tagCelebrities & Fan FictionIn the Night Train's Eye Ch. 02

In the Night Train's Eye Ch. 02


Willy Mendoza absently dropped the ice cube into his glass and grimaced at his now wet hands. The bar he frequented was a hole in the wall. The owner and bartender admitted so much, his sheepish expressions about the place long gone. The Italian man had inherited the bar from his father, and his father.

A series of fat bartenders named Leo became a staple at the establishment. Unfortunately the combination of the Leo's and the bar's shabby appearance had left it far from being the nightly hot spot. Tonight there were a couple of the other regulars, none too boisterous or outgoing. Much like Willy they hunched over their glasses and silently downed their drinks. Willy sighed and signaled for another drink.

A man in his late-40s, Willy had suffered through a life of divorce and separation. His once smooth face was beginning to show its age, and his black hair was on its way to grey. Not much mattered to him besides his drink and his work, and the former was gone.

He rose to leave and waved casually at the other patrons. They gave him no response as he had expected. He thought the bartender said something to him. It probably didn't matter.

"Hey Willy, you hear that noise outside? Check it out for me?" Leo the round bartender asked.

"Leo, you wouldn't be trying to keep me from my sleep? I got work tomorrow at 3 in the morning," Willy said, to the bartender's shrug.

He opened the door and noticed three people arguing to his right. Two shabbily dressed guys were cornering a girl, who was waving frantically at him. She was pressed tightly against the wall, her curves conforming to the dirty brick wall behind her. The larger of the two men, a heavily muscled man dressed hastily in a wife beater, was holding her thighs up, forcing her to wrap her legs around him for support. Her legs gripped him even more tightly as he began to berate her.

"You stupid bitch, he told you not to leave. And we're going to be keeping our eyes on you, baby. In fact, I might just take you back to my place, the boss might not mind right now!" He yelled, spraying saliva all over her beautiful face.

She recoiled, and turned her face to the side desperately as the big man tried to kiss her. His tongue instead began its long journey on the bottom of her neck and eased its way up, closer and closer to her mouth. A line of spit marked her neck.

"Oh no please, please! Get off me!" She yelled, pressing her hands against his chest. Her smooth, sexy arms were no match for him, even as her glistening nails tug into his shirt. He paid no attention and slipped his tongue inside her mouth as she spoke.

"Ughh, ughh," she moaned as he had his way with her.

His tongue slid in and out of her mouth, and she was powerless to resist. Her perfect lips were stretched wide as he swabbed deeply inside of her mouth. A small trail of drool began to ooze from the corner of her mouth as the intensity of her defilement increased. The indignity of it all got worse as he began to move his hands further up her legs, pushing her skirt further up.

His huge rough hands began to roughly grapple her ass, her sweet cheeks so perfect and round being molested in a way never before. She was being pressed into the wall by the huge man; he was so close to her as he assaulted her mouth and body. It was hard to see her- only her toned legs spread tightly around his waist and her long hair was really visible. It was all so wrong. In fact, Willy could only stare in stunned arousal at the perfection of the girl's body, even if it was being molested.

The small man with the rat tail had his back to him; there was no way the two men had any knowledge that Willy was standing right there. Still, he could not propel himself to do anything. The only thing that was happening was the frantic moving of the girl's body as the man groped her and the growing lust in Willy's pants. His cock began to grow quickly and painfully as he saw the man slide his hands between her legs, presumably to get to her fresh pussy.

"Ah ah ughh," she moaned into his mouth.

He reaffirmed his dominance of her mouth, basically eating her and totally controlling her to the point she could no longer resist. At that very moment he pushed two thick fingers into her dry pussy, making her wail and shift her ass in an effort to rid herself of the penetration. Unfortunately it only milked his fingers and drew him deeper inside her. His hand became a blur of movement as he pistoned his fingers in and out of her expanding pussy; she still fought him and waved her sultry hair wildly trying to get him off.

"Ugh, ugh, ugh," she repeated with each thrust of his hand between her legs.

Willy could see the man reconfigure his hand slightly in the midst of the intense hand fucking he was giving her. He had put yet another finger inside the young filly's tight cunt, making her squirm and writhe as her body was being filled up. She slumped forward and her head swung to the side as fatigue began to take its toll. Still, the huge man was licking every part of her beautiful face as her pussy was getting yet another rough pounding at the hands of an uncompromising man.

