tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersIn The Moment, Things Change

In The Moment, Things Change


This is a story of some kind of unknown magic and change. Of uncertainty, tension, but ultimately making the right decisions, or if not, at least the bold ones. But I'm plan to skip all that stuff actually. About me and about my inner tensions before and after. So this story is going to be told in a purified form. It's about how mixed up everything about me got but how it turned out alright. It started with Sandy.

I was dancing. In a small concert hall. She was in front of me and to my left side a few steps. I got the sense that she was there alone. Her impressively muscular but delicate legs were well displayed in high heels, and a flowing black dress that also came down in the front to show her cleavage - not huge but nice plump tits, the perfect size for a good handful. I moved closer than I needed to for the size of the crowd in the dark hall. I looked at her face over her shoulder and saw the dark olive skin, pretty small features, the straight blonde hair. Actually the crowd seemed to sense my new found interest in her and to push me there.

I let our bodies meet and for a while, skin touching and thrilling me. She did not rush to move away, but eventually shifted her weight and released the touch. And again, someone pushed through the crowd behind me and my body was on hers, my cock almost pressing against her ass, but not quite. Did her hand move the slightest bit towards it, did it just barely brush against the bulge that was starting there? Almost. She shifted away again after a lingering moment with our bodies together. As she moved slightly I grew bold. Putting out my hand gently, I touched the small of her back, directing her back in front of me with the lightest of gestures. She complied, at the same time bending her torso forward to grind her firm ass-cheeks deliciously back onto my crotch. I was instantly hard and intoxicated. Slowly gyrating her hips, she never once turning to look at me. At last after a full two songs had come and gone she did a complete 180 and our eyes met for the first time. We hugged closely and then kissed. I moved my mouth in and after pausing close close to her deep red lips I met them slowly and purposefully.

We kissed slowly for a long time. She was building heat in my crotch that I knew would make me do anything. I was losing myself and falling apart in her presence. Soon we were leaving the concert, getting in a cab, heading for my place. I was lifting her up and sitting her on my kitchen counter, still kissing. Moans were escaping my lips uncontrollably between our kisses. Every neuron firing, just more and more passion. I loved her delicate features, her softness, her tan skin. I opened her mouth wider and forced my tongue down into the darkness. My hands reached for perky tits and lightly brushed them; then they went along her belly and hips, and then returned, slowly growing more firm in their squeeze.

She moaned as her bra came down, exposing the top of a dark perky nipple. I squeezed it ruthlessly between my finger and thumb and pulled it teasingly toward me. I sucked her sweet tit and was full of sunny feelings, gliding through the experience and more and more loaded with sex juice and anticipation. I slyly fixed her bra, putting her eager breast back into its cover and my hand wandered down. It found its way to her lower abdomen above her skirt, and then it slid under the skirt and came to rest for a while on her warm thigh. The very tips of my fingers rested on her flesh, just grazing the edge of her panties, ever so near to her moist yearning pussy. I made her wait there, softly stroking her skin. Finally, our mouths still meeting with more and increasing enjoyment, groans escaping our desperate lips, my hand plunged down to her warm... cock!

I could not believe it but there it was in my hand – the throbbing stiffness of a dick. I hadn't broken from her once this whole time to look down. I hadn't even shouted with the surprise. In fact, all I was feeling was some sickeningly strong added excitement. Like: "Who cares? This will be fun!"

My fingers dropped lower and found her balls, squeezing and teasing the wrinkled skin of her sack. It really just didn't register with me. I didn't have an issue with this, as surprising as that may sound. "I'm up for it, let's see how it goes," I remember thinking.

I groped her balls firmly and applied a good strong bit of pressure. She recoiled with moans and then kissed me more fervently than before, biting at my lips and scratching at my bare chest. Her dick was every bit as hard as mine. And, based on feel alone, I guessed that it was about my size as well! There she was, vulnerable in my arms, with her big dick swaying and struggling for relief in my hand. It was finally time. I dropped lower and pulled her cock out, slowly sliding what I discovered was a purple g-string down to reveal the ladymeat below. I loved the femininity of this most masculine of parts. It fit her and she embodied it so well. There was nothing forced about her being a lady with a dick, it all worked. In fact, I again found myself being more excited by this development than if I had been about to eat a pussy. Perhaps it was the novelty, the wildness of the whole scene, but I think too it was that she seemed to have clicked just then. Seeing her beautiful naked penis swinging tantalizingly in my face as I knelt there, was seeing her come into full focus. Seeing what a beautiful person she was, and fully understanding her appeal, her sexual pull. I moved in slowly and put her cock between my lips. I didn't really know what to do with it, but I wanted to have my mouth full of warm flesh. It was great! I yearned for it and I got it. But I also had to remind myself to wait for it. I couldn't dive right down on her dick like that. I still had to build it all up first.

Coyly, I teased and softly sucked the tip for a little while, taking my mouth off entirely sometimes, always keeping it near though, poised, opened around the cock, ready to go down and take it all. I was happy and looking up at her. Finally she'd had enough teasing and pulled my head down firmly onto her dick, thrusting her pelvis forward and burying her meat quite suddenly into my throat. Lucky for her I only gagged somewhat but not enough to stop me. I slurped fervently on her well-sized cock like a true gentleman. It was fun. She took a handful of my hair and fucked my face, moaning, "Ohhh yeah boy, suck that fucking lady-dick".

