tagErotic HorrorIn the Fog

In the Fog


My name is Tina. This is the story of how I became the slut I am today.

I had just finished my sophomore year of college, studying bio-chemistry. I decided to eschew the summer classes most of my classmates were taking in favor of a backpacking trip across Europe. After securing my parents approval I bought a backpack, packed my clothes, and made the plane trip to France where I would be starting my trip.

Everything was normal during the trip there. I got the usual glances, and extra "security" pat downs. Not that I could blame them, I know I'm hot. I'm 5'4", with a 30D bust (pretty big for an asian girl) and a damn good looking ass. I always get compliments on my legs as well. I've never had a lack of male attention, not since I started getting some curves. That said, I'm definitely not a slut. Maybe a bit of a tease, but definitely not a slut.

So back to my trip, I got into France pretty early in the morning so after a quick call home I headed out. I stopped at the usual sites, flirted with some hot French guys, and ate the usual French food. The first portion of my trip continued in much the same fashion. I passed through Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, then came to Poland. That was where the trouble started.

I came to a little town (I won't say any more on its location other than that it was near Poznan) where everything just seemed a little off. I couldn't put my finger on any one thing, it was just a combination of everything that made me feel on edge. If it was at all possible I would have continued on my journey, but the bus always stopped for the night there. I was able to get a decent room for a really low rate, which helped put me at ease a bit more.

That night I swear I could hear something between a moan and a scream, but it was far off and I couldn't be sure if it wasn't just my imagination.

The next morning I got dressed in my usual outfit of short shorts, thong, a tank top, sports bra, and my college hoodie. I headed out to the bus, expecting to get an early start as we had the past few days. Unfortunately, the driver was nowhere to be found. I headed back into the inn and inquired at the front desk. The manager told me, in rather broken english, that the bus had broken down and that the driver would be back the next day with the parts he needed.

With nothing else to do I decided to explore the town a bit. For the most part, it was like all the other small Polish towns I'd visited. There was still something a little off, but I'd pretty much began to ignore it. It wasn't until much later in the day, around 2:30, that I realized what it was. There were absolutely no women in the town at all! That explained all the stares I was getting.

I figured it was just some cultural thing, and with my mind placed at ease I decided to explore the surrounding countryside a bit. After hiking for about an hour, I noticed an odd mist or fog hanging over the trees in the distance. With nothing else to do, and another few hours to kill, I decided to go investigate.

Once I arrived at the source of the fog, I was even more intrigued. There was a very clear line of demarcation between the regular forest, and where the fog started. Being the curious girl I am, I decided to investigate further. Once I entered the fog I became very disoriented. I realized that I should have left a trail or something marking the way out. I wandered for what seemed like an hour before I came to a clearing. I walked out into the middle of the clearing hoping to find some sort of directions or anything really.

I found something, although definitely not what I was looking for. It was a large statue, about 6.5 feet tall. It looked almost like one of those gargoyles you see on churches, although with one major difference: it had a cock! I moved closer to investigate, intrigued as to what something like this was doing out in the middle of the woods. As I did I noticed that it was secreting something out of its cock. I touched it and my hand came away sticky.

I licked my hand nervously as I looked up at the statues face. All of the sudden its eyes flashed open and I felt like I couldn't move. I then became hornier than I'd ever been before. My pussy was literally gushing juices and I wanted nothing more than to fuck the gargoyle. I hurriedly stripped completely naked and bent over, lining my pussy up with its large cock.

As I said earlier, I'm pretty short, asian, and not much into sex. These all combine to make me have one tight pussy. My only boyfriend (who'd broken up with me a few months before) always had trouble fitting his cock into me, and this gargoyle's cock was MUCH larger than his.

