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In Frilly Panties


Having been caught trying on a par of my wife's size 14 panties, I had been instructed to get a pair of my own frilly knickers in my size and a hood made of soft panty nylon they were both pink in color.

My wife had been sharing her thoughts with friends on Skype and people she had met from time to time when traveling as part of her work.

What follows is what happened one evening when my wife took me along as she traveled one week as part of her work.

We stayed at a small country town at a motel, upon arrival my wife made it clear I was to undergo one of her fantasies of being a panty boy that would be also providing oral to some ladies whom she had spoken about my panty fetish.

I had expected a nice meet 'n greet But no we stayed in our room and I was put in the frilly panties only and stood in the corner, She had me stand with my hands on my head, and then got her laptop fired up and I was not privy to her writing but I was instructed to bend over, turn left and right thus showing people whom she was Skypeing with a show of what I had on...

After a time of this she shut down the laptop and had me redress but to keep the panties on a pair of jeans and a short sleeve shirt not tucked in.

We went to dinner in the dining room with seating for about 30 people again I was assuming I would meet her friends, but no we were to sit alone. The dining room was about half full when we walked in and as we stood waiting to be seated "There all here darling panty boy" loud enough to be heard by the waitress and a couple of tables there were couples there single men and women young and old alike..

The table we sat at was for two and I faced my wife over the table and all I was looking at was the wall...

She just sat there ordered drinks and meal and we just sat and chatted like any other couple, she excused herself to go to the loo, yet just before going stood next to me and bent to whisper in my ear, "Move forward in your seat panty boy..." I did as requested and she casually lifted the rear of my shirt one handed just a little, and ran her hand just inside the waist line of the jeans and pulled on the panties just enough to show some of the pink. Now sit back straight panty boy as I did I could feel the air of my slightly exposed back Now don't move naughty boy....

And then she was gone, whilst she was gone the waitress arrived with our entree.

When she came back she sat down with a big grin and just said straighten your self up darling the dining room might see your panties....

I went crimson in color and pulled down my shirt... and we just sat and chatted small chat and enjoyed our meal and wine followed by desert and coffee, She was prolonging the agony of me not knowing whom had seen my panties.

Behind me I could hear people coming and going as customers finished their meals and retired for the evening, I was hoping that all of a sudden I would be just be introduced in a flurry of a speech given by my now well relaxed wife and therefore ridiculed in public.

Again no we just got up went to the waitress station and as I paid she casually started to rub my buttocks whilst stood nice and close. We then left for our room..

My wife then instructed me that unknown to me I had been noticed by all 5 of the ladies I now was going to be an oral slave to them all... and others in the dining room had seen what I had on when she had lifted my shirt and pulled my panties into view.

I was to strip to my panties again and to lay on my back and my head was to be just off the bed whilst in this position she then put on a simple satin blindfold then slowly put on the mask I was totally blind and she had taken a photo of me stood in this before so I knew what I looked like, the panties fit well and snugly around my manhood and the hole is big enough for my tongue to fit through.

I then herd her go and unlock the door again I expected there to be a flurry of feet and the room to be filled with hoots of laughter at the sight I presented but no.

My wife just returned to me and started to let me know I was to lick fully what each lady was requiring to have pleasured. She then parted my legs and I felt her sat between my thighs I then just heard the clink of her phone as a sms came in.. she obviously replied and then sat and rubbed my cock, to a nice aroused state.

The door opened nothing was said at all I just heard the rustle of someone adjusting their clothing, My wife just said "here's your first darling she's hitching up her skirt tongue out panty boy..."

the lady slid her thighs either side of my face against the fabric of the mask then I smelt the sweet smell of a pussy I then felt her pubes on my tongue. And to work I went the room was silent except the sound of the lady enjoying her pleasures.

I felt her move away... then silence then the door opened again this happened two more times and I was to lick a ladies smooth pussy and an anus... each time I had no idea if anyone had stayed or gone. all through all my wife said was here's number 2 ... 3.

the third one was obvious about leaving the other 2 I was not 100% sure.

Then came a loud knock on the door my wife just held my cock firm and just said don't move panty boy...

My wife then called out "Enter" then I heard her voice... "Oh I see what you ladies mean he is in panties" I felt a hand on my cheek and she said "Mmm feels like panties too how nice" It was our waitress so ladies is it true from the sms I've gotten he'll lick my pussy or anus..." she laughed My wife just played with my raging cock and said "yes of course want to try."

"Thanks" was all the reply was...

I heard her getting out of clothes... and then her anus was on my tongue I licked her hard and long, she then shifted and pulled my face onto her pussy. she was the most vocal of all the ladies...

the door opened again and she had not even gotten off my face...

she just said ah here she is "hi sexy... come and get licked babe..." then "Mmm love the panties crotchless that's so sexy" My wife just played with my cock more and more"

The waitress was so out there it was so sexy I was almost coming....

I heard the waitress start kissing the other lady it sounded so sexy and she let my head go I started to dart my tongue looking to lick the new lady. then it was there not a pussy at all just the tip of a cock...

I almost jumped the waitress just sat on my chest more... Keep calm Panty boy my wife said... and I was introduced to licking just the tip of this cock...

so with the waitress with my head between her thighs leaning back on my chest was kissing this man whom she held his cock to my tongue to lick.. and my wife playing with my cock in my panties.

Then they both stopped and got up and said thanks panty boy laughed and left.

My wife just said "thanks for introducing my panty boy to cock, by the way I love your sexy suspenders and crotchless panties... again thank you.'

then silence... my wife got up and I heard her kneel next to my head... "How was that panty boy..." I started to babble on how I loved it all..

she then removed my mask then the blindfold my eyes adjusted to the light again she pushed me up on the bed into a sitting position there were two ladies sitting in the two bucket seats on the far side of the room they had lost their skirts and panties that lay on the floor and were openly rubbing their vaginas.

I recognized them as a mother and daughter that had sat directly behind us as we sat for dinner and had gone when we left..

"Well Panty boy that was very nice to watch" said the mother "now come and lick my pussy" my wife took my hand and led me across the room and whispered do as your told this one will spank you! I knelt before this lady and started to get to work "come on you cock sucker harder" she put her feet on my shoulders and maneuvered and just said "and my anus again naughty little panty boy.."

She held my head firm and I heard my wife and daughter elsewhere in the room moving around.

This lady then started to tell me how my naughty wife was going to be a dirty little slut for her daughter before... and proceeded to demand more and more of my oral pleasures as she openly told me what my wife was doing to her daughter...

"Told you she's a slut" she said "and sluts get spanked you know..." I heard what I can only presume was my wife getting a spanking then silence except soft sobs...

then she held my head like a vice in her hands and thighs.. I felt my panties peeled down a little then was soundly spanked...

She then just stood and pushed me back grab her things and the mother and daughter were gone...Door slamming shut.

I found my wife lay on her back on the bed big smile on her face and just said now come fuck me you naughty slut...

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