In The Beginning


Sweat rolled off of Hank McCoy's brow as he made his way into the locker room area after a particularly difficult training session in the Danger Room. The Professor had pushed the kids hard, harder than he'd ever done before. They were coming into their powers, for sure, but why did he have to make everything so tough? "Hey, Hank," Bobby Drake hailed as he sat down next to his teammate. Wiping away sweat, the youngest mutant at Xavier's Academy sighed. "That was a tough one, huh?” "Sure was," Beast replied, eyeing Warren Worthington III as he wandered into the locker room, folding his wings behind his back. Warren quickly stripped down and stepped into one of the over-sized showers, wanting to get back to his room and take a quick catnap. "I was kind of surprised at the difficulty level. I didn't think we were ready for that.”

“We'll have to be ready for a lot of things from here on out.” Hank and Bobby turned in unison to see the skinny, quiet Scott Summers leaning against a locker. Scott took a few steps and joined his comrades on the bench. "The professor wants to take us out into the field soon. Something about an evil mutant, I think.” The Beast could barely contain his surprise. "Already? We've only been here a few months. And how do you know what the professor wants us to do, hmm?” Bobby leaned forward, waiting for Scott's reply. "I heard him recording last night in his study," Cyclops said, getting to his feet. He looked somewhat nervous. "I mean, I wasn't eavesdropping or anything, I just...”

A soft knock at the door interrupted Scott's reply, even as Angel stepped out of the shower. In a few seconds, he had toweled himself off and redressed. Cyclops opened the locker room door to see Jean Grey standing there, a shy smile on her lips. "Is it my turn yet?" she asked quietly, sneaking a peek past Scott. "I really need to take a shower...the professor really stuck it to us today!” Bobby and Hank quickly stood, while Warren stepped up behind them. They pushed past Scott, giving small gestures of hello to Jean as they passed out into the hallway. Scott stood, mute for a moment, before following his teammates. Jean closed the door, leaving the four boys standing in the hallway.

"I still can't get over how beautiful she is," Warren commented, drawing approving nods from Bobby and Hank. Scott simply stood there, staring at the closed door, before heading off down the hallway. The other three watched after him. "What's wrong with him?” "Don't know," Hank replied, turning his attention back to the door. A sideways glance at Bobby revealed a smirk on the young man's face. Hank confronted his teammate. "What's with the smile, Drake?” Bobby's smile grew wider. In the hallway, he could hear the shower running in the locker room. "Nothing, just a...mischievous thought.” "Uh-oh," sighed Hank, wondering what Bobby was up to now. "Bobby, what are you up to now? I really hope you don't do anything that will get us in trouble with the professor.” “Don't worry," Bobby replied, creeping toward the door. Slowly, he opened it up and crept back into the locker room, followed by Hank and Warren. Bobby made a shushing motion. "I've been meaning to try this out," Bobby whispered, closing his eyes in concentration. After a few seconds, he got the reaction that he was hoping for.

In the shower, Jean yelped loudly, stepping away from the now icy-cold water. Every effort she made to return the water to at least a lukewarm state failed. Frustrated, Jean reached up for her towel. Then she realized that she left her towel on the bench. Stepping nimbly around the freezing water, Jean slid the shower curtain back and stepped out, coming face to face with three wide-eyed young men. Bobby's mouth went slack as he surveyed Jean's body, from her fiery red hair down to her perky-nippled breasts, and from there to her flat stomach, continuing down to her small tuft of dark pubic hair. The other two reacted in much the same way. "Wh-wh-?” Jean blurted, trying to cover herself up. A quick glance, and Jean realized that her dark blue towel was behind her three teammates. Sheepishly, Jean stepped back behind the curtain, braving the cold water, and covered herself up with the flimsy plastic. "Bobby Drake, I ought to--!” "Jean, I'm sorry!" cried Bobby, finally finding his voice.

Jean's body was pressed against the wet plastic shower curtain. The soft pink of her nipples showed through, allowing the boys a look even as she tried to cover herself up. "I didn't...I was just a joke!” Jean sighed. "Just hand me my towel, and get out of here!” Shaking his head as if coming out of a daze, Angel reached down and snagged the towel from its seat on the bench. Shuffling slowly, he approached Jean as she hid behind the curtain. His hands trembling, Warren tried to hand the towel over, but proceeded to drop it on the floor. "I'll get it," he said quietly, trying (but not too hard) to rip his eyes away from Jean. Warren took a step forward and picked up the towel, but wasn't on his feet for long. Slipping in a puddle of water, Angel fell head-on into Jean. The two slammed against the wall of the shower, with Warren on top of the redhead. Under the cold shower, the towel got soaking wet.

