tagLesbian SexIn the Car

In the Car


It may seem like it but there's not much story here. It gets to the fun stuff pretty fast (characters are over 18). I went for "realism in and unrealistic setting" if that makes sense. I really hope you all give it a chance. It's hot and heavy but nothing too crazy. I appreciate any feedback, comments, ratings, etc. Thanks and enjoy!


I don't really know what's gotten over me. I just can't take not having you right now.

Earlier when we were getting dressed I was started to feel it. The hunger. You're dark, curly hair all wet when you come out of the shower against your beautiful milky skin. The towel you kept wrapped around you. I love that you do that. You still hide yourself whenever you get the chance after two years together. Such a tease. A stunning, incredible tease.

I wore jean shorts and a white tank with a very thin jacket. You went very summery with your white and turquoise dress. It makes your large breasts look a little smaller but still very nice.

You urge me not to wear it but I wear my push up bra and now it looks like my breasts are much larger when they are very clearly not when clothes are off.

I controlled myself then. We got into the car. My big Nissan Pathfinder SUV. Thank goodness the seats aren't leather or I'd have been sticking to the seats it was so hot. We blast the AC for a while and talk about the day before we head out to the picnic.

It's all the way downtown so it's quite a drive. I couldn't stop looking at your legs the whole way over. Your shoulders. The exposed back every time you bend or turn just the right way. You were pretty much a traffic hazard.

I held your hand or stroke your leg (innocently) the whole way.

The picnic was great. We saw all our friends and hung out in the shade so we don't get too hot. Of course for you that's an everlasting state of being.

At one point the wind blew your dress up and I saw your covered butt. It was so perfect I just wanted to take a bite right there.

During dinner I teased you. I couldn't resist. You sat across from me and I spend half the time just piercing you with my hazel eyes. I slipped my foot out of my sandal and grazed your calf form time to time so you'd look over and see. What you saw was the hunger in my eyes. How much I wanted you. And I know it turned you on.

After dinner we all took a walk along the stream. It was dark and the lamps above didn't do much to brighten it up. I gradually got us at the end of the pack. We held hands and walked. At one point I spun you towards me and kissed you hard. One hand holding your face and digging into your hair the way you love. The other sliding under your dress and giving your butt a squeeze. It was over in five seconds.

Then we just kept walking and I didn't say a word about it. I just achieved what I needed. You were as horny as I was.

So here we are. Back in the car headed home after a long fun day. I can't take it anymore. I can't wait until we get home.

About ten minutes into the 30 minute car ride my hand starts to stroke your thigh. I gently graze my fingertips on your inner thigh towards your yearning pussy, but half way down your dress stops me and I go back up. Your groan in disapproval.

Again I begin down. This time I slide your dress down an inch, but then again go back up. I go up and down this path three more times. I can feel the fleshy part of your thighs now. The part where the sensations transfers from just feeling nice, to pleasure.

Now I slide your dress even further. You know if you hinder with what I wanna do to you, how I wanna tease you, I'll make it even worse. But still you thrust forward this time and push your damp underwear against my hand.

I retract immediately.

"Babyyyy!" you moan trying to get me to come back. I pull off an exit and we get to a red light.

I convince you to switch with me. We run around the car so that you're driving now and I'm in the passenger seat. You think it's so that you can tease me, as you quickly hold my lightly freckled face and run your hands through my auburn hair and you kiss me before the light changes to green. But you're wrong.

You start moving and try to play with my leg. I grab your hand put a finger in my mouth and start licking/sucking. You love when I do this. It turns you on to no end.

I release your finger and get on my knees on the seat and lean in close to you (no seat belt on, I'm not a role model). I blow hot breath into your ear while I play with your leg again. I grab hard at the flesh of your thighs right next to your aching sex.

"Turn right," I tell you. You smile, realizing what's happening. Like I said I can't wait to get home. There's an old dirt road behind and old factory and next to an abandoned school playground. High school kids always go there but tonight it's ours

I nibble on your ear and grab at your thighs as you drive us there. Gentle on top and rough on bottom. You unconsciously spread your legs for me.

We pull up and you turn off the lights but blast the AC because we're already so hot. Only the moonlight illuminates the car as you remove your seat-belt and try to stir put I press you back down. You groan and complain but stay seated.

I need to make a few adjustments. I turn the mirror so you can't see what I'm doing. Then I hop into the back seat and remove the head rest from your seat. I slide your seat as far back as it will go. Next I remove my bra but keep the tank on. I know you find that irresistibly sexy.

