tagMatureIn the Gallery Ch. 03-04

In the Gallery Ch. 03-04


Please read the introduction to Chapters 1 and 2. Some caveats before you start reading.

There is ANAL in this story. It forms a theme throughout so be warned. If you don't like reading about ANAL [written, I hope, in a way that may make it more acceptable] then please don't read this. There is no sexual violence in my stories. Lastly, it is FANTASY! In the fantasy world there are no STD's, no AIDS, and no consequences and things tend to move on quicker than in the real world! Lastly I thank my lovely wife [Annafaye] for the editing. Chapters 5 and 6 will follow tomorrow.

Please vote and, of course, comments are welcome, even negative ones, but in that case I do ask that you are at least polite and give me the opportunity to respond to them.


Making Love to Dana for the Second Time:

In which I explore Dana with my tongue, we make love again, and anal sex is discussed and offered:

She held me. "Make love to me again," she asked softly, "I want you again!" I slipped off the couch and knelt at her feet. My hands caressed her ankles then calves and finally, slipping the robe aside, her knees.

Moving into her I whispered, "Open Dana love, open for me!" She looked shocked but my smile brought one to her face as she completely uncovered herself and eased her legs apart. I moved closer.

"Slide forward," I said, helping her until her bottom rested on the edge of the couch. Then I lifted her feet to the couch. She was completely open to me now. Her gorgeous pussy atop her tight anus. She looked puzzled but that look disappeared as my mouth found her cunt and covered her clit.

"Ohmygod!" she exclaimed as I sucked, "oh, god, don't stop!" I wasn't about to. She tasted wonderful, fresh and fruity. I sucked some more, tongue flicking her clit. Dana continued to moan, her hands finding my head. I licked, sucked and bit gently, then moved my mouth to her sex, sucking her cunt lips and biting gently, my tongue pushing deep into her vagina. Dana writhed as my tongue and mouth pleasured her. "Oh, fuck, yesssssss! Harder. Please!" she cried over and over as I continued to eat her delectable pussy. I enjoyed her for what seemed like an age, and then I pushed deeper and tasted her liquid flow as she shuddered.

Looking up as her orgasm receded, I could see her mouth slightly open, eyes closed. Bending back, I continued my 'assault' on her pussy, sucking her nether lips before I drew my tongue down across her perineum to the tight little star of her anus.

"Oh! Oh! Oh!" she cried as I began to lick her tiny rosebud. I lapped back and forth across it, pushing a little harder each time, sometimes returning to suck her clit. Finally, I concentrated on the backdoor to pleasure itself. I rimmed her arsehole, coating it with saliva, then pushed the tip of my tongue against the tight muscle. Dana groaned and muttered a subdued, "Yes, yes, yes! Do it!" I did! I licked round and round the tiny muscle, my tongue finally pushing past the natural resistance of her sphincter and slipping inside. She was so tight! Not surprising for an anal virgin, I suppose. I enjoyed the sensation of my tongue tip gripped in the vice of her sphincter, my nose pressed to her cunt. I could taste her, soap, freshness, the essence of her. I slipped out of her backdoor and continued coating her anus with saliva to ease entry. A little harder, a little deeper each time, until I was tongue-fucking her arse. It was fantastic - especially as I heard her loud cry of, "Oh, fuck, yes!", felt her anus contract seeming to try to trap my tongue, and had my face covered in her liquid for the second time.

Quickly standing, I slipped off my robe and gripped my cock: a cock, rock hard from my ministrations to Dana's cunt and arsehole. She looked at me, then at my cock, and smiled. "Fuck me!" she mouthed. Hands around her ankles, I lifted her legs up and apart, pulling her almost on to her shoulders. Leaning forward my cock found her wet vagina and slipped inside. I was hot for her, the lingering taste and smell of her acting like an animal aphrodisiac. With little finesse, I drove inside her filling her depths with my cock. I felt my balls slapping her arse as my own passion rose.

Dana was moaning a constant, "Yes, yes, yes! Fuck me!" as I drove back and forth into her. Such passion couldn't last for too long and, as I felt yet another shudder across Dana's body, I began to cum inside her. Only two or three pulses, but intense. I drove deep, held, and coated her insides with my warm spunk. She must have felt it, for she mumbled, "Oh yes! Cum inside me!"

