tagMatureIn Love with My Best Friend's Mom

In Love with My Best Friend's Mom


Ever since I could remember I had this special attraction to my best friend’s mom. Her name is Mrs. Towers. I must admit Mrs. Towers is not the drop dead gorgeous type and she’s kind of old being in her 40’s but her image is that of a 1950’s cover girl, sweet and wholesome. I used to jerk to the image of my best friend’s mom jerking me off. But my fantasies started to come true when I was about 18 years old I went to my best friend’s house early in the morning, when I knocked on their door Mrs. Towers opened the door, Mrs. Towers was wearing a robe, I greeted her “Good morning Mrs. Towers” then I told her that me and her son were going to go jogging. But Mrs. Towers told me that her son was still asleep and invited me for breakfast. Mrs. Towers excused herself for a moment to go to her room, when she returned her robe was gone and she was just wearing a thigh high beige silk negligee, she told me to sit by the kitchen counter while she makes breakfast. So while making breakfast Mrs. Towers and I talked about her husband, my best friend, etc. but while we were talking Mrs. Towers would occasionally reach up to the cupboards and her negligee would go up to her ass giving me an ample view of her well rounded ass that was barely covered by her white cotton bikini panties I had to stop myself from touching those soft mounds of hers. This went on for a while causing a big bulge under my shorts. Mrs. Towers then asked me to get the cereal box from the top shelf of the cupboard so I stepped out from behind the kitchen counter, hoping that Mrs. Towers will not see the huge hard on that she gave me, and then I proceeded to get the cereal box when I handed the box to Mrs. Towers I noticed that she was looking down at my hard on and she looked at me and shook her head as if to say that she was disappointed at me for having that bulge in my shorts. Embarrassed, I returned behind the kitchen counter to conceal my hard on then Mrs. Towers went to her room and when she returned she was now clad in her robe. Then she continued our conversation just like before she saw my hard on. After awhile, by now my hard on has subsided, my friend came in the kitchen then the three of us ate breakfast. After breakfast my friend went to his room Mrs. Towers approached me then whispered in to me “When you get home take care of that problem under your shorts!” her warm breathe in my ear and her seductive fragrance was enough for me to have another boner.

“Sorry you have to see that Mrs. Towers” I apologetically told her.

”It’s OK Joey.” Mrs. Towers assured me.

Then my friend went out of his room and we went jogging. When I got to my house I jerked off fantasizing about my best friend’s mom, Mrs. Towers.

That week-end my best friend ask me to sleep over at their house because he said that his Dad was going fishing and that her mom was working overtime at the office and that she won’t be home until morning the next day. So I asked permission from my mom and went to my friend’s house. So the whole day we played video games and when I felt that my friend was not there I went to Mrs. Towers’ bathroom to look for her worn panties and when I found one I smelled it the smell of Mrs. Towers’ wetness that was stained on the crotch of her panties made my cock hard so I wrapped her panties around my cock and jerked off using her panties. After a few minutes I came all over her underwear. But that was not the highlight of my stay there because unknown to me at that instance I was to be treated to a special show that evening. That evening after eating dinner my friend and I watched a little TV after a few minutes my friend told me that he was going to sleep and that I can watch some more if I like so I stayed behind an hour later I heard Mrs. Towers’ car pull up the garage so I opened the front door, Mrs. Towers was wearing her office uniform which is a blue skirt with a blazer on top, as she was making her way to the front door

“Good Evening Mrs. Towers” I greeted her.

“Where’s Eugene?” she asked me.

“He’s asleep” I replied.

