tagIncest/TabooIn My Arms

In My Arms


Neema was fast asleep in my arms when the movie got over. I woke her up and guided the sleepy figure into her room. At 18 years of age, she looked just like her mother, like a beautiful angel.

7 years has passed since that day. Still she remains the beautiful angel she used to be at 18, though she has grown into a desirable young woman. She came into my life when I was just 10 years old. "Neems", as I call her is my sister's daughter. Our parents separated when we were kids and went their separate ways living us to the care of our grandmother. My sister was married off early at the age of 18 as it was the tradition in our village. I was only 9 at that time.

Neems is now the only relation I have as her parents (my only sister and brother-in-law) died in a tragic accident ten years back. She was 15 when her parents died. I was working in Mumbai in a management firm as a consultant at that time. I took her with me to Mumbai. I owned a flat in the suburbs of Mumbai and I was doing well in my career and life. Neema joining me in my life gave me an opportunity to see the true color of my girlfriend. We were supposed to get married that summer, but she was not willing to take additional responsibility of another person. She wanted me to put Neema in boarding school before we marry. But that was unthinkable for me, Neema was the only relation I had and I loved her very much. Neema too loved me dearly. My girlfriend was very much adamant in her decision, so I had to take the hardest decision. I told my girlfriend that Neema will stay with me and my relationship with her is over. To me the decision was hard, but strangely my girlfriend seemed to be not so sad about it.

Now Neema is 25 and is working with me in my firm as a junior consultant, I am now a senior partner in the firm. She has become a stunning figure and a promising young consultant. We still live together in my old flat.

I never married, dedicating my life to my niece and to my firm. All these years together has made our relationship a strong and special one. I am a boy-friend, uncle, brother and a father to her. We share all that we ever experience in our lives. Nothing is a secret between us. She still sleeps in my arms at nights in my bed whenever she feels like. We have seen each other naked, but that has not changed anything visibly between us till now. Clothes are not at all a compulsory item in our private lives. I like being only in my boxers when I am home. May be she copied it from me, as she do like to be in minimal clothes when at home.

During these years I have not seen her entertaining any young guys in her life. To me that was strange for a beautiful girl like her. I wouldn't mind her going out on dates as she is old and capable enough to take responsibility of her own life. I had given her all the freedom to go places and do what ever she liked. But she chose to stick with me. It was her idea to join me in my firm even though she was offered much better paying jobs. I loved to have her with me always, but my love for her told me to advice her to go out and experience the world. All my advices were never taken as she insisted on staying with me and told me that she only needed me in her life. There was something strange in her eyes when she told me this.

We went to Mauritius that weekend to freshenup and relax. I got us a luxurious suite in a sea side resort. A week that we spent there changed our lives for ever. The very day we arrived Neema met my ex-girlfriend at the resort. At first she didn't knew that it was Kathy my ex-girlfriend, but during their conversation Kathy came to know that it was Neema and she was with me in that resort. From Kathy my niece came to know how I and Kathy separated and why I never got married. I saw them talking and joined them in their conversation. Kathy left us after some time. Neems seemed upset. I asked her what it was, but without telling me anything she went straight into our suite. I followed her into the suite.

She was sitting on the bed crying when I went inside. I asked her what the issue was. She told me about what Kathy had told her.

I sat on the bed and told her that I love her and I couldn't put her in a boarding school for my sake at that time. I also told her that I was only happy for what I did that time. Just because I decided against Kathy, I have got a wonderful woman in my life and I love her very much and she loves me too. "All I need is you in my life, Neems I love you more than my life" I told her. She got up from the bed and came to me and hugged me with all her love. We stood there for many minutes embraced in each other's love.

Something strange was happening I was getting aroused by the feeling of her hard tits pushing on to my bare chest. I was growing hard between my thighs. I was yearning for this beautiful figure clinging to my body at that moment. I could feel her tits growing harder. Her thin fabric didn't help as those beautiful breasts jammed into my bare chest through them. I felt her eagerness for me, but I didn't want some misunderstanding breaking up a great relationship. I loved her very much. I broke the hug and went to my room, all the while thinking of her body and the feeling it gave me. I really wanted her, I wanted to taste her and make her mine. But I am her uncle, a father figure to her. Her eager body in my arms some minutes back puzzled me though. I undressed fully and went to sleep thinking of the lovely body of my niece.

