tagIncest/TabooIn The Family Way Ch. 02

In The Family Way Ch. 02


Dad and I were sitting in the living room after dinner. It had been three days since my twin sister, Dawn, had sucked my cock and three days since I had fucked my mother's cunt and arse. None of them had said a single word about it since then -- not even Dad, who had watched the whole episode on the factory's CCTV. I had just tried to keep my head down over the last few days and could hardly look Dawn or Mother in the eye.

But something was going on tonight. Mother and Dawn had been as giggly as schoolgirls all through dinner and Dad had just tried to shrug off their behaviour. For about the last hour, Mother and Dawn had been upstairs while Dad and I sat watching television, although he didn't seem to be paying much attention to the football as his eyes kept lifting to the ceiling. I'm sure he was wondering what "the girls" were up to, just like me but I had the impression he knew more than he was admitting.

Finally, I heard them both coming downstairs, still giggling, but as they came into the room the giggling stopped as they both marched in and stood in front of the television. Mother had changed back into her dark blue business suit since dinner but Dawn was dressed as before in jeans and white T-shirt. I have to admit they both looked great standing a few feet away from us. I always fancied Dawn but, since that day in the factory's toilet, I had come to see Mother in a whole new light.

It was Mother who broke the silence which had descended on the room. She was trying to look as stern as she did while at work but was struggling to maintain that air of authority.

"It is time we all spoke about what happened the other day. Dawn and I have discussed this and decided that we enjoyed being used by our son and brother. So tonight we intend to take things a step further and invite Dad into the proceedings. To kick things off, however, we intend to produce a small show between the two of us, just to get you boys going."

With that Mother took a step back and Dawn took centre stage. She turned to her audience, me and Dad, and smilingly started to do a striptease, as sexy as any I had ever seen on the internet. She lifted her plain white T-shirt slowly over her head and threw it to Mother who caught it in one hand. Dad and I were too busy staring at Dawn's pert tits in her white lacy bra. I know I had seen her naked for the first time the other day but there was something about seeing her breasts partially covered that had my cock standing to attention (well, as best it could within the confined of my own jeans) and had Dad breathing hard, as if he couldn't catch his breath.. She stroked her breasts teasingly over her small bra then reached behind her and opened the clasp, exposing her perfect tits to her entire family. Throwing her bra to Dad this time, she pranced back and forth as if she wanted us to enjoy every tiny movement of her tiny tits. She knew she looked good; she knew all the boys in her final year at school had wanted her; and if the rumours were to believed more than a few had sampled her delights. She was sexy and she knew it.

She stood in front of Dad and asked, "Enjoying the view, Dad?" thrusting her breasts towards our father's face. "Do you want to suck them?" she laughed.

Dad looked at me, looked at Mother, but, most of all, simply stared at his daughter's lovely breasts.

"You bet I would," he said greedily. "Go on, Dad," encouraged Mother. "Give them a lick. Suck your daughter's tits, Daddy!" Dawn leaned forward and touched her nipples, one after the other, against his hungry, dry lips. Her father stared at his daughter, disbelief and lust showing in his eyes.

"Please, Dad!" Dawn pleaded then sighed as her Father opened his mouth, took her nipple between his lips. She held his head against her, as he sucked her tit further into his mouth.

"Oh, yes! That's it Dad, suck me hard," she said, and moaned some more as she felt her nipple hardening in his mouth, obviously enjoying this as much as Dad. She knew her brother and Mother were watching her, both amazed and jealous. She felt like a slut, her own Father sucking on her tits, and she was loving it.

Mother meanwhile had stepped behind Dawn, opening the button on the waistband of her tight jeans and slid them down her long, slender legs. Her knickers came down too and, as I watched Mother lift her daughter's legs out of her clothes, I could see Dawn's lacy white knickers had a huge wet spot where they had covered her pussy. Mother stood up again, still behind her daughter and slid her hand around Dawn's body, her fingers slipping down to cover her bald cunt. Dawn pushed her body against her Mother's touch, moaning

"You've got such a gorgeous pussy," Mother said softly, stroking her daughter. "But I think it needs eating, Dawn. Who would you like to eat you?"

They had obviously both planned the answer in advance but it still came as a shock to me and Dad.

Without hesitation Dawn replied, "You, Mother. I want you to eat my pussy, please."

I'd always believed Mother thought lesbians were perverted but she wasn't going to give Dawn a chance to change her mind -- although she had some plans of her own too. She lifted her tight skirt up around her waist as Dawn lay down on the carpet in front of us and we watched as Mother straddled my twin sister. Mother had obviously come prepared as, although she looked at first as if she were dressed for work, she wore no knickers and her dripping, hairy pussy was in full view of us all.