So Mrs. Towers invited me to some conversation. So Mrs. Towers got some soda for me and got wine for her and then we sat in the living room. I was seated on the easy chair and Mrs. Towers sat on the couch for about 30 minutes nothing exciting happened and by that time Mrs. Towers had already consumed half of the bottle of wine then she excused herself to go to the toilet. After a few minutes Mrs. Towers came back and her blazer was now gone leaving on only her silk blouse. I noticed that Mrs. Towers was not wearing any bra because her nipples where outlined on her silk blouse and when she walked I could see her bosoms jiggling everywhere and that alone gave me a hard on. When I asked permission to go to sleep (so that I could masturbate imagining those tits of hers) Mrs. Towers said “Why don’t we talk some more because I can’t sleep before 12 in the evening” then Mrs. Towers sat down again this time pulling her tight skirt up to her thigh a few inches below her crotch and therefore presenting me with a terrific view of her creamy white thighs and her white panties. I could not help but imagine what her pussy would look like inside those panties. So I stayed behind and every now and then Mrs. Towers would slowly uncross and cross her legs as if she was having a show for me so that didn’t help in subsiding my raging hard on. I thought to myself be my best friend’s mom teasing me? Then Mrs. Towers stood up and went to the kitchen after a couple of minutes I followed her and when I entered the kitchen I saw Mrs. Towers was bent over the kitchen sink. Maybe my raging hard on got the better of me because I approached Mrs. Towers and then held her hips and then rubbed my cock on her soft ass the feeling of my cock rubbing against Mrs. Towers’ soft ass was terrific but what came next was really embarrassing because Mrs. Towers nonchalantly told me while she was still bending over the sink as if not to care “Better stop doing that or I’ll call your parents, and please take care of that problem by yourself!” So embarrassed I quickly went out to my friend’s room. I could not sleep that night I was too embarrassed to sleep so I went out of the house. Then I went to the backyard for some fresh air and I saw that the lights to Mrs. Towers’ room were still on. And I also remembered that Mrs. Towers’ husband was not there and my friend was sound asleep so I thought to myself no one can see me if I peep at her window so I tip toed to her window fortunately her window was open so I peeped through the window and nobody was there then after a few seconds Mrs. Towers entered the room and faced the body length mirror which was just a few feet away from the window where I was peeping. I watched intently, while concealing myself behind the bushes, as Mrs. Towers was admiring herself on the mirror brushing her hair and removing her makeup. Then to my delight Mrs. Towers unzipped her skirt and let it drop to the floor then she stepped out of the skirt and then she removed her silk blouse and there I saw for the first time Mrs. Towers’ adorable bosom, they were not that big but they seemed soft, and were not sagging and her nipples were erect. As Mrs. Towers was admiring her body in the mirror she would massage her breasts and she would occasionally pull on her nipples, which would elicit a soft erotic moan from her. This view that I have has created the most violent hard on that I ever had such that I had to pull my cock out of my shorts and jerk off there while peeping at Mrs. Towers. Mrs. Towers did another thing she slipped one hand inside her panties while the other hand was stroking her tense breasts all the time moaning softly. This went on for about a minute or so then Mrs. Towers sat on her bed and then stretched her legs apart and then inserted a hand again inside her panty and her hand rubbed her pussy inside her panties, I masturbated as I watched Mrs. Towers, arched back and gyrate her hips while massaging her breasts to the pace created by the hand in her pussy. Mrs. Towers’ peep show went on for about 10 minutes in which time I came 2 times and Mrs. Towers ending her masturbation session with her having an orgasm, I knew she had an orgasm because her body stiffened and she let out a loud moan. After that Mrs. Towers lay still on the bed with her hand lazily rubbing her vagina, then she stood up and closed the window blinds with me still hiding outside in the bushes. The next day early in the morning I knocked on Mrs. Towers’ bedroom door and when she opened the door I stammered to an apology although I was apologizing my eyes were transfixed on Mrs. Towers’ tits which were peeking through her robe. So Mrs. Towers accepted my apology and I went home. After that incident I just contented myself in jerking off imagining Mrs. Towers was holding my cock and stroking it until I cum and sometimes when I would sleep over I occasionally peeped through Mrs. Towers’ window but that all changed during the weekend before my 18 birthday. Mrs. Towers invited my family to a dinner party at their house. This party was kind of formal so everybody was all dressed up. When we arrived at Mrs. Towers’ house she greeted us at the door and made small talk with my parents then she directed me to were my best friend was, going to were my best friend was the furthest from my mind because just the sight of Mrs. Towers in her black body hugging gown and her long legs covered in black stockings peeping through the thigh high slit of her gown was enough to give me major hard on, but as an obedient boy I followed as I was told. Well I went to where my friend was and made some small talk with him but I can’t get the image of Mrs. Towers in her outfit out of my mind. When dinnertime came Mrs. Towers called us in my friend’s room then we went to the dining room on the way there I commented to Mrs. Towers “Gee Mrs. Towers you look sexy in your outfit.” Then Mrs. Towers replied “Well that's flattering to hear it’s rare for a 42 year old woman to hear that kind of compliment.” When we arrived downstairs dinner was served buffet style so we have to get our food from the buffet table and return to our respective tables. When I got to the buffet table it was crowded with guests so I slithered through the maze of humanity and ended up next to Mrs. Towers so I proceeded to get my food but the scent of Mrs. Towers made me horny. Because the table was so crowded I had a chance to brush my arm against Mrs. Towers’ ass, when I did this I expected Mrs. Towers to reprimand me but she just went on as if I was invisible, so I continued it, oh the feeling of Mrs. Towers’ soft ass was giving me a hard on. But I was not just contented with brushing arm against her butt so I placed my hand on her behind and then cupped her ass and rubbed it a few times then Mrs. Towers turned around and then faced me and with a surprised look on her face and then she said “Stop these nonsense right away or I’ll embarrass you here”. So I quickly let go of her butt and returned to our table. My heart was pounding because Mrs. Towers was seated on our table with my mom and dad so I was really nervous because Mrs. Towers might tell my parents what happened. So sat myself nervously on my sit then Mrs. Towers sat in front of me and to my relief Mrs. Towers didn’t mention the incident to my parents but throughout dinner Mrs. Towers kept looking at me and she kept a displeased smile on her face as if to say that she was not expecting that kind of behavior from me. When dinner was over my mom and dad danced on the dance floor and that left me, Mrs. Towers and her husband seated at the table then Mrs. Towers ask her husband to get her some more wine from the bar so her husband went to the bar leaving me and Mrs. Towers alone at the table then Mrs. Towers stood up and then sat beside me then she placed her hand on my thigh then gently ran her long fingers up and down my thigh, almost to the point of reaching my penis area. She then told me “ Tomorrow come to my office we will straighten your problem out.” To which I replied, “Yes Ma’m”. Then Mrs. Towers stood up and returned to her sit just in time that her husband arrived then she smiled at me. The whole night I just kept on staring at Mrs. Towers and her beautiful figure when the time came to go home Mrs. Towers took me aside and whispered seductively “Don’t forget our appointment tomorrow!” That night I couldn’t sleep in anticipation of what might transpire the next day.

