In Sara's Pants


I slid my pants off. I had on a pair of loose grey boxers. She put her head down between my open legs. I could see her put her tongue out and lick the whole length of my penis through my boxers, probing me with the tip of her tongue.

As she licked her hands were pressing up the legs, and she began to play with my balls. I closed my eyes. God it felt so good. Her hands on me. As she licked my cock got so hard that the head popped out the top of the boxers, and she immediately eyed my cockhead and touched her tongue right on the bare skin, lapping off a little puddle of cum off the tip.

She took her hand and pulled my boxers down lower, exposing my bare cock, her face just inches away. She looked at it and then me, and set her tongue right at the tip and pressed it into her mouth, swirling her tongue around a little, and then backing off again before running her tongue along its length, right along the bare skin of my cock, like a lollipop.

She looked up at me and smiled, the whites of her teeth as her soft voice lilted, "Like that?" She looked back down, and licked it again.

"God it feels incredible."

She said, "Mmmmm. This is bad. Wait till my turn."

Once again her mouth opened up and she pressed my cock into her mouth, deeper this time, swirling her tongue around. I could literally feel the tip of her tongue exploring the veins of my cock. She had one hand up my boxers playing with my balls. Oh god! I just about could have cum right there. But it was so brief. She put her head down and let her soft hairs fall over my cock and proceeded to lick these wonderful short licks to my tip, and then she gave me a sweet little kiss on its tip.

She said, "I think, times up." She covered my penis and patted it with her hand.

I croaked, "your turn," as I was sitting there in just my T shirt and underwear.

She pushed herself up, breasts still exposed, her cheeks red and mottled, glassy eyed. Her legs were splayed open. I could see her red silk panties. Not bothering to cover herself from me.

She breathed, "DARE."

I dared her to take off her skirt. I knew she had panties on, but when she took the skirt off, they were the smallest panties I had ever seen; a shiny little triangle of silk covering her pussy, just a string running up her ass and little ties at each hip.

After that dare I had lost my T shirt, she just pulled it off at one point. I let her.

On my dare, she dared me to lick her pussy over her panties. I lay her back and pulled her legs wide, looking up her body, her cute little navel, lapping at the fabric of her silk covered pussy.

She said five minutes, but god we did not stop until longer than that. I dug my tongue into her slit and the fabric was so thin, and so wet I could taste her juices. She was creaming, and her panties were soaked. I loved licking right along the edges of her panties, trailing my tongue along her bare skin, feeling the fine hairs peeking out, licking down to the line of her ass, lifting her knees over my shoulder. I could feel her hard little clit and dug in, rubbing the tip as hard as I could with my tongue, drawing in circles until I could feel her rocking against me, felt her body stiffen. Her breathing, the intensity of her movement, ready to cum. But I did not want her to cum.

She was pushing my face into her, wild to cum. But I would slow down or drift away, licking up the front of her panties, until she was settled down and then begin to lick my way between her legs again, playing with her clit over and over. I was not going to let her cum, no release. I was not going to let her come down from this high.

Not yet.

When it was her turn she again took a dare.

I said, "I dare you to let me masturbate you." Which I knew she wanted. She reacted by laying back immediately and opening her legs. But as she was laying back in the bed, completely disheveled, hungry. I continued, "with my Penis."

She responded to me with wide eyes, "David, we can't fuck."

I was ready for this, "I didn't say fuck. No fucking. I dare you to let me masturbate you with my penis."

There was a pause, and I calmly waited. "Ok."

Honestly, I expected the resistance to fucking, but she really gave in fast.

I reached my hands up her thighs and grasped her panties, watching them slide down her legs. They literally had to peel down her soaking puss, when she grabbed my hands. Her little patch of hair and swollen puss laying before my eyes.

"What are you doing?"

"The Dare." I was a little confused.

"No. No. With these on." And she tugged them back up her legs. "You can do it with these on. I don't want an 'accident.'"

"Fine was all I said."

When next I began to crawl over her she turned herself away, and began pushing me back onto the bed.

"I want to be on top." And as I lay back, it was her who grasped my boxers and pulled them down my legs as I let her. I had intended for both of us to be naked, but now it was me laying on my back completely naked and she was in a single pair of red panties, with her eyes looking at me up and down.

