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Incest Is The Best


Hi, my name is Melonie and I'm 18. This is a story about my life, living and having a sexual relationship with my dad. Don't think for a moment that I don't love every minute of this. He doesn't force me to do anything and never has, and I like learning things from him and pleasing him. He takes care of me. I love my dad and would never hurt him and I know he loves me and would never hurt me. I love that I can fill a void in his life since my mom left us.

Let me also say that we never actually have sex. We either masturbate for each other or he loves to give me oral sex. I don't think my dad would actually fuck me if I asked him. He gets too nervous when we are playing, always asking me if I'm okay and worrying if he's going to get in trouble.

My day starts early. I get up before him and shower. I sleep naked and sometimes in my own bed. It depends on if we played together the night before, or if our schedules kept us apart. I make sure to wash myself everywhere very well, especially making sure to wash my behind, and shave my sex. Dad doesn't want me to call it my 'pussy', he thinks its too vulgar and 'vagina' is too cold and all biology class. I am usually drying my hair when I hear his alarm clock go off. I quickly finish up in the bathroom and run back to my room. Dad likes to see me in a pose first thing in the morning.

My favorite is what my dad calls the 'Whore pose'. He isn't calling me a whore, I know that a whore has sex with many men and that's not me. Its just a role I like to play for dad, a naughty girl that can't get enough sex. Some of the others that we like to play are when I am naughty and I have to bend over at the waist with my feet apart to expose myself for dad. I like to be nude around the house all the time and so I could be standing next to his chair while he watches TV and looks at my spread backside. I love showing off my body to him. Sometimes I will even sit and watch TV with my legs spread and hanging over the arms of the chair. More than once he has come home from work to find me naked, and bent over the kitchen counter. I failed a test or something at school so as soon as I got home, I showered to make sure I was fresh, then bent over for him so that as soon as he walked in he would see me.

He's licked me in the kitchen almost as much as the bedroom! He loves to see me making an 'offering' when he comes home. Sometimes we just play in the kitchen for no reason. Dad will come home and see me naked at the sink doing the dishes and he will not be able to control himself. He pushes me forward and I can feel his dick through his pant against me while he talks dirty to me in my ear. Another time I was on the phone with a friend, naked of course, when he came home. Its a weird sensation to be trying to talk on the phone while your dad is on his knees licking your sex.

So back to this morning. I position myself so that the small of my back is against the edge of my bed and then I lay back. That way my butt hangs off the bed, and my dad can see the 'perfect curves of my ass' as he calls it. He can also see my back hole and my sex. I have both legs spread high in the air making a big 'V'. I usually prop myself up on my elbows too, so I can see his face when he comes in. He always smiles at me and says good morning when he sees me. At first, when I first started posing like this for him, I was so nervous and embarrassed that I couldn't look at him. But my dad loves me and I never feel more beautiful than when he looks me over and tells me how pretty I am. He starts by kissing the bottoms of my feet, saying how nice and pink and soft they are. He got me a pedicure and now I like to take care of my feet for him.

I keep my feet soft, putting lotion on them every night. I don't paint my toenails or fingernails cuz dad says he likes them to look natural.

Then he brings my feet together so my soles are against his hairy chest. I can feel the heat coming off his chest and I feel his heartbeat. I love knowing that my pleasing him makes his heart beat faster. It makes me feel special.

Then, he rubs his big hands along my shins and calves and will say how nice and smooth my legs are. Then he will caress around my knees and try and tickle me. I am usually so psyched up anyway that I giggle.

Then, as if he is opening a special present and wants to make it last as long as possible, he will slowly spread my legs. His eyes are glued down there as I slowly spread and reveal myself to him. I still get a wave of dizziness sometimes and my heartbeat pounds in my ears as my dad looks between my legs. I can tell it makes him hard. Seeing my sex makes him get excited! I keep it shaved for him because I know he loves me bald, not that there is a lot of hair down there to begin with.

His smile gets bigger the more of me he sees. Until he can spread my legs all the way, then he smiles at me, pleased. I love showing him what he likes.

Usually, he will tell me mine is the prettiest he's seen and will tell me he can't help himself. Then he moves down so he's on his knees with me right in front of him. He will rub his hands along my legs starting at my feet and running his fingertips up my whole leg until they get to my thighs. He usually will say something about how much he loves my skin, the pale complexion I have and tells me not to be in the sun too much. One time I found some pics in the computer of young girls who had really pale skin and small breasts with shaved pussies, like me. Now that dad has me, he says he doesn't need to look at the pics online anymore.

Now he knows he has control over me. He will get really close to my sex and I can feel his breath on my skin. I continue to hold my legs open for him, trying not to give in. But my body knows what's coming and gives me away. I get wet. Very wet, really. It all started when dad first come to me and we talked about sex and how much he wanted it and how excited he was all the time. I told him I was pretty horny and curious too. That was when he first suggested we look at each other naked, him so he could get some release and me so I could explore and ask questions.

