In Plane View


The first time Claire caught him watching her she was sitting at the gate waiting for the long-delayed flight home. Although the man's frequent gazes made her a little uncomfortable, she couldn't help but feel somewhat flattered by the attention. After all, it wasn't often the thirty-something married mother of two got a chance at innocent flirtation with a handsome stranger. It was the stuff of fantasies, but the reality of it made her blush each time their gazes collided.

Adding both to her sense of embarrassment and exhilaration was the fact the she was dressed in more revealing attire than she normally wore in public. At her husband's request, she had agreed to wear a short black skirt and a sheer white blouse over a deeply low-cut white spaghetti-strap bra top. As he so often did for special occasions, he had specifically picked her outfit for the homecoming they would enjoy after her weeklong trip to New York. Suddenly her effort to show off her shapely legs and sensuous cleavage for her husband left her feeling exposed to the probing eyes of the stranger. And although hidden from sight, even the thong panties she wore beneath her skirt left her feeling blatantly bare. She was thankful that at least her husband hadn't requested that she go without any panties at all, as he sometimes did.

Claire was always a nervous flyer, but it was hard for her to distinguish between the nervous excitement from the stranger's stares and the anxiety caused by the pending flight. As the flight delays mounted, Claire shifted uneasily in her seat, tugging pointlessly at her skirt in an attempt to cover more of her long, slender thighs. She tried in vain to concentrate on her novel, but when he moved to the open seat directly across from her, she suddenly found her mind adrift with wanton thoughts of being stalked and taken by the handsome man. Such outlandish fantasies of anonymous sexual encounters were as uncharacteristic for Claire as was the scanty outfit she wore, but she made no attempt to reign in the lustful images that played vividly in her imagination.

The boarding announcement snapped Claire back to reality and vaulted her into the crush of humanity boarding the over-sold flight. She settled into her window seat and opened her book, but spent more time scanning the isles for the stranger than reading. He finally appeared, and their eyes met briefly as he made his way down the narrow isle. Her heart leapt when he stopped at her row and threw his roll-aboard into the overhead bin above her seat. As he took the isle seat next to her he flashed her a sweetly sexy smile and simply said, "hi."

She hadn't noticed that her breathing had intensified and deepened or that her body temperature had risen significantly as she stared through the words on the page of her book and into the fantasy that continued brewing in her mind. She shocked herself at the rampant sexual images flowing vibrantly from the deep, dark recesses of her sexual being. She conceded that the idea of sex with a stranger wasn't an uncommon female fantasy, and even acknowledged that some have occasional fantasies of being taken forcefully. However, the thoughts and feelings welling up inside her were not of some vague faceless unknown man, but were focused entirely on the one sitting right next to her. It made her feel wicked and delighted all at once. She glanced at him frequently out of the corner of her eye and several times caught him checking out her legs, but now she made no attempt to pull down the hem of her skirt, which was now hiked up several inches higher than before. As she stewed in her tawdry thoughts, she actually began to enjoy him gawking at her, and she had to concede the lust that was churning inside her.

The stylish business suit he wore complimented his attractive appearance: average frame – about matching hers – short, neat dark hair and eyes, trendy glasses, and clean-shaven face. She noted his diamond-studded wedding ring and the Wall Street Journal he was reading, and determined that he was probably as wealthy as he was good-looking. She looked desperately for an opportunity to introduce her self and make small talk with him, but he remained buried intently in his paper.

Completely unable to think of anything else besides her seatmate, Claire finally decided, once the seatbelt light was turned off, to take a trip to the restroom. He stood to let her out of her window seat and their eyes locked for the longest time yet. That smile came again, and it melted her further. Once in the restroom, she freshened her make-up and brushed her hair, and then stood staring at herself in the mirror. "Be careful," she told her self out loud. But she quickly retorted her own warning. It's just innocent fantasy. She then unbuttoned two more buttons on her blouse, noting in the mirror how her cleavage was now rather nicely exposed, and how her nipples peered vaguely through the blouse and bra-top. She smiled a naughty smile.

The naughty smile returned when she saw how the stranger's eyes were glued to her chest all the way down the isle. He made no attempt to hide his stares either, even as he stood to let her in. She slipped into her seat, blushing, yet delighted that unbuttoning her shirt had so obviously captured his attention. Feeling emboldened by his renewed interest and the obvious way he peered down her shirt as soon as he sat back down, she quickly interjected some small talk before he could take up his paper again.

"Are you headed home or away?" she asked.

"Home. Thank God." He answered.

"So you been away long?" she asked in an attempt to keep the conversation going.

"Long enough – a week. You?"

"Same here," she said. "I'm so ready to be home too."

"Your husband mind you traveling?" And before she could answer he added. "If I were him I'm not sure I'd let a great looking woman like you out of my sight, much less out of town."

Claire was delighted by the compliment, but felt as if the blush in her face spread all the way down to her toes. "You're kind," she answered modestly.

