tagSci-Fi & FantasyIn the Beginning

In the Beginning


"They won't all be like that you know, regrettably most of them will, but not all," The serpent hissed to the pale brunette.

"Look at how happy they are, that little dim wit and the control freak," the woman spat angrily, wiping her eyes with the back of her hand. "I guess they really are made for each other. But where does that leave me?" Her last sentence nothing but a whisper betraying her fear and loneliness. The pale beauty raised her eyes to the heaven and in a voice full of defiance cried, "What about me? Have I fallen in your eyes by being what you made me?! You sick bastard! I've done nothing wrong but here I sit, punished, rejected."

The leaves behind her rustled gently as the breeze shifted direction. The serpent started to chuckle softly as bones flowed beneath scales, in moments a handsome man crouched next to the forsaken woman. "Oh Lilith, I think you're destined for far greater things than what He had planned." The mystery man responded with a mischievous grin.

Lilith yelped in surprise as the man gently trailed his fingers down her shoulder. "What...how?? I thought he only made the three of us"

"Shhh..." the dark stranger whispered echoing the hiss of the understanding serpent. He dropped to his knees and placed light kisses where his fingers had been. "I'd like to show you something" He breathed against her skin. "I'd like to show you everything."

Lilith stilled beneath his caresses, her heart beating as though it were trying to escape her chest. "What are you offering me?" Her voice breathy and hesitant at this unexpected turn.

"What do you ask of me?" the man inquired, his kisses moving around to the front of her throat, his hands gently pressing her shoulders to the ground. "I want you to relax and enjoy this." He moved his kisses lower, all the while being slow, cautious.

Lilith gasped at the feel of his hands and lips as they played against her skin. Her body clenching in all the right places as her pussy began to moisten with unexpected need. His kisses found her hardened nipples as he took her right breast into his mouth. His tongue flitted over her taut peak, eliciting a small moan from Lilith, her body responding ever more to the hot wetness of him.

After several sweet moments the stranger turned his attention to her navel and down until his tongue lapped at her soft labia. Pressing his tongue wide, he covered her opening and moved up slowly, bringing his eyes up to see her reaction.

As his tongue rasped against her vulva, Lilith cried out and thrust her head back into the soft earth. At this reaction the man began to work faster and harder, swirling his tongue around her clit, entering her, licking, sucking, teasing until all she could do was hold onto his shoulders, her breath coming in quick gasps.

He pulled away and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand, "What do you want me to do Lilith, I am at your command." Without a thought Lilith raised herself from her prone position and pressed the dark stranger onto his back, her legs straddling his hips, her soaking pussy lifted just above his hard cock. She didn't say a word as she looked him in the eye and thrust herself onto him. As he pierced her they both cried out, his large cock relishing the hot tightness of her.

Lilith stayed upright, riding him, her hands clutching his waist, holding on as she bounced up and down the length of him. She moved without hesitation, without a hint of the earlier reluctance. She slammed herself onto him over and over again as though she could never quite get enough of him inside her. As her ecstasy began to build, her hands clenched, scratching his sides, leaving what looked like claw marks on either side of his navel. At her faint drawing of blood the stranger bucked, aiding her in her pleasure. As she brought herself down, he thrust up, penetrating her until his tip slammed into her cervix. At this contact Lilith screamed, her body unused to such sensations. With her back arching in pleasure Lilith came while she writhed on top of him.

With a loud exhalation of breath she collapsed against him. As soon as she laid her head against his neck, the man rolled her onto her back, kissing her mouth as he continued to work in and out of her. Placing her leg against his chest, he opened her wide, continuing for her pleasure and his completion. Lilith's eyes rolled back into her head as his slick hardness pumped her without stop.

Again Lilith felt heat wash over her, pleasure building until it bordered on pain. "Oh God!" she cried out as her second orgasm hit, every muscle clenching in rapture.

"Not quite" the stranger responded, as he pulled out of her, clutching his cock in his hands he finally came, spilling his hot cum onto Lilith's pussy. As his hot fluid hit her labia, Lilith sighed, completely satisfied.

The man let out a quick laugh, surprised at her reaction. "Feeling better?" he inquired as he fell back, landing next to her with a soft thump. He was all smiles as he looked upon her, his right hand cradling his head, his left resting gently on Lilith's hand.