As we both came down from our respective highs, I eased Dana back down on the sofa and, sitting beside her, took her into my arms. She turned her head and we kissed.

"Oh Mike," she whispered, "that was wonderful. I never felt like that."

"I'm glad," I said with a smile, "glad I could please you."

"I want to please you," she said softly.

"You do, exquisitely."

"No! I want to do it!"

"Do it?" I repeated quizzically.

"There," she said, "in my arse!" I must have looked surprised. "When you licked . . . Your tongue . . . It was heaven. You made me cum there! I want to . . . See if that," smiling, she nodded towards my slowly awakening cock, "feels as good. But you need to be gentle" she added quickly.

I smiled, "Well, Dana, you angel, I would love to do that, but," she looked concerned, "but I am a bit 'worn out' just now and, whilst the spirit is exceedingly willing, the flesh is, unfortunately, weak." Dana looked disappointed.

"You are staying tomorrow night," I said with a smile, "so plenty of time for recovery!"

"Yes," she said brightly, "I want to do it." My cock, spent after two glorious cums, stiffened slightly. She noticed. "See," she giggled, "he is interested!" and she reached down and began to masturbate my soft cock.

"Dana, Dana love! Please!" There was no way I could manage another round and my cock head was so, so tender after my last orgasm. "Tomorrow," I laughed, "tomorrow I will do anything you want!"

"Mmm, I like the idea of that. Promise?"

"I promise," I laughed, "wild horses couldn't stop me!" With that she let go of my cock and kissed me.

"I will hold you to that!" she whispered as we hugged each other.

"Bed I think," I whispered then added laughing, "I need my rest if I am going to keep up with a young filly like you!" Dana laughed in return and poked out her tongue.

"OK, if you have had enough, let's go to bed," and she finished with a big yawn.

I laughed, "I reckon YOU have had enough, young woman!" I stood and pulled her gently to her feet, then led her into the bedroom. Dana quickly visited the bathroom and was back in a couple of minutes. The enormous bed looked exceedingly inviting, and she quickly joined me and we snuggled under the covers.

It's not often now that I go straight to sleep, but holding this beautiful young woman in my arms seemed to settle me completely, and I was off to sleep in a trice.

The Morning After:

In which I explore Dana's arse and we make love again:

I hadn't set the alarm or anything, so light shining in the window woke me sometime the next morning. As is normal, we had drifted apart during the night and Dana was still asleep. I shifted onto one elbow and looked down at her. God, she was lovely! Her blonde hair framed her face. Her lips were slightly open as she lay almost on her back. If I am not sleeping alone I almost always awake with a pretty solid erection, despite any previous exercise, and this morning was the same. It's part desire and part 'piss-proud'. Doesn't matter really, it's still fun!

I shifted the sheet just a bit to reveal her pert breasts and, bending my head, ran my tongue over her nipple. This elicited a soft groan from Dana and a movement onto her back. I continued to lick first one nipple then the other as they hardened. Dana squirmed her bottom into the bed, still apparently asleep. It was very warm in the room so she didn't seem to notice as I pulled the covers right back revealing her nakedness. Leaving her lovely breasts, my tongue travelled across her stomach to the soft hair of her mound, then to her pussy. A pussy slightly wet already! My tongue delved into her wetness and must have found her clit immediately for she groaned, shuddered, and muttered, "Oh, yes!!!"

I raised my head and smiled down at her. She was awake. "Don't stop," she said with a smile, "it's nice!" I continued, moving down the bed and between her legs. I licked up and down her sex, delving into her vagina before concentrating on her clit. I rolled my tongue around, then used my lips to bite the swollen pleasure centre. More moans from Dana as I continued to pleasure her. After a while, she shuddered and liquid flowed. I used my tongue on the end of her clit right through her orgasm then moved down to lick and suck her pussy lips. I could taste her freshness, taste the night, on her. Then to her anus. I lifted, parted her legs then probed her tight muscle with my tongue, pushing hard to see what happened.

"Oh, yes, yes! Do that! I want you to. Please!" I pushed harder at the muscle and she relaxed, letting my tongue inside. I could feel her gripping tightly and had a minor crisis as I imagined her sphincter griping my cock. I used my thumb to tease her clit again as I tongue fucked her tight arsehole. Dana was moaning a soft litany of, "Yes, yes, yes," over and over again. I was enjoying this invasion of her most private place and thought it was time to probe some more so I replaced my tongue with my middle finger after coating it with saliva and pussy juice.