"No I mean it," he insisted, "You are one gorgeous lady. Your husband is very lucky."

"Well, thank you."

They both felt the sexual tension between them mounting minute by minute through the ensuing flirtatious chat, during which Claire discovered that his name was Michael, that he was a corporate attorney, and that he lived in San Diego with his wife.

After a mediocre chicken dinner and several glasses of wine the cabin lights were dimmed for remainder of the flight west. Claire reclined her seat, and with eyeshades and blanket in place, settled into a light dream-filled snooze, imagining the delightful welcome home her husband would surely have planned for her that night. She anticipated seeing his reaction to her sexy outfit, knowing it would please him just as much as it did Michael. The lusty thoughts of their rampant reunion swirled around in her mind, causing her to gently squeeze her legs together to satisfy her carnal urges. Her hand even occasionally wandered subtly beneath her skirt, her probing fingers hidden by the blanket.

After almost half an hour of playing through naughty thoughts of wild sex with her husband and playing with herself unobtrusively under the blanket, Claire rolled over and peeked at Michael from beneath the edge of the eyeshades to discover him shifting his eyes between the movie and her. She noticed that each time a bright scene in the movie cast a dim glow over the cabin he strained his eyes toward her. Still feigning sleep, Claire "accidentally" allowed the blanket to fall a few inches, giving Michael a better view of her cleavage and breasts. She noticed he was watching the movie less and less and staring at her more and more. She thought at one point she caught him rubbing himself, which caused her to respond in kind. She was already in such a heated state that she fantasized briefly of making herself cum right there as Michael watched her.

Suddenly Claire's fantasy switched from the coming reunion scene with her husband to the here and now – with Michael. She imagined herself inviting Michael to follow her to the restroom, where the two of them would squeeze inside and begin passionately kissing one another. She imagined feeling his hot, strong hands on her full breasts, and without realizing it a gentle moan escaped her lips. Though she couldn't see him, she knew Michael would be watching; yet without hesitation she pulled the blanket back up over her breasts so she could slip her hand beneath it and into her open shirt, emulating his touch. She felt her erect nipples through the thin bra-top and gently massaged them until they burned and ached for more. She tightly pinched and rolled her burning buds between her thumb and forefinger as additional muted moans ensured her seatmate's full attention.

A stirring sound in the isle abruptly broke into her fantasy. Her heart was pounding from a wild mixture of intense passion and excruciating fear. She sat perfectly still a moment or two, listening and wondering whether she had been seen playing with her tits, and questioning whether she had the nerve to continue what she had begun. Her eyeshades provided the anonymity she needed to bolster her resolve, and it certainly helped that she was far more turned on than she had ever been in public before. Although she and her husband had twice engaged in "public" sex, something about being watched by a stranger had intoxicated her beyond reason. She was now totally into it – and there was no turning back.

Claire quickly found her mind back in the bathroom with Michael. Half unconsciously she slowly lifted her skirt, as she imagined him doing. She now had the full access she needed in order to satisfy the ardent ache she felt between her legs. Beneath the blanket her fingers went to work on her throbbing sex, gently rubbing herself through her thoroughly soaked panties. As her cravings mounted, she slipped a single finger beneath the elastic and parted her moist, swollen lips, just as she imagined Michael doing to her. Slowly she pressed the finger into her slippery tunnel, simultaneously confirming the extent of her excitements and fueling it further. Although the blanket may have hidden some of the details of her probing, she was certain that Michael knew exactly what she was up to.

Boldly dropping all pretense of sleep now, Claire shifted into full exhibitionist mode. She pulled off her eyeshades to discover Michael's hand at work beneath his own blanket, firmly rubbing a large bulge in his pants as he intently watched her pleasuring herself. She quickly slid down her damp little panties and left them on the floor at her feet. Michael's eyes met hers briefly, the two sharing a sly smile that displayed a mix of embarrassment and erotic delight. Her eyes remained fixed on his face, watching with elation as his eyes focused once again to her fingers at play.

Although she occasionally masturbated while her husband watched, this was a totally new kind of experience, which she never dreamed would cause her to be so completely consumed with lust. In her right mind the mere thought of this would have horrified her. But she was not at all in her right mind. Her head spun wildly as though drunk - drunk with passion – drunk with desire – drunk with the need for release. Yet she could not stop herself from drinking more.

Claire raised her skirt further up on her hips and slipped two fingers into her soaked entrance. With one finger still inside, she slid the other up to her swollen clit. Gradually she teased her finger around her pleasure spot, then directly over it, shivering at the first touch. Her obvious pleasure opened up a slight smile on Michael's face, which remained transfixed as she continued propelling herself toward the peak she so desperately sought.

