tagMind ControlIn Training Ch. 13

In Training Ch. 13


Liandra slept deeply all night long, partly from the pill Steven had given her and partly from exhaustion at the hands of Larisa and her lover, but she woke refreshed even though her body cried out for sex. She had dreamed of nothing all night long, but hard cocks and hungry mouths on her body and in her body. Hands had touched and fingered her in her dreams, and she had had several orgasms in her sleep, without her conscious knowledge. Her nipples and pussy were tingling with need as usual, and she longed to make love to her knight in shining armor, Steven. He was such a gentleman not to take advantage of her situation, and she admired him for it. She only hoped that soon she would be able to go back to life before she had been taken by Steven's terrible father and that she and Steven would be able to live and love together in bliss and harmony. She would love to be able to marry him freely and be able to love him all the time. She longed for the time that they could consummate their relationship, as obviously he wanted her as much as she wanted him. She sighed and stretched, and at that moment, Steven came through the door, bearing her breakfast tray.

Giving him a bright smile, Liandra held out her arms for a hug. She noticed his expression seemed distracted and even worried this morning, even as he set her tray down and pulled her to him. She caught his face in her hands and gave him a soft kiss, that soon deepened into something passionate and hungry. His hands roamed over her back, and when she reached out a tentative hand to his crotch, she felt his hard cock pulsing beneath his tight jeans. Gently he caught her hand and moved it away after letting her feel him for a few moments, then hugged her tightly again.

"I'm so happy to see you this morning, darling," Steven said, stroking her cheek, his mind wrapped up in making his father pay dearly for coming into his home and fucking with his friends.

"As I am you, Steven. I had some interesting dreams again."

"Did you? You'll have to tell me all about them later, but I need to tell you something now." Liandra felt a stab of fear at the tone of his voice.

"What is it? What's happened?"

"Do you remember anything of yesterday, sweetheart?"

Liandra frowned slightly, trying to think. She vaguely remembered getting out of the house and going for a ride in the country, and that it had been beautiful. She seemed to recall a large house, but the rest of the day was a blank. Slowly she shook her head.

"Not too much. I remember what a nice ride we had and then it's all kind of fuzzy after that. What happened?"

Inwardly Steven grinned to himself, for just as he hoped, the drugs continued to do their trick on his little pet. He could manipulate yesterday's events to his advantage with her. Outwardly, he kept a show of concern on his face.

"Well, try not to be alarmed, sweet, but you almost went back to my father yesterday. While we were driving along, all of a sudden a van pulled out in front of us, and I had to stop the car. You were so frightened you fainted. The next thing I knew, some of my father's goons had jumped out and they gave you something that kept you passed out. They forced me into the van and tied me up, and laid you at my feet."

Liandra's eyes were wide with fear. "Oh no! Did they hurt you?"

"Not too much. They ended up driving us to this big house, and dragging us inside, and then they gave you something else that made you really horny apparently. You never seemed to know where you were even though your eyes were open. Then they took turns molesting you, even though they didn't dare take your virginity. That's what my father still wants from you. They made me watch the whole time, and it was horrible!"

Steven lowered his eyes, pretending to be reliving the 'horrible' events of the previous day. He felt Liandra's arms around him, and laughed to himself. She truly had no idea what had happened, and here she was feeling sorry for him, even though she should really be feeling sorry for herself!

"Oh, Steven, you poor thing. Was it too awful?"

"I hated watching them touch like that. They put their hands and their mouths and even their cocks all over you. I knew it was the stuff they gave you, but you actually seemed to be enjoying it. I think if they had let you, you would have had an orgasm." He felt her shudder and laughed silently again. He loved playing this game with her, making her feel guilty for his 'torment'. "They wanted to fuck you, but they were too afraid of my father. One of them said if he could get away with it and not get caught, he'd pop your cherry right there in front of me. I wanted to kill him. They kept taunting me with how delicious you were and what a good fuck you'd be. . ."

"How awful for you! Well, what happened next? How did we get home?"