She began to straddle my thighs, her breasts hanging down, her thin waist and long legs. It was more than I could bear. Her cheeks were red and her lips delicious and full. She pressed me back onto the bed.

I watched her crawl up over me and as she let her body lay on me, her skin was suddenly everywhere, skin to skin. I felt her delicious soft as silk skin, the warmth of her press into me.

She breathed, "Be careful."

I could feel her breasts compress into my chest, the stiff nipples, and her legs opening around my thighs. I clasped my hands around her small waist, as she reached down and took my penis in her hand and pressed it up until it landed between her legs rubbing against the soft fabric.

I felt her slide her hips up until my cock was tucked between her legs. I thrust up and back down, oh the feel of our sexes sliding together. Her blond hair hanging around me, and as we moved together she kissed me. I opened my mouth to her and traced her teeth with my tongue. The one thing was that I was so aroused that her movement on me, the soft liquid heat of her sliding on me, the thought of how close we were to fucking. I had to be careful, I wanted her to cum, and I absolutely did not want to cum before her. I also was thinking how if we were doing this once, how likely it would happen again.

Her kiss was mesmerizing, delicious, so hard to describe. So soft. The taste of her sex was everywhere, on my tongue, in my skin, I could smell her body everywhere, and I began to slide my cock against her, up between her legs; and felt her moving against me meeting my thrusts. It felt in every way like fucking. The wetness of her puss and my dripping cock was lubricating us so it felt as if we were skin to skin.

The way she had lain me down, another unexpected benefit was that my hands were free and I let them roam over her, tracing a line down her lower back and squeezed my fingers into the crack of her ass, listening to her moan as I explored all her delicate places.

She was clinging to me, breathing in my ear, kissing me, kissing down my neck and nibbling my shoulder as she lifted her hips up and down on my hard cock. Her mouth open, breathing through her mouth, moving on me faster, pressing the tip of my cock into her clit and letting it slide back between her legs. I could see the hunger rising in her. God, she knew just what to do. She knew what she wanted.

I traced a hand around her thigh and turning it palm up began to press my fingers between her legs so she was being stimulated with both my fingers and the head of my cock. As I rubbed her though, I was slipping my hand inside her panties, rubbing the bare skin of her puss, feeling the curling hairs of her cunt. I held my fingers so they were right over her clit, skin to skin, pressing my finger tips in and rubbing over the top. She jumped and had to know my hand was on her soft pussy lips and that I was pulling her open, but her response was to tremble, and press against wherever I was touching her, grinding her sex into me.

As my fingers worked her puss, it was causing the fabric to slip to the side of her pussy lips, until my cock slipped right into the folds of her bare cunt, the gush of wetness suddenly lubricating the head of my cock. My cock tip was directly touching her clit now when she raised her hips and was being enfolded into her wet pussy lips when she let her hips slip down. I thought it had felt like I was touching her skin to skin before, but the feeling was so entirely different now.

I held to her, pulling her against me, continuing to stroke her open legs, letting her move on my body faster and faster. She was still kissing my neck and shoulder, taking what she wanted. I rubbed her clit along the length of my cock, keeping my contact with her as she was moving faster on me.

I breathed up to her just then, "Tell me you want to fuck me."

She says back between breaths. "You can't. You can't fuck me David. Oh, this is enough."

"I know, I won't. I just want to hear it. Hear you say it. Say it. You want to Fuck me. Say it." I kept saying it over and over.

Until her soft voice rising up, "Oh God, David, fuck me. I want you to fuck me."

"Yes. Feels so good."

"Oh yeah, feel you inside me. Fuck me inside, your cock up inside my cunt."

"I want to cum in your pussy. Fell you inside."

"Oh God, Fuck me. Yeah."

And as she said those words her body was stiffening and trembling and she was pressing to me harder, lifting her hips and letting them fall against me, these long strokes. Thrusting against me. I was meeting every thrust and could tell she was getting close to cumming now.

Beyond belief. She was kissing me, pressing her tongue into my mouth, the movement of our bodies, the feel of her bare breasts on my chest. Our skin was wet with sweat, our bellies sliding together, her sex sliding along the length of my cock.