I began to push back onto the gargoyle's cock, trying to go slow but also even fit it in, when its arms grabbed my shoulders and began forcing me onto its cock. I screamed as the head began to split my tight pussy. Goddamn did it hurt! The gargoyle, oblivious to my screams, continued to force me to take its cock. Thankfully, the length of the cock was not much larger than my boyfriends (about 7") and I'd soon taken the entire thing.

My pussy began to expand as I got used to the cock, and I truly started to enjoy myself. The thing seemed to sense when i was ready and pulled me off of its cock until only the head was still inside of me. It then pulled me back onto its cock, forcing its way all the way inside of me again. It repeated this rhythm a few more times until my pussy was fully stretched. At this point I was pretty much in heaven. I'd never felt so full, and I was loving life, not even thinking about the ridiculousness of the situation.

Without even realizing it I began to fuck myself on the gargoyle's cock. I didn't notice that he had taken his arms away from my shoulders and that I was fucking his large stone cock all on my own. I also didn't notice the chanting that began to fill the woods, so lost was I in the pounding I was giving myself. I reached down and began to rub my clit as I fucked that fat cock. Soon enough I began to cum on its cock, I was screaming in ecstasy as I actually began to squirt!

Once I came down from my orgasm I noticed the chanting, and that it was getting louder. I tried to pull myself off the gargoyle's cock, but he had grabbed me once again and was preventing me from getting away. The chanting filled the clearing as cloaked figures began to file in. All were wearing black cloaks, and all had their very erect cocks sticking out of them. They formed a circle surrounding the gargoyle and began to stroke their cocks, clearly anticipating something.

Just hours before this would have horrified me, but in the state I was in all I felt was desire. There had to have been 20+ guys in that circle, and I knew all of them wanted to fuck me. What's more, I wanted them too! The gargoyle turned 180 degrees and released me, forcing me towards the outside of the circle. The men there broke off, stepped forward, and grabbed my arms. The began to pull me past the circle. The other men moved with us, still chanting and stroking.

They carried me forward for less than a minute before we came to a platform between two trees. They tied my arms and legs to ropes hanging between the two trees. They began to pull on the ropes so that I was hanging by my arms and legs. My legs were spread, almost into the splits, giving them all easy access to my pussy.

The group again surrounded me, still chanting and stroking. A blindfolded girl who couldn't have been much over 18 was pushed into the circle. She looked like the classic Polish girl: tall, blonde, blue eyed, and gorgeous. Her blind fold was removed and she was forced to her knees under me. She clearly knew what she was meant to do as she immediately began to eat my pussy.

I'd never been with a girl before other than some experimental drunken kissing, but again, I was way too horny to care. She was far better than my boyfriend ever was at pleasing me. It felt amazing the way she flicked her tongue across my clit. She continued licking me as she began to finger my pussy. I started moaning as she hit my G-spot and before long I was squirting on her face.

She was not, however, content with just my pussy. As I was coming down from my second mind blowing orgasm of the day she began to lick my asshole. My ex-boyfriend repeatedly begged me to let him fuck my ass, but I never let him. He managed to put just the tip of his cock in once, and that was by far the worst experience of my sexual history. This girl, on the other hand, was a pro at it (not that I was in any position to protest).

After tonguing my ass for a while, she decided I was ready and slid a finger into me. I hadn't noticed before this, but the entire time she was eating me out, she was masturbating...she was really into it! She wasn't a slave or prisoner or anything, she actually liked this! The finger in my ass felt far better than my ex's cock did. Honestly, I was kind of enjoying it! As she slipped another finger in (I realized now she had some lube with her) she went back to flicking her tongue across my clit.

Once again, I was pretty much in heaven. I felt her add another finger into my ass and I was feeling so full and horny. I even wanted to try anal with an actual cock! Soon enough the chanters decided I was ready and they pulled the girl away. She stayed nearby and continued to masturbate as she looked at me. I swear, she almost looked jealous.