Mother knelt down, her knees on either side of Dawn's head and settled her pussy on her daughter's waiting face. We could all see that Mother's pussy was wet --and Dawn had the best view of all.

"If you want me to eat you, Dawn, then you'll have to eat me first. Lick me, Dawn. Lick your own Mother's cunt."

Mother leaned back and ran her hands over Dawn's body, stroking her small tits as her daughter tentatively started to lick the hairy pussy open above her -- her tongue tracing her own Mother's fleshy lips. Dawn may have had a reputation as an expert cock-sucker but I'd never heard anything about her being with another girl.

Dad and I could see Mother shivering as she felt her daughter's wet tongue exploring her. She continued to play with her daughter's breasts, twisting Dawn's hard little nipples .

"Lick, Dawn! Lick me! Get your tongue right up my cunt!" she screamed at her daughter below her. Dawn was licking and sucking for all she was worth, trying to catch all the juices that ran from Mother's sopping pussy. She felt her Mother's fingers reaching back into her own pussy as though they owned her, as though she could do whatever she wanted, and Dawn felt for the first time another woman touch her there, felt her own Mother's long fingers fucking her, thrusting into her, and then Mother started to cum, her body arching as her juices gushed all over Dawn's face while her fingers plunged furiously into Dawn's cunt and she, in turn, cried out as a sudden, unexpected orgasm shook her own naked body.

Mother climbed off her daughter, looked down at the body she had used, at the face covered in her own pussy juice, a face that was hungry for more.

"That was very nice, Dawn. Now who do you want next?"

"You, Mother, please. You promised you would eat my pussy."

In front of me and Dad, Mother bent over her prone, desperate daughter and kissed her on the lips, a long hot kiss, her tongue darting in and out of Dawn's opening lips as she drew her Mother down on top of her. We watched as Mother brushed the palm of her hand over Dawn's exposed nipples while their mouths remained locked together. Dawn parted her legs further, desperate to have Mother eat her pussy and Mother did begin to kiss her way down her daughter's body. She sucked one breast, then the other, just as Dad had done. And then she went further down, running her hot, wet tongue down over her Dawn's belly. Dawn's face was becoming more and more flushed as Mother finally reached her daughter's cunt. "Mmm!" Mother purred as Dawn squirmed at the touch of her Mother's soft tongue slide and probe between her inner lips, running with her own juices. Watching, mesmerised, we saw Mother's fingers opening up my sister's cunt, stretching her wide open, and then her tongue again, swirling around her daughter's clit, and then dipping inside her, tasting her wetness.

"Oh, God! Mother!"

"I know," said Mother hungrily, and continued sucking Dawn's her lips and putting her fingers inside, pushing them in and out slowly and hooking them up to massage her secret spot that no-one else had ever found. Dawn was almost gone now, squeezing our Mother's head with her thighs, rocking her hips back and forth. Totally abandoned, all she could do was moan.

'That's it, Dawn, that's right, let it go. Cum for Mother.'

'Oh, oh Fuck!' Dawn cried, she feeling nothing but pure lust as she ground her cunt into her Mother's face, and then her whole body shook and convulsed with her orgasm.

'Yes! Oh fuck yes! Fuck me! Fuck me! So Mother did. Her fingers plunged in and out of her daughter's cunt while her tongue tossed her clit and tormented to Dawn endlessly. Eventually, Mother climbed off Dawn and stood admiring her work, her worn out daughter with an exhausted smile on her very red face.

After a while Dawn struggled to her feet and, having just had the greatest orgasm of her young life on her Mother's fingers and tongue, she turned her attention to her Father.

"You next, Dad,. Are you going to fuck me, to fuck your little girl? I think so, don't you? You're going to fuck my brains out, Daddy. You're going to make your little daughter cum on your cock, Daddy."

While her young, girlish voice spoke the delicious words, she undid his trousers and pulled his cock out.

"Oh yes, you want me, Daddy, you want to show Mother how much you want to fuck me," she said as she pulled at his hard cock. Mother, however, having eaten her daughter's cunt, was about to turn her attention to me.

But I could see Dad only had eyes for Dawn at that moment and he later told me he was thinking of one thing only -- he was about to fuck his own daughter's pussy. He stared down at her naked body, at her little tits and at her bald cunt. She was concentrating, as she fondled and stroked Father's cock. But I saw her smile as his cock grew harder, rock hard, bursting with his desire. She stood, straddled him, and lowered herself swiftly onto him, taking his cock into her in one thrust. He gasped sharply as his daughter's pussy wrapped itself warmly around his sensitive cock, as the warmth of her surrounded him. She felt him move, she felt him respond to her fucking, and it was like the final taboo -- her own Dad wanted her, wanted to fuck her! And she wanted him! She rode him furiously, her body aflame with desire, shuddering with the strength of the orgasm she felt building in her, like a huge wave deep in her, growing in her, ready to swamp her.