Lilith shook her head and smiled back, her face appearing to hold many secrets that she would never tell. "I don't even know who you are or how you got here. Not that that really made a difference earlier"

"Does it even matter now?" The stranger asked, a smile still on his lips. He laughed again, a deep rich sound that sent excited chills down Lilith's spine. "My name is Lucifer, no doubt you haven't heard of me. I wasn't made from this earth. I belong up in heaven, for I was an archangel. Fashioned by the same hands that made you, I am as great as the all powerful God. I simply tried to have a little take over. Things went slightly different than I had planned but hey, I can tell you right now, if I was in control when you were created, this whole 'man is dominant over woman' think never would have happened. I like it on bottom sometimes, Adam should give it a shot." Lucifer turned on his side and propped himself up on his elbow, his left hand clasping Lilith's. "And that, my dear, brings us back to you. You are free of man and of any responsibilities to populate the planet. What do you want to do? You can do anything you desire except, and believe me I know this will sound familiar, do not eat from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil."

Lilith looked at him sharply with accusing eyes as Lucifer hurried on. "Not for His reasons, here I'll explain. You already seem to have an excellent head on your shoulders, especially in comparison with that dimwit He created to replace you. All that tree will give you is a sense of conscience. You're doing just fine right now as you are. You don't need to feel guilty for doing nothing wrong. It's like Gods backhanded slap. 'Here, enjoy my garden but don't eat from this tree or the fruit will make you feel ashamed of everything you are and everything that is natural for you to do.' I mean seriously, who designs a paradise and then throws in that little tidbit?? He should have just stopped at the Tree of Life. I'm telling you Lilith, things would be much better now if I was in control."

With a flash of uncertainty crossing her delicate face Lilith responded, "You say I can do anything I want, but what are my options? Right now the only thing I am able to do is stay here in the garden. Alone."

"If you're willing to trust me on some things Lilith," Lucifer responded, caressing her arm, "I have some ideas for exactly what we can do."

Lilith woke suddenly, her mind foggy from her slumber. She was alone. Alone in the forest, the moon creating dappled shadows on the fallen leaves and soft moss. Her breath quickened as her mind cleared, the last vestiges of sleep melting away. The appearance of the stranger who called himself Lucifer, the smell of sex still lingering where she lay. It had been no dream, but where had the time gone? The last she remembered, the sun was gracing the horizon and she felt satisfied for the first time in her existence. It was as though she was finally full of everything she had ever been missing. Where was he?

Lucifer watched her from his perch in one of the trees surrounding the clearing. He needed to think. The foliage obscured him from view as he leaned his back against the rough bark. This development wasn't quite what he was expecting. Make no mistake, everything had gone as planned with Lilith. Lucifer's shoulders shook with silent laughter at himself. He thought he had it all worked out. It was to be a very simple operation. Use His own creation against him. A very simple, yet effective "Fuck you" to the one that cast him out. Now there was a problem, of his own making. Lilith's acceptance and utter trust caught him off guard, he expected to have to do far more sweet talking. It wasn't that she was stupid, it was as though she saw something in him that no one else ever had. He couldn't just leave her to face His wrath. She was suddenly much more than just a disposable tool. He still needed her, his plan was not ruined, it just needed to be altered. With an oiled grace Lucifer relinquished his seat and released his hold on the tree. He seemed to float to the ground, keeping the tree between himself and Lilith where she sat with her arms around her knees. With a deep breath Lucifer rolled his shoulders back and strode out from his hiding place.

Lilith gasped faintly as he walked confidently toward her. He was breathtaking in the moonlight, the white light illuminating his muscular upper body and almost glinting off of his black hair. She recovered quickly and smiled up at him brushing her hair back from her face. Without a word he kneeled in the moss in front of her and took her head in his hands. He kissed her, pressing his lips firmly against hers, his tongue sliding into her mouth as he tasted her. As she melted into him he pulled back slightly, his lips resting faintly against hers. He breathed her in before he sat back on his heels, his eyes never leaving hers.

"I have a question to ask of you." He said softly without a trace of humor. "Do you wish to remain as you are, or would you wish to be something more? Something greater than human. I am giving you a choice. You may remain as He made you, or let me give you powers and abilities closer to that of my own. If you choose the latter there is no limit to what we could accomplish. I'm asking you if you would like to be with me, treated as my equal. I would not have asked you, but my original plans have changed. And that, my dear Lilith, is entirely your fault."