My own crotch was absolutely dying now, but also - it didn't care! If I never came it would be totally fine, almost more fun somehow. This was the first time I could recall feeling like that. Usually most of what sex was about for me was working up to, and then getting to, blow my load. But in this whole new territory I found myself playing in I seemed to have discovered the niche of being there to get her off. And - amazingly - the change was liberating.

She took my hand and guided me to get up from the floor and move over to the bed. She stripped me of my boxers and I flopped down on my back, naked and bare - cock waving. She wrapped her lovely thin fingers around it but just pushed it down toward my belly without stroking it. Her other hand's fingertips ran over my balls, pulling at the skin and scratching lightly. My whole groin felt damp with drops of sweat in the humid night air. It felt potent - full of possibilities and ready to explore them. Farther down, my asshole felt exposed and ready to be put to use. I secretly hoped she was going to take me and not let me cum until after she'd given me a good pounding. As it turned out, she had just the same idea!

She moved in and began to lick my asshole to make it moist. The result was phenomenal. She flicked her tongue up and down across my hole and then inserted a finger. I felt relaxed through this - I had had girls finger my asshole before and quite enjoyed it every so often for a change of pace. After she had pumped my asshole with her delicate finger for a few moments, all the while lightly stroking and massaging my ballsack, she withdrew her finger and got up from the bed. I raised my head to see her take a condom from her purse and roll it into her stiff uncut dick. What a beautiful sight a hard dick is and knowing, from your back on a bed, that you need do nothing, and indeed, can do nothing to stop its impending penetration of your asshole. To know that your warm happy thrilled body is about to get fucked for the very first time.

I lay there and she came in closer, sprawling on all fours on the bed, pushing her dick down a few times, letting it bob up again. She knew exactly what was up. She knew I was admiring her, that I was smitten by her beauty and poise. She knew that she had a great body, capped off by a really great dick. And she wanted me to savour a few more beautiful images before she plunged herself inside me. It was all a dance. I laughed at her antics and she smiled and let her dick flop up and down. I again reached down and squeezed her balls. Damn Sandy had beautiful balls - they were hanging low and confident. Still smiling, she took the base of her shaft between her right forefinger and thumb and pressed it just at the entrance of my asshole. Suddenly it had gotten serious! This was it. I let go of her balls and brought my hands behind my head, my body brimming with feelings and now unsure what would come next. I began to stretch out to accommodate her and she was good at giving me time to let her in.

After some moments I stopped holding my breath. The first intense shimmers of the feeling of a dick in my ass subsided and I sensed that I was ready. I asked her to fuck me, as I placed my hand on her tit to keep control of the pace. She lowered her body down and her dick into me, tucking neatly up into my ass. Our bodies came all the way together and her hips pressed right in. The pleasure was intense and immediate. This was much better than a finger! In time, I was able to let her increase her pace. She did an expert job of alternating between slow and shallow thrusts, gentle deep thrusts, and full on pounding herself into me, laying my and using my horny body for everything she wanted that night.

"Do you like getting fucked in the ass?" she queried, gripping my hips and laying into me.

"Yes! Just fuck me!!" I managed to respond.

Finally I got the sense that she was speeding up and getting ready to blow her load. I told her I wanted her to pull out and cum on me. After all, why not add that to the whole experience?

She grinned broadly as she pulled her stiffness out of my body and, quickly removing the condom, began to stroke her shaft frantically. Little spurts of cum were followed my larger ones. Her shot was a spray that spread out across my stiff bald dick, my chest, a few drops even reaching my clean shaven cheeks and chin. Watching her pull her foreskin back and forth over her incredibly hard member and watching the semen pour out was definitely a memorable moment for me! My dick was throbbing and waving in the air between my legs but I just left it there, my hands stroking the last drops from Sandy's firm swollen dick.

She hunched forward, finally exhausted. She fell lightly beside me. Together we lay for a while before showering off, rubbing each others' bodies clean. Her hands found my cock in the shower and slowly stroked it hard again. I desperately wanted her to speed up but she knew it and made sure not to. I could feel the spunk building deep in my balls as I watched her glistening wet cock under the torrents of water. It was clean shaven and mostly limp, but long - nearly as long as it had been fully hard. I watched her beautiful perky tits and dark inviting nipples. And finally I could feel the delightfully pleasurable and painfully slow strokes turning irreversibly into my orgasm. Her gentle hand's caress would make me shoot. The semen rose, up through my urethra, and then, and then, at last... release!

It was out of control. My cock exploded strings of sizzling jizz all over the tiles of my bathroom wall and over Sandy's sexy body. She encouraged me to empty my balls, to give her the whole load, to cum for her. As I came I just stared at her beautiful uncut meat and again thought about how well it fit her. I could distinctively feel the phantom of it in my tired but pleased ass as my muscles spasmed and I spurted the contents of my hairless balls.

When I was all done we cleaned up and toweled off. In the early hours of the morning Sandy left, kissing me deeply and grabbing my cock over top of my pants at the door.

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