tagMatureIn the Gallery Ch. 07-08

In the Gallery Ch. 07-08


Please read the introduction to Chapters 1 and 2. Some caveats before you start reading. Actual ANAL here!

There is ANAL in this story. It forms a theme throughout so be warned. If you don't like reading about ANAL [written, I hope, in a way that may make it more acceptable] then please don't read this. There is no sexual violence in my stories. Lastly, it is FANTASY! In the fantasy world there are no STD's, no AIDS, and no consequences and things tend to move on quicker than in the real world! Lastly I thank my lovely wife [Annafaye] for the editing. Chapters 9 and 10 will follow later.

Please vote and, of course, comments are welcome, even negative ones, but in that case I do ask that you are at least polite and give me the opportunity to respond to them. If you don't like the story [or part] then tell me why! That helps me improve.


7. Discussion on Anal Sex:
In which Dana makes the final decision:

I became conscious again of this beautiful young woman in my arms and I turned my head to kiss her cheek. Awake now, and apparently recovered, she smiled up at me. It was a wickedly mischievous smile but with a slight hint of question in her eyes. I understood pretty quickly for she wriggled from my arms and rolled onto her front. Her eyes watched for my reaction.

In truth, I was speechless. I have waxed lyrical about the beauty of Dana's bottom and now she lay before me again. Her legs were slightly parted and I could see the bulge of her delectable pussy - lips still swollen from our earlier tryst. Above those sensuous lips was the cleft of her bottom, her anus - that tiny star - clearly visible.

I took a deep breath to try to control my heart rate - and my desire. I did not - absolutely not - want to think too long about Dana in this position. I could also feel the effect elsewhere in my body, for my cock, close to orgasm when I fucked her pussy, was now as hard as an iron bar - the Cialis was working!

I moved my eyes from the wonderful sight of her bottom and looked into hers. A soft smile formed on her mouth. Now? she asked, quietly.

Dana must have guessed the effect that lying face down like this would have on me, because she knew that my particular 'thing' was the female bottom. Although she could not possibly know that this position was my favourite for anal sex! Not that I would take her that way for the first time. Later perhaps, if she really enjoyed the experience.

I smiled back at her catching her mood. You are a cruel woman, Dana! I said.

She suddenly became serious. You want me? I raised my eyebrows, not wanting to consider the possibility that I might have read too much into the question. She saw my hesitation. My bottom, my bum? You want me there?

Dana! Dana darling, I said slowly, then took a deep breath. IT would be useless to lie, for I had told Dana earlier how much I would love to have her in that manner. She knew. Yes Dana, very much but . . . only if you want to. I would never do it without my partners consent.

You know I've never done it she said quietly. "I'm puzzled though, "she added with a soft smile, why a lot of my friends, and some of the books we read, say negative things about it. Like it's un-natural; it hurts; it's not enjoyable?

I wasn't sure about where Dana was going with this. Was she teasing? It seemed unlike her. I decided to play it straight. I can't give you definite answers, Dana. Un-natural? Perhaps it is from one perspective but, if two people agree? I think not - but that is just an opinion. I smiled, Men have been using that alternate route for an awfully long time.

Dana smiled and nodded. As to the fact that it hurts, and they don't enjoy it? Well I honestly reckon that's because it wasn't 'done' properly the first time. Dana nodded, as if in agreement. I stroked her hair. This is killing me, I said laughing.

I know, she laughed back, explain!

Minx! The man has to be considerate. You can't just 'stick it in' with pussy juice and spit!. Lube is essential, very essential. As is tenderness, care, and patience. Now Dana was looking at me wide-eyed. She was so lovely! And, I continued smiling, the lady has to be relaxed as well. Say a couple of orgasms - and she must really want to try it, because it can be uncomfortable, even painful, the first few times. Not necessarily, but it can. That's why plenty of lube is required!

But women don't . . you know . . have . . . what is it you men have? Oh! A prostate.

No, I know! I laughed. I couldn't explain to you why they enjoy it - you would have to ask someone who does," I said with a smile, then, "Dana . . . are you playing with me?

She smiled up at me and wriggled her bottom. My cock grew an inch - a fact that wasn't lost on Dana as she glanced down! No, not really, she said softly, I want . . . I want you to do it! My heart almost stopped. Dana, this gorgeous young woman, was offering herself. I want to . . . like you said, she added quietly. I want to know. To know what it feels like and I know you will be . . . I don't know . . . gentle. I'll get to know properly.

