tagIncest/TabooIn The Hot Tub with Cousin Stacy Ch. 06

In The Hot Tub with Cousin Stacy Ch. 06


My cousin Stacy and I arrived at the hotel a few towns over from where we live excited to spend a few days together alone and away from her parents. We planned to spend almost all of our time together naked and exploring each other and exploring our fantasies as much as possible. There was a whole list of things in my mind that I wanted to try and or explore with Stacy and I am sure that she had her list as well.

After we checked in at the front desk Stacy promptly headed for the room. We entered the room and checked out all the amenities. I hung the “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door and Stacy and I kicked off our shoes and sat on the bed to discuss our plans and expectation for the next few days that we have with each other.

Stacy spoke first with her expectations. “I say that we are always naked when in the room. I trust you completely and know that you would not do anything that would hurt me and I hope that you feel the same way. I want us to do whatever we want with each other and give ourselves completely to each other so that we both get the most fulfilling experience out of these few days. Do you agree?”

“Absolutely” I replied. “I do trust you and will do anything you want to.”

“OK. First thing first. Close the blinds and let’s get naked!”

Stacy was very excited about getting this time together as was I but she was as giddy as a school girl. She stripped naked as I closed the blinds on the window in the room and as I stripped out of my clothes she was jumping on the bed. The sight of her beautiful tits bouncing as she bounced was mesmerizing. I stood next to the bed with my dick getting harder by the second. In mid jump she crossed her legs and sat on the bed.

I climbed on the bed next to her but facing her. My God she’s so beautiful. I took in the sight of her. Every curve, every birthmark, every mole, every bend and fold of her body. Everything!

Stacy snapped me out of my trance by speaking. “So, where do we start?”

It was awkward. I didn’t know how or where to start and neither did she. Do we just get into it? Do we just blurt out what we are going to do? Do we make a list and check it off? Who goes first? Her? Me?

Stacy and I came to the conclusion that we would flip a coin to decide who gets to pick what we do and then go from there. I won the coin toss and decided that I wanted to ease her into things by starting with her feet. With that she moved up on the bed resting her head on the pillows while I was down by her feet. I took her right foot to my mouth and began to kiss all over her foot and lick and suck each toe. I sucked and nibbled each toe like little cocks running my tongue over them and between each and every toe. I kissed and licked all over her foot, from the heel to the arch to the ankle to the toes. Her left foot delicately massaged my balls and my cock as I worshipped her right foot. She painted her toenails a deep red that really made her feet look lovely. I then took her left foot into my mouth and worshipped the foot in the same way. I could tell she was really enjoying having her toes and feet licked, sucked, rubbed and kissed. I held her feet together and slid my cock between them and stroked my cock. Her soft feet felt amazing against my cock.

I could feel myself beginning to get close to cumming so I put her feet down and told Stacy that I next wanted to eat her out. I pulled her to the edge of the bed and I got down on the floor and started to run my tongue over her bare pussy. I licked lightly along her outer lips and slit teasing her. I sucked her outer lip into my mouth and playfully nibbled on it before releasing it. I pushed my tongue deeper between her slit. I could now taste her. I drove my tongue in deeper loving her taste on my tongue and lips. I gently parted her pussy with my fingers and worked her love hole with my tongue. Stacy ran her fingers through my hair while holding me in place. She was loving it. I moved my head up so that my mouth was over her clit and sucked it into my mouth rolling it over on my tongue and playfully nibbling it.

I slipped two fingers into her pussy and slowly fingered her as I tongued her clit, slowly moving my mouth around her most sensitive spot. I teased her with slow fingering and released her clit from my mouth. She let out a low moan of disapproval over my stopping my oral manipulations but I am sure that my fingers were more than enough to occupy her. I sat back and watched my fingers glide in and out of her. I slowly eased a third finger into her tight, wet pussy. I teasingly rolled my fingers around inside of her.

After a few moments I knew she was ready to take what I had wanted to try next. She was ready to scratch one of my fantasies off of my list. I slowly worked all five of my fingers into her tight wet hole. I worked them in until my whole hand was up inside of her. She held my hand in place as she acclimated to my hand. I could feel her pussy squeezing all around my hand.

“Oh my god that is so hot! You ok baby?” I wanted to make sure that she was fine and she didn’t say anything at first. I started to get up off the floor with my hand still inside of her when she yelped.

“Don’t move! Just let me get used to it” she whimpered.

I held there for a moment fascinated that my whole hand was wrist deep into her. I almost came right there. After waiting for a moment, I slowly moved my hand out and in of her pussy slowly fucking her with my hand. She was completely filled but I wasn’t sure that she was enjoying it so I let my hand slip out of her. I looked at where my hand just was and was so turned on by how sexy she looked. I stood up over her and wrapped my hand that was just inside of her around my dick coating my cock with her juices and slowly stroked myself. She looked at me and my hand and licked her lips.

“I’m sorry baby,” she said.

“What for” I asked still stroking myself.

“That I wasn’t able to handle your hand in me. I am sure you wanted to get me off that way but it just was too much for me.”

