tagIncest/TabooIn The Wee Wee Hours Of The Morning

In The Wee Wee Hours Of The Morning



Here is a brand new and insane story for our patient fans featuring the mother and son who have frequent bedroom fun!

Starring J-Cupped Bra-Breaking Big-Boobied Mommy Hilda Humper & Her Well-Hung

Foot-Long Frequent Motherfucker Henry Humper in:

"In The Wee Wee Hours Of The Morning"

Written by Victor C. Nathan and Chantal Lefleur

Edited by Victor C. Nathan


"Oh! Oh! Oh!" Henry Humper grunted as he pumped in and out of his big-breasted mother, Hilda. It was six AM and the two of them had been having sex since about three AM when Hilda had first awakened him for a tryst.

"Come on, sweetie, one more big jizzy wizzy for Mommy," Hilda urged, moaning softly as Henry lowered his head to capture one of her big, pink nipples in his mouth, not an easy thing to do as Hilda's gigantic mammary glands bounced wildly on her chest with each thrust of his penis. "Come on, baby. I know you can do it."

"Holy fucking shit, Mom," Henry managed to spit out between clenched teeth as he gave his bosomy bucking boobie mommy a friendly prod in the pussy with his protracted prong. "I think I feel the jizzy rising up in the tube of ol' One Eye, ha ha. Mmmm, fuck yeah. I think we may be about to reach some kind of jizz record. Do you think Mr. Guinness would put us in his book?"

"Never mind that silly shit right now, Henry," Hilda said as she flailed her cans and drove herself against his stalk. "Just fuck me, okay? Yeeeaaahhhhh!"

"I am fucking you, ol' Top-Heavy Two Tits!" Henry laughed, palming her beautiful bazoombas as he jammed his twelve-inch penis to the nadir of her vaginal tract, getting a great angle as he slipped his one-eyed trouser snake in and out of his boobie mommy's body. "In fact, I am fucking the fuck out of you, so when I get done you probably will be all fucked out! Ha ha!"

"I doubt that, wee wee baby, oooohhhhhhhh, fuck, yeah! I mean, I ain't never been fucked out by your dick or anybody else's yet!" Hilda Humper screeched as she pumped her pelvis hard against her son's, her J-cupped pink-tipped knockers crunching against his body. "You might even be able to fuck your sister out sometime, maybe after you pump a couple gallons of the white stuff into her, but when you fuck your Mommy to complete satisfaction, I'll let you know, okay, fucker? I'm one built-in-the boobs-like-a-brick-shithouse fucking bitch that is never going to be a fucked out bitch with a fucked out cunny that doesn't need a leeeeee-hee-hee-oooonnnnggggg COCK! Tee hee! Whooooooo! Fuck, fuck, fuck!"

"You're an insatiable big-tittied whore," Henry told her with a Cheshire cat-like grin, his peter pounding her familiar familial tunnel. "Fuuuuccckkkkkkkk! And I wouldn't have you any other way."

"Henry, you've had me every possible way, in every fucking position we can contort ourselves into to fuck, Big Stuff," Hilda sighed in bliss as Henry now pawed at the huge fleshy mounds on her chest. "My kitty cat wants to purr, my mofo baby. Oh, fucker me, fucker me, fucker me, yeah! I think you just hit the g-spot in my girl slot, tee hee hee! Yes, move it a little to the left, sweetie. Ahhhhhhhhhhh! I think that's it. Oh poopsie, yes! Oh, you fuck me better than ANYBODY!"

Henry continued to thrust wildly into his mother's sweet feminine cleft, grunting with each stroke as perspiration beaded up on his forehead and trickled down onto Hilda's gorgeous golden globes, running in the deep cavern between them in riverlets.

"Tee hee hee, that's it, baby! Oh yeah, you big sexy motherfucker. That's it. Oh, baby! Slap that pelvis against mine, Henry. Ohhhhh, yes, that feels so fucking good!"

"And now it seems to be time for my spittin' pole to spit like a motherfuckin' snake spits its motherfuckin' venom, beeeaaaaaaiiiitttttcccchhhh!" Henry wailed with delight, unclamping his mother's big tanker tits as he held his prick inside her snatch and let his overloaded balls shoot his semen through the stiff stalk of his cock. "I'm a-spittin' and it feels so MOTHERFUCKIN' good, Mommy!" The fantastic shots, the veritable ropes of his jizz rushed like a spritzer through his cock's trunk and wetted Hilda's lush pink insides, her pussy's deepest and darkest regions. "Now don't that shit make you want to jump up and beg your daddy for some cock, you heavy-boobahed fuck toy?"