Neema was 5.3 feet tall, her body curved in most sexy ways; her boobs were full, rounded with no sign of sagging, a perfect 36B. Her ass is a reason for my constant arousal. I have a 7 inch long thick cock, which I was sure would satisfy her. Oh God, I wanted her so much. All my resolves were failing me today.

I went to sleep exhausted from the sexual thoughts about my niece. I woke up at 4 am in the morning as the door to my room opened and a naked form of a beautiful woman walked in and on to my bed beside me. "Naran, I couldn't sleep. I thought lying with you will help me get some sleep" she announced (She always calls me by my name). "Darling, you are always welcome" I told her. She smiled and cuddled next to me. She had no clothes on. What surprised me most was that she was not even wearing her panties this time, which was not usual around me. My semi-erect friend realized this and started growing into a monstrous dick. She kissed me on my cheeks and went to sleep. Her hard nipples and soft breasts were pressing against my bare back. I was shivering with sexual tension and anticipation. Her right hand moved slowly down my chest and before I could block her, she grabbed my hard prick. She was breathing heavy. She bit my shoulders and whispered into my ears. "Naran, I know that you want me and have wanted me for sometime. I too want you. I love you. You had given up a wonderful woman for my sake. You have never gone out with another woman over these years or had sex. You have taken care of me all these years. I want to give you what you have lost and want to take care of you and your needs from now on." I turned around and faced her. Her eyes were moist; the tear droplet gleamed in the light of the bed lamp. I smiled at her and gave a soft kiss on her lips. I hugged her tight, kissed her hard on her lips this time. She parted her lips and our tongues joined, tasting each other.

Something told me to stop. I pulled away from the kiss and told her, "Neems, I love you more than you can imagine. I don't want you to be hurt. I don't want this happening between us if you are not prepared for what it brings. Our lives are going to change for ever, if you say yes to this. So think once more and give me an answer in the morning. Now go to sleep." She turned around and then slept with my hands on her smooth flat belly facing away from me. My hard member was pressing into her ass crack all the while she slept. My dick never lost its hardness. When I woke up in the morning, she was sitting on a chair next to my bed watching me. She was stark naked.

I got up and sat on the bed and looked at her enquiringly, never thinking of covering my nakedness. She looked into my eyes. She stood up, her naked body inviting me. She looked stunning, bathed in the golden rays of morning sun through the window curtains. She knelt in front of me, took my hard dick in her hands and kissed its pink head softly. "Is this enough or should I say yes" she asked. "No dear, I understand and it's better than yes" I told her. Hand in hand we got up and went to bathroom to freshen up. We did all the morning chores together. After toweling each other clean, we walked into the bedroom, still naked.

I lifted her up in my arms and took her to our bed. I hungrily climbed between her legs and we embraced each other in a passionate kiss. Our tongues met without any inhibition this time. We tasted each other for many minutes. I kissed and licked all over her face and neck. She was very sensitive to my tongue. She moaned and giggled when my lips and tongue explored every inch of her neck. I bit her ears softly, gasps of pleasure erupting from her. Her body responded to me ever so easily. I moved down to her boobs that were eagerly waiting for my caresses. My hands were traveling softly all over her thighs and ass cheeks. Now my right hand reached between her thighs, found her neatly trimmed hair there. My hand lingered over them for some time. Finding her clit, I worked there slowly at first and then picked up speed to give her tremendous amount of pleasure. Meanwhile my mouth worked on both her boobs, in between biting softly at her hard tits. She seemed to be enjoying all this thoroughly. My hungry mouth stopped at her belly button next. Making her cry out loud with pleasure my tongue entered her sexy belly button.

I wanted no other pussy than my niece's beautiful enchanting dripping wet pussy. Without stopping my work on her clit I kissed and licked her pussy. She wiggled with excitement and pleasure. She begged for more. I put my tongue inside her pushing into her the maximum I could go. I could feel her nearing her orgasm. "Naran put your dick inside me and fuck me hard please" she pleaded. I waited no more, took my hard dick and placed it over her pussy. She came up and kissed me passionately. She tasted her own juices. I got a feeling that she liked to taste her own juice.