“Oh god no Stacy! No. I am not upset. It was hot. To have my whole hand in you and fist you was one thing I wanted to try and I was able to do that even if it was for only a very short while. It was still so sexy.”

To reassure her I leaned down and kissed her. We kissed passionately for a moment before she rolled me on my back and straddled my chest.

“So, now you got one off your list and you haven’t even cum yet. Well, neither have I yet but we have plenty of time for that. So I guess it is my turn.”

I was excited but a little worried as to what she had in mind. But I trust her completely and I know she would not hurt me.

Stacy moved off the bed and went over to one of the bags she had brought with her. She reached in and pulled out what looked like a bracelet with like a belt buckle on it. I recognized it as a cock ring. She worked it into position on me and told me she had heard about it and that it was supposed to help to hold me back from cumming too soon. Stacy then pulled out some lube and began to stroke my cock getting it all slick. She straddled my hips and moved herself down over my cock and slid herself down and onto me easily and quickly. She slowly started to move her hips forward and back fucking me. Stacy took her time riding me and grinding her hips into my pubic region. I could tell she was getting close. Then she pulled her legs forward and leaned back propping herself on her hands so that her feet were in my face again and had me suck her toes. She leaned back on my legs and my cock felt like it was so deep into her. As I sucked her toes she rocked her hips up and down against me. It was a different position that was for sure. After a minute or two she removed her feet from my face and spun on my cock and repositioned herself so that she was facing my feet. She moved my legs wide as she sat up on me. She stroked and massaged my balls smearing them with the mixture of the lube and her juices. The cock ring was doing a decent job because I was still holding off from cumming.

I held her hips and started to thrust up into her quickly but Stacy grabbed my nuts and pulled down. “Slow down there. This is my turn and I have in my mind how it is supposed to go.”

With that she got up off of me and walked over to where her bag was on the floor. She returned with her bag and brought out a blind fold and placed it over my eyes. I was completely blind to being able to see anything that was going on. Stacy instructed me to not remove the blindfold and to not touch myself while she does her thing.

With that, I could hear her going back into to her bag and gathering more items. When she returned she had me move to the edge of the bed. I did as I was told and when I was in position she pushed my legs back so that I was exposed and open to her. Stacy had me hold my legs while she stroked my cock and balls. I then felt her tongue run along my asshole. She swirled her tongue around and into my ass. I have to admit that it felt really good. She did this same thing to me in her basement. She definitely had a fetish for my ass and I am OK with that.

I heard her squirt something and then felt the coolness of oil or lube on my puckered hole. Stacy slowly inserted a finger into my ass. I was able to relax and slowly she fingered my tight hole. When I was easily accepting of one finger she pushed a second finger into my ass. She twisted and turned her two fingers around stretching my asshole out. Then a third finger went into me. I moaned as she fed the third finger into my ass. She was really fingering my ass and part of me wondered if she was going to fist me as I had fisted her. Would I be able to take her entire fist? Mentally, I sized up the size of her hand. It was smaller than mine. Would I be able to take a fist?

“I have three fingers in you now. For the next part of this I am going to let you cum but only if you promise to do something for me. If you agree, you can cum one of three ways. You can have me jerk you off, give you a blow job or fuck me until you cum. Which do you want?”

“What do I have to do for it” I asked.

“I’m not telling you. But I promise it will be worth it” She answered.

Her fingers were still wedged into me. I could feel her moving them around. “I want you to jerk me off” I responded.

With that answer she pulled her fingers out of my ass and I let out a low disappointed moan. “Don’t worry. I got something for you” Stacy said.

I felt something new enter my ass. A dildo perhaps? Stacy slowly pushed the lubed item into me. It stretched me wider than her fingers had. I tried to remain relaxed as she pushed more and more of it into me and then suddenly I felt my ass pop around it.

Stacy climbed onto the bed and placed her lips next to my ear. “That, lover, is a butt plug. You will wear that until after dinner. We will go out to dinner and you will have it in you the whole time. When we return to the hotel room you will be allowed to have it removed. But I have to remove it for you. You can let go of your legs now and let them down.”

I let my legs down and felt the movement of the plug in my ass. Stacy had me move back into the center of the bed and remove my mask. She moved down my right side to my hips and sat on her knees. She removed my cock ring and began to stroke my cock. I was not going to last long. She quickly stroked me while cupping my balls and at times touching and turning the plug in my asshole. Suddenly, my hips picked up off the bed and I exploded in an orgasm that had me seeing stars. I felt my cum erupt out of me and shoot across my face and chest before finishing in dribbles down Stacy’s hand.

Stacy let out a giggle as I regained my composure. I was drained but completely satisfied. Stacy kissed me on the lips and released my cock from her hands. She swirled my cum on my chest with her fingers telling me how hot that was. I told her that I enjoyed it too but that I felt bad that she did not cum yet.

“I’m not worried. I know I have mine coming soon. Not get a shower and get dressed for dinner. Remember, you are not to remove the plug until later” she reminded me.

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