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In the Torture Chamber



Before you read this story we think it is important to point out a few things. This story was actually written by two people myself and my friend Helen, and is part of an ongoing role-playing scene. Having logged our scene we decided it would be fun to submit it to Literotica, and so we edited the logs to make them nice and presentable and this is the result. When this role-play was written there was no pre-planned outcome, only a general idea of what we wanted to happen, hence each pose is in response to the one before. Before the main RP starts you will see a description of both characters and of the room they are currently in. This was our third RP together and takes place sometime after the second. So if you haven't read "The morning after" yet, you might like to do that first, that said, this is a stand alone story and can be read without reading the first. You might like to note also that both Conner and Fionuala are a little more than human, Fionuala can morph into a swan at will (the nubs you will read about are the nubs of her wings in her human form and are extremely sensitive) and Conner can morph into many things, one of which you will meet now. And so without further ado, the RP.


Age: 23

Height: 7'

Gender: Male

Weight: 300 lb

Species: Centaur

Hair: Longish, Wild Skin: Tanned, somewhat hairy

Eyes: Black


Profile: Before you stands a magnificent beast Very tall and majestic, He appears to be a Centaur of sorts, his upper body that of a man and his lower body that of a horse, however there is more to this creature. Upon his back where his human body joins that of the horse are a folded pair of magnificent wings. The span along the whole length of his back, and were he to unfold them they would span twice as far. They look big and strong and are covered with pure white feathers, most of the time he keeps them tucked away upon his back, but on occasion he spreads them so that you can see him in his full glory.

His lower body is that of a horse and is dark brown in colour. His tail is jet black and is tied with a dark blue ribbon, holding all the hairs together in one bunch. The muscles upon his back and legs ripple with power, you get the impression that he can run very fast on those powerful limbs.

His upper body is lean and well muscled, devoid of any clothing. His eyes are almost fully black and seem to stare everywhere at once, his nose often flares as if with a keen sense of smell, and his ears are somewhat pointed and also twitch often. He has a small goatee upon his chin, like an upside down T. In fact he still looks a lot like Conner in his human form, until you come to his hair, his hair is still a dark grey and somewhat messy, but instead of ending at his neck it carries on down his back along his spine till it reaches the horse part of him, Like a giant mane. Upon his arm is something far stranger than all this, it seems to be a band of some sort. It looks like some sort of jelly, but also seems to flow around his arm, quite unlike anything you have seen before.



Age: 24

Height: 5'

Gender: Female

Weight: Light

Species: Seemingly Human

Hair: long straight white

Caste: Morphic

Skin: very pale almost white

Eyes: yellow


Profile: Before you stands a slender young woman with small yellow eyes and long straight, slightly feathery, white hair. Her eyes, although unusual in colour, are not piercing by any means, they are compassionate and caring. She has dainty dark circles around her eyes and she wears lipstick in an orange hue. Her neck is very long and slender. She is willowy in stature, despite being short, her arms and legs thin, with very white skin.

Dressed: She is dressed in a white knee length dress, adorned with white feathers and clear beads, especially around the back, giving the impression of large folded wings. She walks a little awkwardly, almost a waddle. Her feet, held in shoes of orange leather, are oddly shaped. If you removed her shoes, you would find slightly webbed toes. She has an affinity for water, and is happiest in natural environments close to water.

Nude: Standing completely naked, she is completely hairless and her skin is very pale, almost white. Her breasts are small but adequate with slightly orange nipples. Her feet are oddly shaped with slightly webbed toes. On her back are two small ridges along her shoulder blades, which seem even whiter than the skin on the rest of her body... these are the location of her wings when she morphs. This part of her body is very sensitive.


Torture Chamber:

This room is dull and gloomy, it is illuminated by only a few flickering torches places around the room. The room itself is rather large, but, then, it has to be to house all the various devices strewn around the room.

A solid wooden door fits tightly in the passageway, allowing the room to be shut off from the rest of the place. The walls and ceiling are hard and rocky and the floor is solid dirt.