"They finally got tired and had to go get something to eat. They thought I was tied up too well and you were too out of it to escape, so they didn't worry about guarding us. Their mistake in that case, because I was able to finally slip out of the ropes and then pick you up and sneak out. I hid you and found a car there that had keys in it, and drove you back to my car, then brought you home and cleaned you up."

Liandra's cobalt eyes welled up with tears at the idea of Steven tenderly caring for her, cleaning who knows what off of her, protecting her from them as best he could. She imagined his helpless rage at watching the men touch her and at hearing them say the things they had said. That would explain where her dreams came from. "Fortunately, they haven't made it to the house here yet, but I'm afraid we may have to look at moving elsewhere for awhile, until they've lost the scent. I'm never letting you go, especially not back to my father. You are much too precious to me for that." And worth far too much financially, Steven thought. He might have to step up her training a bit and get her ready for pleasuring customers sooner than he had planned. He wanted the money her virgin body could bring, and he wanted to be the one to hold the auction for the pleasure of deflowering her. Once that had happened, he planned to enjoy her for a very long time, and then he would start whoring her out to the best paying customers.

"Steven, you truly are my knight in shining armor. What would I do without you? I shudder to think what would happen to me at your father's hands." Liandra gave a real shudder and hugged him tightly again. "I can't wait until I can show you my gratitude properly."

"Ah, my pet, when you say things like that, it makes you far too tempting. We're alright for now, so you just eat your breakfast and then I'm going to go looking for another place for us. I have a feeling I know of just the place and no one else knows of it, except those that can be trusted." Like my friends, Steven thought. I'll get her moved today, and tonight, they can have a real party with her. No one can even hear her screaming in delight out in the country. I always knew that other house would serve me well someday. A couple of years prior, Steven had purchased a piece of property not too far from Larisa's. It was a beautiful home, although not nearly as ostentatious as her own, but it was well equipped for playtime, and very secluded. Steven's friends did know of its existence, but they had no clue as to where it was. He was the only one who did know and when he eventually took his clients there, they would have to ride in a special van, with the windows completely blacked out. The van would pull into an underground garage, and the men would go straight into the 'fun rooms' from the garage. They would never see the rest of the house, for everything that was needed was below. Steven had never used this house before, but the time had come. If he wished to keep his prize, that was the place to store her.

Liandra had just about finished her breakfast by now. Already, she was feeling the dreamy effects of the added ingredients, but she was becoming so used to the feeling, she never even wondered about it. She felt as if she were floating again, and it was the loveliest feeling in the world. She sighed softly, and fell back on the bed, her nipples hard with the arousal the pills caused in her. "That was wonderful as always, Steven. I'm so very horny now. Couldn't we just play a little bit?" She batted her eyelashes at him playfully, and he grinned at her. He ran his palms over her breasts, loving the feel of the plump flesh and the hard nub that topped it against his hand. He leaned over the tray and kissed her deeply, making her moan. He knew that her pussy would have already responded, readying itself for sex. He pinched her nipples sharply and she gasped, then opened her thighs wider, hungry for him. He laughed wickedly, and leaned in to suckle her nipples through the filmy fabric that barely covered them. She was gasping with pleasure, pulling his head closer to her. "Steven," Liandra panted "Please, can't you fuck me today? I want you so much. . ."

God, how he wanted to. Steven would have loved to throw the tray aside, unzip his jeans and mount her right there, getting rid of her cherry once and for all, but that wasn't practical. If she was just any other girl, he wouldn't even hesitate, but she was a commodity, not just a piece of tail to him. He was dying to fuck her raw, and watch her get fucked by others, but it wasn't time yet. He caught her wrists and pulled them above her head. A bit menacingly, he loomed over her, lowering his voice to a growl. "So, sweet little Liandra wants to get fucked, does she? Best be careful, girl, or you'll get what you ask for."

Steven watched her blue eyes darken with lust and a touch of fear at his words. She was incredibly aroused now, squirming on the bed, her hips bucking slightly. "I could just take you right here, you know, and no matter how much you begged for mercy, I wouldn't give you any. I'd just keep pounding away with my big dick, making you scream my name. Making you call me 'Master'. Am I your Master, little slut?"

