed to barely keep from doing it.

That would be a wonderful surprise for her man when they got home, she could hardly wait! Just thinking about that made her nipples swell up and poke out so much that actually hurt.

Putting on her clothes once again, she was so horny she again very nearly left the undergarment off, but then she tugged it on, thinking that would be way too much out in public with nothing under there.

She had nearly left the house naked underneath the thin dress, that was terrible! What if someone found out? What would they think of her?

Then she let her hands drift over herself again, managing a small orgasm from just that simple touch. It did take the edge off, at least now she could actually walk without looking like she was squirming. Glancing down at her front, she could see her nipples still shoving big bumps in the cloth. Even that close she could see the darker portions.

A quick couple of rubs up her swollen slit resulted in another small orgasm. Something about the now completely bare flesh at her loins had her going far more than normal.

Barely satisfied, she glanced at her watch and headed for the car. All she could think of was what the look on her husband's face would be like when he saw her.

"He asked for it." She told herself, sitting there with the engine idling for a few moments mustering her courage.

Finally reaching down and dropping the car into gear, she headed for the night club. If someone saw too much of her, it wouldn't be her fault, she rationalized.


Cary was getting ready to go take a shower when the boss came in, some crap about an order messed up. Since he was Cary the MAN, anything that went wrong around the warehouse, they came and got him.

For the paycheck, that's a good thing, for everything else, it just sucked. Cary seemed to be late to everything Sally had plans for. Hell, one would think she would have gotten used to it.

Yea, sure. Late was a never ending source of mild irritation for her.

This time he had promised, honest to God swore to her that no matter what, he would be there on time.

That is why she had bought the two little phones, so she could find out where in the hell he was while sitting and waiting.

Neither one of them had any real idea of how to use them, but Cary had sent her a message from the bathroom the first night telling her he needed her help. She went in to find out what he wanted, and he was standing there in just his socks with a huge grin on his face.

Giggling, she helped.


Lucky for Cary, the shipping error was just 15 miles away, all he had to do was jet over there, fix the order, then come back and check out.

No problem at all except it was 5 minutes to 5 when the boss told him that.

He jetted.

It all was a stupid mistake, someone had transposed a digit on the order. Then they had no idea what was wrong, hell, there was a 250 pound difference in what the weight should have been and what it was. It was just Cary's bad luck that one single digit reversed came out to be a different in stock item. Normally a mistake like that came up to nothing, someone would look and realize.

The stupid asses in packing just looked at the numbers, none of them could read the big words that said what the parts were.

He had it in his mind to read them the riot act the next week, but right now he wanted to get things straightened out and get to the lounge with his wife. He was hoping she might finally leave the bra off, that would be one hell of a kick. He had to slam on the brakes at the end of the street, thinking of Sally almost made him miss the red light.

Cary shook his head, forced his mind to the task at hand.

Dispatch a truck, pick up the correct parts, deliver them for the night shift, pick up the wrong shipment and back to the warehouse.

A Monkey could have seen and fixed the damn problem with two telephone calls, but no one else in the company could read.

It was 6:05 when he got back to the office. The phone must have went off when he was in the shower, he saw the message when he came back out.

"where the hell r u" It read.

He glanced at his watch, 6:15.


"tied up on the way" he sent.

"naked here lol"

"what?" he texted.

"red dress no bra. lol"

Red dress? At the lounge already, in that red dress? No bra?


"i hurry." he sent.

Yow! Cary had been wanting to take her out dressed all nasty looking, but it just was not her style at all. Damn shame, too, Sally was one stone fox. Natural big hair, all sorts of waves and colors in it, blue eyes that would melt any man's heart. The constant smile on her face gave her the appearance of seeing only the person she was looking at.

Sally wasn't a hugely busted gal, rather she was sleek and just right, her movements were lithe and exuded sexuality. She always griped that her tits weren't big enough, but even with both of his hands on just one of them, there was quite a bit left over.

Then it was her nipples that were too dark, too big, too puffy, why women were never satisfied with their bodies was something he didn't understand.

Maybe it was just fishing? Gripe about something, get an instant compliment? Maybe that was it, women were something Cary never did quite manage to understand.

More than one male had developed a stammer when first introduced to her, even when she was wearing old blue jeans and a T-shirt. She acted like she didn't even have a clue about that, although he had tried to explain it to her more than once.

Sally was also on the naive side, not stupid by any stretch of the imagination, she just trusted people. If some asshole wearing a pony tail and tattoos and a biker vest told her he was a Doctor or airline pilot, she probably would believe that.

The only part she never did seem to get was why so many men approached her, she thought they were just being friendly.

Cary had gotten to rescue her more than once from "friendly" conversations that seemed to develop every time he was late somewhere. Normally as soon as he showed up she would smile and give him a big hug and whoever was working on her would wander off looking unhappy.

That happened quite a bit at their favorite lounge, it was also known as a pickup joint. More than once Cary had seen some female dressed to kill, usually surrounded by what was a bit like Sharks in a ball of bait.

That lounge was not a place one left an attractive female alone for very long, the crowd tended to be younger and on the aggressive side.

Once Cary had come back from the bar with a couple of beers and some guy had solidly planted himself in his chair.

"Excuse me." He told the guy.

"Hey, I don't need your help." The guy said.

"My wife, OK? Take off." Cary told him, the guy gave up and left after giving Cary a sour look.

"What's up with that?" He asked her, sitting down.

"Oh, just some fellow being nice. He was telling me about his racing boats, he is a lawyer." She smiled.

Cary sighed, the guy looked like he was probably a logger.

Now Sally was sitting in that lounge wearing that red dress, all fixed up and no Cary.

Lord! He knew damn good and well the sharks would line up the moment she sat down.

"naked no bra lol" She had texted. Obviously drinking by now, too! Glancing at his watch, he was fairly sure she would be well into the second one.

He ran down the hallway, down the stairs three at a time, hopped into the spiffy brand new Camaro he had recently bought and took off for the lounge.

He lit the tires nicely on the way out of the parking lot, hung second gear without taking his foot off the floor, spotted the motorcycle cop sitting there along side the road just as he hit third.

"License and registration, proof of insurance please." The cop stood there waiting, his expression stone faced.

Just shit!

Cary handed it to him.

"Please Officer, my wife is waiting for me, I am in a hurry and need to meet her at the lounge." Cary said.


The cop took a long look at him, his face never changed expression.

"Oh....I see... You...ummm...are in a...hurry then, sir? It's to not...RUSH, especially when you are..uhhh...on a public highway, sir."

He looked at Cary with no expression, then smiled slightly. Cary opened his mouth to say something, thought better of it.

"Going a not a good idea, Sir. You will be driving later and...uhhh...someone could... be hurt. It's never a good idea to, sir."

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