"Oh, yes, baby, poopsie, of course it fucking does!" Hilda screeched, her titters rattling as her own orgasm ravaged her cum dumpster of a soaked pussy at exactly the same fucking time. "Ooooooo, eeeeeeeeeeeee, aaaahhhhhhhhhh, weeeeeeeeeeeeeee weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"

Both of them finally sated, at least for the moment, Henry rolled off of his huge-hootered and unceasingly horny mother and lay beside her, resting his head on her left breast as he absent-mindedly played with the nipple on her right. Both of them were breathing like speeding locomotives, their chests rising and falling rapidly as their respective hearts thumped wildly. Henry did so love his early morning 'mommy time'.

"Oh, baby, that was a doozy," Hilda moaned, reaching down and patting Henry's crotch affectionately, bumping her J tit in the process. "We do work so well together, don't we, baby? I mean, aren't our bodies so in tune? Your big part fits my part like they were made to go together, don't you think?"

"Mom, do you ever shut up?" Henry said with a laugh and a saucy wink as he smacked her unspeakably large knocker with the back of his hand and grinned when it wobbled in a way that made him yearn for her chestial gifts so intensely. "I mean, it's nice that you get all worked up and shit when we have sex, but sometimes you just talk too goddamn much, ya know?"

"Awwwwww, Henry, lighten up," Hilda giggled, turning, her Hindenburg-sized breasts mashing against him as she kissed his cheek. "And don't use that shitty fuckin' language, wee wee boy. It's just that I like to fucking chat, talk and joke when my pussy's gettin' a sweet, hard, womb-raidingly deep kind of motherfucking poke in my fucking twatty tunnel. Tee hee. Is that so fucking wrong, Henry Wadsquirt Longfucker? Don't you love literary references and culture and shit?"

"I guess I don't mind it too much," Henry admitted, kissing his mother on the lips in an open-mouthed smooch, before leaning over her body and kissing each of her silver dollar sweet areolas in turn. "I guess I'm just used to all the chicks at school who are fucking too stupid to converse for shit. Kenny Long and I call them 'quiet trim' cause they don't say too much when they hump. They just want to get fucked, and boy, do they ever end up getting fucked. Kenny and I stick our big dicks in those chesty bitches hard as fuck! Ha ha!"

"Well, I'm not Bunnie Mounts whose stupidity stands out like a moronic glue-sniffer at a Mensa meeting, Henry. I'm your mother and I like to talk to my son intelligently while he bones me. Is that so strange, Young Mother Humper?" Hilda asked him in a scolding motherly tone, yet smiled as she reached down to touch his weiner again, delicately this time, noticing with a grin that it had yet to go soft after pumping a half gallon of baby batter into her cunny. "Geez, Henry, now it doesn't even go down between our fucks. I think your muff diver still needs Mommy, doesn't he?"

"Does the media lie to cover up Israel's crimes? What the fuck do you think?" Henry asked his mother rhetorically, swatting her hilly milkers like two zeppelins showing up conspicuously at a picnic. He grinned when he saw Hilda's small, well-manicured hand wrapped around his still erect male member as his third leg stabbed outward at her, granite motherfucking hard between the other two. "Holy shit, I've jizzed in your pussy how many times now and I'm still standing the fuck up?"

"I think we're up to six, baby," Hilda giggled, her bodacious boobies bouncing provocatively as her laugh bubbled up from her throat and she squeezed his foot-long severely this time, gritting her teeth as she clutched his stick shift, like a greedy actor clinging to an Oscar. "But since he's still ready to stick me up, we might as well take advantage of that fornicating fun fact. Right, Mommy's funny fuck-fuck boy? Why don't you slap this sumbitch of yours right here, Henry? Cram 'im back in his hootery home between Momma's big blousy boom booms, okay, baby? Would you like that damn boobocentric shit?"

"Well, horseshit, Mom! Do you always have to ask me that fucking question? No more rhetorical sex inquiries from you, Mommy baby," Henry told her matter-of-factly, arrogantly juggling his position until he was straddling his mother. He leaned down to press his jumbo weiner into her personal space, this time into the tight twin mountainous space formed by Hilda's two mammoth milkwagon mammaries. Fuck, but his mother was hilly in the tits.

"There you go, Momma's boy. Stuff your wee wee right down in my hollow. That's what Tammy Faye and her family call cleavage. It's like a 'holler' between a pair of jugs," Henry's mother told him, her hands on his penis as she stuffed his cock between the two softest, biggest and best things her son had ever fucked, other than maybe his Granny's more than willing honkers. "Cause I really like it when you just get me laid down on the bed and just fuck the shit out of my titties! Tee hee hee! Mmmmmmmm, I like it almost as much as when you fuck me! Mmmmm, tee hee! I love tittiefucking with you, or should I say, I like when you tittiefuck me! Mmmmm, yessssssss!"