Liandra moaned, the drugs in full force in her system now. "Oh, yes, Master. You are."

"And are you my little slut, who will fuck whoever I tell you to, whenever and wherever I tell you to?"

"Please, Master, yes. . .I'll do anything you want."

"You want cock bad, don't you, my little whore? You want a big fat dick in your cunt don't you?" Steven paused, then continued. "Or, maybe you want two big fat dicks in you at the same time. One in your cunt and one in your ass. Is that what my slut wants?"

"Oh Master. . .that frightens me, but it sounds so good."

"I want you a little frightened, my girl. It will happen but you just won't know when or where."

Steven licked her nipples again and slid a finger up and down her slit, bringing Liandra close to orgasm, but then he stopped. "I need to go see about a place for us, my pet. You get cleaned up and ready, and then I'll come back and get you when all is ready. Tonight we'll have some company."

With a last kiss for the moment, Steven rose from the bed, leaving the girl flushed and panting behind him. He whistled a little as he locked the door, and went to pack some things. He would have to be careful about coming back to this house again for awhile. He hurried and soon had everything he needed, and decided to get Liandra's things a bit later. He left a cryptic note for Tyler, simply saying he was out for awhile, but would be back soon. He tossed the suitcases he had filled into his car and drove off, making certain to take a very long and winding way, so that no one would follow him. After a rather long while of driving, Steven finally pulled into the secluded driveway of his second home. The house was located far back on the property, completely hidden from the road. There wasn't even a mailbox to mark that anyone lived there. All one would see as they passed by was a crushed stone driveway that curved off into tall trees. The driveway was deliberately left overgrown looking, and the trees were not well trimmed, giving the appearance of an abandoned property. If someone did know that there was a house, when they pulled up before it, they would see a two story red brick house with a long front porch. The front doors were made of mahogany and a large brass knocker adorned the front. The driveway curved around to the left side of the house as well, and led into the underground garage, which was operated by a secret code tapped into an unobtrusive key pad. Steven pulled into the garage and entered the house, passing by the entrance to the 'fun rooms' and walking up three steps to go into the kitchen of the house.

He took a quick look around the entire house, satisfied that no one had been there, then descended into the entertainment section of his property. The heavy door that barred the entrance was also operated by a key pad, and Steven quickly entered the numbers. It slid open silently, and the motion detector did not allow the door to close until all parties were inside the foyer, which was large enough to accommodate up to five people at a time. There was a light above the door that signaled to whoever was operating it when it was safe to let more people in. Once inside the foyer, Steven moved to the next door and stepped inside, onto the wide top of some rather steep stairs. He moved carefully downwards until he had reached the bottom. It was very dark in these rooms. Steven turned on the regular lights for the moment, to make certain everything was ready for his friends tonight.

At the bottom of the stairs, there was an opening that led to a hallway. Along the hallway were several doors, all closed tightly. One led into an eating area with a bar and large television, for anyone who was hungry or thirsty while visiting. Another led into a room equipped with several types of equipment for playing with a partner, such as a swing, a table very similar to Larisa's, shackles fastened into the walls, and various other pieces. There was also a large cabinet in the room that contained many types of toys ready for use if so desired. There were a couple of bedrooms, both set up for fantasy roleplaying, complete with costumes and wigs, if desired. There was a study lined with books that also contained a pool table that could be used for playing pool or fucking. The room also had some tables set up for poker. There were three bathrooms, one of which had a glassed in shower and a built in seat. The final room downstairs was set up for Liandra. It was a pleasant chamber, but well secured, with no windows and a thick door that locked from the outside with a key and a key pad.

Steven was satisfied when he perused each room. Everything was fresh and clean and ready for a wonderful party with his little Liandra tonight. He had decided to let Tyler have use of her longer than anyone tonight after his unpleasant experience with Sandy. He hoped it would help his friend in keeping his mouth shut if he got to enjoy the fine piece of ass that was waiting at the other house. As Steven prepared to drive back home and collect his prize and her things, Tyler was just coming home. He saw that no one else was home and read Steven's note, crumpling it up and tossing it in the trash. He was more than a little angry still about his roommate's casual attitude towards Desiree and what had happened to him. He still felt humiliated by the whole thing, and he decided to pay Liandra a little visit without Steven around to supervise. He knew he couldn't fuck her, but he could certainly enjoy her in every other way he wanted. He felt the need to work off some frustration, and that sexy little bitch was just the way to do it. Tyler quickly found himself outside of Liandra's room, holding the key. Steven always made sure there was a spare in case of a fire or some other problem.

