tagIncest/TabooIn the Stiff of the Night

In the Stiff of the Night


All the participants in the story are 18+ I would love to get feedback and find out what everyone thinks since I am writing from the perspective of the opposite sex.

Happy reading!


I'm so dreading this weekend.

I've been away at college for almost an entire semester and this weekend I'm leaving my girls dorm here and going home. Normally, I'd be excited at the prospect of seeing friends and family, as well as hanging out at the mall downtown, but I know I have to go home eventually and face my Dad.

Don't get me wrong, my Dad is a wonderful guy, and he has always treated me like a princess. Ever since my Mom took off when I was young, he's been there for me. I can talk to him about anything...well almost anything.

There is no way I can talk about what I saw last night.

A bunch of girlfriends and I were hanging around the dorm with nothing to do. Not that we are homely or anything, I was a cheerleader in high school and I have wonderful 34 C breasts that accent my round bottom. I'm a brunette, which I jokingly tell people means God gave me beauty and brains. My friends are all about the same level of attractiveness as I am, but tonight wasn't about really dating.

Mid-term exams were over and it is just one of those "blow off steam" kind of nights after they have passed. We decided to go out with a group of guys, but none of them were much fun so we ran to the video store and rented some movies.

So it was about 3 a.m. and we had watched some great chick flicks, and then my friend Megan said that she had a real surprise for all of us that would make us forget the crappy guys we ran around with tonight. She pulled out a tape called, "In the Stiff of the Night".

"Meg that's a porno!" I gasped.

"It sure is," she said, "I told you this would change our night! You have to see this, Eric had me watch it when we dated and it was the only porno I ever liked."

"I don't think we should be watching this," I continued to dissent.

At that point the room became a din of my girlfriends all calling me some form of a party-pooper and telling me to go along and watch the video. So I relented and Megan put the tape into the VCR.

It was an old-school porno, probably mid to late 80's. The women in it all had massive bushes, almost looking furry, and the guys all had afro-type hair styles and thick moustaches. The quality of the video was very low and grainy at times, but the sex was still decent.

The last scene was by far the best. This lady was being fucked before her walk down the green mile to the gas chamber and the guy fucking her was wearing a cloth over his head like the old beheaders did in medieval movies. The woman was gorgeous! Blond hair, medium height, firm body and a huge pair of boobs that made me jealous.

God did those tits get jiggled around. The man that was lambing it into her was huge. I have been with a few guys since I lost my virginity in high school and most were average size. I did sleep with a guy a couple of months ago that was a little bigger than eight inches, and it was the best fuck i ever had...too bad he was an asshole. The guy in the porno was a ton bigger than him.

His cock was mesmerizing. It wasn't just long, but really thick...veiny thick. Every single one of the girls went nuts when he pulled it out of his pants for the lady to begin giving him head. It was so large the porn star couldn't even deep throat him!

This was the longest scene in the movie and those two fucked for almost a half hour on film...and in positions I had never been able to try because of the size of my partners. The man even swiveled around and did a reverse doggie style so his dick rubbed the space between the ass and vagina during his thrusts. It was hot!

He pulled out of her pussy and sprayed what looked like an endless amount of cum on her face. They still don't do much swallowing in porn from what I know, and this woman still was able to swallow a bit after a massive money shot of seven thick waves of cum! What a stud!

The woman began begging to see her pleaser before she was taken to the chamber, and finally he relented and took off his mask.

"OH MY GOD!!!" I shrieked!

IT WAS MY FATHER! He had more hair than now and his moustaches was a lot bushier, but it was him. I recognize that smile anywhere! I just kept freaking out....but I couldn't say anything more because i didn't want the other girls to know my Dad was the biggest stud in this movie! I got Megan and the others to leave and I sat there in the dark.

I just kept thinking to myself..."My Dad was in a porno."

Well now you're caught up. I'm still sitting here and the morning light is shining through the windows. I still can't believe what I saw and there is no way to look at my Dad in the same way again knowing what I now know.

The entire way home all I could think about was my Dad in that movie. His big, veiny cock making the woman scream with pleasure. The amount of cum he sent flying in her direction was amazing...

Wait! My pussy is tingling! Is this turning me on?

"Nah," I said aloud as I continued the four-hour drive home.