I bent and kissed her lips. To be given the opportunity to introduce a beautiful young anal virgin to the pleasures of that route! Sure? I asked almost not wanting to believe my ears.

Yes, she smiled, very sure! 22 and never been fucked up the bum!" She laughed, "Time to change that! Her mood had suddenly lightened as if the decision had removed any doubt. Come here and kiss me!

My cock was hard now as she rolled back over and pulled me down. We kissed and her hands began to stroke my erection, growing stronger by the moment as my body began to realize exactly what Dana was implying. Dana, I said quietly, are you . .

Sure? she interrupted. Yes. Sure, very sure. I've seen it in porn movies. I raised my eyebrows. She smiled, We girls watch them sometimes, you know and, well, felt fingers in there. Now's the time, she looked at me and smiled brightly, especially when I have a man who knows what he is doing! Now she laughed, And you get to prove my girlfriends and the books wrong!

I do?

Yes! If I enjoy it and ask you to do it again!

I laughed, Dana! You are priceless!

I guess so, she laughed back. "Now," she continued seriously after a quick kiss, "what do I have to do?"

"Well," I answered quietly, "if you are not 'prepared' it can be messy and uncomfortable." She raised her eyebrows then blushed and nodded in agreement. "You have to be empty," I continued.

"You mean . . . the bathroom?"

I nodded smiling, "Yes, the emptier the better! The first few times it's good if you can be completely empty though."

"I don't understand?"

"You use an enema to empty your bowels completely." I smiled, "Sorry to be a bit 'crude' but 'prep' is all important for anal sex, Dana. The more prep early on, the better. If you like I,t then less prep is OK when you are used to having your bottom filled." She blushed but nodded.

"How do I do that?"

I smiled. "I was a bit presumptuous after what you said last night," I answered. "While you were in the changing room for that long while I popped next door to the pharmacy and got an enema kit."

She gave me an 'old-fashioned' look then smiled. "Good," she said, "so I get to do that?"

I laughed, "Yes, if you would like. Or I could do it for you?"

She blushed bright red. "Are there instructions?"

"On the box."

"I'll do it then." She reached down to my cock and gently massaged it. "Looks like you want it now!"

I took a deep breath. "Yes," I said, "Dana love, your bottom is gorgeous and, well to put it crudely, fucking your arse would be wonderful but only if you are ready and want it."

"Well," she said with a smile, "I want it – now I have to get ready. Keep that," she nodded towards my erection, "ready for me!" She left and headed for the bathroom, posing at the door and saying, over her shoulder, "Is it in here?" I nodded and she carried on into the bathroom with a sway of hip. The door closed and, a couple of minutes later, I could hear the running water.

I laid back on the bed enjoying the idea of what was happening in the bathroom and what was going to happen shortly. It's not every day that a guy my age gets to do this, so I intended to savor every moment. Even more importantly, I wanted Dana to leave having enjoyed her first experience of anal sex. I hoped that I would take her there more than once over the next two nights for, as I have said over and over, she has a delectable arse that seems to be made to fuck!

She came out again after about 15 minutes and stood, naked, in the doorway. "That was . . . interesting," she said with a big smile. Then, noticing that my cock was a little deflated, pouted and continued, 'You don't want my arse?"

I smiled, "Oh, yes Dana, love, very much indeed. Just needs a little stimulation!'

"Oh, I can do that," she smiled then, crossing to the bed, knelt between my legs. Both hands stroked cock and balls before her mouth closed on my cock. Her sucking and tongue washing soon brought me back to full strength and she raised her head and smiled down at me. "You said a couple of orgasms before . . .?"

I laughed, "You've already had those," I responded raising my eyebrows.

"Well . . . I just thought that, before that big thing there goes into my arse." Wow, she had certainly learned quickly how to light my fire! "I think I would like a couple more!"

I laughed again, "My pleasure," I said, 'climb on board!" She giggled and she did. The soft velvet of her cunt encompassed my erection as she slid her body down onto me. Leaning forward she began to buck back and forth and up and down. "Your cock feels so good in me," she whispered, "I wonder what it will feel like in my arse!" Well, or course, this was dangerous territory for my mind to wander into, so I just smiled and thrust up into her, trying not to think of her tight arse and rectum around my cock. Dana rocked around for a while, moaning and breathing deeply, then leaned right back and pumped hard. I felt her cunt grip my cock and had another crisis as her orgasm peaked. Helping her on her way, I thrust up into her again and again.