Incredible. I will never forget that moment. The movement of us against the other, the purest pleasure. Moving faster, harder, hungrier. Rocking against one another, meeting each thrust.

Now, the thing about a womans body, is that everything about their sex, about the shape of their thighs and the curve of their ass into their thighs, everything about a womans body is utterly made to receive a cock, made to guide that cock right up inside their vagina.

Look at a womans inner thighs, up by the pussy, by the vagina. The indentation that angles back from the groin down the inside thigh, a perfect indented line that when closed around a cock will send it right up into her cunt. The curve of the ass is the same, the way it opens right into the vagina, the angle of a womans hips when you are sliding against them, leading a cock right back up through the pussy lips and straight inside. Deep inside.

I felt it for the briefest moment, and then again.

She was shuddering against me, ready to cum, bringing her hips forward, the head of my cock slipped right inside. It was just the head, and when she lifted her hips again I felt myself sliding back forward touching her clit, back again and right inside. I could feel her opening around me, the exquisite pressure. My cock tipping just inside. With the next thrust I lifted my hips a little higher and felt myself sliding in a little further. Deeper. My cock was slipping inside, fucking her, I was half into her. I lay my hands over the small of her back and pulled her down on me, applying the slightest of pressure, pulling her down on me and felt her slide my cock back and up into her vagina, this time holding me there, lifting her hips my cockhead slipping just out and meeting her thrust sinking right back down, squeezing my cock with her vagina. I was inside, fucking her, meeting her thrusts.

I did not say anything, she was still kissing me, moaning. Her whimpering, "Oh God, David. Yes. This feels so good."

Did she know?

When next she raised her hips up my cock did not slide forward, she was holding me, keeping me inside, raising so the head of my cockhead held right at the opening and sliding all the way, I held her to me. Oh fucking god. She lay herself so so that my cock continued to slide along her clit as I fucked into her. She was moving on me so hard and fast now, her body began spasming and trembling and I could feel her vagina squeezing tight around my cock. I could feel myself nearing orgasm, I was in a panic, could I cum in her? I had no idea. Was she on anything. Birth control? No condom. My God.

I wanted to pull out, but I didn't, I wanted her to cum, I didn't want to change anything. Her body began bucking against me.

"Ahh, I'm cumming. Yes. Oh God, yes." She was clinging to me.

And her body falling so hard on me, rubbing back and forth, my cock was deep into her, up inside, I could feel my cum rising. I pulled my hips back, no further than that I felt myself slip out of her. No way, no way I would cum in her. She was crying out, cumming, and I thrust my fingers down on her clit and mashed into her, she began grinding down on my hand, trembling against me, cumming. My cock slid up between her legs and I began cumming as well, our bodies sliding together. I was spraying, so much cum. She began kissing me, pressing her tongue in my mouth, her tongue was cold and she held to me, kissing me. I could feel her body relaxing as she lay down on top of me.

My cum actually sprayed up her back, all over her. It got in her hair, and I could feel it trickling down between my legs, a mix of my cum and her pussy juices running down my legs.

I opened my eyes and looked at her, she was still laying on me. I was not sure how she would respond. I knew, knew I had been inside her. We HAD fucked. I fucked my sister, she rode my cock. Did SHE know? I said nothing, she opening her eyes, and smiling at me.

"Fuck. That was good. God. I never came like that before."

"Me too." I said. It was true. She was arching her head back then, pressing herself up on her arms and holding herself over me, legs wide, breasts hanging down, my cock still up between her legs. Her pussy hairs covering my belly. I could feel myself softening. She lifted one leg and slid off to my side.

She sat beside me with her legs wide, her cunt a gapping slit, one knee up she was reaching back with her hand.

She looked back at herself realizing how I had cum up her back.

"I'm a mess."


She looked at me, a smile on her face. That coy smile she has. She knows, she had to feel it. But she said nothing. Nothing was said, it just happened.

"Oh shit," she said, "Your turn."

My god, Truth or Dare. A game. We were playing Truth or Dare. We still going to play?

She was sitting there with her legs wide open, her panties covering nothing, topless. Her hair a disheveled mess. I was completely naked, and sat before her without covering myself in any way. Utterly natural.