But it was. I kept thinking about how I always dreamed of taking a massive cock in every hole and now that fantasy had a face. My nipples began to harden and press against the clothes I was wearing. It actually became a little bit tough to sit still as I kept squirming around in the seat as i drove, thinking about what that massive cock would feel like inside my throat and my body. I know he hadn't dated anybody seriously since Mom left about 11 years ago, but there is no way he hadn't screwed around, especially with what I know he has packed away down there.

I pulled onto my street and saw the house I grew up in. I pulled in the drive way and there was my Dad mowing the lawn. I know he is in his mid-forties, but he still looks to be in good shape. I can't help but take a peak down below as i pull into the drive way and wave to him hoping to get some real-time exposure to that hidden piece of meat.

Dad stopped the lawn mower and walked over to me and hugged me, picking me up and swirling me around a couple of times as he said how much he missed me. He's been twirling me like that since i was a few years old and I love it just as much now as then.

"How's school honey?", Dad asked as he set me back on the ground. "Everything gong alright at the U?"

I walked away to the trunk of my car.

"Yeah! I love it there," I replied. "I have made a ton of friends and the classes are really interesting."

I handed him my bag of laundry and he smiled.

"Well I hope to hear all about your college life so far," he beamed.

We went inside and my bedroom was just as I remembered it from months ago when I took off for school. The same lovely down comforter that I spent countless hours lying on while chatting on the phone and doing my nails. I put everything away and got my laundry bag ready to do the wash.

As i was carrying my newly filled basket of dirty clothes, Dad stepped out from his room room wearing a robe and he placed his lawn mowing clothes on my bag.

"Can you do these for me please Punkin'?" He asked.

"Of course Dad," I replied

He leaned into give me a kiss and I swear as he pecked my cheek I felt something nudge my leg...though i dismissed it as wishful thinking. We always had a casual dress household, but nobody ever walked around nude. however I could wear shorts and a tube top anytime and etc.

I heard the shower start up and my Dad began singing some of the most God-awful songs from years ago as he lathered himself up. All I could do was chuckle to myself.

"Good thing he's hung...." I caught myself saying out loud.

I couldn't help myself from thinking about the thick piece of meat that I saw pound into that porn star over and over. How she screamed for more and more and he filled her so completely with every thrust. My thighs trembled and my lips began to glisten as I thought of that cock.

I wasn't even thinking as my hands slide under my shorts and begin rubbing my hot button. I kept envisioning that huge member throbbing in front of me and I just couldn't stop myself. I began to moan, not even aware that I was a little louder than I might have liked to have been. my orgasm was building as I now placed three fingers inside my tight love canal, trying to give some semblance of what it must be like to be stretched by a phallus as large as his.

Then it hit like a Mac truck - the largest orgasm of my life. My legs shook, my head jerked back and my eyes rolled up into my head as the tingling took over and I exploded. It was so aggressive that i actually squirted some juices out of my pussy as I screamed for my Daddy.

"You okay hon.....WHAT THE HELL?!?!?!" My father exclaimed.

Sometimes you wish you had more control and when i yelled for him to cum, my Dad did just that arriving just in time to see my explode in ecstasy. He was still wet from his shower and the towel was barely covering his body as he quickly threw it around himself to rush to the aid of his baby girl.

I looked up in absolute terror to see my father staring at me. My shorts at my ankles, legs spread apart with my knees out and my hand practically shoved up my mound. What a sight for his eyes!

"Hannah! What are you doing to yourself?" he asked looking very upset at me.

I sat up and composed myself....though I didn't bother pulling up my pants. My Dad's towel began to show signs of having something moving underneath and I knew what it was... even if he didn't realize he was being affected.

"I'm sorry daddy..." I replied with my sweetest little girl voice. "Megan had us watch a porno at school and it was so hot that I couldn't stop until I took care of myself...but it wasn't enough Daddy.,,

"I need you to satisfy me."

He took that the wrong way and got very defensive with me. "What the hell are you thinking? I would never do such a thing."

I got up and stalked over to him, like a lioness stalking her prey. I reached out and put my hand on his right shoulder and felt the wet muscle of his upper arm.

"Only you can please me daddy. I know what you can do because i saw you in the movie you did."

"What movie is that?"

"In the 'Stiff' of the Night" Daddy....I saw you use that cock of yours. Now I need you to use it on me."

I brushed my hip against the growing bulge in the towel and gave him the biggest "puppy-dog eyes" he has ever seen.

"Please daddy, satisfy your little girl's cravings so she can rest from her trip."

"Hannah....." he began to protest, but as I slipped to my knees and undid his towel his voice disappeared.

