tagInterracial LoveIn the Locker Room

In the Locker Room


It was 5:00PM and track practice had just ended. Camille needed to take a shower so she decided to go to the lower locker rooms were no one usually was. She grabbed her bag from her locker in the track room and headed towards the other locker room. Camille was known around the campus for being a gorgeous girl. She had the perfect curvy, athletic body with long lean legs, sexy flat abs, and bouncy C-cup breasts. She had a nice round goldenrod ass and long black hair. Her beautiful smile was loved by all of her coaches and teammates. Many students, male and female, had tried to court her, but never succeeded. Camille was very selective in choosing a partner.

Camille speedily walked down the stairs towards the older locker rooms. Camille had used these locker rooms many times and had claimed them as her own. She walked through the hallway and came to two doors, one marked male, and the other marked female. She walked through the female entrance and turned the corner to find linen closet. The custodians at the academy always kept the rooms furbished with linens and sheets. She selected a soft, white towel and face cloth. She walked to through the large locker room to ensure that no one else was in the locker room with her. Once satisfied that she was alone she walked towards the showers and began to undress outside of them. As she pulled down her practice pants her red lacy "boy-shorts" came down with them showing her Brazilian-waxed vagina. She then took off her tight shirt to expose a red bra. She took off her bra and bared her beautiful caramel breasts. She took her hair out of a ponytail and sat her bag, clothes and towel on a nearby bench. She then stepped into the showers.

This shower room connected the male and female locker rooms. The only thing that divided the shower was a plastic blue and white curtain. Camille walked to a showerhead that was near the curtain and turned on the water. The water rained down onto her naked body. She moaned with pleasure as the warm water ran down her middle of her back. A hot shower feels really good after a long day of practice. She got some soap from the soap dispenser and began to wash over her body. Her nipples began to harden as she rubbed her hands over her breasts. She closed her eyes and began to daydream as she rubbed the soap all over her body.

Her thoughts were suddenly broken as she heard the sound of a door being opened on the other side of the curtain and a shower being turned on. Camille quickly turned off her shower and walked towards the door. Halfway to the door she changed her mind and nervously walked back. Wondering who was on the other side of the curtain she gently pulled back the curtain. Standing on the other side of the curtain facing a showerhead on the opposite wall stood she recognized a member of the baseball team. She stood there for a moment trying to think of what his name was. Many names popped into her head before she remembered his name. She said quietly under her breath, "Randall." Thinking that he had heard something, Randall looked around the shower room. Randall had a chiseled jar and beautiful browns. They curiously flicked across the room looking for the source of sound. Camille quickly ducked behind the curtain before Randall could see her. Randall scratched his in confusion, shrugged and continued his shower.

Camille sighed with relief that Randall hadn't caught her peeking at him. Randall was very attractive and Camille couldn't resist looking at him again. Camille peaked around the curtain and began to study him. As the water drizzled out of the faucet Randall's perfectly cut body glistened. The first thing Camille noticed about the nude baseball player was that he had a cute muscular butt. The rest of his body was also near-perfection. He had strong, muscular arms and a strong chest muscles. He had brawny legs and even attractive feet. When he turned his back to shower, Camille gasped as she saw his perfect shaped abs and a slight happy trail that led down to his large penis. Camille was very impressed with him.

The more, Camille watched him in the shower the more she began to lust for him. Her mouth had begun to water. Her hand began to move towards her spot as the Randall rubbed soap over his stomach. Her tight, pussy began to spread open as she gradually slid three fingers into it. She moaned and Randall looked up. There eyes met one another's and Camille knew that she was caught. Embarrassed from being seen Camille quickly ran towards the shower room door. As she ran out Randall called out, "Hey wait!"

As she walked of the shower room Camille picked up her towel and quickly dried off. She wrapped the towel around herself and walked to a mirror.

She stood there for a couple of minutes until she was startled by a masculine voice that said, "Hey there."

She turned her head to see the boy she had been peeking standing in front of her with a blue towel wrapped around his waist. Camille quickly said, "I am so sorry." She gave him a weak smile. He chuckled and smiled. His smile was comforting.

He then said, "No problem. Isn't your name Camille?" Camille nodded. Randall glanced around and walked towards her. "I'm Randall. I thought I was the only one who knew about these showers."

Camille replied, "I guess not." Randall looked her up and down and noticed that Camille's nipples were still hard. He smiled and walked up and put his arms around her.

He whispered into her ear, "So did you like what you saw?" His eyes glistened as he waited for her response.