Now I go back to you.

From behind my hands massage your shoulder and arms as I kiss the side of your neck. I lick and nibble all around your neck. I pay special attention to the nape, pressing the tip of my tongue against it and swirling it in a circle the way you like. You moan loudly and appreciatively.

As I do this my hands have made there way to your stomach and are sliding up. I give you some quick pleasure as I run them slowly over your breasts and back up to your hair. I bend you forward a bit and slide the straps of your dress off your shoulders, but everything else remains in place. It's just for easier access later.

Now comes the really fun part. I move around so I end up straddling you, but I'm elevated on my knees so your pussy still gets no attention.

You see that my bra is gone and reach up to play with my breasts. I let you. Partly because I"m super turned on myself and because all this teasing needs bite-sized rewards along the way.

I moan louder than I expected to as you play with my breasts. Your so gentle and yet so firm. You squeeze and cup and caress in ways I can't describe. But eventually I get you to stop and go back to you.

I run my left hand over your legs and up your torso as we make out. The hand is gentle, but we make out hard. Your holding my ass as I run my hand over your body, from thigh to breast, skipping the fun part in the middle. My other hand still stays in your hair.

We stay like that for a long time until I give your breast a squeeze and you pull away in a moan of pleasure. I begin to work down you with my mouth. Playing with your breasts over your dress I kiss and drag my tongue my way down your neck and upper chest.

I suddenly drop to the floor and go to your ankle. I drag my tongue all the way up your leg, over the inside of your thigh, over your underwear for just a second (where you freak out and spasm but I leave it quickly) over your stomach where I've flipped up your dress and then stop when I hit your bra.

I get out from under your dress and return to straddle you. But this time only one leg, so I place one knee between your legs and on on the outside of one of your legs. Again, though, I keep my distance from your pussy.

Now I flip the dress down and reveal your strapless bra covered breasts. I reach around, unhook, and do away with the bra forcefully. You like that. I recline your seat all the way back.

I hold your full breasts as they spill out and go to work. I blow on the left nipple. Then I kiss and lick and bit all around it. Taking care never to touch it. You are freaking out under me. Begging for it. Meanwhile I am slowly pressing my crotch down on your quad. I'm still in my jeans shorts but it feels nice.

Eventually I get to it and I give it a kiss. Then pinch it between my teeth. Then just go to town. I make out with your nipple. I hold it between my teeth gently and flick my tongue over it rapidly at the same time. You go crazy for that. I begin massaging the other one as I do this and you're absolutely gone. Moaning up a storm and yelling my name and "baby".

I'm not as mean with the next breast. I simply go straight for the nipple and repeat my actions while pinching and playing with the left one. As I do this I finally press my leg against your panties. You yell out in appreciation.

After a bit of this I drop to the ground again. I give your panties a lick and a kiss and you freak out. I guess there's some failure of communication because you suddenly retreat to the backseat I just follow you, realigning the driver seat to its normal position.

I take a moment for myself to press down on your thigh again. I sigh in pleasure as I look at you. You're glowing in the moonlight. Your dress is bunched at your midsection exposing your breasts and underwear.

I slide my way up you and return my mouth attention to your breasts. My hand goes down and rubs your panties. You're making a lot of noise and I love it.

Eventually I find my way inside your underwear. I take my middle finger and drag it all the way along your pussy lips. I look you right in the eyes as I do this. Your eyes stay fixed on mine as well as you give in to me and moan.

Finally the finger makes it's way inside and your eyes roll back in your head and close as you lay your head back.

My mouth sucks at a nipple. My finger is reaching in and out of you. My leg comes up and pressed against your panties, my hand, and subsequently your pussy and you love the added pressure.

I hook my finger up at just the right place and you yell, "Yes! Right there!". I uses the pulsing of my own hips on your leg to drive my leg and hand harder against and into you. I lick and bite your ear and this sets you off somehow. I feel your pussy tighten as you orgasm and I kiss you and suck your tongue into my mouth. You shake under me, giving my pussy great vibrations.

You yell into my mouth and I don't stop as I still finger you. I don't speed up or slow down I just keep going and you keep riding it until the very end.

Oddly enough though, you aren't lying there in after glow. You're still restless hungry for more which has never happened before. So I quickly pull off your panties and replace them with my leg.