His cock was every bit as majestic as I had hoped. Fully hard and a foot long! It was thick and veiny, even moreso than the movie! I grabbed it with both hands and gently tugged at it was I began sucking on the head like a lollipop. I'm not a deep throat queen or anything, but I did manage to get more than half of it past my lips as I sucked him off.

Dad began to moan and continue to say no silently, but his eyes were closed and his throbbing cock made it tough to stop. I felt his hands begin sliding through my hair and gently tug my face onto his cock farther. What a thrill!

I was so turned on. My pussy was dripping wet and I was almost ready to cum just from giving a blow job! I pulled my hoover-like mouth from his cock and looked up at him with the biggest "puppy dog face" I could muster.

"Daddy I need fucked," I whimpered. "Please fuck me."

I will be honest I didn't really wait for his reaction as I quickly stood up and bent over in front of him....pushing my wet puss against his fat cock head. Before he even touched me, I had worked his head inside me and was starting to rock back against him.

"Unghhhh," I moaned as his thick cock finally began pushing back toward me, invading my tiny fuck hole. "Yes Daddy, fuck your little girl!"

Dad began to move more rhythmically and his hands slide to grasp my hips, pulling more of himself into me. I could feel the thick veins on his penis and the blood coursing through those veins as he slowly slid his entire length in and out of me. His balls felt like large tennis balls as the rubbed against me when he shoved toward me.

"No wonder he shoots buckets of cum," I thought to myself.

I felt my legs start to quiver and I knew my orgasm was getting close. However I wanted to look Daddy in the face when I came. I wanted him to see his little girl all grown-up and fucking like a real woman. I wanted him to see the kind of pleasure he gave me and be proud of his gifts. I can't cum this way, so I can only do one thing...

"Stop!" I blurted out. My Dad's face went bright red and filled with fear, thinking that I might be regretting what was happening.

"Honey, I'm so sorry....." my Dad began apologizing, but was silenced by my finger crossing his lips to shut him up.

"Don't be silly Daddy," I explained as I turned him around. "I just want to fuck your brains out properly Daddy."

I shoved my Father back onto the bed, and his massive member stood straight up like a foot-long memorial to cocks past. I pulled my top over my head and leapt on top of my father, proud of my naked body. I straddled my Dad's pelvis and grinded my wet cunt on the underside of his thick penis. I could feel him pushing back toward me as I forced my lips onto his.

My father resisted at first, but soon my tongue invaded his mouth and swirled around his.He gently sucked my tongue as we kissed and it was the most wonderful kissing experience of my life! I almost reached orgasm again and knew I had to ride that bronco until it erupted inside me.

"I love you Daddy," I said. "And now I'm going to show you just how much I love you."

I pulled myself up and squatted down toward my father's prick. I grasped the base of his hard member (my hand didn't surround it fully! Damn he's fucking hung!) and pointed it toward my tiny hole. I rubbed his head against my clit a little bit and then pushed it past my lips.

I forced myself down on my daddy's cock until the base began stretching my lips so wide it hurt a little. I sat there for a second to get used to the size. Daddy just had his eyes cinched tightly as I finally began to move a little and grind on his manhood.

"Oh God, you are so tight baby," my Dad hissed as my pussy swallowed his huge member and forced my juices to begins flowing down his shaft and coat his balls.

"You're so huge Daddy," I screamed as I bottomed out on his hard pole. My Daddy's hands crept up and began grasping my breasts as I started to ride him with a steady rhythm. I began to pump my pussy up and down a little faster and harder.

Every time I slammed back on him, I clinched my pussy lips to tighten my grip on that cock. I could feel the throbbing inside his body and his balls begin moving closer to the base of his cock. I knew he wasn't going to last much longer...I needed to finish him off right.

I began bouncing on him wildly, driving his cock hard against my cervix as my thighs bounced against his legs with each landing. I began to experience another orgasm as my body shuddered and I lost control, working his prick even faster as my body began tingling all over from the sensations.

That sent him over the edge. My father yelped as he released inside me. God, did her have a big load! It felt like he kept shooting and shooting thick waves of cum inside me.

I collapsed on top of him and just et his large cock stay stuffed in me when he finished. All I could do was nuzzle Daddy's neck as his cock began to deflate inside me.

"Daddy?" I said innocently.

"Yes kitten," he replied.

"Can we make a video together?"

I swear his cock started to get hard the moment I asked.

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