In The Name of The Father Ch. 01


"Your body smells so good," said David enthusiastically.

He put his arm around her and snuggled up to the warmth and the silky smoothness of Esther's body. "Sleep well baby. Goodnight."

It was a short while later that he fell asleep. Just like Julia before her, Esther took a long time to sleep. The thought that both she a Julia were nothing more than sex slaves troubled her. Eventually though, tiredness overtook her and she fell sound asleep.

When Esther woke, she realised she was alone in the bed. She looked around and found her father-in-law sitting in a chair, wearing his dressing gown and grinning.

Startled, she hurried to cover up. "What time is it?"

"Half past seven," responded David.

Esther got up, covering up her naked body with a sheet. "I need to shower."

David pointed to the en suite . "Of course you do. Marie will help you. Marie!" he called.

Marie entered. "You called, Mr Ellingham?"

"Madam wishes to shower. Assist her."

"Yes sir."

"I'm well capable showering."

"Oh, but I insist," replied David, sarcastically.

Esther went to the shower and turned it on. When she felt the water was to her liking, she slipped the sheet from her body stepped in. As the warm, steamy jets struck her, she began to soap herself. With back to Marie, Esther didn't see the young maid slip her uniform to the floor, revealing her young naked form.

Esther was startled when she felt Marie's soft young hands touch her naked shoulder. Marie turned her around and kissed her passionately in the midst of the water rolling down their bodies.

Esther was about to pull away in protest when, in the corner of her eye, she observed that David Ellingham was enjoying himself. He clearly had planned this and Esther knew that if she resisted, she could kiss her dreams of a fortune goodbye.

Marie began to kiss her neck, her shoulder and, reaching her breast, she began to lick and suck them with relish. Esther had never been with a woman before and the gentleness of this young woman's touch excited her. Indeed, she moaned softly in response to her actions.

Marie travelled to her waist and eventually knelt and with the same loving gentleness, pushed her tongue past her pussy lips and deep into her clit. The sensation of Marie's tongue ravishing her clit, excited Esther. "Oh my God," she repeated several times, revealing her excitement and joy. As she orgasmed, Esther gave a deep sigh of Sapphic satisfaction.

As she was trying to catch her breath, she was pushed to her knees by Marie and forced to face her shaved pussy. No mistake what she wanted and Esther obliged, gently drove her tongue deep inside the young woman and lashed her clit, sending Marie into a wild euphoria of lust. As she orgasmed, like Esther, she gave a deep sigh of sexual joy.

Both women were so caught up in their lust that they had forgotten about their audience. They were brought back to earth by David Ellingham's clapping.

"Bravo ladies. A wonderful show, and thank you, Marie."

Marie smiled and wrapping herself in a towel, left the bathroom.

David looked appreciatively at his naked daughter-in-law. "Ok. This is the deal. I'll fuck you whenever I want. You'll wear only skirts or dresses and wear the sexiest underwear. Do as I instruct and I'll see that both you and your worthless husband are provided for. Agreed?"

Esther nodded.

"Good. Now get out. I have a busy day ahead."


It was an hour or so later that from the window in his room in the top floor of his mansion that David Ellingham spied his two sons about to get into their cars and drive to work. They both looked up at their father with frowning faces. David simply folded his arms and laughed.

' No my boys. There's nothing you can do. Take it or leave it,' thought David Ellingham as they both drove away. He stood there grinning.

To be continued...

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