tagMatureIn the Gallery Ch. 09-10

In the Gallery Ch. 09-10


Please read the introduction to Chapters 1 and 2. Some caveats before you start reading. No ANAL in these chapters.

There is ANAL in this story. It forms a theme throughout so be warned. If you don't like reading about ANAL [written, I hope, in a way that may make it more acceptable] then please don't read this. There is no sexual violence in my stories. Lastly, it is FANTASY! In the fantasy world there are no STD's, no AIDS, and no consequences and things tend to move on quicker than in the real world! Lastly I thank my lovely wife [Annafaye] for the editing. Chapters 11, 12 and 13 will follow shortly.

Please vote and, of course, comments are welcome, even negative ones, but in that case I do ask that you are at least polite and give me the opportunity to respond to them. If you don't like the story [or part] then tell me why! That helps me improve.


9. Interlude – Dinner:

In which we deal with the aftermath of her first anal and go out on the town:

"OK," she called and I entered to find her in the shower. "I'm hungry!" she said with a big smile, "so I thought a shower would be quicker. Don't know what you have planned for the bath – and I don't want to rush," she added coquettishly. I laughed, and joined her in the shower. I was hungry too, nor did I wish to hurry the 'bath' fun! The washing, stroking, and caressing continued in the shower but this time it was fun rather than sexual. Of course, there was lots of soaping of cock and balls on her part and much the same of her tits and arse by me. She seemed completely at ease now, naked and in the shower – almost proud of her body and how she could affect me with it. I just gloried some more in her smooth curves, her firm breasts, the sweep of her hips, her strong thighs, and her wonderful arse.

"You really do like my arse, don't you?" she smiled halfway through the shower, after I had spent several minutes soapily caressing her cheeks.

I smiled wanly, "Dana, Dana love, you have a wonderful arse and, for my sins, it has captured me!" I ran my hand over her hips and then her cheeks. "These curves are so, so sensuous. You are so 'tight' and here," I ran my finger along the joint between upper thigh and bottom, "so pert. Look," I said nodding at my cock which was beginning to notice what my fingers were doing, "see?"

She laughed, pleased at her power I think. I don't know whether anyone had treated her like this before, but I would guess she was enjoying it! Her hand caressed my cock, "You want me there again don't you?" she asked with a smile.

"Yes," I answered honestly, "yes I do – and, to be honest, as often as you would let me! You are so, so lovely there." I smiled, "That isn't to say, of course, that you are not lovely everywhere else," I added moving my hand to her pussy then up to her pert breasts.

"You," she said, with an immense pout that softened the words, "are a dirty old man!"

I laughed, "For my sins, yes, I will admit to that! You, on the other hand, are a very sexy young lady." I continued to wash her, moving her hand from my cock, "Who will, undoubtedly have your wicked way with me later!" She laughed. "Now, however, I hunger for food. Sustenance to help me deal with the welcome demands you will make of me later tonight – well I hope so at least," I added laughing.

She pulled my head down and kissed me, "Mmmm! certainly am," she laughed dancing out of the shower.

We dried each other – more fun touching and stroking. When we were both dry and into the bedroom I turned to Dana. "Face down on the bed Dana love," I said with a smile.

She looked surprised and apprehensive. "Again? Already?"

"No," I responded. "I want to use this," and I showed her the cream I had bought at the same time as lube. "It will ease the soreness and take any swelling down pretty quickly."

"So we can do it again, you crafty man!" she said with a big smile.

"Only if you want to do it again, you sexy lady!"

"I do," she said lying face down on the bed with her legs slightly apart. Phew! No doubt now that she knew exactly what she was doing. "It feels a little sore," she said looking back at me.

"I'm sorry," I said quietly, "but it isn't unusual. Remember, only if YOU want to."

"I said, I do. It was funny but nice in the end." She giggled.

"Minx," I laughed, "now lay still for a minute while I put this on." I gently eased her cheeks apart and applied the cream to her still tight anus. It was red and slightly swollen. "I'm going to put some inside," I said, 'just relax!"

"Mmmm," she moaned as I used my index finger to work some of the cream past her sphincter.


"Mmm! A bit . . .OOOOOOOOhhhhh!"


""It's OK – really. Quite nice, actually!"

I laughed. "Don't tell me you are getting a taste for something in your bottom!'

She laughed back. "Now wouldn't YOU like that," she responded. "I don't know," she added pensively, "but I think I like it quite a lot!"