Several emotions flashed across Lilith's face. Uncertainty, surprise, and even a trace of anger. "My fault? What have I done?" She inquired, her tone sharper than before.

"No, no, don't mistake me, that last comment was a compliment. The greatest I could have bestowed upon you. Trust me, please" Lucifer hurried on, slightly afraid for the first time. Afraid of a human's response and the power she held over him. He didn't want her to refuse. If she refused his proposal his plan would have continued as before but with a much more unpleasant ending than the one he was offering now.

With a wary look in her eyes Lilith considered what Lucifer had said. "You can make me more like you? You have that power?"

"I have many powers. Do you accept me?" Lucifer queried cautiously in the hopes that she would not refuse.

"I see no point in remaining what I am. He has refused me for being His very creation. I accept you Lucifer. May you be a greater man than He." Lilith responded with quiet severity.

Relief caused Lucifer to exhale breath he didn't even know he had been holding. A smile lit up his features as he looked Lilith over from her delicate toes to the soft brush of her hair against her forehead.

"Well then, I think you are going to enjoy this little ceremony. I know I will" He said with a familiar glint in his eye.

Again he kissed her, exploring her mouth as he had explored her pussy hours before. His passion caused heat to flair across Lilith's body, making her body tight. She broke the kiss and moved her attention to his neck, where she scraped her teeth against his throat as she kissed him, her tongue playing over his pulse. At the feel of her teeth, Lucifer let out a surprised gasp.

"Oh, you will definitely enjoy this Lilith" He said as he began to lay back. Lilith tried to move with him, maintaining contact on his neck. "Ah ah ah" Lucifer chided her playfully as he placed his left hand on her shoulder and pushed her down, forcing her head lower on his body, her lips grazing his chest and stomach. Lilith licked at his navel, by now fully aware of what he was asking of her. She kissed his hips and moved her attention to his cock. Without taking him into her mouth she swirled her tongue around his tip, savoring the taste of him, licking the tiniest drop of precum. Lilith raised herself up slightly and rolled her first taste of his semen around in her mouth. Her eyes seemed to be lit from the same fire that burned within the man lying beneath her.

The cool breeze that had been but a whisper through the forest heightened and shifted direction. Lucifer's fingers on his right hand lengthened, the nails grew and blackened, curving wickedly, ending in needle points. Lilith's eyes widened suddenly in fear of those sharp points that were made for tearing flesh. Lucifer smiled up at her, peacefully as he raked one finger against the skin just above the base of his cock. Blood welled up in the cut and escaped that clean line he had created with his nail. The blood trailed around the base of his cut and flowed on his balls. As Lilith's eyes followed the trail Lucifer's blood made against his flesh, her eyes remained wide, but not from fear. It was as though all she could see was his blood as is flowed down his perfect body. Without thought, Lilith crouched between his legs and licked the droplet of blood from the underside of his balls. She tasted the metallic warmth of his lifeblood and craved more. Making sure she got every last drop from his ball sac she took his scrotum into her mouth, playing with his flesh pulling gently on him. Once she was satisfied that there was no more blood there, she brought her tongue up, tracing the line the droplet had made up to the side of his cock. Instead of licking straight back to the source, Lilith licked up the length of him, taking him inside her mouth with his blood still on her tongue. She began to suck on his cock tasting his blood and precum as she worked him in and out of her mouth. He was hard but the skin was incredibly soft, she glided him in and out between her lips as though he were made of steel wrapped in silk. Her tongue pressed the length of his cock as she worked him faster. She relaxed her throat, making the tension less. Lucifer writhed under her workings. At the feel of the slackened tension he moaned, demanding more. Lilith obliged. She deep throated him, bringing her lips to his bloody base, kissing him while he was still inside her. Her tongue undulated, pressing and releasing his cock as his tip felt the hot tightness of her throat. As she sucked him, harder than before, Lucifer came, shooting his cum down her eager throat. Lilith pulled back slowly, relishing every inch of him. When she came to the tip of his cock she sucked gently, extracting the last drops of semen. Wearing his blood like black lipstick in the moonlight, his seed on her tongue, Lilith raised herself up and met his half-closed eyes.