Dawn seemed to be in a different world, as though riding her Dad's cock was all she had ever wanted to do. She later admitted she had always wanted him, she'd always wanted to be daddy's little slut. She'd always wanted to feel him inside her, fucking her. She wanted him to cum in her pussy just as she came on top of his cock and it was this desire that pushed her over the edge and caused the massive orgasm welling inside her to burst and overwhelm her. She cried out and screamed as her body arched and shuddered over and over in ecstasy. But Dad didn't cum and now he seemed to have a crazed look in his eyes. He suddenly grabbed his daughter around the waist, her cunt still wrapped around his hard cock, and lowered her to the floor. Right in front of Mother and I, Dad was now preparing to fuck Dawn liked she'd never been fucked. He pulled out of her battered pussy, grabbed her ankles and pulled them high up above his head, so that her body was half-lifted off the carpet. His hard cock bobbed as he manoeuvred himself into position. Dawn was still amazed at how big her Father's cock was and stared in fright as she suddenly realised what he intended to do.

"Mum! Help!" she screamed as he folded her legs down on either side of her head and placed the tip of his cock at the entry to her arse. Her head thrashed in panic on the floor in front of us and she felt as if she was being split open as her Father started to ease himself into her.

"Never had a cock up your arse before, Dawn, have you?" he said, grinning, as he pushed his way in, forcing her sphincter open, his entry lubricated only by the juices that had spilled from her cunt.

"I hope you're enjoying this, son," Mother said to me, and leaned forward to stroke the bulge in my jeans. "You are, aren't you -- you love watching your father fuck your twin sister up the arse, don't you?" She squeezed my hard-on.

"You need a pussy on that cock, son" she said and grinned at me, "But I think Dawn's a bit busy at the moment." And it was because she seemed to have got over the pain of Dad's cock up her dirtiest hole and was stuffing three fingers into her greedy cunt.

Now I didn't know where to look as at my feet my Father was fucking my sister but right before my very eyes my own Mother was stripping off just as sexily as her daughter had done a short while ago. Her crisp white blouse was unbuttoned and dropped to the floor. Her black bra was unclasped and thrown to me while all I could do was stare at my Mother - her massive tits, her engorged nipples, her hairy cunt -- and tried to memorise every single detail.

Her body betrayed the desire that had been aroused in her. She looked at me and must have seen the lust in my eyes too. She wanted me again, had probably wanted my big cock to fuck her every day since it had last been buried deep in her cunt and arse. She could no longer stop herself, even if she wanted to. Just like my slut of a sister she was out for all she could get. She raised herself, took my hard cock between her fingers, and lowered herself onto it. She gasped in pleasure as she felt me fill her, as her body enjoyed the forbidden liaison.

As she roughly moved up and down on my cock and as I fucked her back just as roughly thinking that maybe I could get my own Mother pregnant, she felt Dawn reach up from the floor below us, reach up and start to play with her Mother's arse hole.

"Oh God! Yes! That's it, Dawn. Fuck your Mother's arse while your Father fucks yours." Dawn did just that and pushed hard now, forcing open Mother's arse hole. A finger slid into her,then another. Mother didn't know where the pleasure was coming from more, but her body still rose and fell, fucking me, fucking the fingers that fucked her, fucking and fucking as she had never fucked before. Then she felt Dad, who had pulled out of Dawn's own arsehole and was standing behind me,take hold of her head and bring it down towards the glistening tip of his hard cock. Her lips parted, she took him into her mouth. She was used to his cock, she was used to its size, its taste but she still looked shocked as he filled her mouth with the mixed tastes of their daughter's cunt and arse. And now my Mother -- elegant, poised, self-sufficient as she always seemed to be -- was fucking like a whore, like a slut, filled in three holes, gasping for breath as she tried to get two men, her son and her husband, to cum in her.

I didn't know how much longer Mother would take to cum but I knew I wasn't far away as her mature body bounced on my lap, her soaking cunt gripped my cock and her big tits bounced in front of my face. I needn't have worried, though, as Mother started to shake as her orgasm overcame her. Faster and faster I fucked her. Deeper and deeper into her arse went Dawn's fingers. Dad hammered her mouth and shot his spunk down her throat until it poured from her mouth.

That was it. I filled my Mother's pussy with shot after shot after shot of hot, fertile spunk and collapsed below her, just as she did the same on top of me. As we all stayed still for a moment my cock slipped from Mother.

"Dawn, do me a favour. Suck your brother's cum from my pussy."

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