"Jean, are you okay?!?” Jean nodded slowly. She could feel the pressure of Warren's raging hard-on pressing into her stomach. She could feel it throbbing against her, pulsing as if it had its own life. Angel steadied himself in order to get to his feet, but Jean grabbed his arms and pulled him close. Without warning, Jean planted a wet kiss on Warren.

Standing a few feet away, Bobby and Hank stared, their eyes wide, their mouths gaping open. Totally engaged, they watched as Jean, her naked body glistening, snaked her hands into Warren's pants, feeling for his hardness. Bobby felt the crotch of his pants strain, and a subtle look over at Hank revealed the same thing happening to him. "Jean--!” Warren exclaimed, inhaling a breath of air in-between kisses. With amazing deftness, Jean undid Warren's pants and pushed them down, revealing his hard cock. The shower water had soaked him to the bone, but did nothing to diminish his desire. "What are you--" Jean cut him off with another kiss, even as she began rubbing Warren's penis in-between her fingers. She stroked it lovingly, occasionally stopping to tickle the sensitive scrotum. Angel gasped as her fingers worked.

Suddenly, Jean thrust herself forward, impaling her slick body on Angel's hard cock. She cried out, not able to help herself as she drove his member deeper into her canal. Warren laid there for a moment, unsure of what to do next. He knew what to do next, to be certain, but this was all very sudden, and very unlike Jean. Her warmth surrounded him, though, and he began to feel a slight dizziness in his head. "Warren," Jean whispered, the small puff of hot air sliding into Angel's ear. With that, Warren could no longer control himself, and began sliding in and out of Jean, beginning slowly, but moving faster after a little while. His tender bumps turned to a hard pounding, rocking Jean against the floor every time he pushed in. "Oh, god...” Hank, stunned, watched as Warren slammed into Jean, their bodies writhing together under the stream of now-warm water. His dick jumped as Jean cried out, unable to quiet herself, rocking back and forth with Angel. "Holy cow," Bobby muttered, staring at the display. "Holy cow.” Suddenly, Warren cried out, his body mashing into Jean's as he climaxed, spewing hot liquid inside his teammate. A few more thrusts and he rolled off of her, his penis rapidly going limp. Before Jean could get to a sitting position, Hank was on top of her, his pants discarded on the floor behind him. He waved his penis in front of Jean's face, rubbed it against her chest, and tickled her nipples with the head.

"Wow," Jean marveled, gazing at Hank's thick member. "No wonder they code-named you Beast.” She smiled a small smile, which instantly illuminated her face. Her cheeks were reddening with the glow that is usually associated with sex. Reaching out, Jean pulled Hank toward her soft pink lips, flicking her tongue lightly over the head of his penis. "I wonder how you taste," Jean whispered, clamping her lips over Hank's shaft. The effect was instantaneous as Hank leaned back, a soft moan escaping his lips, as Jean bobbed up and down. She made soft slurping noises, uncontrollable, tasting the salty flavor of his skin.

"Jean...” Hank whispered, winding his thick fingers into her bright red hair. He pushed her against his cock, making her take more and more of it into her mouth. "Jean...” Her eyes widening, Jean almost gagged as she deep-throated Hank's member, a momentary flicker of panic ebbing away. The head tickled Jean's tonsils for a few seconds, before she slid away from him. Kissing the tip of his penis, Jean returned to sucking nimbly. Fingers began probing in between Jean's legs, startling her momentarily. She didn't know who it was, since she couldn't see around Hank's bulk, but figured it to be Bobby. He was the only one who hadn't joined the party yet.

Bobby stroked his thumb over Jean's swollen clitoris, sliding a finger into her warm hole. Another finger joined its brethren, then another, until Bobby had three fingers inside Jean. She gasped from around Hank's cock, feeling the fingers continually hit her g-spot. Just as quickly as they had come, Bobby's fingers retreated from Jean's pussy.

Jean whimpered at the loss of the sensation, before Bobby plunged his own throbbing penis into Jean. Squeezing her eyes shut, Jean orgasmed at the sudden hardness in her vagina. Hank trembled as he sat on top of Jean, signaling that he, too, was about to climax. Hot juice slammed into Jean's mouth, making her gag. Fighting the reaction, she dutifully swallowed it all down, enjoying the hot, salty taste as it ran down her throat.

