tagGroup SexIn the Dressing Room

In the Dressing Room


My boyfriend and I had a date coming up. Lately our dates had been ending up with steamy sex, so I wanted to buy a sexy outfit and some new lingerie for our date.

After several stores, I finally found a few things I liked. I had a pair of low rise jeans to hug my ass and show off my belly button ring. I paired it with a tight top to accentuate my curves and emphasize my tits. The sexiest was a black satin negligee with a corset top. I headed toward the fitting room to see if things fit as well as I thought they would.

As I walked to the dressing rooms, I passed two men who were sitting and waiting for their wives or girlfriends. The corset negligee was facing them and they glanced at it then watched me walk into the dressing room. Imagining what they were thinking as I began to change my clothes started to get me aroused. I put on the jeans and top and felt that I was looking pretty good. The two men in the waiting area kept running through my mind. My nipples harden at the thought of them looking at me. I decide to play a little and walk out to the waiting area to ask their opinion of my outfit.

As I asked them, I ran my hands across my chest, down toward my pussy, then back across my ass. I am tingling as my hands glide across my body and they watch. One of the men licks his lips and tells me I look fantastic. The other one simply nods his head. I do a full turn and run my hands over my ass again thanking them as I walk away. I know their eyes are on my ass as I walk.

Back in the dressing room I slide the jeans down my hips and gently rub my hand over my pussy. I am wet just from thinking of them. I slide the jeans all the way off and am standing in my wet panties and the shirt. I take the shirt off and remove my bra so I can try on the negligee. My fingers glide across my nipples and I give them a tug. They are fully erect and begging for attention.

I put on the negligee and position the corset just right. My tits look amazing. They are high and only partially covered by the corset. As I smooth the negligee over my body, I feel jolts of electricity going straight to my pussy.

I don't know if the men are still there, but I am wet and feeling bold. I walk out wearing the negligee and they are still waiting. Again I ask for their opinion and run my hands across my tits and ass as if I am smoothing out the material. One of the men just swallows as he looks at me. He is unable to form words, which makes me even hotter. The other man tells me "You look good enough to fuck." I could come right now just from his words. I turn to look at him and ask, "Then what are you waiting for?" I am walking backward toward my dressing room while I crook my finger at them indicating that they should follow me.

They look at each other, uncertain of what to do. They are probably wondering if they should, knowing that the women they are with are in the same dressing area and could come out at any time. The need to fuck must have won out because they jump up and follow me into my dressing room.

We don't have much time so we don't waste time with pleasantries. I am sandwiched between the two of them. The man in front of me frees my tits from the corset and begins to suck on them. My nipples stand at attention, loving what he is doing to them. The force of his suck pulls on my nipple and pressure is amazing. The man behind me bends down, reaches his hand up to my waist, slips his hands inside my panties, quickly removes them and tosses them on the floor. His fingers explore my clit and ass, working to get me wet. I fumble with the button and zipper of the man in front of me. I can't get them undone fast enough. I reach inside his pants, slide them down and free his cock. He hardens as I touch him and begin to stroke him. The treatment he is giving my tits feels glorious, but I want him in my mouth. I bend over to take him in and spread my legs slightly. This gives the man behind me the opportunity to slide into my pussy. I let out a moan as he enters me, which is slightly muffled since my mouth is filled with cock, but I'm sure someone standing nearby can hear.

I cup the balls of the man in front of me and massage them while I work his cock with my lips and tongue. My tongue circles the head then I slide my mouth down the length of him applying a gentle sucking pressure as my mouth slides up and down. I slide down on his shaft as the man behind me thrusts into my pussy and pulls back as he pulls back. My pussy is already on fire when the man in front of me reaches down and begins to rolls and tug on my nipples. I moan again as I near orgasm. When the man behind me hears this, he reaches down and fingers my clit. I can only take a few flicks of his finger before I drench his hand and cock with my juice. I grind back on the cock in my pussy to take it as deep as I can and suck the man in front of me as hard and fast as my mouth will go.

Both men let out moans and I can feel them grow harder. The man in front of me pulls from my mouth and shoots on my face and my tits. The man behind me pulls out, shoves my negligee up and cums on my ass. I put one hand on my tits and one my ass and rub their cum into my skin. I will carry their scent with me the rest of the day.

They pull their pants back up and fasten them. They slip the negligee up over my head and run their hands across my skin again. I am standing completely naked in front of both them and loving it. They grab my clothes to start to dress me again. I leave my bra and panties off and give them to the men who have just pleasured me. They exit the dressing room before me as I get myself back in order. They return to their seats in the waiting area. I watch them as I walk past again. The fabric from my jeans rubs against my clit and gets me wet again.

I walk up to the checkout and the cashier is ringing up my purchase. Someone comes up behind me and it is one of the men with the woman he was waiting for. I can hear her whispering to him, "I think someone was having sex in one of the dressing rooms. There was a lot of moaning coming from one of the rooms." As I take my bag and leave, he turns around to look at me. I look back over my shoulder at him, lick my lips and give him a wink. He will have a memory to last a lifetime. Maybe one day this woman will let him take her in a dressing room. I think she'd enjoy it.

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