tagIncest/TabooIn Love with Her... Ch. 02

In Love with Her... Ch. 02


The night after Robert had seen his mother showing was different; for obvious reasons. He felt as though he had got away with murder and that he was suddenly public enemy number #1. But in truth the fact that he had seen his mom finger fuck herself only reasserted his feelings that how he'd reacted was right. He struggled all night with himself, trying to decide how to act the next day and eventually realised that no matter how he tried to act; he would be unable to do it without sounding guilty and his Mom always knew when he was lying or covering up for something.

So in the morning he dressed in silence in the small hours and wondered how the day would turn out. He dressed casually and hoped that it would attract his mom's attention. He meandered down to the living room and, without sitting down, picked up the remote and turned on the sports channel to catch up on what he'd missed last night.

He left the TV on and proceeded into the kitchen to make himself a sandwich. He sat down and ate in front of the TV and contemplated more whilst watching the highlights of the Redskin's game and eating his meagre breakfast. He wondered how he would feel when he saw his mom and how she would react to him. His stomach churned and it was nothing to do with the cheese and pickle now resting in his stomach.

He remembered his mom last night when he was at the door. He remembered how her pussy had been and how, hairless, she had stroked it and fingered herself whilst he watched. He could feel his erection rising in his pants just from thinking this and felt the heat rising in his face and neck. His bulge now strained against his trousers and he stood up to try to rearrange himself, simultaneously knocking his plate, with the half-finished sandwich still on it, to the floor where it plastered the rug with pickle and butter.

"Ah shit!" he cursed in spite of himself as he squatted uncomfortably to pick up the pieces and undo the damage. He then struggled into the kitchen with his cock now aching in his trousers to empty the remainders into the disposal and wash up his plate. He couldn't get the image of his mom out of his mind and his cock raged to think about it. He could stand it no more, he just had to bring himself off over these thoughts and their stimulus; his mom. After all it was still early and his mom was still fast asleep upstairs in her bed. He felt his inhibitions give way and he unzipped his trousers and took his dick into his hand, just as he had the night before. Facing the sink he slowly brought himself to the brink, massaging his aching cock with his hand whilst imagining his Mother's perfect pussy clamped around it. He moaned aloud as he got close and increased his movements, jerking his dick harder as he prepared to spurt again.

Suddenly from out of nowhere he heard a noise on the stairs in the hallway. His stomach physically leapt into his throat and he put his dick as quickly as he could back into his pants and sniffed loudly to cover the sound of his zip. He then quickly turned to face the sink and look out the window. Maybe it wasn't what he'd thought; maybe he'd just imagined it. It might not be his mom at all. But his fears were justified when his mom, in her pyjamas, stepped through the door into the room. He spotted her reflection first, in the glass of the window and turned, innocently to face her and smile.

"Hey Mom" he said, feigning tiredness.

"Oh hello sweetie" she replied with genuine shock "I didn't realise you were down here!"

He took in her glorious form for a few moments ad admired her supple breasts through her pyjamas. They were made of silk and were of a deep midnight blue. The two topmost buttons were undone to reveal just the smallest view of her cleavage and the matching bottoms were tight and gripped her legs like lycra. The sheen from the material made Robert's concealed erection even harder and he felt the blood rise again in his face.

"Tell me you haven't been down here since I said goodnight to you a couple of hours ago!" she said, now suddenly stern and more "Parent like".

"No" he replied with a tone of mild annoyance "I just couldn't sleep and was a bit hungry, so I came down and made myself a sandwich"

"Oh darling why didn't you just wake me and I would have made one for you!" She said, fussing her way over to him. He was still so damn warm around the neck and face and his mother noticed.

"Are you feeling ok sweetheart?" she asked, looking concerned "You seem a little red, do you feel a little sick maybe?"

Robert didn't understand why he answered the way he did but he told her that he was feeling a little under the weather and that was why he had woken up. She told him that she had thought so and pressed her cold had to his forehead.

"You are a little warm" she diagnosed as Rob's cock stirred at her touch "Let me get you a wet towel". She went over to the sink and ran cold water onto a small towel and told him to sit on one of the stools at the bar. While she had her back to him he admired her as he never had before. He'd seen his mom in her swimming costume loads of times but it was only after last night that he truly noticed the body underneath those clothes. He gazed on the gorgeous curves of her ass and admired her curves. He could see the outline of her underwear under her silk PJ's and wondered what they were made of. He realised now the gravity of the situation he had stepped into. She was now right there and he could take her if he wanted, he just had to bide his time and wait for the right moment.

She turned back to him and brought the towel up to his head. She parted away his fringe with her fingers and lightly brushed his skin with her hand as she did so; Rob felt a tingle climb up his back and he flinched at her touch. She smiled.

"Don't worry: cold hands; warm heart" She said as she pressed the wet towel to his forehead ad he began to cool down. She leant in very close to him to observe his face. Rob found himself unable to do anything but gaze into her deep brown eyes. He lost himself within them and felt his love for this woman, his mother, assured. He found his sense of speech again and asked slowly:

"Mom, do you miss anything about being with Dad?"

She looked at him for a moment with a dumbfounded look on her beautiful face. She then answered slowly.

"I remember when you asked that once before; you were 10" she was smiling as she said the next part "but you're older now and I suppose I can tell you. I miss sex a lot and I feel really lonely sometimes. It really makes my day when you visit as it gives me someone to be with for a couple of days".

