tagTransgender & CrossdressersIn The Family Way Ch. 02

In The Family Way Ch. 02


While in the shower I thought it might be prudent to clean up my hairy pussy so the doctor wouldn't have to hunt for my vaginal opening. I found the razor and proceeded lather up my legs and muffin. I carefully removed the little bit of stubble on my legs and shaved my kitty to a nice landing strip. I didn't want the doctor thinking weird thoughts about a bald beaver.

I finished my shower and with the towel wrapped around me barely covering my breasts and belly I stumbled to the bedroom to look for something to wear. I glanced in the mirror and was taken aback at the curvy woman looking back at me. A quick glance at the clock told me I had lots of time before my appointment. I dropped the towel and began looking at myself in the full length mirror. Looking at myself from different angles I was quite pleased by what I saw. My full bosom was too tempting so I brought my delicate manicured hands to my breasts and began to lightly caress them. My nipple became erect and stuck out like erasers. I tweaked first one nipple then the other. The tingling I felt a little lower made me decide to lay on the bed and explore a little further. Once on the bed I began to fondle my breasts again slowly moving my hand further down.

I traced the curve of my swollen belly and traced the stretch mark from my belly button down to the top of my neatly trimmed pubes. A little more stroking and my fingers found my clitoris and I began to gently rub the little nub under the hood. It wasn't long before I was thrashing about in the throes of a mind blowing orgasm. My whole body quivered as I continued to finger myself to a second cum. Feeling spent I laid there for a few minutes catching my breath before I decided it was time to get dressed. I went to the dresser first looking for a bra to help support my swollen chest. There was a vast assortment from racy to utility all in various sizes. Apparently my chest has been growing quite a bit. I selected a plain white bra with double G cups that seemed to keep things in check. Then panties also white with delicate lace around the leg openings. A simple cotton dress seemed to fit the bill for now so I slipped it on and returned to the kitchen.

The old woman had finished cleaning up and was sipping coffee at the table. I sat down next to her and she began to explain. The woman I replaced had become pregnant in an unusual way. She had made a deal with the old woman to be a surrogate of sorts. The old woman wanted to have a baby but could not carry it herself. She needed someone younger and more capable of carrying the baby to full term. In return the woman would raise the baby with the witch and have everything she ever wanted provided for her. The woman was implanted by a warlock and was laden with a baby witch. I asked the witch how the impregnation occurred. She informed me that she cast a spell to ensure that the woman was ovulating and over a five day span she spent hours day on her back getting penetrated my warlock cock. After each session her bottom was placed on a stack of pillows to ensure none of the seed escaped. Two weeks later a pregnancy test revealed that the sessions had been successful. I was told it was to be a girl as that was part of the spell. After being pregnant for a few months the woman began to have second thoughts and wanted out. She was told that aborting the baby would terminate her contract and her life. This was when she began to have thoughts of suicide.

The old lady thought long and hard about making the body switch but couldn't come up with a candidate. That was where I came in. The lady had watched me for weeks. I'd come home close all the drapes and not come out until morning. Weekends were spent indoors for two whole days. She suspected I was doing something other than hibernating. She began watching me through here magic ball and saw what I was up to every night.

Her plan was hatched she would knock on my door and see if I was the right stuff for a switch. Once I had let her in and was kind to her she knew I was the one. Brianna whose identity I now possessed had planned to have sex with a casual friend before she was going to end it all with pills. Her plan was to go to sleep and not wake up.

The witch swapped us just in the nick of time or her careful plans would have come undone. A bright flash and here we are me pregnant with a witch all my worldly needs taken care of and just 5 more months of pregnancy.

The old woman reminded me I had an appointment with the gynecologist that afternoon and that I had better get ready. She had to leave to explain the change to Brianna who was now in my body and wondering what had happened.

When she left I thought it might be a good idea to look through my new wardrobe to see what it had to offer. I rummaged around and found a lacier bra and a nice panty girdle to wear to the doctor's office. I selected a low cut summer print dress and slipped it on. My cleavage was on display for all to see. Since it was so nice out I decided pantyhose were not needed. Looking in the closet I found a nice pair of sandals with a 2 inch heel and slipped them on. I was used to my wicked high heels so this low heel was no problem moving around in. My thoughts turned to makeup and I looked at the array of cosmetics arranged on the dressing table. I sat down and decided a light coating of foundation with a little blush to bring out my beautiful cheek bones. I added some light blue eye shadow and finished off with some long lasting mascara. My brows seemed to have recently waxed to I need to do nothing with them. I chose a soft pink lipstick and applied it making sure to blot it afterwards. It appeared that I had been doing this all my life. I stepped back into the bathroom and blew dry my hair and after fussing for a bit I had a style that seemed to frame my pretty face nicely. I found a purse on the dresser and dropped the lipstick in before checking for a wallet. I found the driver's license and keys to a car. I would have to figure out which car was mine in the parking garage. Some gold hoops in my ears and small heart pendant around my neck and I was ready to face the world in my new body.

I opened the apartment door and headed for the elevator to the garage. A neighbor opened her door to get the paper and comment on how I seemed to be positively radiant today. Little did she know how far I had come in the last 12 hours?

I stepped into the parking structure and decided to start pressing the unlock button hoping to find the right car. After a couple of minutes walking around pressing the button I heard the locks open on a nice little Beetle. I got into the car and wondered about how I was going to get a baby seat in the back. I guess the maternal instincts were built into the body not the mind. I started the car and headed for the doctor's office.

Next my visit with the doctor. Thanks for all the comments.

Betty TV

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Please go on

I like the way you are developing this character and really want to read more.


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