"Your dare is that you have to lick your cum off of me!"

She lay herself down on the bed.

For a moment I absolutely did not want to. "I pick truth." I said. "I pick truth."

"Uh, uh." Was all she said. When I saw her laying there, I thought of how I would be licking her body. I had thought how I wanted to do that and fully intended to.

I lapped at my own cum, lapped over her ass and the small of her back, across to each hip and up her sides. I lay over her as I did running my cock along her thighs and as I licked up her shoulders, pushing her hair out of the way, my cock began to bump her between her legs and I let my cock touch her pussy once more as I licked her body, long slow licks.

She tightened and clamped her legs together around my cock.

"David. No."


"You know what. We just can't. We just can't." She was turning herself around so that I was rolling off of her. "We are still brother and sister."


I found Sara's diary laying on her desk as I peeked in her room to see if she was there. I snuck in and opened it, don't know what page at all.

I read:

I love to be touched, I love to be stroked, I love the feeling of thick fingers touching me, fucking me, scratching, clutching, groping. Squeezing my hips. I love men's hands. Have ever since I was a teenager. Always had a crush on the guys with the big hands, long fingers. I love the feeling of a finger pushing into me, two fingers stretching me. I like it slow, a buildup. I like a guy who takes his time. Goes slow. Gets me sopping wet and crazy. One who wants to play with me. Watch me. Watch what he's doing to me. I need to be worked over. Broken in. Taught how to use my body, use another person's body, feel and give pleasure. I like things rougher, harder, faster. I have an overactive imagination because of all this. Burning lust, all building up inside with no outlet. I long to just lose myself in pleasure, dissolve in it, forget everything else. Get completely out of control. I'm very frustrated.

Never could I have dreamed how hand in glove my antics were with her.

And another tidbit, 'I like things rougher.'


I looked at the door and turned to the most recent entry:

It was titled Fantasy.

So I'm sitting on top of you, settling myself down. You keep sliding your hands down onto my hips. I sit there for a minute, push your cock up between my legs and hold to you, waiting for my body to calm down, adjust. I lean forward, stretch my legs out along yours, kiss you once on the lips, then a trail down your neck. Press my face into you. You sigh. It is so nice to just lay here with you.

I rock my hips just a little, this little shockwave of pleasure runs through me. I rock them a little harder. Still just pleasure, warm, skin. I pull my head back up to yours, smile at you, wrap my arms around you. I pull my knees up a little and can feel your hands between my legs, rubbing my clit. Yes. We both moan a little.

I start rocking again, slow, soft movements, slippery and warm. I tighten my pussy around your cock, rock again. Mmmm that feels really good, you say. I know, I say back, grinning at you. You slide your hands over my ass. You push your hand between my legs and pull my panties to the side. I reach around, arching my back a little and, oh god, your cock squishes into me. I should stop. I let out a little whimper at the movement, the feeling of your shaft on my clit, everything is so heightened, so soft, so slow, so wet.

Your fingers are still down there, I can feel it all slick and hot, that silky skin of my cunt. Mmmmmmm I moan, rocking my hips again, feeling your fingers and tip down and just the tip of your cock, in. Shit. I can feel the underside of your cock as it heads into me. (God I am SO WET right now) A shiver runs up my spine and I keep moving. Shit. Your fingers, rocking my hips forward and your fingers dig into my clit, back and your cock up inside. Fucking God. Yes. Feeling myself fucking you.

I really start to whimper, rest my forehead down on your shoulder and moan into your ear, these soft, quiet little whimpers between quick breaths. I can feel us fucking with fingers, and cock. I feel it all in my cunt. You grab my ass, just cup your hands over my ass, squeezing, pulling me to you, moaning back at me. I stay tightened up on you, getting off on the way we fit together. Faster I'm moving, tingles running through my body. I can feel it, that moment just before my orgasm, the BEST part.

I start really moaning, louder, longer, (oh god I am wet) my breath coming in little pants. You grab my hips, pull me down onto you harder, harder, until I'm bouncing on you, fucking you hard, and then it hits, and I cry out, clamp my lips down on yours, my cunt squeezing and releasing on you, you pull out - thank god - and then you are cumming. What a mess, cool sticky sprays up my back.

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