Camille turned around and looked him in his eyes. He was even more handsome up close. She nodded and he grabbed her hand. He put her hand on his chest. Camille then slowly ran her hand down his chest over his abs until she came the top of the towel. She glanced nervously up at Randall for reassurance. He kissed her on her forehead and slowly kissed her neck until he came to her soft, luscious lips. He kissed her passionately and slid one his hands underneath her towel feeling her hot pussy. He knew that she wanted him and he wanted her, too.

They stopped kissing and looked each other in the eyes. Camille winked at him and started to walk away hoping that he would follow her to a couch located on the other side of the locker room. Randall quickly followed thinking about what he wanted to occur next. When he walked around the corner the beautiful Camille was sitting there completely bare with her legs spread. She rubbed her juicy vagina and licked her lips. All she could think about was she and Randall together.

Randall at the site of her gained an instant erection. His huge cock popped out and his towel fell. Camille marveled at it and couldn't help herself. She stood up grabbed Randall and pushed him down onto the couch.

Randall smiled and said, "You're eager."

Camille smiled and began lick the head of his eleven-inch cock. She then ran her tongue down his shaft and licked his egg- sized testicles. Randall moaned as Camille slowly began to fit his hard cock into her mouth. She wrapped one of her hands around the bottom of his shaft and sucked his dick. Her mouth quickly created a vacuum on Randall's large penis.

Randall grabbed her by her long hair and said, "That feels so good." Camille looked up at him and began to suck his dick faster. The faster she went the more Randall moaned.

He loved her skills. Randall began to tremor so Camille could tell that his was about to cum. She stopped sucking his dick and began to jack him off. Her spit and his pre-cum was their lubricant. She quickly moved her hand up and down until thick translucent fluid erupted from his penis and landed slightly above his pubic hair.

Camille leaned forward and began to lick up the cum. Randall stared intently into her eyes.

When she done licking his abs she stated to him, "Fuck me."

Randall stood up and got behind her. He bent her over and slid the tip of his dick into her tight-awaiting pussy. She whimpered as he slowly began to penetrate her. He gently moved in and out of her pussy not wanting to hurt her.

She then said, "Harder." Randall quickly speeded up ramming her pussy while she screamed with pleasure. He kept fucking her like this for the next seven minutes. Then he pulled his dick out of her pussy, picked her up and proceeded to have intercourse with her standing up.

Camille hadn't felt pleasure like this in a while. She loved the feeling of having a big cock inside of her. She then quivered, as she was about to have an orgasm.

She moaned, "I am about to --." Vaginal fluids ran out of her pussy and down Randall's cock. Randall moaned as he felt her cum to him. He started fucking her harder until he came near the back of her vagina. He slowly put her down on the couch and sat down next to her. He began to feel her cum-filled pussy. She began to breath deeply and spread her legs as he inserted more and more fingers. Soon he had crammed three of his long fingers inside of her tight wet pussy, She moaned with pleasure. He got down on his knees and began to kiss her inner thighs as she rubbed her vagina. He slowly made his way up and kissed her lips. He then began to eat her out. He eagerly licked her clitoris responding to her moans. He then stuck his finger inside of her pussy and vigorously fingered her G-spot. Within seconds she came over his hand. He then stood up, his cock rock hard again and began to fuck her missionary style.

They moaned together and reached nirvana at the same time. After another ten minutes of hard sex they came at the same time. He licked her from head to toe and she loved every minute of it. She was addicted to him. She was ready to go again until they heard someone at the front door.

A janitor then said, "I wonder who locked this damn door." They then heard the sound of keys at the door.

Camille and Randall looked at each other and jumped up. Randall quickly grabbed one of the towels and wrapped it around his waist.

He kissed her and told her, "Lincoln Hall, Room 210. Come see me there tomorrow around this time."

He smiled and quickly ran through the shower back to the boys' side. Randall had taken her towel. She grabbed the blue towel that was left over and wrapped it around her. She grabbed her bag, ran to a stall in the bathroom and got dressed.

The janitor came in and said aloud, "Anyone in here?"

Camille replied, "Yes." She left the stall fully dressed with a smile on her face. She picked up her things and passed the janitor on her way out. She handed the blue towel to her.

"Thank you," the janitor said. Camille quickly ran to her room. The janitor looked at the blue towel and said, "I thought I put the blue towels on the boys' side?" She shrugged and began to clean up.

Back in her room Camille thought about her experiences with Randall and couldn't wait to see him again. Her body was lusting for him again.

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