She turned away from him once more and went back to the sink. He decided to make his move now, turned on by what she had just revealed. He got up silently and, slowly put his arms around her waist, pulling her close to him. She sighed and held onto his arm with her hand, gently caressing it with her thumb. The silk felt good under his fingers; and with his arms around her waist he was not far at all from her pussy. With his head on her shoulder he could smell her perfume and was aroused further by the smell of jasmine that emanated from her gorgeous brown hair.

Slowly, and with fervour, he unlinked his hands and reached between her legs. His Mother didn't move and stayed very still as he gently rubbed her pussy from outside the layers of silk. She sighed and her head lolled backwards onto his shoulder and he proceeded. She was enjoying it! He increased the tenacity of his hand movements and rubbed her pussy harder. He could see her nipples poking, rock hard, from underneath her pyjamas and he removed his hand momentarily to change to another motion. Her reaction was instant.

"No babe, don't stop!" she sighed in a husky voice as her pussy beckoned to him.

"I'm not going to" he replied slowly as he tucked his hand into her panties, which were made of thin lace.

"Good" she moaned "because I need you to do this so badly!"

He reached deeper into her groin and found her pussy; it was completely soaked with the juices of her arousal. He proceeded as he had before and rubbed her whole pussy in circular motions but this time he rubbed her clit slowly with his thumb and he did so. She cried out as the waves of her ecstasy broke over her and she had her first orgasm at the hands of her son. Her pussy juices flowed onto his fingers and she moaned in gratification.

"Please baby, put you finger inside me!" she cried "make me cum again!"

Her son obliged and carefully slid two fingers into his mother's wet pussy. She moaned loudly, as though in anguish, as her son pleasured her with his fingers. And it wasn't long before she came again. He removed his hand from her panties and presented the cum covered fingers to her. She hungrily sucked the sweet juices from his fingers and with shaking hands began to remove her clothes. She set free her breasts and turned to face her son whilst she removed her bottoms and panties. Once completely naked she moved closer to her son and kissed him softly, moaning in his mouth exasperated words of thanks.

"Oh thank you baby.... You made me cum so hard... I love you". He slid his tongue in between her lips and fenced with hers, their saliva spreading into each others mouths. She used her shaking hands to now remove his clothes. The T-shirt, trousers and then underwear hit the floor to reveal his erect and throbbing penis. She took in her right hand and began to pump it whilst she kissed him softly. Rob had never had anyone else touch his cock; and here was his own mother, jerking him! The feelings were fantastic and Robert moaned as she pumped his hard dick with her beautiful hand. He felt the cum swell in his balls as her hand jerked his cock expertly and just as he thought he would burst, she stopped. Man! What a cock-tease! She kissed him and explained.

"I don't want you to come yet" she said quietly "I want you to come inside me you silly boy!" she added with a wicked smile. Taking her son by the hand she led him into the lounge and lay down, facing him on the big couch. The couch was big enough for two people to lie side by side with relative ease and she spread her legs to allow him in. Approaching from the opposite end of the couch he positioned himself between her legs and placed his cock over her pink pussy. It looked so inviting and he was dying to complete this incestuous coupling. In the interest of chivalry he looked deep into her eyes, kissed her gently, and spoke softly to her.

"Are you sure this is what you want?" he asked "I know it's what I want but is it what you want? Do you want me inside of you?"

"Babe, please" she replied sarcastically and with a small smile. "Would I have let you finger fuck me and make me cum twice if I didn't want you to fuck me?"

Robert smiled in return and kissed her once more before looking down and gently sliding his erect cock into his mother's perfect pink pussy. Everything that had happened in the last 18 years of his life now seemed insignificant by comparison to this feeling. As he pushed in further his mother's pussy walls gripped his dick tightly. She was so tight! She gasped aloud and just managed to speak as her son penetrated her.

"OH! Baby that feels so good! It's been so long since I've been fucked! You dick is so big and hard! Oh please finish the job! Please fuck me! Make me cum! PLEASE!" She practically screamed the last word and Rob gladly obliged. She moaned in ecstasy as his cock moved slowly in and out of her tight pink pussy. Rob groaned loudly as her pussy gripped his cock and he felt the need to cum straight away, but he suppressed it by momentarily slowing his pumping of her sweet pussy. Reprieved, he continued and began to fuck her slit with increasingly hard movements. Her arms reached around his back and tightly gripped his shoulders before she gripped him around his neck and, wild eyed, pulled him to her, kissing him roughly. Her tongue moved frantically into his mouth and she moaned incessantly as her son fucked her harder. He pushed his cock into her all the way to the hilt and she cried out the loudest she had so far, breaking their kiss.

Rob fucked her for many minutes before the need to cum finally overwhelmed him and he roughly managed to speak.

"Mom! I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna cum in your pussy!"

"Please baby, don't stop! FUCK ME! OH! Shoot your load inside my pussy! Oh God fuck me! I'm coming with you! OH God I'm cumming!"

Rob and his mother orgasmed together and their juices mixed together in his mothers pussy. It was the greatest orgasm either of them had ever experienced and their sweaty bodies rubbed together gently as Rob felt his cum plastering the inside of his mother's vagina. A thought occurred to him. What if he made her pregnant? He didn't care and neither did she. All that mattered was that finally she had someone to love her again and that she could love. If that person was her son then Sarah cared even less; for her son was a man now and she loved him. They lay together in her bed for the rest of the night and they had sex again and again until dawn broke and they found themselves exhausted. Neither of them said a word until breakfast. They just kissed and showed their emotions and love physically. Rob had no doubt now. He was in love with his mother; and even better she felt the same way!

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