tagMind ControlIn Control of Sandra Ch. 1

In Control of Sandra Ch. 1


This is a fictional account of events that (I wish) had happened between my sister in-law and me.

* * * * *

It all began on one fateful night on the way back home from out of town. As a construction superintendent for a medium size outfit I have to travel quite a bit. I was returning from a job in upstate New York driving down a dark winding road, it was later than I normally try to get home and I was dead tired.

While trying not to go off into the woods on either side of the road I decided to put on a CD and sing along to keep myself from falling asleep. In the process of looking for the CD my attention was distracted for just a second and here I go off the road and into, who knows how many, trees.

The next thing I remember I wake up at a hospital in the nearest city in ICU. While I am trying to get the fuzziness out of my head and figure out what has happened a Doctor and Nurse come in. They ask the usual questions about "How am I feeling", "Do you remember anything", "What is your name" etc. Well I answer as best I can while wondering why they have the strangest look on their faces.

While they are asking me questions, I am asking them for any information to help me with why I am so weak and disoriented. I can't seem to focus my eyes on anything for very long and my mind wanders so it seems I can hear voices in my head. The Doctor seems to make up his mind and asks the nurse to leave the room. He comes over to my bed and sits down; he has a small smile on his face.

"Sir, you are something of a miracle patient," he says. "You came in to us with a fractured leg, hip, both shoulders, a broken jaw, fingers and toes and as if that were not bad enough your skull was dislocated and broken into four pieces."

The Doctor goes on, " When I saw you, or what was left of you, come in to the emergency room I didn't know where to start. You looked like nothing I have ever seen in all my years as a physician. I won't go into all the details of what, who and how much right now but just chew on this, you had your accident on September 23, 2001, and today's date is January 16, 2003. Your wife and family have been coming to see you every day waiting for you to wake up. The nurse has called them and they should be here in a little while."

You could have knocked me over with a feather except I was lying down. I looked at the Doctor as if he had lost his mind. What a way to wake up. After a little bit I again asked him what the future held for me and would I get back to normal.

He answered, "It is to early to tell what will come back and what won't. For now just work on day to day, things will come in time. Your recovery will depend a lot on you. As a side note, you won someone about 400 dollars in the when will he wake up pool. You have been very popular with the nurses that come in to give you your baths and I expect you will have a few visitors. If they get to being to bothersome chase them off."

By today's date I am now 51 years old and have missed 2 birthdays, but I am still alive. Before the wreck I was 5'11" tall and weighed 225lbs most of that was solid muscle because of my early years of competition power lifting and 25 years in construction. My wife and I had been married right out of high school, with 3 great kids. Two girls and a boy that we couldn't be prouder of. Why my wife stayed with me all those years I never knew. She says it is because no other man could satisfy her.

Over the years I have had some real passionate affairs but always come back to her asking and receiving forgiveness. I don't like to brag or boast about anything regarding myself, but when they were passing out cocks I must have gotten stuck in line or got a double portion. When soft it measures about 10" long and when the blood is really pumping it measures 13-14" long. In high school there was no problem getting dates but when it came down to the "unveiling" many of the girls would freak out and send me home with a case of blue balls.

About the time the teasing started about my endowment I started to work out, play football, wrestle and work heavy construction every summer. Needless to say the teasing stopped pretty quick when I picked up the front of a VW beetle in the parking lot of school.

Now here I lay in a hospital having been a vegetable for over a year and a half. The Doctor said I weighed about 145lbs and had shrunk an inch. The physical therapist and massage therapist had been working my muscles and joints daily to make sure I didn't stiffen up. It seemed to help when I tried to get out of bed, and fell flat on the floor, at least I could move.

Time went on and I improved daily. The only thing the Doctors couldn't help me with was the voices in my head and the way it sounded as if I could read peoples minds. The attending Doctor told me that a specialist was flown in to put my head back together and that he had to use some form of medication for the healing process, all experimental. Who cares, I feel great and when my wife Kathy comes to visit she can stay over in the same bed.

I finally got to go home and stay in my own bed for a change. I was going to be on disability for some time until released from the Doctor. So spending time at home was a luxury to enjoy for a while. My kids had to go back to school and work so I said goodbye to all the visits and lack of privacy. My sister-in-law Sandra decides to come for a visit and stays for several days. She is divorced and doesn't have any children, with a knockout figure and a set of boobs to die for. I have had the hots for her as long as I can remember. She likes to tease by wearing low cut dresses, see through blouses, real short skirts and thong bikinis at our pool.

Kathy has to work out of town a lot in the summer and was gone for several days. Sandra said she would look after me and Kathy told her not to look after me to good. All the time I'm recovering my strength my wife will do things for me almost right after I think of them. Then a light goes off over my head and I decide to experiment and see if I can tell other people what to do.