Finally she leaned forward and kissed me. "Wow that was good! You want my arse now," she asked with a wicked smile as she wiggled her bottom on my groin.

I smiled back, "In a minute," I responded, "turn round and face away." Dana raised her eyebrows. "Different position," I explained, "and I get a really good look at your arse!"

"OH." She mouthed and then turned. She managed without actually getting off of my cock – that was good in itself! "Oh yes! I like this," she said looking back at me and beginning to bounce up and down on my cock. "It feels sooooo different!" I left her to it for a while, then eased my finger into her cunt with my cock. "Whaaaat?"

"Just getting some lubrication," I said, then dragged my finger back along her anal cleft. Like this her arse was spread wide, her anus completely available. I wasn't about to waste the moment. I circled the muscle getting more of her juice on and off until she was moaning loudly and pushing both back and down on my cock. This is an interesting feeling, cock bent forward into her [fantastic for anal too – as I hoped I might experience soon]. Now my fingertip was at her anus, right at the centre of her star and, each time she pushed back, it entered a tiny fraction until, finally, she pushed back harder and took half inside. She came immediately. Her cunt gripped my cock and her anus gripped my finger. Didn't stop me from fucking her arsehole gently right through her, seemingly, prolonged orgasm.

She finally came down from her high and laid, face down, beside me. There was a soft smile on her face as she said quietly, 'That was fantastic. I'm ready. I want to feel what it's like!" I knelt up and looked down at this beautiful young woman who was offering her most private place to me. You can do one of two things in this position. You can bugger her. Take her for your pleasure and enjoy the experience immensely. Odds are, you won't ever get to do it to her again! Or you can do as I was going to do, take her gently, carefully, and slowly so that she had every opportunity to enjoy it. OK – selfish. If she enjoyed it she would want it again – that was the plan! I had this night, all day Sunday, and tomorrow night with her. I wanted to take advantage of that – what red-blooded man wouldn't?

8. Her First Anal Experience:
In which Dana gives up her anal cherry:

While Dana was getting ready in the bathroom I had found my supply of lubrication [it was a long time since I had been a boy scout but I never forgot the motto!]. I had a bottle of Astroglide – the best as far as I am concerned, and some small, one shot, capsules with a long, thin, nozzle designed to be inserted and squeezed. Together these would ensure she would have the best chance to enjoy my cock in her arse.

"Open your legs," I whispered in her ear. She did and I knelt between. Isn't this one of the most wonderful sights that mother nature has provided us guys [and some gals as well!]? Dana's hips were broad and they spread above the glorious rise of her bottom cheeks, full and round. Between, her cunt was dripping juice from her orgasms and above that the tiny, oh so tiny, star of her anus beckoned.

I stroked, caressed, and massaged the cheeks of her arse, running my thumbs along the sides of the valley containing her anus. Dana was moaning in pleasure and encouraging me with a continuous, "Yes!' Finally I bent my head to her bottom and ran my tongue from the back of her cunt, up and across her anus; over and over again, reveling in the taste and the effect on her. Then stopping and rimming her sphincter with my tongue, I probed the tight muscle and, as she relaxed, pushed past and inside her virgin arsehole.

Gripping her hips I eased her into a kneeling position – the best I think for the first experience – and moved her to the edge of the bed. I wanted to stand, to be in control, not bouncing on the bed, for this first time. It was going to be difficult enough to hold off my orgasm as I entered her and I didn't want to be thrown off by the effect of the soft bed. I knew from our early doggy that standing, I was just the right height for my cock to slip inside her arse.

"Head down, Dana love," I said quietly, "knees a little apart and stick that gorgeous bum out!" Always a slightly different position for anal than vag!

"You're terrible!" then, "Like this," she smiled looking over her shoulder. WOW – difficult then not to just do it. Take her. Didn't though – and that is important. I wanted to enjoy her arse for a while and, hopefully, ease her into her first anal. I began again to caress and stroke her then bent my head to her arse and licked along the valley between her cheeks. What is wonderful about this is hearing the positive groans, comments, moans from the lady – and Dana was certainly enjoying things so far!

Time to move on. I reached for the lube and twisted the tip off the small tube. "I'm going to use some lube, Dana," I whispered leaning forward, "inside, so just relax."