Chains hang from the wall allowing people to be held against their will. A large table in the center also has restraints on, allowing one to hold someone down. Off in one corner you spot a rack, and in another corner a fire blazes away with a pan of hot coals and a various assortment of tools, next to the fire seems to be a block of ice, though however long you watch it, it never melts in the heat. In the last corner there are a couple of chairs, one has restraints on it, and on a little shelf next to them there lie an assortment of needles and other such sharp things.


Conner the Centaur pushes her gently into the room, his eyes on her body, then enters himself, half ducked down allowing his enormous form to fit under the arch of the passageway. He turns and closes the cell door, locking the bars in place and hiding the key about his person, then he turns and grins at her. His voice is loud, and with the echo added from the room, seems to boom about her in a forceful manner, "Well now, this is going to be fun, isn't it? You said you wanted something a little different, so lets see what we can cook up in here, eh?" He grabs her by the top of her arm and leads her across to the table in the center, his hooves clopping against the hard ground.

Fionuala looks bewildered as he pushes her into the room, her eyes slowly adjusting to the light, and he can see the look of surprise in her eyes, half shocked as she looks at some of the items spread round the room and as he locks the door. She nods half heartedly at his question and tone, answering timidly "Well, I did say different, but this wasn't necessarily what I had in mind." She gasps at the forcefulness of his grab and lets herself be led to the table.

Conner the Centaur simply laughs, the sound ominous and threatening in the dim room, "Now now, don't worry about a thing, hop up on this table like a good little girl." He half lifts her up onto the table himself and turns her over till she is laying on her front, "Right good... now... first we chain your feet." Before she can protest, she feels chains tightening around her feet, just above her ankles. "And then your hands." He grabs each hand in turn and reaches under the table, he pulls and a piece of wood slides out, locking into place, and he chains her wrist to the ends, meaning they are stretched out at right angles to her body. Then, with a flick of his wrist, he hits a lever, and the table turns till she is laying at a steep angle, her feet just inches from the floor, her head in the air.

Fionuala is shocked at the threatening echoes and lets him lift her up on the table, helping a little, not sure about the sharp instruments and fire and ice she can see, but comfortable with the look of the table. Allowing herself to be turned over and surprised at the suddenness of the placing of the chains on her ankles. Gasping softly as he grabs her hands, but protesting softly with words like "No" and "Don't do it" but not resisting in any physical way as she actually enjoys being tied up. She actually yelps softly as the table rights itself, more in surprise than protest.

Conner the Centaur grins at her and clops over to the wall with canes and paddles lined up against it, he picks out a couples of canes and a hard looking paddle then trots back to her. He places them all in a stand and looks at her, then, without warning, brings a hand down sharply on her ass with an audible smack, sure to leave a bright red mark on her skin. He grins at her and brings his hand down a few more times, making nice slapping sounds each time, then stops and turns to study the canes, wondering which to use first.

Fionuala watches as he wanders over to the wall, nodding gently and smiling at his choices while he has his back to her, but feigning bewilderment as he returns. She turns away to hide her smiling eyes and, suddenly, feels and hears the first slap, jumping up slightly in reaction, a half yelp, half moan escapes from her lips. Each time he does so, a similar sound escaping but each time a little more yelping, as each slap is more painful as it lands on places already slapped. She whimpers softly under her breath as he stops and she watches him trying to make a decision, through one eye, not necessarily noticed by him.

Conner the Centaur picks up one of the bendy canes and bends it in his hands, then turns and looks at her, noticing with a smile how red her ass has turned, then brings the cane down hard on her ass. It makes a swishing sound through the air and slaps against her with a hard thwip, immediately leaving a swelling red mark horizontally across her ass. He brings it down like that another 2 times, crisscrossing each, then starts to bring the cane down on the backs of her thighs, leaving red marks all the way down to the backs of her knees, "There, a nice pattern for you" he boos, then puts the cane to one side and moves off into the piercing corner.

Fionuala smiles secretly again as she watches him with the cane, her bottom feeling warm and sore. She squeals in pain as he slaps the cane down on her, and lets out a small moan. She does the same as he continues on her backside, but then yells in genuine pain as he punishes her thighs, the yells gradually giving way to moans as she pushes past the pain barrier. Nodding at his comment, she watches in horror as he moves to the corner, not so sure about sharp objects.