"How do you like that? I do, baby!" He said with mock affection, taking his tongue out of her mouth. Her stunning face was covered in a thin sheen of saliva and sweat. Even her usually pristine hair was beginning to curl from the activity of it all; she was starting to get the sexy look she only got after she had been fucked.

She looked at her molester in complete disgust and spit on his face. The momentary lapse and shock of the situation, along with not having a tongue in her mouth for the first time in minutes proved invaluable- it afforded her a chance to hasten her release.

"Help! Look behind you! Help me!" The sultry Latina screamed at Willy, who was standing several feet back, unmoved from his position upon walking out of the door. He was blown away by her stare and the ferocity of her cry.

The two thugs turned their heads, putting Willy straight in their sights. He withered under their gaze and put his hands deep within his pockets. Willy certainly did not look the part of a hero.

Regardless, the two men knew they were in a semi-public area and what they were doing was not permitted in any sense. The man in the wife beater reluctantly withdrew his fingers from her pussy, which elicited a painful moan from her. She slid down the wall- her skirt once again was protecting her dignity.

Her raven black hair was tousled, obviously she was a stunner, but Willy was concentrating on the men. The smaller man took a couple steps in his direction, and menacingly pulled up his shirt. A handgun was sitting in the waist of his pants; it was the dirty sort that certainly did not look to be legal. Its paint was irregular with a curious red tint to it.

"Okay pal, you didn't see any of this. She's his girlfriend-aw fuck it. Who are we kidding? Just give me your fucking driver's license," he said, extending his hand.

Willy hesitated- he had never been in such a dangerous situation. Even his raving ex-wife had never pulled a gun on him. At times, though, he wished she had. A blunt cough from the rat tailed criminal reminded him of his task, and he withdrew his driver's license from his wallet and gave it to him.

"Rod, let's get out of here. You, Mr. Mendoza," the larger man said, taking the license from his friend, "don't try to do anything about this. We'll do worse shit back, and you don't have to get hurt in any way."

With that the two men studied the street, now devoid of cars, and silently strode off into the night. Their footsteps disappeared quickly, leaving Willy alone with the girl who had been used by yet another man.

Willy looked at the girl, now slouched against the wall sobbing. Her tangled, wild hair covered much of her face. Almost all of her skin however was visible to him. By bringing her legs close to her chest, her mini jean skirt was pulled down, exposing her delicious inner thighs. Snug in the middle was a pink lace thong with slight indentions indicating it was tight on her pussy. She shifted slightly, and Willy noticed her upper body. Her chest was perky and smooth, so much that she filled out the red tank top she was wearing perfectly. The fabric appeared to be some sort of expensive silk, and it complemented her slim figure perfectly, adapting to her every curve. The girl's bra strap was hanging low on one shoulder, which made Willy stare at her flawless skin which, even outside a grungy bar, shone brightly and sexily.

He stepped forward, unsure of what to do. She tried to stand up, but she slipped slightly, and her purse fell out of her hand. Willy was jolted into action as he crept down to retrieve her bag.

The girl stood directly over him while he knelt down. He couldn't help but notice he could see up her short skirt, and how her smooth legs disappeared into the darkness of her clothes. The lace thong that he had seen earlier was mere inches from his face, protecting her pussy from the outside world. Willy longed to grab her hips right there and slide his tongue inside of the freshly fucked pussy which had to lie underneath, to make her writhe on his face in an unholy coupling of an older man and a stunning young girl.

His dirty thoughts were tempered as he had to finally stand- out of view of her sexy panties and the world beneath.

Oh yeah, the purse, he cursed silently, realizing he had been staring at her. She managed the slightest smile amongst her tears and took the purse.

"Do you want me to call the police? I could-" Willy began to say, but her pained eyes told him otherwise.

"I- I don't know. Could you drive me home?" She asked meekly in her Latin accent.

A flash of recognition hit his brain- he had seen her somewhere! Where was it? One of his magazines, surely. She was definitely a model!