I could see her body visibly relax as I place the tiny application tube at her anus then pushed it inside. "Ooooooooooh! Feels funny." Then, "Oh dear! That's straaaange!" as I squeezed the lube into her rectum. Lube is so, so important, especially the first few times, so I wanted to make sure there was plenty inside her tight rear entrance.

"All OK still?" I asked leaning forward again.

"Oh yes! Don't you dare stop now!" Well I wasn't going to – unless she told me to, of course. I eased the tiny applicator tube out and squirted some lube around her anus and then some onto my cock, stroking it along my iron hard erection. Using my middle finger I began to work the lube around and into her sphincter. "Mmmm, that feels good," she said softly as I teased her anus. "Oh GOD!" that was my finger pushing inside. "That feels big – your finger? Oh yes, do that. Ooooooohhhhh!" I was sliding my finger in and out. So much easier than before, due to the lube. As Dana got used to this I added my index finger initially under the middle.

"Oh my god! That's even bigger!"

"Two fingers!"

"OH FUCK!" I was slowly fucking her arse with these two fingers now. Anticipation was making my cock almost burst with desire to be in there but, from experience, I knew not to rush this. Dana seemed to be relaxing and taking my fingers easily so now I set them side by side and let her have the whole length.

"OH MY GOD! That's so bloody big!"

"Shall I stop?"

"NO! Don't stop now! It's OK."

"Does it hurt?"

"Nooo . . . . a little. Stings and I feel so stretched. But . . . it's strange. It almost feels good – very good. Don't stop. Ooooooooooooo!" Harder, faster and deeper now before the final breach. Then I began to turn my fingers inside her to loosen her sphincter even more. "Jesus Christ! Oh Fuckkkkkkk! Ooooooooooooh! Yes!" Her body shuddered.

"Dana, OK?"

"Oh fuck yes. That was . . . funny! Strange. Oohhhhh, keep doing . . . THAT!"

"Time Dana, do you want my cock in your arse?"

A breathless, 'Yes," answered me, "put your cock in my arse!" Gripping my cock tightly, I placed the tip at her anus and pushed gently forward. This is a dangerous time and I dare not look down and see my cock spearing her arse cheeks – I would either cum or drive deep inside in one stroke and neither option was really good at this moment.

"Relax Dana," I said softly. 'let me in." I saw tension flow from her back and my cock slipped past the muscle only to be gripped tightly just below the head where there is a natural depression from the circumcision.

"OH GOD!" she exclaimed breathlessly, "Fuck Mike. OH MY GOD – that feels so bloody big!" Well it was to be honest – bigger than the two fingers certainly.

"OK? Does it hurt?" I asked.

Dana took a deep breath. "OK. Yes. No. It's big! A little."

I wasn't quite sure what she was saying. "Too big? Shall I stop?"

"No – I don't think so. It feels funny. Do some more – slowly please." I pushed another two inches into her. My cock is pretty much the same size as the head until just over half way down so all Dana would feel now would be fullness, no more stretching. "Oooooooooo! It's so big. Full, so full." The latter almost to herself, then, "It doesn't hurt – too much! Oh god you feel so big and I feel so full!" I pulled out then to ease the muscle and let her feel me leaving. This brought another round of self-comment but she did not tell me to stop. Almost out, then back in slowly, enjoying the feel of her sphincter sliding along my cock and the hot slippery velvet grip of her lubed rectum. This is a glorious feeling; made all the better for knowing I was the first there. What is it about that that makes it so special for us guys? I don't know but I do know that it is special. I squeezed some more lube onto my cock and her anus.

I was fucking her arsehole now – only half my cock sliding in and out – and it didn't seem to be too painful for Dana. I wanted to be sure however so I leaned forward, still gently stroking, and whispered, "Is that OK Dana? Do you like it?"

She took a deep breath. "I . . . I don't know! Oh god it feels so big inside me. Oooooooooooh!" She was loosening and I had pushed just a little deeper. I was almost halfway in now and beginning to move just a bit faster. For me the feeling was exquisite. Hot: slippery from the lube: and tight, oh so tight!

"Oh dear! Oh my god! FUCK!" I was sliding just a tiny bit deeper on each forward stroke and now she was feeling the full width of my cock, stretching her anus and rectum. Still, Dana seemed to be able to cope and wasn't telling me to stop. I raised my body back up and gripped her hips. I was going to fill her completely now – I couldn't hold back much longer. My cock felt as though it would burst, held so tightly as it was in her glorious arse.

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