I start with the neighbor and think of him coming over to mow my lawn. No problem, he just gets this blank look on his face and starts his mower and mows my lawn. Then with a little confidence I go to the car wash and think of the good-looking girl next to me to wash her car topless. This worked too, and got me hot just watching her tits bouncing around all covered with soap. I told her in my mind to put her together and forget what happened, so she covered herself up and drove away.

Needless to say I couldn't wait to use my new power on my Sandra and see what would develop. I went to the grocery store and got a couple of bottles of wine and some nice steaks with all the trimmings. While there in one of the aisles I thought to a beautiful woman with large tits in a tee shirt and short skirt how her bra was uncomfortable and how she should remove it in the ladies room along with her panties. When she came out you could see it was a little chilly in the frozen food aisle, her nipples stood out almost an inch. I thought to her how horny she was and she should have an orgasm using her hand and no one was around. She looked around and slipped one hand inside her skirt to rub her pussy and the other she used to rub her nipples through her shirt. I left before she got to loud.

When I got home Sandra was at the pool on her stomach with the top of her suit undone and that sweet ass visible wearing a thong bottom. I told her what was planned for dinner and that she won't have to do a thing about cooking. She said, "That's good because I needed to be waited on for a change."

I thought that would probably change as the night went on, she said, "But that will probably change later." This was so cool, I thought to her that her bathing suit bottom was to tight and she should remove it and turn over. Sandra stood up and pulled her suit bottom off along with the top and lay back down on her back. Even in her late thirties her tits stood up firm and high with large puffy nipples. She also had shaved all her pubic hair off; this was a little bonus for me because I love to eat pussy without hair.

While watching her out of the corner of my eye I fixed supper. The grill was about four feet away from where Sandra was laying on the lounge. I noticed that she had pulled her legs up and had spread them just a little, just enough to see her slit, it made me get real hard. I tried to concentrate on cooking the steaks, ha ha ha. Sandra sat up and was watching me with a funny look on her face. Then I realized my cock was sticking out of the bottom of my shorts and dripping on the deck. When I get excited I produce a lot of pre-cum and when I cum it shoots about four feet unless it is surrounded by a pussy or mouth. My wife has jerked me off into a measuring cup and gotten as much as a half of a cup the first time and a third the second.

Sandra just sat there watching my cock drip on the deck and didn't say a word, but I noticed her breathing had increased. I thought to her that it was time to get dressed for supper into something revealing and sexy without any underwear. She said, "I think I'll get into something different for supper, you'll be surprised." Then she picked her suit and went inside and watching her walk to the house almost made me cum all over the deck.

The steaks were done so I called to Sandra that supper was ready, come and get it. She came out of her room with a blouse unbuttoned all the way down to her belly button with no bra. Her skirt was not what I would call a skirt but two small pieces of fabric connected with a belt and every time she would move a leg I got a flash of her pussy. Sure was glad I was sitting down, the only problem was the glass top on the table. Sandra would move things on the table to look at my cock and start to breathe heavy, and every time she would move her legs I would get to see her pussy. This kept my cock hard all through the meal and the side of my leg got wet with pre-cum.

Sandra didn't say much during supper so I thought to her she needs to clean up the dishes and come back to sit on my lap for a while. She said, "Here let me get those dishes and you relax. You shouldn't strain yourself in your condition," she said with a broad smile while looking at my crotch. I thought that I was losing my touch when all of a sudden here comes Sandra and sits in my lap. If she couldn't feel my cock through the cheeks of her ass on my leg she was dead. "What do you want to do tonight?" she asks. I told her maybe we could watch a movie. "Okay, I'll pick something out." she says.

While Sandra was outside I put some porno movies on top of the TV hoping we would get here. I thought to her that all she wanted to watch was fuck movies. "All I want to watch is fuck films tonight, is that okay?" I said sure. Sandra kept looking at my cock hanging down below my shorts and how wet my leg had gotten.

I figured that it was time to really move the program so I thought to her how horny she was after the movie got into a good part. This couple was on the couch and the woman was sucking the guy's cock like it was her last meal. Sandra started to squirm in her seat and moved over to sit closer to me on the couch. Every time she would slide her skirt would move up, now her pussy was out in the open and looked wet and swollen.

I thought to her to look at the movie and act out what they were doing. Sandra came over and started to rub my cock through my shorts, moving her hand down until she could slide up and down. My pre-cum was really flowing now and soon Sandra had it all over her hand while she jerked me off. Sandra moved her mouth down to the head of my dick and licked off the juice that had formed on the tip while stroking my cock. She started to suck just the head of it into her mouth and swirling her tongue around the head. Everything the actors did she would do, I was getting close to cumming in her mouth and thought to her that she needs to get my cock in her pussy.

