tagIncest/TabooIn The Hot Tub with Cousin Stacy Ch. 01

In The Hot Tub with Cousin Stacy Ch. 01


Stacy is my cousin, we are both about the same age and she and I have just returned home from graduating college. We didn't go to the same college together but we both needed to move back home to get our lives and careers going.

We were always close growing up. We had the same interests and we were really great friends. We would go to ballgames together, concerts together and movies together. So finding us hanging out together was not all that uncommon at all and on several occasions we were mistaken as a couple.

Her parents, my Aunt and Uncle, have a hot tub and I used to go over and get in it to relax all the time. I could spend hours alone in it at night looking up at the sky and looking at the stars. There was nothing more relaxing then getting into the hot tub in the freezing cold of winter and gaze at the stars. But since college, I have not been in it at all.

Stacy called me up and invited me over for an evening of sitting in the hot tub and looking at the stars. She knew it has been a long time since I have been in the tub and star gazed. I was very excited to get the invite and couldn't wait for the evening. Tonight was supposed to be clear and very cold. Perfect hot tub weather.

I arrived after my part time job around ten o'clock. Her parents were in bed and we basically had the night to ourselves. I had brought some beer with me and she was already into a glass of wine. I went to the bathroom to change into my bathing suit and grabbing a towel returned and met her in the kitchen. She was in a modest black bikini. She looked stunning as the bikini showed off her young perfect body. As she grabbed her glass and bottle of wine she spun around and slipped her feet into her flip flops and headed for the door. I followed suit with my beer in hand and outside in the cold we went.

We both braved the cold and quickly made our way across the deck to the hot tub. In only my suit and my towel over my shoulder, the frigid air was bitter. We reached the tub and put our towels and beer and wine over the railing of the deck. Stacy was pushing the heavy cover of the hot tub over and off. From the deck lights I could see her hard stiff nipples. She was cold too. I couldn't help but to get lost in my thoughts for a moment about what they looked like. She then climbed the step up the side of the hot tub and leaning over to push off the rest of the cover I stood there admiring her small firm ass. For a short moment all I could think about was burying my face in her ass.

Stacy snapped me out of my trance by instructing me to turn off the deck lights. I ran back across the deck, opened the back door of the house and turned of the lights outside. I quickly made my way back across the deck and returned to the hot tub where Stacy had already crawled in. I quickly got in the tub and settled into my position right across from my cousin. We sat silently for a few moments as we warmed up and got accustomed to the warmth and our eyes got accustomed to the dark. I was drinking my beer and looking up at the night sky. It was a beautiful night and the stars clear and crisp.

I was the first one to break the silence by making a comment about the night sky. The stars were shining bright overhead and the beer, wine and company of my friend and cousin Stacy made it all perfect. Stacy laid her head back looking up at the sky. I found myself looking at her neck and upper chest. Her soft white skin against the straps of her black bikini was striking as was watching her breasts rise and fall gently in the water as she was breathing.

"So what are we going to do now", Stacy asked taking a long sip from her wine. "We are done with college, no jobs yet, living with our parents, no love lives, no money, nothing."

"Well", I began, "Right now, I say we just enjoy the night. All the other stuff we can deal with tomorrow."

Stacy tapped me with her foot under the water. I felt her toes tap against my leg as she told me to be serious.

"I am serious. What can we possibly do about any of that at this time of night? Let's just enjoy the evening. Come here." I grabbed her hands and pulled her over to my side of the hot tub and made her sit right next to me. We leaned back and looked up into the night sky and I started to point out the star constellations. As we were talking, I could feel her arm, body and leg against mine. It's been a while since I have been this close to a woman. I felt a stirring in me. I tried to push it away and continue with the stars but it was becoming difficult.

Stacy moved sideways and sat back against the tub to the right of me. She had draped her legs over my lap. Just her shift in her seating caused my dick to begin to harden. I was hoping that she would not notice. She lifted one of her legs up out of the water and waved one of her feet in my face.

"I have cute feet don't you think? Don't you think I have pretty feet and toes?"

"You have very cute feet" I replied. She really did. I have always thought that she had the type of feet that would turn anyone into a foot fetish fanatic. I grabbed a hold of her foot so that she would not tire her leg out and I held it up and out of the water for her. Her other leg was still resting across my lap. My hard on was so very close to bumping her leg and I stayed as still as I could so that she would not notice it.

"Kiss it" she said playfully and giggled. Maybe she didn't think I would or she was just being silly but I did. I brought her foot to my mouth and gave it a long kiss. She giggled again and dropped her foot into the water and brought up her other leg to my mouth and told me to kiss that one too.

Again I took a hold of her foot and gave it a long slow kiss. She dropped her foot into water and slid both of her feet under my thigh. In doing so her knees were bent up and sticking out of the water. I could see her looking at me over her knees playfully. She giggled again and remarked "You got a bit of a foot fetish in you I see."

Smiling back at her with a mischievous grin I responded to her that she had no idea about all my proclivities but admitted that feet were a big turn on for me. I explained how I could never be in a relationship with a woman that had ugly feet. Stacy laughed and said that she was thankful her feet passed my test. My cousin then surprised me. She lifted her foot back out from under my thigh and raised it up out of the water and told me to show her what I would do with a pretty foot. I must have hesitated a little too long because she surprised me by then putting her toes up to my lips.