Lucifer grabbed her arms and pulled her to him, crushing his mouth against hers. He tasted his blood and cum on her lips and tongue as he flicked his tongue inside of her mouth. His left hand came up and cradled her head. He kissed her more gently, licking her lips making sure she was clean of his blood. With the same amount of tenderness her rolled her onto her back and moved his hand from her head in order to support his weight above her. Keeping his eyes lock upon hers he brought his right hand up to her breast. Gently tracing a thin line above her nipple with his nail, the skin parted slightly and a small amount of her blood appeared to fill the new void. Lilith's head rocked back and her breathing stilled as though she were drugged as Lucifer brought his mouth down to cover the small cut, his tongue pressing against her skin. Now he tasted her blood along with the unmistakable taste of her skin. She was so soft. He marveled at the sensation of her against him and inside of him. Her blood felt warm, and her warmth spread throughout his body as he swallowed. Licking her clean he pushed up, bringing his body over hers, his hands firmly on the ground on either side of her head. Even without his skin touching hers he felt her as though she were a part of him.

"It is done" He whispered. "With our exchange of blood I have given you all that I possess. . . "

Before he could finish explaining what that meant, Lilith screamed. Her delighted gaze filled with fear and pain as her skin suddenly felt as though it were on fire. She screamed again and rolled onto her stomach, her hands clawing at her back, as if she were trying to scratch that one place she couldn't reach. With the sound of wet cloth ripping, black wings exploded out of her back. Covered in a clear fluid, they glistened like the shell of a beetle in the cool moonlight. The skin of Lilith's back flowed back, healing around the base of each wing, as though they had always been a part of her. As her skin finally came to rest, the heat dissipated and Lilith exhaled, slipping into blissful unconsciousness, leaving a very startled Lucifer gazing down upon this once again unexpected development.

"Not tonight Adam, I have a headache." Eve said into the dark, her voice like sunshine after a storm. Adam looked down at his wife with a small disappointed smile. She was perfect. Beautiful and obedient, but, it seemed recently that every night was "not tonight". How could God have provided such a bounty and somehow still keep it from Man? Getting to his feet with a pain between his legs, Adam kissed his wife on the forehead and whispered so as not to disturb her. "I'm going for a walk"

It was nearly impossible to walk as he would normally. Adam was hard and ready after days of being denied. He walked just to the edge of the woods and sat down, his back scratching slightly on the bark of the tree. Adam wrapped his hand around his cock and began to stroke himself. It was good, but not as good as it should have been. Sex really is more fun with more players. As his thumb came up over his tip, the sound of laughter stopped him cold.

"Having fun?" A voice from deeper within the forest inquired. It was the voice of a woman, but lower than his Eve's. The kind of voice that seemed full of the promise of pleasure. Adam didn't move or speak. He simply waited. Waited for whoever was in the woods. The moonlight reflected off her pale skin as she walked toward him, her eyes alight with an almost tangible fire.

"Lilith." The name escaped Adam's lips as her looked upon her. Eve was well and beautiful, but Lilith, it was like comparing a swan to a black panther. As she glided toward him, the time for thought had passed. Lilith stopped within an arms length of where Adam sat, the moonlight giving her an ethereal glow. Adam's eyes moved from her face which held a far too knowing smile, to her neck and breasts, and down, his eyes moving over her waist and hips to her pussy. His eyes stopped on her inner upper thigh. She was glistening. She was already soaked, ready for him. Without a word Adam stood and brought her to him, as his hands reached her back he jerked back at the feel of bones and tough skin where naught but her shoulder blades should have been. His eyes widened and he took half a step back, his mind unable to process what the woman before him was. Before he could change his mind, Lilith wrapped her arms around his shoulders, her hands in his hair as she lifted herself just enough. She rubbed her wet pussy against Adam's tip, allowing him to feel her breasts crushed against his chest and her soft, slick lips caressing his penis. Adam's breathing changed, this time not from fear. He'd been denied for so long and there she was, another bounty. Without warning Lilith fell upon her back and brought Adam with her to the ground, his cock sliding fully between her legs as he landed just above her. Lilith looked into his eyes and writhed underneath him. Adam slid himself inside of her. She was hot and wet and tight. As Adam pushed himself into her until he could go no further, he lowered his head and took her breast into his mouth. He sucked and teased at her nipple as he moved in and out of her, slowly, savoring the feeling.

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