I eased more cream into her anus, cleaned up with a hand towel, then planted a kiss on each cheek. I will be honest here and admit that I found it extremely difficult not to press ahead and take her there again. I don't think she would have averred and my cock was certainly up for it, but I really did want her to leave on Monday with a good feeling about her first experiences of anal sex.

Time to get ready for dinner. Dana wore an 'evening' dress that I had chosen. Not dissimilar to that which she was wearing when I saw her in the Gallery. A dark, vibrant, blue: still fairly short to show off her lovely legs, and cut very tight – to show off her arse! For me, she wore stockings with the sexiest suspenders. Not a 'garter belt' but a much wider, very thin fabric, which sat up around her waist and had long suspender, also very thin, which didn't show under the dress. She wouldn't let me see her put them on. "It's a surprise for later," she said with a wicked grin. She also wore four inch heeled shoes which made her almost as tall as me - she looked fantastic. The dress was cut low at the back and just enough at the front to suggest her cleavage. In a word, she was sex on legs! It was fantastic to know that she was doing it, not only for herself [she said how good it felt to 'show herself off' like this] but for me. To have a young woman as delectably attractive as Dana on my arm as we ate, wandered, and drank around the harbor was a great morale booster.

I had decided to take her to 'Aria' again for I didn't want to get too far from the hotel and there was so much going on around the Opera House. To be honest, I just wanted her to be seen – seen on MY arm! Goodness knows what people would think, but I didn't care and, after our discussion earlier, Dana didn't care either.

It was a lovely, warm, late summer evening. I just wore a shirt and slacks not wanting to be anything other than the guy on the arm of this beautiful woman. It was busy. Saturday night found the harbor and opera house area full of both locals and tourists enjoying the sights, sounds, and ambiance of this heart of Sydney. There were lots of young guys about, prowling in search of company, and Dana got considerable attention.

The table was booked [a necessity on Saturday evening] for 8pm so I suggested we pop into a bar for an aperitif before dinner. There are numerous bars about and we decided on a higher class place.

"Let's sit at the bar," Dana whispered. I raised my eyebrows and smiled. "I feel sexy," she added smiling back. So we did. I asked for punt e mes without much hope. They didn't have, it so I ordered two glasses of sweet Vermouth with ice, half a dash of bitters, and a slice of orange – as close to punt e mes as I could get. I chatted with the bar keep about the drink then turned to Dana as she picked up her glass. "Sip Dana love. Taste – then swallow!" I had a big smile on my face as I said this and it was returned as she bent forward and whispered, "Am I practicing for later?"

"Could be," I laughed with a glance at the barman who had heard the exchange, "but just now savor the drink!"

"Mmm, OK," and she sipped the aperitif then, after swallowing, "heck! That's bitter!"

I laughed, "That's why I said sip! It gets better!" It does, and we enjoyed the drink before adjourning to the restaurant for a pleasant meal. Leaving there, we walked to the Opera House where I was lucky enough to secure a couple of tickets to a concert performance on Sunday evening. That was important, for I had bought a very special dress for Dana to wear. Very similar to a dress worn in a picture by Alberto Vargas in the Esquire Calendar of December 1946 – my favourite of many Vargas pictures. That dress is almost transparent – Dana's was not, just hung the same and showed off her figure – again, particularly because of the four inch heels she would wear with it.

10. The Evening

In which Dana poses and we make love again:

We stopped at the Opera Bar for a coffee where Dana shone and was much admired. As we finished, she leaned over and whispered, "Let's go back!"

"It's not that late," I responded with a smile.

"I know," she said smiling back, "more time in bed!"

"Suits me!" We were quickly back at the hotel and into the room. Just inside, after I closed the door, she turned and melted into my arms.

"Touch me," she said before we kissed, "run your hands over my body." I really didn't need much persuading for her contours are wonderful. From her bare shoulders, down her back, across the expansive reach of her arse cheeks to her thighs. Back and forth, up and down, roamed my hands as we kissed. Moving into the room, I started to unzip her dress. "No," she said moving away slightly, "let me undress you then you can watch." My shirt quickly disappeared to the floor followed immediately by my slacks, socks, and underpants. She stood there running her hands over my body seeming to enjoy the feeling of my hair through her fingers. One hand cupped my balls; the other gently masturbated my cock.

"Is that all for me?" she asked with a coy look.