Grabbing a hold of her leg again I slipped her toes into my mouth and started to suck and run my tongue over each and every toe while my hands caressed her calf. I then kissed and licked my way along her arch, sole and ball of her foot and kissed her ankle before returning her toes into my mouth. I swirled and flicked my tongue over her little toes like each one was a clit. Even though the hot tub motor was humming I am almost certain that I heard her moan. After a few moments of me worshipping her foot she dropped it back into the water with a Wow!

She looked off into the dark without saying a word for a few seconds. That gave me a moment to readjust myself in my suit. I was very hard now. Sucking on her toes and foot really turned me on and I wanted to position my hardness so that it was not so obvious. She looked back to me and with a serious look she asked me what other things I was into.

"I'm not telling you that."

"Why not?" Stacy asked.

"Because you are my cousin, it would just be weird." I replied. "You tell me yours."

"Well, tonight I found out that I really like having my toes and feet sucked on. Now tell me yours."


"C'mon!" She pouted as she playfully splashed me with water.

"Please" she begged, splashing me again.

I grabbed her wrists and we playfully struggled and in doing so she ended up on my lap with her legs to either side of mine straddling me and then she stopped suddenly. I figured out quickly why. She felt my hard cock through my bathing suit. She had my hands and was holding them back by my head. Looking in my eyes she started to rock her hip along the bulge in my suit. She was grinding herself against me. What were we doing? She was my cousin but it felt too good, too good to stop. She was slowly and teasingly grinding her crotch along the length on my dick through our suits. I was enjoying the sensations and my eyes started to close slightly.

"Are you going to tell me?" Stacy asked heavily bringing me back to attention but never stopping her movements against my cock..

Looking up at her I told her my likes and turn ons. I told her how I like going down on a woman, how I like getting tied up, how I like tying a woman up, how I like fuck a woman's ass and more. The whole time I poured out my sexual likes and turn ons she kept up her rocking and grinding against me. She had that glazed over look in her face. I could tell that the conversation was having an effect on her. And she could clearly tell it had an effect on me too.

She stopped rocking her hips and moved off of me. I let out a little moan of disapproval. She sat opposite of me and her hands had slipped below the water. I couldn't see what she was doing but I could tell that she was thinking hard about something. After an awkward and quiet moment she sat forward. I leaned forward too so that we were face to face just a foot or two away from each other.

"I am ..." she started to say.

"Me too..." I replied back.

"Come with me and be quiet."

She took my hand and pulled me out of the hot tub with her. She grabbed her towel and I grabbed mine. She led me through the door, through the house and down the stairs into the family room. She quickly pulled some blankets that were on sofa and chairs to the floor and spread them out. The room was dark with the exception of a small night light on the stairs.

"I want you to suck on my toes again but I want to be comfortable doing it." she said as she positioned herself on the floor laying her towel on the blankets and then laid on her back.

I got down on the blanket and instantly she made me get back up. "You dummy, you're going to get the blankets all wet. Take your suit off." Before I could protest Stacy had hiked down her bottoms and removed her top laying them off to the side of the blankets and on the floor. I slipped out of mine and kneeled at her feet. Seeing her there in the dim light of the room was amazingly sexy. Looking up her long sleek legs and seeing her naked and still wet body was amazing. Her pussy was completely shaved and her tits were hard and erect. My response was noticeable. My cock bounced between my legs.

I gently lifted her foot off the floor and began to again kiss and suck on her toes. This time, without the hot tub humming, I could clearly hear her moaning. I felt her free foot sliding up my thigh. Her toes were inching their way up my leg. I could see her looking up at me watching me as I licked and sucked her toes. She was biting her bottom lip and her hands were caressing her tits.

Her free foot was now rubbing my cock. I could feel her trying to curl her toes around my shaft and along my balls. I scooped up her feet and held them together and then slid my dick between them. I used her feet to stroke my cock and she moaned her approval. After a short time of stroking she used her feet to pull me down to her. Softly falling forward between her legs I was soon face to face with her. She reached down and guided my cock into her. I pushed gently into her, feeling her wetness envelop my cock.

Slowly I was sliding my full length in and out of her. Long slow strokes that were teasing for both of us. When she had had enough she wrapped her legs behind me and pulled me deep into. She gasped. I increased my speed and force giving her quick hard strokes. Her eyes were closed and she was biting her bottom lip. She was keeping her moaning to a minimum as I am sure she didn't want to wake her parents. Faster and harder we went.

She then pushed me over onto my back. We never lost our connection as she positioned herself on top. She sat upright on me and began to grind herself into me. I reached up and took her breasts into my hands for the first time. I squeezed and massaged her tits and then rolled her nipples between my fingers. She was grinding her clit against the base of my cock. Her hips were moving faster and faster and then suddenly she tensed up. I could feel her cumming.

She collapsed on top of me and I gave her a moment to catch her breath before moving my hips up into her. I was holding her against me as I quickly fucked her. With her mouth next to my ear I could hear her quietly saying yes, yes, yes. I was closer and closer to cumming and I let her know. She told me to cum. I was almost there. My body tensed. She sat up on my cock and my cock was buried deeply up in her and I exploded hard. I filled her with my cum. I started to moan loud and she covered my mouth with her hands.

As I calmed down from my orgasm, she slid off of me and next to me. We were both lying on our backs catching our breaths. She had pulled one of the blankets over us. I rolled over to face her but didn't have anything to say. I just lay there staring at her. Our bodies were touching and I could feel the warmth of her body. Without looking at me, she said that we needed to get dressed and close up the hot tub. The last thing she wanted was her parents to find us asleep on the floor, naked, in the morning.

As I got up and began to grab my suit to put back on, my cousin grabbed my hand and looking right at me said that next time, maybe we can try some of the other things on my list.

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