Tyler unlocked the door, and stepped inside, immediately treated to the sight of Liandra lying back on the bed in her filmy negligee, her hair tangled about her and her breasts heaving. He knew Steven had given her her special ingredients again, and that she was incredibly aroused, and he smiled at her. She sat up, a bit surprised to see him, as she usually saw no one but Steven. She had only a vague recollection of who he was.

"Hey Liandra," Tyler said hoarsely. "Thought I'd come visit you for a bit."

"Okay." She watched as he came over and sat down on the bed. She was instantly aware of how very male he was, and felt her veins thrumming with life and her body craving him.

"How's it going?" He looked her body up and down, enjoying the sight of her almost nude flesh, her nipples hard and enticing.

"Fine, I guess. How about you?" Liandra wanted to reach out to him, to touch him in some way, but something was making her hesitate.

"Not so good. My girlfriend was taken away from me, and I need some relief. I think only you can give it to me, Liandra." His voice was even more hoarse, as he reached out and touched her cheek, then plunged his hand down into the neckline of her barely there clothing. She gasped and seemed unsure of what to do, and Tyler pushed her back to the bed, squeezing her breast, enjoying the feel of her nipple pressing into his palm.

Liandra moaned. Her body was well-trained enough by now to immediately respond to a sexual touch in the proper way, and her pussy flooded. Encouraged, and lust-filled by now, Tyler stood over her and ripped at the gown, pulling it from her and pawed at her firm breasts, kneading them and teasing her nipples. With a growl, he lowered his head to her nipples and began to sup on them, tasting her sweetness again. His fingers invaded her labia, pulling them apart and teasing her clit. He began finger fucking her, as he sucked and licked her nipples, making her cry out.

"Oh, yeah, you like that don't you, bitch? You're so hot for cock, you don't care whose it is, do you? You little slut."

Tyler felt a surge of lust and power over this bit of fluff before him, and he twisted her nipples suddenly, making her squeal with pain and pleasure. His cock was rock hard and he wanted it inside her so badly he could scarcely stand it. He twisted her nipples again, then said, "Unzip my pants, whore." Moaning, Liandra reached up and did as she was told, wanting to feel his cock in her hands, in her mouth and especially in her tight pussy. She just knew it would feel exquisite. "Pull out my cock, you horny slut." Again, she obeyed, and he slapped her across the lips with it. "Suck it, and you better take it deep if you know what's good for you." In a moment, her lips slid over the mushroom head of his cock and he groaned and placed a hand on her head, pushing himself deep into her throat. She gagged slightly, but soon was used to him and began sliding her mouth up and down, her fingers caressing his balls and cupping them. He fucked her mouth hard and fast until he felt himself erupt in her throat. He stayed in her hot mouth until each drop of cum had disappeared into her throat and then he pulled out and pushed her back to the bed again.

"Let's see how you taste, bitch. I wanna lick that pussy of yours until you scream for mercy."

Tyler pushed her legs wide open and knelt between her thighs, lowering his mouth to her nether lips and licking. Liandra moaned in pleasure, then whimpered as he teased her with his tongue. He wasted no time in plunging his tongue into the tight depths of her pussy and pinched her nipples as he drank from her. She came in a screaming climax, flooding his mouth and bringing him to a full erection again. While she was still panting for breath, he moved on top of her and began sliding his cock up and down her dripping pussy lips, coating himself with her nectar. He couldn't help but think how easy it would be just to take her. One little slip and he'd be inside her, exploring the velvet folds that had never been touched by a cock before. If he wasn't so afraid of the Old Man and Steven as well, he would do it. He knew that if he took her cherry, he'd better find a place to hide very quickly.

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