"Oh my! You're Isabel María Muñoz? From—," he said.

"Please just get me out of here," she said pleadingly. Her face was so cute when she was worried; he knew he had to help her. The way she bit her lower lip drove him wild. Her cuteness was so overpowering that he instantly felt protective and infatuated with her.

In fact, Willy couldn't remember the last time he had seen such an attractive girl. Just glancing at her, he realized how easily a man could fall in love with her and just how easily she could use it to her power. The intensity of her stare made an intense desire grow within him; all too soon her sensuality was getting the best of him.

His cock began to shift and move within his pants. It inflated with a vengeance, hoping to soon be stuffed into the creature before him. Wow, Willy thought, she is a handful.

Willy shifted uncomfortably and began leading the girl to his car. He nodded at her and smiled. Isabel's tears began to slow by this point. Willy walked slightly behind the girl and could only admire one body part at a time. Her ass completely filled out the mini-skirt- it left an appetizing curve that many men drooled over. Her skirt was so short that it only reached the bottom of her ass. Willy stared at its movement as she walked. The way her cheeks pressed against the material and went down again was delicious and only accentuated it more.

Already an ass man, Willy was staring at the most amazing ass he had ever seen. His cock began to surge in desire once more, to be slipping in and out of her peachy cheeks. The thought of taking her doggy style was nearly too much for him, and he tried to think of other things unsuccessfully.

Naturally his eyes crept down to her legs which seemed to go on forever. They were a feminine masterpiece, sleek and shiny with not a hair in sight. Her tight thighs wobbled slightly with each step. The sexy legs stabbed into the ground in a pair of arrogant, rich heels.

The silver and white heels, much like her top, combined to outfit the sexiest girl Willy had ever seen in a way he could only imagine. The hurried clicking of her heels and the sweet perfume wafting from her body reminded him of the situation he was in, yet did nothing to quell his desire.

Twenty minutes later he pulled up to a lavish house that had the unusual distinction of being completely dark. The stone walkway leading to the house was neatly framed by bushes on both sides and a lamppost nearer to the porch, presumably burned out. He wondered why she left all her lights out, but she made a move for her seatbelt, breaking his concentration. Willy shifted slightly and looked Isabel in the eyes.

"How are you? I know tonight has been tough," he said, sneaking a peak at her lush cleavage while gently patting her shoulder. Her breasts were so full and plush he felt his cock thicken in desire. His fingertips lingered ever slightly too long on her bare shoulders.

"It's okay, really. Would you walk me to my door?" She asked, blinking her eyes sleepily.

He laughed quietly at her cuteness as the two got out and walked to her front porch. The complete lack of light left them unable to really see the other. Of course Willy had been on front porches before, but he did not expect what Isabel did next. She gave him a quick kiss on each cheek and closed the door behind her. Ever the man, Willy admired her plump ass as it scooted through the door. Unfortunately for him, his raging cock was left unsatisfied.


He reached forward with his hands and began to stroke her heavenly curves until at last his hands settled on her groovy hips. Her ass jutted back towards him: so smooth and young, it had to be a dream. The way she squirmed against him and flipped her hair stirred the inner passion within him.

His cock surged upon contact with her body and slipped between the lavish curves of her ass, only making her push back even harder. He stared at his enormous penis, surely largely than it had even been, as he shifted to enter her steaming slit. Only the frantic movements of her sweaty body and the largeness of him delayed the moment he had been waiting for.

She moaned in desire and apparently got the hint as she spread her legs even wider to accommodate him. Her cute pussy lips stretched ever so slightly as he began to push inside. She might not have been a virgin, Willy didn't expect so much, but she certainly was far from loose. The tight pink lips of her pussy began to try to swallow his cock, but she was obviously far too tight to take a penis of his magnitude.

Regardless, he grabbed her hips and began to buck wildly inside of her, slowly gaining centimeter after centimeter with each merciless thrust. The girl threw her head back and screamed as her pussy was getting stretched and fucked like never before- he was only halfway inside of her, and her pussy was taking on an obscene amount of cock. He realized this as well- she was getting a level of punishment she was not used to. But with her beautiful body slamming back on him as hard as he was pounding into her, it was obvious she needed it just as much as he did.

