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In the Dark


What just happened was the most amazing experience of my life. I made love with my best friend's husband and it was with her permission. How this happened was a spur of the moment thing.

My name is Lucy, I'm 33 years old, and 5 feet tall at 105 pounds with barely B-cup breasts. I am Asian and have a proportionate body that most of my friends consider slim and cute. I am a medical professional and don't have a lot of free time. I have been in America for a little over two years on a work visa. I was married when I was 22 but we were only together a year and it didn't work out. We are still legally married but I haven't seen him in over 6 years. He lives with a girlfriend and had a baby with her so there is no future there.

I've gone out with a few guys since our breakup but nothing serious and only had a brief encounter of sex with one guy in the past 5 years. My friends are my life away from work. I have several friends, all female, but I'm not a bisexual person so basically, I have relied on self gratification to relieve the tension.

When I get a weekend off I stay with one of my dear friends, Sonya and her husband Dave. They have a guest room which I use regularly. I enjoy their company and they include me in their outings when I stay with them. Dave is a real gentleman and is in his early 50's. Sonya is my age and from the same country I am from. We can talk for hours and I feel so comfortable at their place.

Last night, I got off work late Friday night and had made arrangements to arrive at their house late in the evening to spend the weekend. Sonya's husband was already asleep when I arrived which wasn't unusual since he works every Saturday morning. When I got there, Sonya invited me to eat and we began talking about any subject that came up. Sonya was always telling me that I needed to find a good man to fill the void in my life. Our conversation was steering toward the sex and love area. I told her that love wasn't real high on my priority list but sex a little more often would be nice as long as it didn't result in a relationship. She started describing her amorous sex life to me and I started becoming aroused and very interested in what she was telling me. She went into details of her relationship with her husband.

She told me that she, like me being a smaller girl, had been scared to have sex when she first saw the size of her husband's cock. She told me that she didn't think it possible to be able to have comfortable sex with a cock that large. Dave's cock as she described it was almost two inches in diameter and little over seven inches long. We being asian don't see cocks that long or fat in our culture. She described the first coupling and told me that although she wasn't a virgin, it hurt a little when he introduced his cock to her vagina. She went on to tell me of the stuffed feeling it gave her but she started having multiple orgasms with him from that first time and that he is a very good lover. She also told me that he had never fathered a child because of some accident in his younger life that had left him sterile. Her details intrigued me. I had never had a lover that made me fully comfortable with sex, not even my former husband.

Sonya went on to tell me that Dave was loyal and never strayed in their relationship even though he was tempted by a variety of younger girls on a regular basis. She had seen many openly flirt with him and he laughed it off but enjoyed the attention they gave him. Then the shocker came.

Sonya asked me if I wanted to practice my flirting skills on her husband and see how far I could lead him on. I didn't think it was a real good idea because I really liked Dave and didn't want to jeopardize a good thing. Sonya persisted and told me that she would enjoy watching me openly flirt with Dave and see if I could get him aroused. I asked her if I did this, what were the limitations. She then told me, that there were none. I then asked her what would happen if it resulted in my having sex with Dave. She said that if I could get Dave to do that then she didn't mind sharing him and that there wouldn't be any jealousy from her.

I couldn't believe this was real or what my friend was offering. Dave was a handsome man, older but in great shape and a real friendly guy who I had a lot of respect for but married and apparently happy. What Sonya said next shocked me even more.

She said, "Dave has commented to me that he thinks you are cute and confessed that he enjoys stealing glimpses of you when no one is looking."

She went on to say, "He won't make a move on you unless you tease him into it. If that happens, it's alright, I would enjoy watching him with you and it won't change our friendship or my relationship with my husband. Besides, it would do you good to have sex without having to worry about the complications that go with it in a normal relationship." Here was my best friend, offering her husband to me. All I had to do was entice him to take me. I was worried but at the same time excited at the possibility. When I finally went to bed early in the morning, my mind was swimming and it was difficult to go to sleep. I was aroused at the prospect that might happen and my vagina was slightly damp.

I slept until a little after noon on Saturday. When I got up, Dave was already home from work. We had a birthday party for a friend's daughter to attend in a few hours. I was thinking of my conversation with Sonya last evening as I was dressing and although unsure if I wanted to tease Dave or not, I selected a flowing white summer skirt and loose fitting low cut blouse to wear over a pair of white panties and a tight ¾ cup bra that pushed my breasts out a little more than normal. If I was going to tease, then I needed to select something to tease with.

When we arrived at the party, I began to notice that Dave was watching me more than I had previously realized. As the opportunities presented themselves, I bent over so that he could see directly down my top and get a good view of my upper assets. He looked at every opportunity. I began to wonder how far I could go with this teasing. When we returned to the house, I sat in a manner that allow my legs to be pointed in his direction to get an occasional peak at the contents underneath. He was looking, stealing glances that suggested that he didn't want anyone to catch him. I deliberately lifted a leg that let my skirt lift up so that he had a clear view of my panties twice and I caught him eyeing me both times.

I looked at his crotch but didn't see anything that suggested he was enjoying the views. When I looked at Sonya, she knew what I was doing and just smiled and gave me that encouraging nod to proceed. As she had said would happen, Dave didn't try to come on to me but he sure was enjoying the show.

Dave left Sonya and I to ourselves and retired to bed at his usual time. When he was out of earshot, Sonya told me she had noticed that Dave had taken in every detail of my flirting that day and suggested that he was probably dreaming of me. As we passed the time with our conversation,

Sonya said, "Lucy, now is the perfect time for you to make love with Dave. All you have to do is slip in bed beside him and let nature take its course, Dave won't know it's you at first and if you reach over him and gently stroke his cock, he will get aroused thinking it's me."