"I'm gonna pee wee your plump pillows and then jam my dick in your mouth and let you drink me down," Henry told her as he felt his johnson residing now inside her sweaty and pillowy tract of up-and-down satisfactory sliding. "You can go chug-a-lug-lug on my sticky spunk. Holy shit, that's tighter'n fucking hell. It feels like you have my pecker in a nice vice, ha ha."

Henry grunted as he began to pump up and down, his jumbo johnson slipping and sliding in the deep chasm between Hilda's full, fleshy funbags, lubricated only by the thin sheen of perspiration that was gradually forming between their oversized parts which were now a congealed and flailing frenzy of fuckdom.

"Work it, baby! Work it!" Hilda urged, sticking out her tongue to flick at the tip of his mushroom crown as it briefly appeared out of the top of her mind-blowingly deep cleavage and slid right into the purview of her beautiful goddess face. "I think I see a drop of pre-cum there! Oh yeah, it is! Wheeeeeeeee, Mr. Wee Wee! I love that clear shit you give me! Mmmm, yeah! Slurppppppppp! Make some more, baby! Make some more of that shit!"

"Uh! Uh! Uh!" Henry huffed and puffed, feverishly working his wee wee with all its length and girth between his mother's babyfeeding bags of flesh, gasping in delight as Hilda stopped his thrusting just long enough to stick her tongue out and swirl it around in his urethra to see what the inside of his cockhead tasted like. Then he commenced once more to bucking hard at the waist, making his penis glide up and down between her J-cupped jigglers. "Oh, yeah, I'm TITTIEFUCKING! I'm TITTIEFUCKING! Yeahhhhh!"

Henry wheezed and moaned as he humped his huge humpstick up and down her still sweating cleavage, pumping his protracted pole along her blessed cavern, porking her two protuberances of pulsating flesh.

"Tittiefucking! Tittiefucking!" Henry and Hilda chanted together as he gave her sweet lovely mammary intercourse, or what could also be described as a safer form of "sexual outercourse."

"And we're TITTIEFUCKING, TITTIEFUCKING, TITTIEFUCKING!" the fornicating mother-son couple began to scream out amidst laughter as they both enjoyed what Henry's pee wee did to her twin mountains of Humper hoots and the fun of the sweet sweat that poured from her swinging swollen glands mixing with the pre-ejaculatory fluid that intermittently leaked from his bulbous pee wee head. "We sure are..........TITTIEFUCKING! We sure do love........TITTIEFUCKING, TITTIEFUCKING, TITTIEFUCKING, EVERYDAAAAAYYYYY!" The perspiration adorning the insides of her melonous jumbo busties made his fuck thrusts into a squeaky comedic scene.

Both parties were laughing hysterically at the comedy they were engaging in. Hilda pressed her breasts together with as much strength as she could muster as Henry plunged in and out of her cleavage like a man possessed.

"Oh, happy day! What a glorious fucking day, tra la la la!" Hilda sang out in her sweet, youthful voice as she stretched her tongue out to lap at the tip of his crown as it appeared beneath her chin with each upward thrust. "Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream! Tra la la la! Tee hee! And maybe a bit of yummy CREAM too! WEE WEE, I LOVE YA! Tee hee hee hee hee!"

"Okay, Mom, I think you're losing it," Henry laughed, feeling his warm, sticky jism creeping up like venom through the tube of his elongated trouser snake, knowing heavenly relief was so very near for his not-at-all truncated trunk that rivaled the one any good elephant would be swinging. "And so am I here in a fucking minute too, sweet tits. Mmmmmmm!"

"TITTIEFUCKING, TITTIEFUCKING, TITTIE, TITTIE, TITTIE, FUCKING, FUCKING, FUCKING! TIT, TEE! TIT, TEE! WEE WEE, FUCK ME!" Hilda screamed again, enjoying every second. "Now blast that jizz on my face, Henry Humper! Ya! Let it go, baby! Mmmmm, I want it ALL! UNLOAD IT ON ME! GIVE ME ALL YOUR PEARLY SQUIRTIN' STREAMS, TITFUCKER! DO IT!"

"Well clamp your mouth down on my big motherfuckin' applehead, and I'll let ya drink me," Henry told her as he pushed his penis as far between her tits as he could and up against her face, his swelling fucktool's head almost mashing her thick DSLs. "You can drink all the good fucking shit I've got in here for you."

"Yes, sir! Permission to drink, sir! Tee hee! Permission to become a whore! Tee hee hee hee!" Hilda told him with a silly laugh, sandwiching her sacks of whopping titmeat even further together as she wrapped her sweet and altruistic lips around the giant probing mushroom head of her son's cherished hog of a wee wee.

"Now here goes," Henry said calmly, his own hands atop hers as he shoved her ta-tas so hard together that he gasped at the pressure, pressure merely coaxing him into his inevitable ejaculatory climax, as the first of his seed burst from his loins and into the motherly mouth that was clasped around his giant apple cockhead.