The next day I woke up at around 8:00 in the morning I quickly took a bath and proceeded to the bank where Mrs. Towers works. After arriving there I asked her secretary for my appointment and she replied that Mrs. Towers was expecting me. When I entered her office Mrs. Towers was sitting behind her large desk and was talking to the phone she waved me to sit on the chair in front of her desk. A few minutes’ later Mrs. Towers closed the receiver and then she faced me.

“OK Joey let us straighten out this problem of yours” Mrs. Towers said as she stood out from behind her desk.

“Mrs. Towers I have no problems with you.”

Mrs. Towers then sat on the desk laterally exposing her creamy white thigh.

“Then why are you always touching me and feeling my body?” Mrs. Towers said sternly.

“Shit” now I’ve done it, I thought to myself she’s going to tell my parents. Then Mrs. Towers stood up and then locked the door then she said “What do you feel when you touch me, Joey?” then I said I feel excited and my cock becomes hard when I feel you up!”

“You know that what you are doing is wrong?” Mrs. Towers reminded me. “ But every time I see you Mrs. Towers I can’t control myself I just want to touch and feel your body” I bashfully said to her. Then Mrs. Towers removed her blazer and stood in front of me then turned her back at me then she bent over her desk then she said “ Now what do you feel like doing?” My heart raised and my cock stiffened as Mrs. Towers' behind was just inches from my grasp. Then I told her “ I want to touch your behind Mrs. Towers” then Mrs. Towers replied “ OK Joey touch it. “ so I cupped her ass with one hand and rubbed it gently, Mrs. Towers made a faint sigh when I squeezed her ass. As I was stroking her ass I rubbed my cock through my pants. This went on for a few exciting minutes then Mrs. Towers faced me then her eyes went down to my crotch and she saw me rubbing the big bulge that I had then said to me “Have you had enough?” “Mrs. Towers I can’t get enough of you, can I kiss you?” Then Mrs. Towers lifted my hand so I stood up and then I kissed her on the lips and to my surprise she kissed back our tongues met as we kissed passionately for a few precious seconds and as I guided her hand to my cock she rubbed it a little bit and to my dismay she broke our kiss and then she said “We should not be doing this” I replied to her “ but I love you”. Then she turned her back to me and told me “You better go now and don’t tell anyone about this!” I sensed that she was struggling with this so I apologized and went home.