All I said was, "Are you sure you're alright with this, I don't want it to damage our friendship."

She said, "It won't, I want to see the glow you are sure to have when you finish with him."

I told Sonya, "I'm a little scared. What if he doesn't want me? I'll be so embarrassed if that happens. I won't be able to face him."

She said, "Don't worry, by the time he realizes it's you and not me, he will be so far into it that his male hormones will take over whether he wants it to happen or not. Trust me, I know him."

I was excited now and made my decision. I silently moved toward their bedroom. The room was dimly lit by a small nightlight. Dave was soundly sleeping on his side. My heart was pounding in my chest. He was covered about half way up his chest with a sheet and the sound of light snoring told me he was asleep. I entered the room and went to the vacant side of the bed.

I removed my blouse and let it drop followed by my skirt and then kicked off my shoes. I was trying to decide whether to remove my bra and panties and then remembered that Sonya had told me she only slept with panties on so I removed my bra. I hoped he didn't wake up as I slipped into bed because I am a bit shy and didn't want him to see my bare chest. My heart was racing at a furious rate. I began to have second thoughts about what I was doing but forced myself to scoot over next to him, spoon fashion and there was no change in his breathing or hint of movement so I settled in next to him.

Slowly, I reached over his body and discovered he was nude, this is something Sonya had forgot to tell me but was a pleasant surprise. I located his cock and he didn't stir as I touched it and held it in my palm. I was about 2 and ½ inches long, soft and velvety feeling. It was warm. As I slowly massaged it, it began to get longer and fatter. I thought I heard a slight groan but he still didn't move. It didn't take long before his cock had swelled to the magnificent weapon Sonya had earlier described. This was the biggest cock I ever had in my hand.

At this point, Dave rolled onto his back but was still asleep. I was unsure how to proceed from here so I elected to see if I could fit his cock in my mouth. I scooted down under the sheet and gave his cock a few kisses up and down the length then started taking the tip between my lips. This brought more groans from Dave so I took it in a little deeper. There was no way I could fit the whole thing in my mouth, it was just too big but I managed to get about half of it in my mouth. That's when I felt Dave's hands come up on the sides of my face and gently pull my mouth down on his cock. I lifted my head, afraid that I would gag and he didn't force me down on it but did moan which told me he was waking now.

He said, "Sonya, that feels so good, don't stop. I'm so horny after the show Lucy put on today."

I thought, "He thinks its Sonya doing this and he did notice the teasing I had done."

Dave then said, "Sweetheart, if I wasn't married to you, I might be tempted by Lucy, so I hope you don't mind if I fantasize a little tonight."

"Oh, my," I thought, "Dave is thinking about me right now, what if he knew it was really me sucking his cock?"

He was becoming really aroused now and his cock was getting real stiff. I don't want him to come in my mouth but I don't want him to discover who is in bed with him either. If he reaches for my breasts, he will surely know it's not Sonya as mine are smaller than hers although we are both about the same height and weight. I tried to take him as deep in my mouth as I could, hopefully that should distract him enough while I slip my panties off. It worked.

As I let his cock slip out of my mouth, I scooted up over his body and straddled him but kept the cover over my head so he wouldn't see me. I got hold of his cock and then realized that it was bigger than I imagined in my mind or felt in my hand. I am certain that it was going to hurt when I try to get it in my pussy but I have to do it now, before he realizes that I'm not Sonya.

It's a good thing that all this excitement has gotten me lubed up, my pussy feels like it's soaked. I placed the head at the entrance to my vagina and start pushing down on it. It stretched me wide open and hurt a little as his cock gained entrance. With barely an inch or two in me, I have doubts whether I can get him inside me. His cock is too big for me but I keep pressing down on it. Even though it hurt some, I kept up the pressure until I had about half of him inside. Then I backed off a little and did a few up and down movements before I impaled the rest of his cock inside me. When I felt it bottom out in my pussy, I became aware that I wasn't sitting on him all the way yet. I felt so full and stretched but the pain went away almost immediately. My pussy was juicing like crazy and I rested a second while I was trying to get comfortable with this huge cock inside me.

Dave moaned a little more and said, "Sonya, you feel so tight tonight, what did you do?"

I couldn't answer him because he would know it wasn't Sonya so I just let out a little moan of my own.

When I got accustomed to his size, I started to bounce up and down on him and it felt as if he swelled up a little more. Full downward movement still caused a bit of pain but it was a good pain. It was then that the covers fell back off of me and he could now see that is me, Lucy, not Sonya planted on his cock as I continued to impale myself on his magnificent cock.

Dave looked at me in shock as he realized he was buried in a different pussy than the one he was used to. He hesitated for only a few seconds and then tried to raise up. I thought he was going to push me off but he twisted around with me still impaled on his cock and got on top of me.

Then Dave said, "Lucy, you feel wonderful,I thought it was a dream but I have wanted you since I first saw you." as he pounded into me full force.

My orgasms started hitting me, again and again and he kept the steady rhythm of our coupling going. After what seemed like eternity, he stiffened, buried his cock all the way inside my pussy and started pulsing, expelling his cum inside me. I hit my peak one more time as he collapsed on top of me and we laid together in the afterglow.

His softening cock slipped out of me along with a pool of our fluids that ran down the crack of my behind.

It was then that he kissed me fully on the lips and said, "Lucy, I don't know how this happened but I was dreaming of this as I went to sleep."

As I looked past his face, I saw Sonya, standing in the doorway with a smile on her face. She had watched.

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