The first man stepped up, still wearing his robe, and shoved his cock into my pussy. I wanted to protest that he wasn't using a condom, but knew that it was neither the time or the place. I couldn't see his face, and the anonymity of the act turned me on even more. I realized that (excluding the gargoyle) this was only the second guy I'd ever fucked and I didn't even know what he looked like! He motioned to the younger girl and she walked around behind me, got on her knees, and began to lick my little asian butt hole again.

I knew that soon enough I'd have a cock back there and I was now definitely looking forward to it. I looked around the circle at all the guys, knowing that each one planned on fucking one or both of my tight holes. That thought alone was almost enough to make me cum! The guy in my pussy pulled out and walked around behind me, pushing the Polish girl out of the way. I heard him spit on his cock and felt him place it at the entrance of my thoroughly licked asshole.

"This is it," I thought to myself, "I'm going to lose my anal virginity to someone whom I'll probably never know!" Before I finished my thought, he began pushing his cock into my ass. The head went in much easier than my ex's had, and before long he was balls deep. I moaned out loud as I enjoyed the full feeling the ass fucking was giving me. He started to stroke in and out as the Polish girl reappeared. This time she was holding two clamps. Before I really registered what she was doing she put them on my nipples, causing me to cry out.

While I was focusing on her, the guy in my ass began to pick up the pace, fucking me careless to my recent loss of virginity. Another man stepped up and pushed his cock into my pussy. They were double penetrating me! I'd only ever seen this in porn and I never imagined that it was something I would do. That said, to say I liked it would be an understatement of epic proportions.

The two men began to fuck in and out at the same time, making me moan and scream in ecstasy. I now knew that the moans I'd heard the night before were not my imagination, it was some other girl being taken the same way I was. In unison the men fucking me began to cum deep inside of me. I could feel the cum spurting into my pussy and ass, each squirt perfectly timed with the other. I couldn't take it and it pushed me over the edge into yet another mind-blowing orgasm.

When the men pulled out the girl got underneath me and began to slurp the cum out of my holes. Once she was satisfied that she'd gotten all she was going to get she stood up and kissed me, pushing the cum into my mouth. I'd never admitted it before, but I loved the taste of cum. I swallowed all she gave me with a smile as the next pair of guys took their places and began to fuck me.

The day (which soon turned to night, at which point the men lit torches around the perimeter) continued much this way for the rest of the night. Two men would double penetrate me, then when they came the girl would suck it out and feed it to me. At some point, I passed out. I'm assuming they continued to fuck me.

I woke up in my bed at the hotel, sunlight streaming through the window. I was naked in my bed and oh so horny. I quickly began rubbing my clit while I pinched my nipples. Soon I was moaning loudly, thoroughly enjoying myself. All at once I realized that I was not alone in my room. Standing in the corner was the inn keeper with his cock in his hand. I rolled over, showing him my ass, and got on my hands and knees. He got the message, walked over, and began to rub his cock up and down my ass crack. My ass must have still been lubed up, because next thing I knew he was ass fucking me, hard.

My hand quickly found my clit again and I began rubbing it as he fucked me deep in my not so tight anymore ass. He reached around and began squeezing my tits as he pounded my ass. I couldn't take it for long, and soon I started squirting all over the bed. He must have been pushed over the edge by the sight of my ass gripping his cock while my pussy squirted everywhere because he pulled out and forced it into my mouth. He started cumming in my mouth almost instantly, and I swallowed every last drop.

He told me my room was complimentary, and I packed my stuff and left. The rest of the trip was very different from the first part. I don't know what happened that night, but I'm guessing it had something to do with either the gargoyle or the chants. Maybe both. All I know is that ever since I've been constantly horny. I swear I fucked everyone I came into contact with. Young, old, male, female, didn't matter. If they were legal, I fucked them!

When I got back to the States it didn't get any better. I finished college (mostly by earning "extra credit"), but after that I couldn't find a job I liked. Much to my parents dismay, I became a porn star and that's what I've been doing ever since. I must say, I've never been happier!

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