Her hips rolled forward and backward in a steady rhythm, and her pussy lips clung tightly to his cock. Upon each thrust her pussy stretched mightily to accommodate him. It was such a sexy sight to see a young cunt like hers getting a tough workout.

Willy moved his hands to her slender waist, tracing her amazing curves. The bubble butt with the perfect skin he was now fucking wobbled with each inward thrust, making her squirm around in pleasure. The fucking was beginning to intensify. As a result, a thin layer of sweat now covered her body and made her flawless skin glisten as he fucked her.

Willy wondered how a forty-six year old man like him could be fucking a girl half his age. He had just met the girl- you could say saved her from a couple of thugs. Still, that would be an overstatement, and it still didn't explain how his balls were touching her shining ass.

How did I get here? This is incredible!

He slammed into her one more time, but unfortunately got his answer to his previous question.

"Beep- beep- beep!" His alarm screeched harshly. It read 3 AM.

"I hate my life," Willy said quietly.


Nars had gotten home after the shoot and was beyond tired. His back ached and his head had a slight throbbing sensation that had begun upon meeting Isabel. He walked to his bathroom cabinet, wishing and hoping for some miracle drug that could put him to sleep and end his misery.

"Oh god," he moaned, moving his hand to his forehead. The skin felt burning hot. Just then, a loud knock rang from his door. Nars shifted his hand down and looked up in a moment of pure exasperation.

"Who is it?" He yelled weakly.

Another knock.

"Dammit! Ah, here," Nars said, flinging the door open. The force of the door sent him stumbling back a couple steps. He placed his hand on the wall for support. Before him stood the diminutive Mason, as always clad in a blazer, with a pale look upon his face.

He strode in and promptly sat on the carpet.

"Nars, we're in it this time," he said quietly. The tone was so unlike the usual Mason that Nars studied the other man's face curiously. Something was not quite right. His eyes seemed somewhat sunken in, his hair unkempt. It looked as if he had had no sleep for days judging by his pale appearance. Nars then noticed a small droplet of sweat or perhaps even a tear below his eye.

"You know I never was sure about this business. Day to day, week to week, you're dealing with assholes. Egos. And they'll do what they have to get things done for themselves. I never thought it would come back to haunt me, maybe one day far in the future. Nars, that day is today," he said with a quiet sob. Mason's body slumped to the floor, making his body look even smaller.

"What are you talking about?"

"Mr. Newton had his way with Isabel last night while you were shutting down the shoot. And he took photos of it and put them in your portfolio. I told you about him. It's redundancy. He's done it before, now she has to work with him."

Nars took a moment to comprehend what his friend was telling him. It didn't make any sense. What was going on?

"He gave you the photos not just because his trust in you, but because it keeps him clean. He doesn't have anything green in his books. You do," Mason said.

Nars, still leaning against the door, grabbed the doorknob and weakly shut the door. It clicked faintly, and the man lumbered over to a nearby recliner, his headache now throbbing more than ever. The plush fabric felt great to his back, but offered little comfort in the context of his problems.

"What do we do? I have no clue," Nars began, "If it is really is as bad as you say, then…"

At that very moment, the door so recently closed swung open. The two startled men looked up to see an imposing fedora. It was Night Train Newton.

"Shut the fuck up! Listen close, you stupid motherfuckers. Mason, I ought to whoop your ass for even coming over here. You had no reason, none, to do that! Am I not good enough to tell him what's up? Hmm?" Night Train thundered. The large black man moved to stand over Mason, a pathetic figure already. He slumped further until he looked like a beaten dog. Only his scared eyes remained upright.

"And yes, Nars, what he said is right. You have pictures of her, and I fully intend to use those to my advantage. If you have a problem with that, you fucking tell me right here and now."

"Sir, I- I haven't seen these pictures. Maybe it's a mistake?" Nars said, straightening his aching back to more evenly meet Newton's eyes. The recliner did not seem to offer as much comfort as it did earlier.

"I thought you were smarter than that. Shit man. I need you to hold on to them for a while. If she comes by or somehow asks you about them, you aren't to say a word."

"So we still have shoots with her? I mean with her being upset and how this could backfire on you, sir…" Nars said slowly.

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