I can't go down on you just yet. All the excitement has me close to orgasm. The naughtiness of being where we are, dry humping you in jean shorts. It makes me feel like I'm back in high school.

I move up and start humping your hip bone. You reach up and rip off my tank top. You bend forward a little awkwardly (it is a car after all) and take a breast into your mouth. It also allows my leg harder pressure on your pussy and you already begin to moan and come again.

This sets me over the top. Even with my shorts still on I start to orgasm, my breasts feel so good in your care and I just ride you to the ends of pleasure.

At this point you push me against a car door and begin kissing me . You kiss my lips, my neck, my chest, my breasts, down my stomach, all up and down my legs. I love the feeling of you just worshiping my body. You unbutton and unzip my shorts and just shove your hand down my underwear instead of taking them off.

Pushed up against the car door, with you kissing me all over and fingering me I'm going crazy. I yell your name and plead for you not to stop as I come again. It's not quite as good as the first just like I know yours wasn't quite as good as the first.

But you won't accept this. You rip off my shorts an underwear and lay me down, kneeling over my knees. Suddenly I'm more naked than you who still has their dress bunch up on them.

You don't waste time as you eat me out. It's fucking magical. And I don't curse lightly. Except when you do that. In which case I'm dropping F-bombs all over the place along with the words "me" and "god".

Your tongue dives deep into me, and then out and you come back up to my clit and start sucking while you finger me. In all the excitement you slow down as you do this to me.

This is absolute ecstasy. You tell me to hold back as long as I can cause you want to keep eating me as long as you can. I try, and suspend myself into pleasure for maybe five minutes, or 50. I have no idea. I just know I eventually can't hold it any longer.

My pussy tightens and traps your fingers, I choke on my breath for a second. Everything is still around me like the moment before a wave crashes down. And then it crashes. I come down hard. Harder than either of the previous two and you don't stop until I'm good and done.

You come up and kiss me after because I tell you to "come here" pointing to my mouth, but you misunderstand. I meant to sit.

Eventually I get the message across and I stop kissing my own juices on your lips and get your pussy in front of me. You look down into my eyes as you lower yourself on top of me, ripping off the last of your clothing.

I taste you and, even though I've have many times before, I cant get over how much I love it. I You don't like fingers when I go down on you, so they move up and squeeze your beautiful breasts. Then I do that thing where I graze my nails on your back all the way down to your ass and back up. You love that. The mixture of gentle and rough.

You begin to grind your pussy on my face as I do that. Once again you've changed the pace. We never break eye contact unless you close your eyes in pleasure. You hold yourself up with your hands on the foggy windows as I take the onslaught of grinding with sucks and licks. I just keep going like this. Graze my nails, suck and lick. Graze, suck, lick. Graze, suck, lick. Lick, suck, graze. Graze. Lick. Suck. Kiss. Suck. Lick. Graze.

Finally you tilt your head back and begin to hit your hardest orgasm yet. You shake as one of of my hands squeezes your beautiful ass and shakes it back and forth as you can't grind yourself any more. You convulse and yell and come all over my face and I don't let up until your literally fall over off of me.

That's it. Three is a limit for both of us, one we don't even usually hit. I'm putting on my tank top when I notice you're still just lying there. Your hips are pushing into the air slightly like you're unsatisfied...unfinished.

So I climb on top of you and begin kissing you. Our tongues swirl. We suck in each others lips and nibble and slowly begin to make out hard again. I descend my raw pussy against yours and your moan into me ferociously.

I start grinding us together and we become one. Moving in sync. We kiss each other and touch each other.

You squeeze my butt, I suck your breasts. You play with my hair, I graze up your legs with my nails.

You literally rip open my tank and play with my breasts, I kiss up your neck.

You push against me, I push against you

You kiss me, I kiss you.

We grind and grind and somehow both build to a fourth orgasm. Something we've never achieved. But we keep building like stacking a tower of blocks, and eventually one is pulled out and we come crashing down.

We kiss each other and push against each other and just grab and squeeze anything available to our hands as we both ride orgasms together, not seeing any end in sight.

We just keep riding and riding, kissing and kissing, coming and coming until we cant take it any more.

We don't slow down, we just stop.

I collapse on top of you and we pant and moan and feel the aftershocks.

Tomorrow we'll have to go to work. One of us will have to get up from this exhaustion and drive home. But for now, at this point, let's just lay here in bliss.

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