tagSci-Fi & FantasyIn a Galaxy of Terror

In a Galaxy of Terror


**This story is an homage to the infamous scene in the movie _Galaxy of Terror_ where a woman is raped by a giant worm. I had heard a lot about this scene, and was massively disappointed when I finally saw it. This is what I had expected to see.**

Tanya Cross hunched behind her laser gun as she shuffled through the corridors of the starship Ramses. She tried to keep the gun aimed straight but her hands kept shaking. Fear clutched at her chest, forcing her breath to come in tight.

She was going to make it. The escape pod was only a few feet away. It was right on the other side of the door.

All she had to do was keep from thinking about what happened to the others. The worms were gone, probably satiated from the others. But that thought led her to think about what the worms did to the other crew members. The men had been killed by the worms, crushed to death. And the women...

Tanya shook herself. That didn't matter anymore. She was going to escape. That wouldn't happen to her.

She reached for the button to open the airlock. Something dripped onto her hand. Tanya reached out to wipe it off. Then she realized it was slime. The slime.

Tanya felt it before she saw it. Something curling down from the ceiling. A pink worm, seven feet long, glistening with slime. She raised her laser weapon. The worm curled its head down to bring its sucker mouth onto the gun. The gun sizzled where the worm's slime touched it. Tanya screamed and jumped back as the gun melted away in her hands.

"No," Tanya moaned. "Not me..."

The worm slithered off the gun onto her left arm. She gasped as she tried to pry it off. Her fingers couldn't find a grip on its pulsating flesh. The worm oozed its way around her arm, wrapping it tightly. It began to writhe its way up her shoulder. It moved too quickly. she couldn't stop it before it had wrapped itself around her arm, her shoulder, her ribs, her chest. Her left arm became pinned against her body. Her right arm flailed, desperately trying to grab something to free herself. Her fingers only skidded along the slick wall. She lost her grip.

Tanya toppled over onto her back. The weight of the worm pinned her to the ground. Its length slithered around her in tight, wet coils. She screamed at the top of her lungs, knowing there was no one left to hear her, but unable to stop.

She smelled smoke and could see her clothes turning black from the worm's corrosive secretions. A part of her hoped that the slime would burn her too, burn her alive and end the nightmare. But the ship's scientists had long ago determined that the worm could control the acidic nature of the slime, turn it on and off at will. That had been how the men had died, crushed and scorched by the worms. But not the women. The worm only burned what it needed to burn. And all it wanted was to burn off her clothes.

As her jumpsuit melted away, the worm slithered over her bare flesh. Its slime felt warm and tingled against her skin, but didn't burn her. Her jumpsuit evaporated in patches, the pieces dropping onto the ship's metal floor. Tanya looked down at her naked body in the grip of the worm. Her long legs twitched but couldn't break the pink tendrils wrapped around them. Her stomach bucked with her gasps and screams. Her breasts poked out between the worm's coils, jiggling at the worm's gyrations and her own struggles. The nipples stood out through the layer of slime.

The worm's head wriggled up her chest, and Tanya's screams grew as the puckered mouth curled down and latched onto one of her breasts. She felt its suction on her nipple, tugging it deep into its moist hole, and heaved with disgust.

Tanya knew what would come next. She had seen the computer simulations, even watched this happen to her best friend, Catlyn, but had been powerless to stop it. Tanya desperately tried to keep her legs pinned together. The tail pushed its way between her thighs, aided by the slime coating its length. The tail compressed itself until it slipped between her clenched legs, then expanded itself to push them apart. Tanya's breath came in short gasps as she realized she couldn't stop it.

The tip of the tail curled along her pubic region, exploring. The slime coated her pubic hair to mat it against her skin. When the tail brushed against the lips of her vagina, the tail froze for a moment. Then the tip forced its way inside.

Tanya's screams choked off by the vomit forcing its way up her throat as the tail pushed into her. It went in slowly, inch by inch. The tail pulsed in a steady rhythm that she felt through her entire body. Tanya bucked her hips, trying to force it out, but it only went in deeper.