"Mmmmph, mmmmph," was all Hilda was able to utter, her entire mouth filled to capacity with her son's oversized fuckstick that tickled her uvula with its every move.

"Take that, you big-tittied wench!" Henry ordered, grabbing the back of Hilda's head and steadying it as he pumped into her mouth. The first streams of warm sticky semen erupted from the tip of Henry's penis and splashed forcefully against the back of Hilda's throat.

"Mmmmph! Mmmph!" Hilda groaned as she struggled to swallow the continuous stream of sticky cum being ejected from Henry's titanic tool. Her Humperesque breasts heaved with the effort of her gulps as it gushed thickly and stickily down her throat.

"Mmmmmppphhhhhhh! Mmmmmmmm!" Hilda gulped loudly, the last of a globular load of cum struggling to get down her gullet as Henry still held her head by its blonde head, tugging backward on her mane gently, his arms scrubbing against her overweighty orbs.

"You drink all that sticky down?" Henry asked, amused as he popped the head of his peter out of her mouth with a loud glorious pop and smacked her in the boober with his schlong.

"Mmmmmm, oohhhhhh, wow, I did, baby, and it wouldn't surprise me if that thick shit gets stuck right about here for the next hour," Hilda tittered, pointing to the bottom of her throat as she nailed herself in the hooter in the process. "That stuff was thick and sticky as flypaper, motherfucker. I mean, it was like swallowing molasses or some shit."

"Awwwwww, poor Mommy. Well, getting you to drink my cum was the only way to get you to shut the fuck up," Henry joked, hauling his wee wee completely free of the crack of her cleavage.

"Want to cuddle?" Hilda asked girlishly as he went to his back next to her naked-knockered form, her swells now pointing towards the ceiling of the bedroom.

"Sure. Mom, I think our titfucking/facefucking/cum-guzzling shtick was great," Henry said proudly, running his hand down the deep space between his mother's juggernauts as he made her weighty knockers ripple on her chest. "This shit is some good shit down in here, down where it's dark and mysterious and all fleshy on the insides of your boobs! Fuck, yeah! Mmmmm, it feels good and soft in here!"

"I like when you fuck down in here too, you damn good boobfucker!" Hilda squealed lasciviously as her boy wiggled and waggled his fingers and palm back and forth from far between her enormous jutting breasts, making her honkers swing gaudily on her upper body. "I like when you tittiefuck the motherfucking shit out of my fucking knobbers with your big slab o' meat! Tee hee hee! And you are still fucking hard, Henry! Look! Motherfuck!"

Hilda glanced down with amusement at Henry's soldier which was still standing at full attention and pumped it a couple times with her naughty little fist. She smiled radiantly at her boobie-loving baby and gave him two kisses, only one of them on the lips.

"I know, Mommy," Henry said with a shit-eating grin, tapping her right areola with his index finger and scooting a little closer to her on the sweat-soaked mattress. "I can't believe I'm still 'up' either. Will ya look at the size of this thing?! It hasn't budged one bit and you've gotten over three hours of fucks out of it, not to mention hundreds of fuckin' squirts and a stomach and pussy filled to the brim with my mother-filling jizz!"

Suddenly their early morning mother-son hijinks in the sheets were interrupted by a familiar voice shouting up from the living room downstairs.

"Will you two give that fucking mattress a rest?" Harriet Humper yelled impatiently as she sat on the sofa wearing only a red Santa cap and holiday-themed panties adorned with tiny snowmen all sporting massive erections. She toyed with her own massive pair of tweeters, each one of them the size of a Christmas turkey. "Mom, get Henry's cock out of your throat and his balls off of your chin for like five damn seconds and get down here, for the love of Kris titfucking Kringle! It doesn't need sucking again this soon! Henry, get your damn greedy hands off Mom's big bazooms and stop egging her on by sticking your big fat fuckstick in her motherfucking cunny slot again! You've been weinerin' that pus for hours! The headboard is going to break free of the fucking bed! Both of you, GET DOWN HERE! It's Christmas morning and we have fucking presents to open! HURRY THE FUCK UP! I bought you both some really fucking dirty gifts just so we won't break tradition! Get your asses down here! I'll even hang the mistletoe on your wee wee like I did last year, Henry, and give it a kissy kissy! Your wee wee can even do some uvula-smacking if you want to! Come on, for fuck's sake! Get down here!"

"We'll be right down!" Hilda yelled back in a loud bellow that vibrated her tits, but then added in a saucy whisper, "In ten minutes," as she gave Henry a motherly peck on the tip of his achingly erect twelve-inch penis. "Mmmmmm, just as soon as my wee wee baby comes down Momma's pink chimney again for the holidays."


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