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In the Woods


Just a little story I wrote years a go for a site that's now no more.

Be gentle with me it was my first time writing.

My eyes slowly open adjusting to the light shinning on my face. I begin to remember where I am, my mind slowly recovering from a long restful nights sleep. I'm in a tent in the middle of the woods. The light of the rising sun is shinning through a window in the tent onto my face. I look beside me but all I see is the empty pillow and crumpled blankets denoting the spot where she had slept the night before.

Rising from the floor of our tent I move to examine the campsite. The site is empty aside from the tent and the ashes of last night's fire. She must be around here somewhere. I followed the sounds of running water as I walked through the forest. The low-lying bushes growing along the riverbank block the stream from view. As I part the branches clearing a way through the foliage I see her. Long strands of red hair rolling from her head along her shoulders and dangling down in obscuring her breasts. She is sitting by the water just up the stream only a few meters away from me. She's lost in the little ripples in the stream and the glittering light that came as the canopy above parts in the wind letting the sunlight in to reflect off the water.

I didn't want to disturb her so I began to move more slowly through the bush. The branches brush across my chest as I begin to admire my lover. She is beautiful maybe 5' 9" not skinny but not plump with moderately sized breasts and long curving legs. Her legs obscured her more intimate parts. As I wonder at what lies between those legs, my mind far from my actions, my foot passes onto a dry branch lying on the far side of the bushes. SNAP.

The cracking rings out among the trees breaking the quiet background noise of the birds, branches and the stream. The noise broke her concentration, her muscles tensing up as she looked for the source of the noise. Seeing it was me a gentle smile began to spread across her face. Her muscles relax as her eyes began to roam across my skin. She lowers her right leg, allowing the upper edges of the trimmed red pubic hair to be seen. A few strands of her crimson hair are blowing across her face despite several attempts to delicately brush them aside. She pats the ground next to her lightly beckoning me over her eyes fixed with mine, the smile still on her face.

I sit next to her the moss covering the ground brushing lightly against my legs. My eyes still locked with hers lost in the little changes in the greens that surround her pupils. The gentle racking of her nails breaks the spell as they run across my back alternating from a light scratch to a soft caress as her lips part in a sly grin. No longer lost in her eyes I bring my hand down to the long strands of hair that play across her nipples occulting them from my view. They dance along her shoulders as the join the scattered mane of hairs along her back. I stare longingly at the now visible breasts the gentle motions of her hair having made the nipples erect.

Noticing my staring she gives out a laugh as her head moves closer her lips closing against my temple in a kiss. The kisses continue running from my temple across my cheek and along my jaw as my hand begins to move along her shoulder. When she reaches my chin I give her a little peck on the nose before my lips join hers. At first our lips move tenderly against each other but our embrace soon escalates as our tongues intertwine and her teeth begin to gently nip at my lower lip. We break our embrace our bodies no longer apart as our thighs rub together and our arms have intertwined. I look down along her body and lightly licking my lips. Nodding in approval as she lays her back against the ground.

I move to her head and begin to kiss her forehead as I move my lips down towards the rest of her. We linger for a minute when our lips meet and before we continue on to other things. As my neck passes above her lips I feel the gentle warmth as she brings her lips against them. I kiss her collarbone and move towards her breasts lingering long enough to taste the nipples and gently nip them. She giggles and responds by nipping mine as her hand run along my stomach.

My lips continue to caress her as I move lower lingering a round her stomach before continuing down the outside of her legs. I had decide to pass the sensitive lips untouched. The lips where now clearly seen the pubic hair trimmed down except for a small tuft accenting the top. Her lips have followed mine they both mimic and guide me as I journey down her body. Giggles leap from her mouth as I nibble her toes but she soon begins to move her lips up along my inner leg. The purpose clear I work my lips back towards that tuft as hers moves towards my long erect penis. Staring longingly, I can see the red nib of her clit just poking from under its hood as well as the glimmer of liquid on the ruffled nympha protruding from her lips. GASP. My lover, is not as patient as myself, has already begun to taste the tip of my cock. Following her lead I began to suck her clitoris. Gently wrapping my lips over her clit my tongue begins to circle her nub. The low murmured moan coming from my lover encourages me as I continue to run my tongue in circles occasionally moving to gently taste the lips below.

I was finding it harder and harder to focus as she began move from my tip farther down the shaft gently bobbing her head her tongue happily lapping along. Feeling the rising desire to let go and tasting greater amounts of fluid between her hips I stop and return to my partner's lips, she'd stopped as well, our preparations complete. I positioned myself on top of her as we swap the collected fluids in our mouths, the head of my cock right next to her opening. Then in one swift powerful move.... My back lands hard against the mossy forest floor.

She's giggling like mad as I try to recover the breath that was almost knocked out of me. Carefully she begins to position her hips above mine, gently grasps my shaft to help guide it up into her depths. Since she clearly wants things her way I lay back and enjoy the sight of her breasts as they gently rise and fall with her every breath. With a huge grin she begins to lower on to me. I close me eyes focusing on the warm pressure building along me as I slide inside her. She clenches her muscles slightly as she finishes her movement. The red tuft now brushing against me. My shaft has filled her, leaving the tip just touching the cervix at the end of her passage. Clenching my shaft, she begins to move up and down rising and falling along me, her hands griping my legs to keep her steady. She quickly picks up speed as her red hairs begin to dance in the air swirling around her head. They periodically brush along her breasts, which have begun to bounce with the motion. Those round orbs dance along following with the pleasure running past me.

I feel a strong urge for release as the pleasure begins to build. Light groans leave my mouth as I desperately try to hold on to the pleasure not wanting to deny her the climax that's building inside her. I move my hands to her breasts gently cupping the soft skin trying to fulfil some need to taking my mind off the pleasure. The groans leaving my mouth soon find themselves coupled with her moans as she finds the rhythm that begins to bring her to her peak. My thumbs pinch her nipples as I try desperately to bring her to climax before I loose my control. Before long a deep moan leaves her and the muscles spasm along me as she reaches orgasm. The sensations finally being too much, I begin to spurt cum inside her.

I begin coating the sides of her passage before plastering her cervix in my fertile cream as she lowers it into position. As the last of my cum enter her she begins to relax laying herself down on my chest as she gently nuzzles my neck. We slowly begin to recover our breath. The songbirds provide a beautiful background noise as we enjoy the pleasant afterglow of our lovemaking.

"Is getting pregnant always this fun Alan?" Her eyes rise and stare into mine.

"Only when it's with someone as wonderful as you Emily. Did you like the spot I found?"

"Oh Alan, this place is wonderful I got lost in it all waiting for you to get up"

Feeling that I had now softened inside her and finding her breath had returned Emily gets up brushing the dirt and little pieces of moss that cling to her skin.

"Lets go back to the campsite for lunch we can get back to our happy work after we've had something to eat".

She starts walking back through the woods towards the camp a small line of semen trickling down her leg as she goes.

I shout after her "Next time you want to change positions could you give me a little warning?"

Giggling to herself "you know I like to be on top. Now come on you'll need your strength for what I have planned for this afternoon"

Brushing myself off I run to catch up to her not wanting to miss lunch. I know full well that this afternoon will prove to be very demanding indeed.

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