Sandra had been divorced for over 2 years so she was real tight. As she squatted over my dick covered with her saliva she struggled just to get it in. With her working up and down slowly I could watch my cock stretch the lips of her pussy open and closed finally she could work about half of it in her. This was the tightest pussy I had ever been in and was about ready to cum. She said, "Oh, oh this feels so good, so big, so hard. Hold on honey, I want more of your hard cock in my pussy." Sandra slowed down and slid down onto my cock until all but 3 inches was buried in her pussy. I thought to her that she needs to have the strongest orgasm of her life.

She started to moan and pound onto my cock like her ass was on fire. I had never had a woman cum like Sandra was; she was squirting out pussy juice like a faucet. Both of us were soaked so bad it was dripping onto the floor. With her starting to come down from her orgasm I thought to her that she needed to suck me off until I came in her mouth.

She said, "I need your cock in my mouth, pump your cum into my mouth, fill me up." Sandra got off my cock and started to try to deep throat my meat. She got as much as 6" into her mouth and was sucking and licking when I told her I was cumming. She dropped her head onto me and jerked the shaft into her mouth. I must have cum buckets, in her mouth, on her face, on her tits, in her hair. It just kept squirting and she kept sucking and swallowing.

After we had caught our breath and could talk she said something that really blew me away. "I've wanted that cock in me ever since that time at the beach several years ago when I noticed how well the front of your suit filled out. I was so jealous of my sister getting that big hard cock slammed into her and I wasn't. It made my pussy drip just thinking about it."

All the while she is talking her one hand is rubbing and stroking my cock and balls while her other hand is rubbing my come onto her tits, belly and pussy while she sticks her fingers into her mouth to suck and lick them clean. This is getting me hot. My cock starts an upward climb onto my belly and I can hear her breathing getting ragged.

"This is the most amazing piece of equipment I have ever seen, so thick and long," she says. By now the pre-cum was flowing good again and Sandra was stroking my dick from the head down to my balls. "It's so pretty with the veins pulsing all along the length, I can feel your heartbeat when it pumps. I think it needs to be cooled down in something soon." All the time she is talking her head and mouth are moving closer to my cock. Sandra started to lick my stomach where the cock juice was and sucked on my belly while sticking her tongue into my belly button. She started to slide my cock on her face and smear the pre-cum on her cheeks and lips. "You taste so good that I think I'll have to eat some more, so juicy and sweet."

Sandra started to slowly put the head of my cock into her mouth and suck gently drawing out more and more pre-cum onto her tongue. "Mm, mm." She said as she fondled my balls. I wondered if I even needed to think to her about what to do next, so I said it out loud, "Sandy I want to suck your pussy and make you cum on my face." She got up and sat her cunt onto my tongue while she sucked on my dick. Her pussy was real wet and juicy, just the way I like them. I first started to lick her slit and lips while running my tongue over her asshole, this made her jump. When she started to moan I stuck my tongue into her cunt and tongue fucked her until her juices were running down my chin. Then I started to run my tongue over her clit fast, slow and in circles. This got her attention, "Oh yes there that's it faster, faster, faster." I forget about getting my dick sucked and concentrated on driving her over the edge.

The more I licked her clit the more juice flowed from her cunt, it was running down my chin onto my neck and I could feel it going to the couch under me. She was getting close to cumming so I placed my finger at the entrance to her asshole and pushed it in up to my second knuckle. I wiggled it one time and sent her over the edge. "Oh, oh, oh, so good, yes lick me, fuck my ass. I'm cumming, I'm cumming, hmmmmmmmmmmm." She screamed.

I have never had a woman squirt pussy juice out when she had an orgasm but man what a thrill getting hosed from a twitching cunt rite on my face. Sandra soaked the couch cushion and my face while I tried to suck all her juice I could out of her pussy. Something else that never happened to me is having the woman pass out. "Sandy, Sandy hello earth to Sandy." I asked. There was no response but a contented sigh and a low moan of satisfaction.

Well I still had a raging hard-on and decided to make use of that sensitive asshole. But thought, maybe next time when she is awake and we can both enjoy it. I picked her up and put her in her room to sleep off the effects of our fuck session and went back to clean up the living room couch as best I could.

The next day Sandra came out of her room in her robe after a shower, "Good morning, how did you sleep?" I asked. "I had the most amazing dream last night, the kind that makes you wonder if it was a dream or not." She said with a puzzled look on her face. "Really, what was it about?" I said trying to hide my grin. "Well you and I were doing things that Kathy would definitely not approve of." She said.

"Well don't leave me in suspense tell me what happened." I asked. "No, I don't think I want to share it right now." She said with a grin. "Okay, maybe later." I said.

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