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In A Pregnant State of Mind Ch. 1


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Shayla hung up the phone in her office. "Damn!" she argued. "His ass is going to be gone another week. What the hell am I supposed to do about this dinner party on Friday?" She swirled around in her lush, leather chair and put her head in her hands, rubbing her fingers along her forehead to relieve the pressure slowly building.

Shayla and Shon had been preparing for this dinner party for months now. Everything was going to be perfect to celebrate the soon-to-be arrival of their first bundle of joy - a baby boy! With this being their first child and Shayla's first pregnancy, everything that happened in her life seemed to be so over exaggerated. They had held plenty of get togethers in their seven years being together, and Shon had often been asked to travel for his business at the last minute. None of this should have bothered Shayla - not normally. But, her moods swung so quickly and frequently now, as well as her sexual appetite. With Shon leaving on this trip, it would be the second week in a row that they hadn't made love, and Shayla was going crazy!

"Damn that job of his!" she cried. "I'm 7 months pregnant and he could care less. All he cares about is that damn job." Shayla put her belongings in her briefcase and packed up to head home for the day. While doing this, a business card dropped on her office floor. It was a business card for Loving Hands Day Spa and Massage Parlor. Shayla's girlfriend, Carol, worked there and it sounded like the perfect get-away to erase the recent events of her and Shon's phone conversation.

Shayla pulled out of her parking space onto 7th Avenue and started heading up-town towards the day spa. She called Carol on her cell phone.

"Loving Hands Day Spa and Massage Parlor, this is Jean. How may I help you?" the sweet voice answered.

"Carol Simmons, please, " Shayla requested. There was a short click, followed by "Enya" playing on the line, already triggering Shayla's brain waves to start relaxing. She gets even more excited to get to the spa, especially since she hasn't been in over 6 months; ever since she found out she was pregnant. Now, they have a massage specifically for pregnant women, and Shayla was more comfortable going knowing that.

"This is Carol," was the voice's harsh interruption of the tranquil music Shayla was enjoying as she waited.

"Hey Carol, it's Shayla! What's up?"

"Shayla! Hey girl. What are you doing off work so early? I thought you never got home before 6PM," she hinted with sarcasm. Shayla could hear the coy smile in Carol's voice.

"Well, you little winch, I'm actually coming to see you at the spa. Do you have an opening for me in the next 15 minutes? I'm driving up 7th right now."

"You, coming to see me? Well, well, now. What a way to make a gal's day," Carol teased her. She loved messing with Shayla. She had always thought Shayla was so cute and playful. They'd known each other for almost 10 years and she considered her a best friend. She knew Shayla felt the same about her. As a masseuse, she was very observant of other people's bodies, and Shayla's was perfect; even more now since she was pregnant. Shayla was bi-racial, so her skin was very light, but with a touch of honey and caramel. Shayla's skin was so smooth, Carol remembered from a previous massage she'd done for her, and she often wondered if Shon knew what a gem he had. Shayla was 5'7 with shoulder-length light brown hair with auburn highlights. She wore it wavy and it cascaded down her face and neck so beautifully. She had an athletic build and her tits were a 38D. Her ass was perfect - muscular, but soft and feminine. Carol often wondered why she was always so mesmerized by Shayla, but in the mental picture she was painting of her right now, she finally understood. Shayla was absolutely gorgeous, to both men and women - straight, bi and gay.

Her own body wasn't bad, either, Carol thought. She was white, but she had Italian roots, so her skin was more olive than pale. She wore her red-dyed hair in a cute bob, but always pushed it behind her ears. Her green eyes were piercing and, after her tits, were one of her best attributes. Speaking of her tits, they were a bit larger than Shayla's - a 40DD, but they always seemed so out of proportion compared to her ass, which was soft, jiggly and flat! They were round, with large, eraser-like deep, rosy pink nipples that were extremely sensitive. She often walked around with bras that had extra lining because her nipples poked through all her clothes, whether she was horny or not. She could come just by having them licked and sucked, which her past lovers found quite exciting.

Carol had an appointment for the time-slot that Shayla wanted to come, but she knew she wanted to catch up with her girlfriend, so she lied to Shayla and said she was free. She would reschedule the other client for another time, free of charge, to accommodate for the inconvenience. Shayla walked into the spa and immediately was put at ease. The music, the soft colors and the entire ambiance of the spa was tranquil. Carol came through the two main doors leading to the spa area and greeted Shayla.

"She looks great," Shayla thought to herself. "I wish I wasn't in such a pregnant state-of-mind because my horniness is making me actually get a little wet looking at her," she worried. "This is just because Shon and I haven't made love in weeks. Calm yourself down, Shayla. This is Carol, your friend, for God's sake!!!" she tried to convince herself.

Carol came and hugged Shayla. Since Shayla's breasts were bigger, now, than either of them had ever seen them, Carol joked, "Damn, Shayla. Your tits are almost bigger than mine now! Hugging you feels so different with our huge tits pushing up against each other like that." They both laughed and headed back into the spa area. The comment, actually, made Shayla a little embarrassed. She wasn't prepared for all the changes her body was making, and having huge tits didn't seem to interest Shon. He always commented (after she got pregnant) that he liked her tits better when they were a 38D and perky, when the nipples pointed straight out. Now, he said, they were more than a mouthful; he didn't like the way they hung (not sagged) and the nipples pointed down vs. out. Needless to say, this made Shayla self-conscious about her 'new' tits. She thought they were beautiful, herself, but her husband's opinion mattered to her. She wanted to be pleasing to him. She often wondered if a lot of his frequent 'business travel' involved rendezvous' with other women with 'perky tits' like he liked. She quickly put that thought out of her head and focused on the here and now. Carol tapped her shoulder,

"Hello, earth to Shayla. Where were you at, honey? Did you hear what I said?" Carol probed.

"Oh, I'm sorry Carol. My mind wandered off to other things. What did you say, again?"

"I said to go in here, take your clothes off, put them in the locker and then put on this robe and some shoes, " Carol held up the terry cloth robe for Shayla. "When you're finished, lock the locker and come down to my room at the end of the hall. You remember where it is?"

"Yeah, yeah, I, uh, I remember," stuttered Shayla. "I'll try to hurry. In the state that I'm in, moving fast is a task, ya know?" Shayla laughed at her own humor. Carol always had a nice effect on her. She felt so good with her friend. She was looking forward to relaxing in Carol's magic hands. She couldn't believe it, but the thought of Carol's hands on her horny body, right now, was the only thing on her mind. This was going to be a good massage...to be continued.

More to come. Stay tuned for Part II very, very soon...

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