"Of course," I managed to reply, croakily. She was so hot, so desirable – and dangerous just now. Much more of this and she would get a handful of cum – not quite where I wanted to deposit it!

"Sit," she said pushing me gently back onto the couch, "and enjoy!" Well I knew I would do that as she reached behind and unzipped the dress. It fell to the floor revealing her underwear. The stockings seemed to lengthen her legs and the gap between their top and the high suspender belt framed her cunt and, when she turned, her arse. She was wearing skimpy panties underneath the suspenders and she now began to take them off. Bear in mind she still had her four inch heels on. Putting one foot on the coffee table, making sure I could see her cunt, she undid one side's suspenders, then the other, and slid her panties off. Then, turning away showing her gorgeous arse, she did them up again. A clear message that they should be left on – not surprising for I had told her how much I enjoyed sex with underwear still on – and shoes, come to that. She looked so – words do fail me here – sexy it was amazing. I think that many women don't realize that they are as attractive dressed in good lingerie as they are naked. She walked up and down, her arse cheeks firm and proud atop her lovely legs. Poses accentuated by the heels. Finally coming to rest directly in front of me.

"Well!?" she said with the sexiest smile.

"Turn," I said throatily – she did and I was faced with her sumptuous arse. The flesh coloured suspender belt sat high on her body, around her waist; the suspender on each side forming a wonderful frame for those lovely cheeks.

I ran my hand from waist – and the silky material of the suspender belt – over her hips, then thighs, and finally, calves. Over and over I caressed her bare arse, my thumbs parting her nether cheeks.

"You want my arse again don't you?" she asked quietly looking back over her shoulder as she bent her legs and pushed her arse towards me.

"Yes, Dana, I do: very much." I could see, however, that her anus was still red and looked a trifle sore. "Not tonight, Dana. I don't want to hurt you – and put you off," I added with a smile. "Tomorrow?"

"Yes," she said with a smile. "I want try again!" At that, of course, my cock got even harder and I just had to get it inside her. That must have been in her mind as well for she turned back to face me and knelt at my feet, taking my erection in hand.

"Mmm, time to taste!" Well she would, for there was a copious amount of pre-cum leaking out.

"Dana love, be careful – you might get a mouthful of cum!"

She looked into my eyes and said, intently, "I want it. I've felt you cum in my pussy and in my arse, now I want to feel it in my mouth," she smiled, "and, if you are up to it tomorrow, in my arse again!" Well that was almost too much. I had to take her hand off my cock.

"Easy, Dana! Oh fuck but you are some young lady! You need to take it slow or it will be over too soon – and I do want to fuck you!"

"Yes please – but you cum in my mouth!" I reached forward and pulled her lips to mine – god she was so lovely.

I slid forward on the couch. My cock stood proud and eager. I reached up and gripped the cheeks of her arse and pulled her towards me. "Legs each side, Dana love, you're going to sit!"

"Mmm," she murmured as she moved into place, "that sounds interesting!" Her cunt was over my cock now and she gently lowered herself until her lips kissed the tip of my cock. "OH YES!" she groaned as she bore down and took three inches inside her soft, velvety, vagina.

"Oh fuck, Dana!" was about all I could manage, as she slid down the rest of the way, my cock lodged fully inside her. I was faced with a pair of brassiere covered tits that I just had to suck. As Dana settled herself down on my erection, I reached behind and undid the clasp and slipped it off. Her nipples were swollen and hard. I began kissing, licking, and biting gently. Dana was sighing and rolling her body on my cock seeming to enjoy the differing sensations of my cock buried deep in her cunt. I focused on her nipples – something which she seemed to enjoy – and dragged my teeth along each one. Dana stiffened, shuddered, and groaned my name as orgasm racked her body.

"Oh my! That was fun," she murmured as she leaned forward into my body. She was still bouncing gently on my cock while moving her arse back and forth but, in this position, I couldn't really get going.

"Let's shift Dana love," I whispered. "I need to fuck you!" She smiled a seductive smile.



"Yes! Hard! Make me cum again!"

"Over the arm of the sofa, Dana," I said with a smile.

She looked surprised, but didn't demur as I helped her off my cock and into position. The arm was well padded but too high for her to kneel so her legs were stretched out, her head resting on the sofa seat. This presented her cunt and arsehole for the almost perfect position to be fucked! I couldn't resist kneeling between her spread legs and feasting on her wet cunt then using my tongue on her tight arsehole. She shuddered when it touched her anus and let out a loud sigh. I didn't probe too hard there – too much and I doubt I could have controlled my mounting desire to sodomise her again and I didn't want to do that now: didn't want to hurt her.