"Oh, god! What . . . .?"

"My finger," I whispered smiling. "Tell me to stop if it is too much." I pushed my finger tip inside her. It slipped into her saliva lubricated arsehole with surprising ease.



"It feels so big," Dana said breathlessly. "And that's only your finger?"

I laughed softly as I pushed more inside. "More?"

"I don't know!"

I stopped and pulled my finger back. "OK, stop now."

"No, no! I want to try it. Well," she continued with a shy laugh, "your finger anyway!"

"Relax then, Dana love," I said as I pushed against the muscle again and my finger slipped back inside to the first joint. "OK?" I asked, as I moved it back and forth, gently fucking her tight arsehole.

"YES!" Dana responded breathlessly, "Yes! I like that. Ooooohhhhh!" I had pushed almost all of my middle finger into her arse and now began to fuck her slowly with the whole length. "Oh, dear! Oh, Fuck! Yes!" Raising my head, I looked into her eyes. She smiled, "You are a devil! Ohhhhhhh!" She was taking my finger deep in her arse and seemed to be enjoying it. I bent my head and, continuing to finger fuck her, nipped her clit with my lips.

"YES!" Dana cried, as another orgasm washed over her body. Her anus gripped my finger tightly as she came, and her liquid flowed. Time for me, now. I withdrew my finger from her arse and knelt, gripped my cock and slipped the head into her sopping pussy. My eyes locked on hers. She smiled and nodded. I thrust forward and filled her with one drive, causing a loud gasp of pleasure to escape from her lips.

Piss-proud means lasting just a bit longer; so I began to pound her pussy long and hard. I was hot with the idea of her tight arse around my cock, so I must admit, I did go to town. Dana didn't seem to mind, her legs coming up and gripping me around the waist. I bent my head and kissed her, our tongues dancing together as my cock drove in and out of her willing body. I was varying my pace now, bringing her on and controlling my own orgasm. Time to experiment! How long? 10, 15, 20 minutes I suppose.

"Turn over," I said wanting a change then pulling back and kneeling, "and kneel." Dana looked apprehensive. I smiled, "No, not that -- not yet anyway -- just some variety," I said raising my eyebrows.

Dana smiled, turned over and stuck her gorgeous arse in the air. I quite like doggy, for obvious reasons and I just stroked my cock gently as I gazed at the wonderful sight before me. Dana knew of course, and looked back over her shoulder with a smile.

"Come on then, Mike, do your worst! OH NO!" she exclaimed as she realised what she had just said -- and intimated.

"I won't do anything like that Dana, love, not 'til later anyway," and I moved slightly, planting my cockhead at her pussy.

"MMMMMMM, I like that," she whispered as I drove home. I fucked for a little while, then she turned her head again. "Touch me!" she said with a smile, "touch me there!" 'Mmm' I thought, she likes it! I wetted my thumb and collected some juice from the rear of her wet pussy and stroked it over her anus. This brought a soft sigh and a shudder. I pushed harder, not entering her anus, but just teasing. I was close now, the idea of filling her arse with my cock causing increased tension. I fucked her harder and harder: one hand on her hip pulling her on, the other with thumb stroking her sphincter.

It didn't take long! "Oh, yes, Mike! Please! Please!" Dana's body shuddered and her pussy gripped my cock. I felt the usual tension in my lower back, my balls tightened, and my load -- pretty small unfortunately -- left my body and jetted deep into Dana. Three, then four, pulses as her body reacted to my swelling and spurting cock.

I was spent pretty quickly and rocked back on my heels, my softening cock slipping from the heaven of her vagina. Dana fell forward on the bed sighing. As she rolled onto her back, I lay on one elbow beside her. I smiled, "Well?"

"Mmm, that was nice," she murmured and pulled my lips to hers. We kissed, then lay holding each other. After a while she lifted herself up and went to the bathroom. I watched her gorgeous naked figure stroll across the room. Her hips were so delightful, and her bottom a dream. She stopped at the door and looked back over her shoulder. "Well? Like what you see?" she smiled coquettishly, standing on one leg and leaning against the door frame.

"Oh yes!" I laughed, "didn't I just show that?"

She laughed back, "Come on you -- shower. I want you to wash me!"

"Always a pleasure," I said then, "I'll order breakfast."

"Mmm, I'm starving!"

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