The first time I posed for him, he asked that I get myself ready and he left the room. When I was ready to show him my body, I could call him back in. I paced for like half an hour thinking about it, then I just got so horny I needed some release. I quickly stripped and just laid on the bed on my back. Nothing special, but then I didn't know any better. I called in my dad and he walked in and froze in the doorway. I just laid there letting him look. I almost laughed when his voice cracked as he asked me if he could get his dick out. I told him sure and he dropped his pants right there. His dick was freaking huge and I kinda got freaked but he thanked me a lot for letting him look.

He asked if he could hold my legs and I just agreed. Like some geeky guy he grabbed my ankles and picked them up. My feet had been hanging off the bed and my legs were together. As he lifted them he started to spread my legs. As soon as he could see my sex, I heard him mutter "Oh, my god!" and then he stopped. At first I thought something was wrong, and I sat up and asked him what was wrong. He still had my ankles and he couldn't take his eyes off my 'kitty'.

"You're so wet!" he said. "Its making the sheets wet." I thought this was a bad thing at first, that I did something weird. Then he grabbed his dick and came. He barely touched it, just staring at my little kitten made him cum. I watched him spray out cum all over the floor. Then he got embarrassed and said he should go. I didn't want him too, I was horny as hell. I don't think he realized that I knew a lot about sex already, especially about playing with my pussy.

After that first time, it got better. I offered to let him look some more and told him I liked it. I loved being able to give him some release. And as long as we both agree to it and no one gets hurt I don't see what's wrong.

Anyway, back to me on my back with my dad breathing on my sex. He will usually start with light kisses that I can barely feel. All over my cheeks and thighs at first to tease me, no where near my sex. Then he will blow hot breath up my slit. I really want it now. I know I am wet as hell too. Then he will kiss me right on the lips. Just a quick peck. Then he pretends he's going to get up and leave. Usually I push his head back toward my crotch! lol Some mornings I don't need to.

He starts at my butt crack. I feel the warm wetness of his tongue barely between my cheeks. Ever so slowly he drags his tongue across my skin. He goes so slow, I can feel his breaths on my flesh. He will even lick across my butthole. That's something that freaked me out at first, but after he said he liked it as long as I was clean, and I got used to it, I really enjoy it.

Then he licks up my kitty, using only the tip of his tongue. I can barely feel it, until he gets to my clit, but one time I was really horny to begin with and just his light strokes made me cum. He will really start teasing now, licking up the sides and kissing me above and below my clit. Then I have to beg him, and finally he will kiss my clit. He told me he loved how small mine is plus how it still pokes out when I get really horny.

Lately, he does something that makes me cum right away. He was kissing my clit, just light kisses, then he suddenly kissed it hard holding his lips on it. He sucked at it a little and started to pull it into his mouth. I almost cried out! It was so intense! My ass came off the bed to rise up with his pulling mouth. He stopped and said he was sorry, but I told his I liked it and so we tried again. He goes slow, tugging at it a little. Slowly he works up to sucking on it and pulling it over his teeth. I can take it only for a little while, then I cum. It surprised me the first time I squirted.

My dad was sucking my clit and had a finger teasing my kitty. He would put it in only a little and move it back in forth like when I was little and he would hook his finger to call me over to stand in front of him. It drives me nuts! I was so close to cumming for so long! It just kept staying at the same level, like when you can feel a sneeze building up and you think its going to happen and it doesn't then you think it is but it doesn't . That's what it was like, then suddenly it all hit at once. It almost hurt I came so hard! I saw stars for real!

I closed my eyes cuz my temples were throbbing. I almost started to cry! I was bouncing my legs without realizing I was and I couldn't stop. I gasped and felt like I could breath. Then I could feel my pussy muscles tense up hard. I knew what it felt like when I came, usually I felt them tense and relax a few times that's it. This time they tensed and stayed that way! I thought something was wrong, but then I was grunting and bouncing so much I didn't care. I couldn't think. Dad said I made noises like it hurt. One thing I know, it sure as hell didn't hurt!

Next thing I remember, my dad was lying next to me holding me. He asked if I was ok and if I liked it. I was still panting and couldn't believe how cold my lips were from breathing out so hard. All I could do was smile and tell him I felt tired. He said I was now a real woman and that he liked giving me such an intense orgasm. When he kissed my on the mouth I could feel how wet his face was. At first I thought it was sweat, but then he didn't do much to sweat that much. Then I could tell what it was from. When he pulled away, I saw his whole chin was wet. He tried to wipe it away and not embarrass me, but I wasn't. I liked the way he put it, I was a woman now.

After that, he made me squirt a couple times a week. I enjoy it so much I try not to rub myself until we can play together.

Another thing he likes and wants to try more is anal with me. He loves my butt and I like his licking it. He tried doing something new on me, sticking two fingers in my kitten and one in my butt. I didn't know what it was at first because I was feeling his tongue on my clit so much. The more he pushed though the more it got uncomfortable back there and he stopped. He wants to try more since now he got lube for it, but I don't know. He said he would try only if I was ok with it. If we do, maybe I'll write about that too!

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