"Oh Mike, Mike please!?"


"Oh fuck me – please!"

I closed her legs and stood astride her gorgeous thighs. Pointing my cockhead down, I ran it across her pussy lips then over her anus. Another sigh. "Oh my god! Can't you? Oh god that feels so . . . wonderful!" It seemed that Dana had enjoyed her first anal experience and was ready for more but not tonight. I shifted my cockhead back to her cunt and slid two inches into her.

"FUCK! Oh yessss! Fuck meeeee!" I did! Driving my cock into her velvet heaven, I started to fuck her in earnest. This position has all the elements of power. Driving down into her body felt tremendous. Dana was encouraging, groaning my name, moaning "Fuck me!" over and over. With my hands on her arse I drew the cheeks apart, seeing my cock sliding in and out of her; watching her anus contract slightly as I filled her, then loosen as I pulled out. I couldn't resist touching that second heaven so, as before, I drew some of her liquid from the back of her cunt with my thumb and dragged it over her arsehole.

"Oh fucking hell! Oh my god! Aaaaggghhhhh!" That, I thought with a smile, is an orgasm! Leaving my thumb covering her anus I continued to fuck her hard and deep. Not close to coming myself – I had promised her a mouthful – I knew I could carry on for a while and I was enjoying the sounds of pleasure leaking from Dana's lips. I pushed harder on her anus with my thumb having dragged some more liquid up. She was still making appreciative noises so I pushed harder until her sphincter opened and the tip of my thumb slipped inside.

"FUCKKKKKKKK!" she cried as her whole body convulsed. I held my cock deep inside her then and started to, very gently, fuck her arse with just the very end of my thumb. Shudder after shudder rocked her body as I worked her arsehole gently, then as she seemed to calm, I put one leg up on the sofa seat, withdrew my thumb, and returned to fucking her pussy hard and deep. I could see her anus now, more open than before, and I knew that I had to take her there, in this position, tomorrow. These thoughts began to raise my temperature and my orgasm was slowly approaching.

Leaning forward with my cock buried inside her, I whispered, "Gonna cum soon Dana."

"I want it in my mouth," she responded breathlessly, "in my mouth!"

I pulled my cock from her cunt as she moved to sit on the sofa. She reached for me and sucked my erection deep into her mouth, one hand cupping my balls, the other stroking the base. My hand gripped her head and I began to fuck her mouth – gently, I must say, for I didn't know how she would react to this. It didn't seem to faze her as she gazed up into my eyes and sucked.

It didn't take long, particularly as I thought of her lovely tight arsehole and of fucking it later. "Shit Dana! Here . . . . . . aaaggggghhhhhh!' I moaned then began to swell and pulse cum into her mouth. She timed her sucking well, managing to pull spunk from my cock. I gave her four pulses before she pulled away and smiled up at me.

"Mmmm! 'ice!" she smiled then swallowed. "Very nice! You've got nice tasting cum!" With that her mouth covered my cock again and she continued sucking the remains of my spunk from my now softening cock.

"Fuck Dana, that's good but you – phew! No more – please!" My post cum cock was so, so sensitive. She seemed to be amused and finally stopped sucking but still washed the head with her tongue.

"Good?" she asked after swallowing again.

"Good!" I said with a smile then I lifted her and we kissed, my tongue probing into her mouth and tasting the remains of my cum on hers. "Satisfied?" I asked with a smile.

"Yes," she said quietly. "I thought you were going to . . . you know . . . back there."

I smiled, "I wanted to Dana love . . ."

"I wanted you to," she interrupted.

". . . but you might not have enjoyed it. Tomorrow," I whispered with a smile, "as often as you want me to – and I can."

"Good," she smiled sexily, "I think I am going to enjoy that!"

"I know I will," I replied, laughing and hugging her then, running my hands over her glorious arse, and added, "because you have a fabulous arse, Dana." She giggled provocatively. "You, minx, are a devil woman!"

"Mmm," she replied, "I've never really felt like this before. It's . . . I don't know . . . you, this hotel room, the situation. I feel like a vamp. You know," she laughed, "a loose woman. I want to do everything, experience everything. I feel so . . . so sexual!"

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