I pushed my dick into her pussy. Her love hole felt very much inviting but a little tight. "Naran take me, make me yours" she pleaded in a soft sexy sound. Slowly I pushed my cock into her. The pleasure she was having, made up for the pain she was in. Inch by inch her virgin pussy accommodated the whole of my thick hard dick. I went into her the whole length. I stayed like that for few seconds without any movement and kissed her sensual lips, took them into my mouth and savored it. We both were in a sexual heaven, enjoying each other thoroughly. After ensuring that she was relaxed, I started to pound her slowly. Then after few strokes I increased my speed and pressure. Her wet pussy took the whole of my member with such love and passion that I could read those emotions in her wonderful eyes.

I too was nearing my orgasm; my balls were aching to explode. My entire body and mind was on fire from the pleasure she gave me. I could not explain in words my pleasure in being inside my sexy niece. We both came together, with such explosive sense of sexual pleasure that we both moaned out loudly. She turned out be a very vocal person during sex. The experience was so special for us. I collapsed on her and we kissed eagerly, our tongues tasting each other. We slept in each others arms for some time. Our first time was a quick one, our pent up passions overflowing. I made up my mind to make the next one a unhurried one.

When I woke up she was wide awake, lying next to me. Her eyes were traveling along my naked form. She took my semi-erect dick in her hand and stroked it tenderly. She then came between my spread out legs and kissed the tip of the dick. Her heavenly lips engulfed the sensitive tip of my dick. Her tongue played wonders on me. She took the entire length of my dick into her mouth. She then deep throated me like a real pro. I was finding it difficult to control my strong urge to explode in her mouth. I was nearing my orgasm very fast. I stopped her and pulled out of her mouth. I asked her to sit on the edge of the bed. I then eased down on to the carpet and knelt down in between her spread legs. I explored her wet dripping pussy with my nose, savoring the sweet odor of her feminine secretions. I licked her pussy, tasting her morning juice of sex. I was now eagerly pushing my tongue into her wet slippery hole. She was on fire. Neems closed her hands around my and pushed me on to the carpet. Swinging her leg over his face, she lowered her mouth to his raging cock and took him deep into her throat just as his tongue found her oozing slit. I eagerly lavished my niece's hot pussy with my probing tongue. He spread her full feathery lips wide apart and pushed deep into her flowing hole. We were in a heavenly 69 that I had dreamed of for many years.

Neema engulfed me with her mouth. My hard cock pulsed inside her cheeks, sending untold thrills to her very core. Her hands were softly caressing my balls and gently stroking up and down my hard shaft in unison with her mouth. She let me slip from her mouth and lapped my balls with her wet tongue. She covered me with wet kisses and when she probed my puckered rosebud with her tongue, I nearly lost once more.

Neema's pussy was overflowing. My face was smeared with her juices. She wanted me to bury my cock in her wet loving pussy.

"Fuck me, Fuck me hard, Naran," Mia croaked. "I want you in me, now."

She rolled off me and laid on her back on the carpet, spreading her legs to give me complete access to her love core. I held my cock in my fist as I positioned myself between her spread out thighs.

I slipped inside of her and pushed my cock full length into her gushing cunt. She wrapped her legs around me, as I drove into her with long sure thrusts.

We reached our second but heavy orgasm of the day within minutes. Her climax was deep and lasted for what seemed like a whole minute. I felt her stiffen and then shudder as the sensation raced through her body. He held her close as she whispered in his ear.

"I love you, Naran," Neema said softly.

"I love you too, my little one," I reciprocated.

I remained in her quivering cunt for some more seconds. Then I moved slowly out of her and helped her on to the bed. I spread her legs and licked clean all of our combined juices that oozed out of her pussy.

"I want to taste our juice, Naran." She begged. "Please give me some of it that you taste now."

I acknowledged her request by moving my mouth filled with our juice from her pussy over her mouth and french-kissed her. She sucked on my tongue and tasted our love fluid. She enjoyed the taste of it. I could see from her naughty eyes that she wanted more of it. I was only happy to oblige.

After cleaning each other's sex we slept for few hours before went out to explore the Island. The weekend was over very fast and we returned back to Mumbai. We continue to live our new found relationship and love. Now inside our flat we wear no clothes and make love when ever we feel like. While in our flat, I live with a constant hard on with Neems always by my side.

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