Conner the Centaur comes back hiding something in his hand then leans down to whisper in her ear, at the same time his hand reaches out and strokes softly over one of her nubs, "Ahhh, the sensitive nubs, how fun." and as he says fun, he reveals what's in his other hand, it is in fact a pair of nipple clamps joined together with a chain, and a third chain, much longer through the middle of the first, one end ending in a collar, the other in a little loop that looks like it could hook onto something, "Now now, don't worry, this will only hurt for a bit. " he whispers with a wink, then clamps the first one to her right nub, and slowly strokes across her back with one hand, and clamps the other with the second, then he pulls the second chain up to her neck and collars her, so that whenever she twists or turns her head, it pulls on the clamps, the tail of this chain he drapes down her body, and between her tight ass cheeks for now.

Fionuala can't tell what he is up to and she listens to his whisper as she starts to moan from the pulses of pleasure shooting through her body as he strokes her wing nub. But then she half sees and hears the nipple clamp set and her eyes show a mixture of intrigue and distress. She cries out in pain as he attaches the first clamp to her back, breathing fast to try to block out the pain. And when he attaches the second she cries out again, tears beginning to well in her eyes. The positioning of the collar doesn't trouble her, until she tries to move her head, and suddenly she yells half pleasure half pain as the movements pull on the clamps on her nubs. And as he places the tail of the chain between her cheeks, she gasps at his touch on her sore red behind and then moans at the coldness and hardness tucked between her ass cheeks.

Conner the Centaur chuckles at her pain and strokes softly down her back, "Ahhh, don't worry my dear, it will soon turn to pleasure." with that he takes the harder cane and proceeded to beat upon her ass again, till it is red and sore. He then puts that to one side and pulls out a large rubber dildo with a little loop on the end, he attaches it to the end of the chain, then slaps her ass with it, then, sets it on her back and spreads her cheeks, he spits a few times on her tight little asshole, still a little swollen from earlier, and then pushes a finger deep into her ass, he wriggles it around a little then pulls it out and grins picking up the huge dildo, he presses it against her ass, covered with his saliva and drives it deep into her, till only the end with the chain is left showing.

Fionuala squirms softly at the stroke down her back, nodding ever so gently at the words, not wanting to pull on the clamps with the collar. She yelps at the beating on her ass, as gradually her nubs get used to the sensations. Gasping at the gentle slaps with the dildo, but being done on already hit skin. She moans softly at the finger thrust and wriggling, as gradually pulses of pleasure are beginning to shiver down her spine from the clamps. Whimpering as he pulls out his finger, but then squealing with joy as he fills her ass with the rubber cock. Her stomach muscles starting to ripple with the pleasure was from her nubs.

Conner the Centaur grabs the paddle and begins to slap his ass with it, each slap burning her already red and sore cheeks, but driving the dildo in harder to her ass, and shaking the chain along her back, causing the nipple clamps to wriggle about on her nubs, he starts talking to her, his voice loud and deep, "There, how's that? Do you like being spanked with a dildo up your ass? I bet you cant get enough of it, can you?" punctuating every other word with a spank of the paddle, then suddenly without warning he flips the table the other way, till she is facing down towards the floor, he moves his horsen body around till the back is near her face, and you can see his giant cock swinging there, easily a foot in length and at least 2 or 3 inches thick, he moves it towards your face, wriggling his body so it slaps against her cheek, then releases one of her hands and commands, "Suck my cock!"

Fionuala cries out in pleasure and pain as he slaps her ass with the paddle, pleasure as the dildo fills her ass but pain as the slaps lands on already sore areas, but the pulling on her nubs now desensitised to the initial pain, causes the waves of pleasure to continue from her spine to her stomach and on down into her pussy, making it moist and glistening. Answering his questions, she pants out "It... is... good!" She yells at the suddenness of the table flipping and watches him shuffle into position. She mumbles at him command as he will not see her nod and reaches with the hand he has released to take him by the cock, slowly licking the large head with her tongue, surprised at the size and studying it closely. She opens her mouth wide and takes in the head, sucking and licking it gently.