Her whole right breast had been swallowed up by the worm. She could only see its pink head bouncing slowly against her chest. Tanya could feel its length stroking her breast up and down. But the tightness of its mouth felt strange, not so repulsive anymore.

Tanya's eyes widened as the tail pushed in and out of her. The pulsations of its body inside her triggered something unexpected. The part of her that recoiled at the thought of this freakish monster entering her began to recede. In its place came a feeling she had never expected. The feeling of the thick tail moving in and out, its length expanding and contracting the very limits of her flesh, felt incredible. And her nipple burned from the suction on it, but it was a heat of passion.

Tanya's screams faded, turning into moans. The clawing of her fingers turned into stroking. Her body heaved in tune with the worm's penetrations, guiding it, aiding it. Her back arched as she writhed on the floor. The worm seemed to sense the change in her movements. Its coils loosened until it no longer held her in its grip. Instead, it seemed to be embracing her.

"Yes," Tanya moaned. "Oh, yes. More..."

The worm obeyed, sinking its tail deeper into her body. The breast in its mouth ached with the tightness of its grip. The worm's length glided over the slickness on her body, warm and inviting against her skin. Tanya's mouth hung open as her groans became louder. Her hands clawed at the soft coils on top of her. Her legs came together to grip the worm between her thighs. It rewarded her generosity by pumping its tail in deeper and harder.

A part of her flashed back to the sight of Catlyn lying there on the floor of the medical bay, the strange movements she had made as the worm had penetrated her. Tanya had wondered why Catlyn hadn't tried harder to escape. Now Tanya knew. Catlyn had been in the throes of ecstasy. And so was she.

Tanya grit her teeth as the pleasure began to grow. She bucked her hips, smacking the cheeks of her ass on the metal floor beneath her. "Yes, that's it. Give it to me, baby."

The worm obeyed, pounding its hard tail into her pussy with deep thrusts. Tanya felt the moment rushed towards her. The moment she had feared and now looked forward to. All the women had died after this experience, died of something the ship's doctor had been unable to explain. Now Tanya knew. The pleasure she felt was beyond anything she had ever experienced, beyond her ability to contain it. And it kept growing.

Then the tail began to twitch. She felt something shooting deep inside of her, like the semen of her lovers when they spent themselves inside of her, but hotter and in such an amount that it spilled out of her. She felt the worm's juices squirting up her thighs, sliding down onto the floor and the quivering cheeks of her ass. The sensation of being filled by the worm's ejections sent her over the edge. Tanya screamed and her whole body went rigid. Her ass tightened until it rose off the floor. The orgasm hit her like a fist, slamming through her whole body, then hit her again and again.

Tanya flailed on the floor, pounding it again and again with her buns with each convulsion. Her head felt like it was going to burst, like the worm's fluids had filled her all the way to the top. Indeed, she could taste something salty in her mouth, rising up from her throat and back down again. Tanya's whole body went into spasms that left her twitching lifelessly in the grip of the oozing worm's coils.

Then it began to fade, leaving her weak and limp as if lying on the sand of a cool beach. Tanya closed her eyes, suddenly aware of her gasping breath. She knew why the other women had died. They had died from sheer pleasure. But she still breathed.

Tanya managed to open one eye. The worm had uncoiled itself from her body. Its mouth came off her breast with a pop, leaving flesh swollen and red. The worm inched its way up the wall of the corridor and through a vent, sliding away into the darkness.

Tanya took deep breaths as she lay on the floor of the ship. She had survived. The worm was leaving her. She wasn't going to die. She could get up, push the button to open the escape pod, and leave the nightmare behind. But she didn't. She couldn't. Even knowing that the worm would return to repeat what it had done, and knowing that this time, Tanya would die from the pleasure, she couldn't leave.

Tanya wanted to feel that pleasure again. Even if it meant her life.

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