The next few days I did not come anywhere near Mrs. Towers’ house I always-made excuses to my friend whenever he calls me. But during my 19th birthday my parents prepared a barbecue for my birthday and they invited all my friends but they told me earlier in the day that my best friend could not make it because he had to go to Florida to visit his grandma with his father. So that afternoon I had all my friends there and to my surprise Mrs. Towers was there also talking to my parents but during the party I kept my distance from her because she might still be mad at me. As the party came to a close my mom asked me if I could take Mrs. Towers home because my dad was already drunk. So I got the car keys and backed up the car from the garage and then Mrs. Towers entered the car, Mrs. Towers was wearing a pink cotton skirt that was just above the knee, Mrs. Towers and I were really quiet during our drive to her house but when we arrived at the front of her house Mrs. Towers faced me and said

“ Joey, you know what happened to us the other day was wrong?”

“I know that but every time I see you I have this funny feeling inside of me I think I’m in love with you.” I protested to her.

Mrs. Towers fell silent for a long time as if digesting all the things that she just heard then she patted my hand and then told me

“Come inside with me.”

So we got out of the car and entered her house, by now my heart was pounding and my cock was growing, then Mrs. Towers grabbed my hand and guided me to her bedroom she then sat me on her bed and then faced me.

“Are you really sure you want to do this Joey?” Mrs. Towers asked me.

“Yes Mrs. Towers.” I confidently replied.

Then Mrs. Towers went to the bathroom and then she closed the door. In my excitement I hurriedly undressed and lay on the bed naked. When Mrs. Towers came out of the bathroom she was just wrapped in a towel. “You can take that off now Mrs. Towers. “ I suggested to her pulling her towel down.

So Mrs. Towers dropped the towel, as it fell harmlessly to the ground my heart jumped upon seeing the wonderful sight of my best friend’s mom naked and alone with me in her room.

“ Oh Joey what am going to do with you?” Mrs. Towers said in exasperation.

Then Mrs. Towers joined me on the bed and with her warm body brushing against my body, made my hard on even harder then she whispered to me

“Is this your first time?”

To which I embarrassedly replied

“Yes m’am”.

“So let me masturbate you first so that you can last longer when we make love”

So she sat up beside me and removed the blanket covering my cock.

“Oh my goodness, Joey you really have a big cock!!” Mrs. Towers said surprisingly As she saw for the first time my 10-inch cock. Mrs. Towers then applied some kind of oil on my cock and then she gently stroked it. When her soft hands were going up and down my shaft, the feeling of Mrs. Towers' soft hand stroking my cock was terrific. I could not believe this was happening my best friend’s mom is jerking me off. My fantasy was coming true.

“Do you like to touch my breasts, Joey?” Mrs. Towers suggested to me

I just nodded a reply then Mrs. Towers got my hand and placed it on her breast, which I then played with those tense nipples of her, then I asked Mrs. Towers

“Can I kiss them?’

“OK baby but be gentle with them!” That was the only encouragement that I needed so I sucked those adorable tits while Mrs. Towers was still jerking me off and moaning loudly. Then after about 5 minutes I was about to cum so I suggested to Mrs. Towers to stroke it a little faster Mrs. Towers responded by stroking my 10 inch cock with her two hands and pumping it so I came all over her hands. Then Mrs. Towers got up and went to the bathroom and washed her hands when she came back she laid beside me and then stroked my cock again

“Now Joey are you ready for your first lesson?” Mrs. Towers whispered to me as she was stroking my cock

“Yes Mrs. Towers I’ve been dreaming of this day to come!” I replied to Mrs. Towers

And when my cock went hard again Mrs. Towers told me to get on top of her and Mrs. Towers spread her legs wide apart to accommodate me and when I got between her legs… “Please be gentle Joey coz I haven’t had a cock as big as yours before.” Mrs. Towers whispered to me.

So Mrs. Towers reached for my cock and guided it to her pussy, rubbing the tip of my cock on her wet slit which made her twitch a little. Then when I attempted to enter the head of my cock in her pussy Mrs. Towers’ legs stretched a little bit further to accommodate my massive cock.

“Now Joey pushes it in very slowly.” Mrs. Towers instructed me like an affectionate teacher.

And when I entered her, Mrs. Towers let out loud gasp as if she was running out of breath I could feel that Mrs. Towers had not had a man for a long time because her pussy was really tight as it engulfed my cock. Her pussy was so wet yet it was quite tight.

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