Michael lifted the armrest, suddenly fusing their separate sexual spaces into one. Instinctively and without further invitation Claire's free hand moved under her his blanket, where she had no problem locating his obviously aroused manhood. After she squeezed and rubbed the front of his pants for several minutes, he quickly moved to unzip them and expose himself for her. Her two hands now moved skillfully in concert over his thick member and her own engorged clit, as the pair struggled to stifle the sounds of their pleasure. Stealthily their hips thrust upward together to meet each of her hands' downward strokes. Claire imagined the feeling of his cock deeply inside her hot pussy, slamming her from behind as she leaned over the metal restroom washbasin.

Michael shifted his eyes to hers, and they locked into an intense and passionate stare, completely transfixed upon each other while her hands continued dealing their mutual satisfaction. Within seconds this vaulted Claire's body into powerful spasms of orgasmic delight. She turned her head to bury her face in her pillow as she careened violently through her peak, her loud sighs and muffled screams escaping ever so slightly from around the pillow's edges. Almost immediately she felt Michael's member begin to twitch and pulse, and his thick cum splashed like a warm waterfall over her pumping hand.

Together their satiated bodies went limp as they slumped back into their seats. After slowly drifting back to reality, Claire did her best to clean up, but quickly realized a trip to the bathroom was going to be necessary. And she knew that despite their best efforts to suppress the sounds of their pleasure, anyone in the cabin who was not sleeping would likely suspect the goings on in row 32. Slowly Claire sat up and stepped over Michael without making further eye contact. As she walked up the isle to the bathroom she felt the curious eyes of the cabin upon her.

Despite her underlying embarrassment she smiled to herself at what she had just accomplishment. In fact as she replayed the scene standing before the bathroom mirror, she once again became aroused. She noted a small streak of Michael's man-juice between her fingers and slowly licked it away, savoring the delicious events of the past 30 minutes. As she washed the remaining remnants of sex from her hands, she struggled to calm her rising passions.

As she opened the bathroom door she was surprised to see Michael standing just outside. Quickly he pushed his way inside and closed the door behind him. The two immediately kissed wildly in a passionate embrace until Claire broke it off to mild protest.

"What are you doing in here?"

"I thought you might need these," he said pulling her little white thong panties from his pocket.

She snatched them, exclaiming, "You're a crazy man!"

"Not as crazy as you are, woman. I mean, I can't believe you played the whole scene so wonderfully. The shy start, the outfit, playing with yourself - everything. You are one amazingly hot wife!"

He kissed her again, this time in tender appreciation. "I really didn't think you'd go through with it. But you went even further than we planned – I mean, we never said anything about you stroking me off while you masturbated. That was an amazing addition - I mean wow! You are an incredible wife, Terri, and I'm a lucky man." By referring to her by her real name, it was clear to her that their fantasy scene was now officially over.

Terri slipped on her panties and then put her arms around her husband. "I never thought pretending to be watched by a stranger would make me so hot and wild," Terri beamed. "I'll admit, I was so nervous at first, I though about abandoning the whole thing. That shy start wasn't an act. But the way you were leering at me, and the way that made me feel, I could tell you wanted to devour me. It turned me on and then it was actually pretty easy to slip into my role. Once I got started I really got into it, and there was no turning back. Mmmmm. By the end I was so hot, I couldn't help but grab your cock! Sorry, I know it kinda' made a mess."

"Darling, you can make a mess with me any time you want!" Jerry pulled her to him, lifting her skirt and clutching her naked buns firmly in both hands. Another kiss ensued, and Terri felt herself melting into her husband. His fingers found their way beneath her, into her panties, and between her lips. Instinctively her legs parted as two of his fingers made their way inside her from behind. She was obviously still turned on and getting more so each second his fingers probed her walls. His stiffening cock rubbed her clit as he pressed himself into against her.

Terri pressed her lips to Jerry's ear. "Take me. Right here. Right now. It's your turn to make my fantasy come true." She paused briefly then gasped, "Fuck me hard and deep," and then quickly added, "Michael."

Jerry spun her around, lifted her skirt and yanked her panties down to the floor. He quickly unzipped his pants and pulled out his stiff cock, pressing it firmly between her swollen lips and deeply into her in one sudden deep thrust. "Oh Claire," he gasped, "Your pussy is so perfect, so hot, so wet."

"Oh fuck me Michael," Terri pleaded, lost in the realization of her fantasy. "Fuck me hard. Pound me with your gorgeous cock. Fill me with your sweet cum." She pushed back to meet every thrust, feeling his balls slapping against her ass each time. Never easing the intensity of his fucking, Jerry reached for Terri's engorged clit, and within seconds, the two exploded together in simultaneous waves of unspeakable pleasure.

They made an attempt to unobtrusively slip out of the bathroom one at a time, with Jerry leaving first. But when Terri came out, a minute later, the stewardess gave her a knowing smile that made Terri blush deeply. She returned to her seat, doing her best to avoid eye contact with anyone.

Jerry and Terri slept nestled together for the rest of the flight home – as husband and wife.

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