Conner the Centaur growls with pleasure as she begins to play with the head of his cock, as a reward he brings his head around to her pussy and starts to lick and probes at it with his tongue, grabbing the dildo in her ass, and sliding it in and out in time with his licks, this of course wiggles the chain harder and pulls on her little nubs, every so often he stops to spank her ass with his hand, and as she licks his cock she can feel it pulse and twitch in her hand.

Fionuala smiles around the head of his cock at his growl of pleasure and she pushes her mouth further along it's length and moans around it as he licks and probes her pussy. She squeals around it as he slides the dildo in and out of her ass. Her body now trembling as the pleasure pulses from her wing nubs rip through her pussy and ass muscles, making the muscles dance. She jumps slightly each time he spanks her sore red ass. And she slides her head down more on his cock, sucking gently and flicking it as she takes more of him in her mouth, growling softly in the back of her throat at the pulsing and twitching she can feel in her mouth and her hand.

Conner the Centaur continues pushing the dildo in and out of her ass and lapping at her wet pussy, and as she sucks at his cock he grows nearer and nearer to orgasm, his wings flap involuntarily once or twice and he growls deeply. suddenly without warning he thrusts the dildo back deep into your ass, then says, "And now I think I'll fuck your nice tight pussy with my giant cock and fill you with my cum, would you like that?" he asks, pulling his body away from hers and his cock from her mouth. He tilts the table back the right way up again then slides out another couple of bars higher up the table, next to her head, these bars padded, he trots around behind her and slaps her ass one last time with his hand, then with an almighty cry he rears up, and walks forward on his hind legs, finally coming down upon her, bare inches from her body, his forelegs hooked over the pads at the front, if he had missed he would have certainly crushed her, and now she can feel the huge head of his cock, barely able to fit into her mouth, about ready to stretch her pussy wider than ever.

Fionuala continues to squeal and moan with pleasure around his cock as he thrusts into her ass with the dildo and into her pussy with his tongue. Sucking hard, she realises he is close to orgasm and she growls softly vibrating the sound round his cock. She whimpers as he pulls his cock out of her mouth and answers his question with "I think I would but you are very big!" Her body continues to build up in pleasure at the clamps on her nubs, wave upon wave coursing through her body, making muscles twinge and shudder. She gasps as he re-tilts the table and watches as he changes things around. She moans with anticipation as he moves towards her, wanting him to fill her up like she has never been filled before.

Conner the Centaur wastes no time and thrusts into her hard, stretching her pussy to breaking limit with one fast thrust deep into you, burying just over half his cock within you, filling you completely. he holds still for a moment as you cry out, waiting for you to get used to the pain, then begins to thrust his big horsen body above her this of course rubs her nubs and pushes against the dildo in her ass as well as driving his huge thick shaft in and out of her tightly stretched cunt, he roars as he does so, a roar of pleasure and dominance all in one, and then as quickly as he started, she can feel his cock start to twitch, he slams into her one final time and begins to cum, its as if a dam has broken loose within her, his cum shoots out hard and fast, quickly filling what little there is left of the inside of her pussy, and when it has nowhere else to go, spurting out the sides of his cock and dripping down to the bench. He thrusts into her one or two last times then with a grunt rears back up and pulls out of her, landing with an audible crash of his hooves behind her.

Fionuala screams with delight and then with pain, first as he starts to enter her and then as he fills her past anywhere she has been before, stretching her almost as if she was virginal again. Appreciating the moment of stillness as she cries out in pain, the thrusting beginning to pull on her nubs and the pain is replaced by pleasure as her body explodes as he roars and twitches inside her, she screams with delight and her body tenses and twists and shakes uncontrollably. The final thrust, as she feels him cum, takes her over the edge and her pussy and ass clench around him and the dildo like vices and her pussy adds its own special juices to the liquid already filling her up. She screams again as it feels like she is splitting in half, enjoying the extremeness of the feeling of him thrusting the last few times. She groans as he withdraws, partly in relief but also partly at the loss, and her body continues to shake as she becomes limp on the table, exhausted, bruised and sore, but definitely pleasured thoroughly. She looks to him as she pants for breathe and grins from ear to ear, her face a picture of pure satisfaction.

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