The door to the locker room opened, revealing a very stunned Scott Summers. "Slim", as his teammates called him, stood there, staring in mute astonishment at his naked friends. Jean gave him a half-hearted smile, a thin ribbon of the Beast's cum dribbling down her chin. "Wh-What???” Cyclops stammered, his eyes widening behind the ruby quartz glasses he was forced to wear. The thought entered his mind to contact the Professor, let him know what his students were doing, but the sudden erection in his pants stopped that thought dead.

Struggling with the uncomfortable erection, Scott spoke. "What are you DOING???" he exclaimed, shocked, stunned, and incredibly turned on. "Hi Scott," Jean said as the Beast rolled off of her. Bobby quickly got to his feet and rushed off into the far corner of the room, wrapping a towel around himself. Warren simply sat on the floor, the cool water of the shower rushing over his overheated body.

"We were, uh...” Jean began, searching for some sort of explanation.

"Shit.” Warren stood up, smirking. He crossed the room and threw an arm around Scott, leading the dumbfounded mutant to where Jean lay, the cool shower water running over her erect nipples. "You are looking at the finest female specimen on the face of the earth, my friend," Warren began, pointing at Jean. "Take a good look.” Still somewhat stunned, Scott looked Jean over from head to toe. He stopped to marvel at her full breasts, capped by small pink nipples. Her firm stomach, the small tangle of dark pubic hair, her long, creamy legs. Scott could feel his full manhood pressing against the zipper of his pants, straining to be released.

"So what are you going to do, Slim?” Warren inquired, taking a step back. With a thought, his long white wings folded around his body, masking his nakedness. "There she is, Scott. What are you going to do?”

Without a second thought, Cyclops tore off his clothing and joined Jean on the floor of the shower. He could feel the water rushing over his body, but he didn't seem to mind. All that he was thinking of was Jean. "Scott," Jean muttered as Cyclops took one of her nipples into his mouth. He started slowly, but as the minutes passed he sucked on it greedily. Jean tensed up, her mind reeling at the feeling of his tongue flicking over her sensitive nipples. "Oh, Scott.”

Just as suddenly, Scott plunged himself into Jean's womanhood, his long, thin penis sliding easily into the young redhead. Jean cried out, enjoying the feeling of his cock pushing into her. He pumped slowly at first, then faster and faster. The feeling was intense for both parties. "Jean...” Scott breathed, nibbling on the lobe of Jean's ear. Jean gasped aloud, her entire body shivering. "Scott, I want you to cum inside me," the redhead moaned, running her hands over Scott's well-muscled back. "I want you to cum...”

"Jean, I..." moaned Cyclops, pulsating as Jean's tight pussy wrapped itself snugly around his penis. The pressure inside him was building. He could feel Jean's fingers digging into his back, making thin red marks with her fingernails. Her body began to tense as his thrusting increased in speed.

"I'm...I'm...” Scott cried out, his penis spasming and jerking as he came to a thundering climax. Her red hair soaked, water running all over her milky skin, Jean roared in ecstasy as Scott came inside her. A few seconds was all it took for Jean to burst with orgasm. The pair stretched out on the floor of the shower, arms wrapped around each other. Scott slowly slid his limp penis out of Jean, taking time to plant a few warm kisses on her sweet red lips. Quickly dressing, Cyclops crossed to the locker room's door. Pausing, he looked back at Jean, who was staring intently at him. Smiling, Scott left the locker room.

"So what do you say, Jean?” Hank said, his large cock held in one hand. "Time for another round?”

"No," Jean said, getting off of the floor. She failed to see the disappointed look on her teammate's face. "No, I don't think so.” Deftly, Jean slid her clothes back on, not bothering to dry her dripping wet body. In the blink of an eye she was gone from the room, leaving the other three X-Men dumbfounded. Warren sighed. "Maybe some other time."

Professor Xavier sat in his study, a blazing fire stoked up in the fireplace. The warmth from the fire coated his body, even as the white snow fell outside. Warren Worthington III said in Xavier's mind. The tutor of the X-Men turned his thoughts away from the three young mutants in the locker room and turned inwards, replaying the events that he had just 'heard' in his mind. He could envision Jean Grey's body, soaking wet, and her nipples hard and erect. He could see the small tuft of dark pubic hair covering her soft mound. He could hear her cries as she orgasmed, again and again, lost in the throes of ecstasy. Suddenly, Professor Xavier thrust his hand under the blanket that covered his lap and unzipped his pants. Awaiting his soft touch was a hardness he hadn't felt in a long while. "I may not have the use of my legs," Xavier muttered to himself, wrapping his hand around his erection, "But other things work just fine. I hope to show you sometime, Jean..."

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